Learn Screenwriting: 12 Best Online Screenwriting Courses

Best Online Screenwriting Courses

Screenwriting, often known as scriptwriting, is the art and craft of writing scripts for mass media such as feature films, television programs, or video games.


Who are screenwriters? Screenwriters are in charge of researching the plot, constructing the narrative, composing the script, screenplay, dialogues, and providing them to development executives in the needed format.


As a result, screenwriters wield significant power over the creative direction and emotional effect of the screenplay, as well as, potentially, the entire film.


With the help of online screenwriting courses, screenwriters train themselves and present unique ideas to producers hoping that they will get sold. Or they are commissioned by a producer to write a screenplay based on a concept, real story, existing cinematic work, or literary work, such as a novel, poetry, drama, comic book, or short story.


Here, we will talk about some of the best online screenwriting classes that you can take up to enhance your skills and begin your professional journey.


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12 Best Online Screenwriting Courses, Classes, and Programs

1. Inspirational Screenwriting. The #1 screenwriting course by Udemy

Inspirational Screenwriting. The #1 screenwriting course by Udemy

The instructor covers professional screenwriting skills and plot building for the big screen in this course. Learn how to create fascinating characters that will attract movie stars and write winning dialogue.


Learn to arrange your film such that it may serve as a blueprint. This course also teaches scene structure to elicit tension and sequence writing to manage an ensemble cast.


Finally, take a decent movie concept and turn it into a terrific feature film script!


Rating  4.4 based on 2271 ratings
Duration 3 hours online screenwriting classes
Level Introductory level
Refund Policy 30-day return policy
Certificate Provided Yes
Course Material Provided Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons Recorded lessons
Course Type Paid course
Course Instructor Learn screenwriting online with Paul Castro
Scope for Improvement (Cons) Most of the lectures of this course felt lacking in material that hadn’t been presented elsewhere before. No explanation was found for logline.


Topics Covered

  • Story
  • Logline
  • Titles
  • Creating characters and images to bring your movie to life
  • Protagonist
  • Antagonist
  • Opening images
  • Inciting incident
  • The craft-secrets professional screenwriters utilize
  • Scene construction
  • Character arc
  • Sequence Writing
  • Difference between a screenplay that sells and one that doesn’t
  • Special 5 series podcast by Paul Castro
  • Conclusion


Learning Outcomes

You will learn screenwriting online and write a full-length feature film screenplay at the end of this course.



If you wish to enroll in these online screenwriting programs, you need to have:

  • An innate desire to tell your stories to the world.
  • A laptop or a pad & pen will suffice.


Are these suitable online screenwriting classes for you?

These online screenwriting courses will be extremely beneficial for both first-time screenwriters and professionals.


Reviews by Thais Ribeiro:

wonderful! it’s clear that you have the experience and talent to share your knowledge and I’m very grateful



2. An introduction to screenwriting offered by University of East Anglia (Future Learn)

An introduction to screenwriting offered by University of East Anglia

Most dramatic films begin with screenplays, the foundational work from which all other filmmaking flows. All of the sweet romance, scary action, and famous lines begin at the screenwriter’s desk.


These online screenwriting programs will teach you the fundamental aspects and crucial principles of writing a quality screenplay.


The University of East Anglia’s School of Literature, Drama, and Creative Writing created this course alongside lecturers and recent graduates from their renowned Creative Writing degree.


These online screenwriting courses delve into the essential concepts and fundamental principles of screenwriting.


Rating  4.8 based on 756 ratings
Duration  Approximately 2 weeks
Level  Introductory level
Refund Policy  14-day return policy
Certificate Provided  No
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded lessons
Course Type  Paid course
Course Instructor Michael Lengsfield
Scope for Improvement (Cons) This course does not go into the details of scriptwriting, and there is no test or certificate for the participants


Topics Covered

  • Characteristics of a film narrative
  • Creation of a basic plot
  • The Three Act Structure and other narrative structures are examples of tale structures.
  • Characters and the formation of character outlines
  • Scene composition, including the function of language and character voice
  • The process of creating the first draft of a feature film script
  • The procedure for structuring a screenplay
  • Creating — and completing – the first copy


Learning Outcomes

You’ll learn through a combination of fundamental theory, script analysis, and practical activities. We’ll look at essential principles as they’re expressed in great films, then apply what we’ve learned right away.


In addition, you will be able to study and engage with other learners on essential topics and ideas through videos, articles, and discussion stages.


By the end of these online screenwriting classes, you will have a solid understanding of the essential principles required to produce a good screenplay and will be proficient in the vocabulary used to describe the form.


You’ll be able to do the following by the conclusion of these online screenwriting courses:


  • First, examine major concerns in the practice of writing screenplays.
  • Second, explain the fundamental concepts of the screenwriting process.
  • Third, determine the elements of the screenplay format.
  • Fourth, discuss the creation of a professional script.
  • Finally, create a narrative ‘pitch.’



This course has no formal prerequisites; the only thing required is an interest in screenwriting.


Are these the best online screenwriting courses for you?

The course is best for anybody new to scriptwriting and more seasoned authors who want to take their scriptwriting to the next level.


It will develop a common language for addressing the script and serve as the foundation for future screenwriting courses in dramatic adaptation, criminal screenwriting, and other genres and talents.



3. Screenwriting and Storytelling Blueprint: Hero’s Two Journeys by Udemy

Screenwriting and Storytelling Blueprint: Hero’s Two Journeys by Udemy

This is considered one of the best courses among the various online screenwriting programs. This course features two of Hollywood’s most sought-after story gurus, writers, and presenters.


Suppose you’re a screenwriter, novelist, filmmaker, game developer, or storyteller in any other field. In that case, this course will teach you how to engage your audiences to achieve creative and financial success.


Rating  4.7 based on 1917 ratings
Duration  8 hours best online screenwriting classes
Level  Introductory level
Refund Policy  30-day money return policy
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded lessons
Course Type  Paid best online screenwriting courses
Course Instructor IFH Courses and Michael Hauge
Scope for Improvement (Cons) The camera went in and out of focus at times. It was difficult to play some of the lessons of this course. The lessons would start for a minute and then go back to the beginning over and over again.


Topics Covered

  • The Hero’s Outer Journey
  • Key elements of a story
  • Six Stage Plot structure: Understanding your Hero’s path
  • The Hero’s Journey: Joseph Campbell Overview
  • The Twelve Stages of the Hero’s Journey
  • The Hero’s Inner Journey
  • Why do you need to understand structure first
  • Key components of character
  • The Four Primary Characters
  • The Six Stages of Character
  • The Visible and Invisible Goal
  • Going deeper into the Hero’s Journey
  • Beginning the story in the special world
  • Examples of elixirs
  • Developing better inner conflict
  • More about Theme
  • Problems writing the process stage
  • Introduction to Erin Brockovich
  • Erin’s enduring flaws
  • Erin’s wound and identity
  • Revealing and longing
  • Writing a screenplay that sells
  • Chris Vogler – Screenwriting & The Writer’s Journey Blueprint
  • Bulletproof Screenwriting Video Interview with Chris Vogler


Learning Outcomes


  • Learn the key aspects of a plot for cinema, television, and literature.
  • Connect the outside path of PLOT with the inner journey of TRANSFORMATION.
  • Ensure both commercial and artistic success
  • Increase the emotional involvement of your viewers and readers.
  • Use the Hero’s Journey main concepts.
  • Identify the five critical turning points in any screenplay or novel.
  • Create three-dimensional characters out of wound, belief, fear, identity, and essence.
  • Use the power of the seven mythological archetypes.
  • Recognize the Hero’s Two Journeys in popular films and books.
  • Create your own HERO’S JOURNEY.




  • A passion for STORY
  • Storytelling


Are these the best online screenwriting classes for you?


These online screenwriting courses are meant for:

  • ALL Storytellers
  • Filmmakers and Screenwriters
  • Novelists
  • Writers and producers for television
  • Actors, agents, and executives from studios
  • Designers and developers of video games
  • Presenters and Speakers
  • Marketers
  • Anyone who enjoys movies and tales


Reviews by Pramod Kasnia:

It’s a great course for understanding the character development and artistic writing.



4.Online Screenwriting Courses at the New York Film Academy

Online Screenwriting Courses at the New York Film Academy

These online screenwriting classes can be taken consecutively to follow the natural arc of project development or a la carte to meet the specific demands of each student’s present objectives.


Advanced workshops will require students to complete application requirements and arrive at class with projects already in progress.


New York Film Academy offers the most sought-after online screenwriting courses, regarded as one of the best online screenwriting programs.


Their seminars are online and produced by the same faculty that developed the rigorous curriculum utilized in their long-term screenwriting programs.


Students and instructors communicate electronically rather than in a typical classroom setting, resulting in enhanced access for students by letting them select the time and location of their involvement.


The various online screenwriting courses offered by New York Film Academy are mentioned below-

1)   15-week online and screenplay story and structure workshop

2)   15-week online screenplay workshop

3)   15-week online screenplay rewrite workshop

4)   15-week online Television Spec Workshop

5)   15- week online television pilot workshop

6)   15-week online television rewrite workshop

7)   15-week online writing for comic books workshop

8)   4-week online screenwriting – story and structure

9)   4-week online screenwriting – Television Pilot


Choose the most suitable course for yourself from the above-mentioned online screenwriting programs.



5. Beginning Screenwriting made EASY – Screenwriting course by Udemy

Beginning Screenwriting made EASY - Screenwriting course by Udemy
This is a step-by-step procedure for writing a screenplay. You’ll go through all of the fundamentals you need to design your movie script, such as the premise, structure, characters, script drafting, screenplay format, and what to do after the first draft.


These online screenwriting courses are useful, time-saving, and simple to grasp. You can learn to write scripts without attending film school.


Rating  4.8 based on 874 ratings
Duration  2.5 hours
Level  Introductory level
Refund Policy  30-day money return policy
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded
Course Type  Paid course
Course Instructor Learn screenwriting online with Word Dancer
Scope for Improvement (Cons) More in-depth comparisons of different approaches to screenplay writing were missing from these best online screenwriting classes.


Topics Covered

  • Introduction
  • What do you mean by screenplay
  • Ways to get ahead in Hollywood
  • Things to do before writing a script
  • Screenplay structure made easy
  • Character and Theme
  • Character Archetypes
  • Refining characters
  • Character Arcs
  • What’s under the plot?
  • Screenwriting theme ideas
  • Planning the story
  • Screenplay format
  • Action lines
  • Protecting your screenplay
  • Ways to get and give feedback
  • Naming characters
  • Introducing characters
  • Likable characters
  • Hero’s journey for beginners
  • Conclusion


Learning Outcomes

  • These online screenwriting courses tell you about the most common blunder made by rookie screenwriters
  • How to increase your chances of success as a screenwriter in Hollywood prior to writing your script – this is important!
  • What you need to know about your narrative concept
  • Methods for coming up with screenwriting plot ideas
  • How might such concepts be made to resonate with the audience?
  • How to create characters in screenwriting
  • The fundamental framework of a script in screenwriting
  • Screenwriting format
  • How to get reactions to your finished screenplay
  • What it’s like to think like a screenwriter



There are no prerequisites for these online screenwriting classes.


Are these the best online screenwriting programs for you?

These are one of the best online screenwriting courses for:

  • Anyone who wants to master screenwriting in order to get the script in their brain onto the page.
  • Students who have never written a screenplay before
  • Anyone interested in adapting their work into a screenplay


Reviews by Nicholas Sharpe:

Great introduction into screen play. As a beginner every time I think of a question she answers it in the very same moment. I found it well structured too :)Thanks



6.  Screenwriting Workshop by Udemy

Screenwriting Workshop by Udemy
Screenwriting Workshop teaches you how to promote your work and get it on the big screen.


Learn screenwriting online with Dani Alcorn, who takes you on the path to success in these entertaining and vibrant sessions. You’ll learn how to write and polish a screenplay step by step.


Rating  4.5 based on 928 ratings
Duration  7 hours
Level Best online screenwriting classes for introductory level
Refund Policy  30-day money return policy
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded lessons
Course Type  Paid course
Course Instructor Dani Alcorn
Scope for Improvement (Cons) This platform doesn’t allow for any interaction, leading to no active learning in this course.


Topics Covered

  • Introduction
  • Exploring modern screenwriting
  • Why write screenplays
  • Importance of screenplays
  • Top Grossing Genres
  • Award-winning films
  • Movies Versus Television
  • History of Tv and Movies
  • Planning your screenplay
  • Getting ideas
  • Elements of a Good Tale: Plot and Story
  • Theme: What is this Movie Really About?
  • Creating Compelling Characters
  • Protagonists
  • Antagonists
  • Supporting Characters
  • Archetypes
  • The Hero’s Journey


These are the best online screenwriting classes to learn:

  • ​​Create a screenplay based on your idea.
  • Investigate What Makes Movies Award Recipients
  • Make a Pitch to Sell Your Idea
  • Create Remarkable Characters
  • Organize Your Screenplay
  • Learn How To Make Scenes Jump Off The Page
  • Improve Your Screenplay
  • Discover Resources to Assist You in Getting Your Screenplay Noticed



All prospective authors, young and old, experienced or just starting out, are welcome to apply.


Is it the right course for you?


These are the right online screenwriting courses for:

  • Screenwriters of any age who are first-time screenwriters with unfinished or unpolished screenplays


Reviews by Tejas Dhurve:

The workshop was great, Dani really did a great job by covering each and every aspect of screenwriting in detail and making them understand beautifully.



7.  Script Writing: Writing a Pilot Episode for a TV or Web Series (Project Centered Course) offered by Michigan State University (Coursera)

Script Writing: Writing a Pilot Episode for a TV or Web Series (Project Centered Course) offered by Michigan State University
These project-based online screenwriting programs will help you create a series bible and write a whole pilot episode for your unique television/online series. It could be a drama, comedy, or something in between.


You’ll discover a disciplined approach that allows you to generate a polished and pitch-ready script in only a few weeks and how to break down the creative process into components.


Completing this assignment will boost your confidence in your ideas and talents, and you’ll be ready to pitch your first script and begin work on your next.


Rating  4.5 based on 645 ratings
Duration Approximately 22 hours
Level  Introductory level
Refund Policy  14-day money return policy
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded lessons
Course Type  Paid online screenwriting classes
Course Instructor Learn screenwriting online with David Wheeler
Scope for Improvement (Cons) These online screenwriting courses seem to suffer from both a lack of structure and time. Also, the course was quite long.


Topics Covered

  • Develop your tv series concept
  • Creating an idea for your series
  • Create your logline
  • Define your characters
  • Write act one of your pilot episodes
  • The three-act half-hour tv episode
  • Story structure
  • Scene structure
  • Screenplay format and film grammar
  • Becoming familiar with the software
  • Telling your story through action and dialogue
  • Write act two
  • Giving your characters a voice
  • Write act three
  • Polish your script
  • Write a cold open


Learning Outcomes

  • With this course, you’ll be able to learn screenwriting online and make a rough outline of your pilot episode.
  • After peer evaluation, update your outline.
  • Create a series bible: that is, turn your initial idea for a series into a document that describes the premise, the primary characters, and brief summaries of the episodes for season one.



To begin, any simple word processor will suffice. Then, during week two, you have the option of downloading free scriptwriting software such as Celtx or Trelby, purchasing Final Draft, or continuing to utilize your word processor and doing your own script formatting.


Reviews by AA:

David Wheeler is awesome, and I love this course! I am so glad that Coursera and Michigan State University have partnered to offer this course to those of us who have a thirst for learning! Thank you!


8.  Screenwriting Classes by Skillshare

Screenwriting Classes by Skillshare
Skillshare offers online screenwriting courses for beginners and experienced screenwriters. Choose the best online screenwriting classes for yourself as per your budget and requirement.


Listed below are the top online screenwriting programs for freshers and experienced screenwriters


Writing Suspense: How to Write Stories That Thrill in Any Genre

Join award-winning suspense creator Benjamin Percy (The Dark Net, The Dead Lands) as he deconstructs the fundamentals of creating genre-bending, reader-grabbing masterpieces.


Every session is jam-packed with concrete suggestions, practical skills, and valuable guidance for writers of all mediums, whether you’re working on a novel, short story, a screenplay, or have an idea that’s just getting started.


Write your Screenplay: The Craft of Story, Structure and Script

Three-act structure, conflict, and character development are buzzwords in the writers’ room. These online screenwriting classes cover all of the fundamental concepts of screenwriting and demonstrate how to apply them to produce ideas.


Create a comprehensive tale out of your original concept. Great screenwriters aren’t secret gurus; they just understand the development process: how to take an original concept and mold it into something unique utilizing storytelling principles. This session will provide you with the tools you need to tell your narrative.


Learn to Write Movies: Screenwriting Step by Step

Budding authors will learn to write film leads step by step through the craft of screenwriting. It teaches you all you need to know, from ideas and designing characters to topic, structure, and writing skills.


It will give you the confidence to create a terrific script the first time, with a combination of theory, examples from recent movies, and worksheets to fill out as you go through the course.


9. Online Screenwriting Classes by Script University

Online Screenwriting Classes by Script University
Script University offers the top online screenwriting courses. A few of their courses are listed below:


The Hollywood Development Process from the Inside Out

It is one of the best online screenwriting programs offered by Script University.


This is an excellent course for screenwriters, directors, producers, and those aspiring to be development executives who want to learn screenwriting online and more about a process that has been a part of Hollywood for over a century.


Advanced Film Rewriting Workshop

This ten-week class is divided into five sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of the rewriting process. To begin, write a logline and one-sheet for your script.


Then you’ll spend the following five sessions revising your screenplay and receiving teacher input on each draught, gradually enhancing your work.


Each session in this one of the best online screenwriting courses will also include specific lectures to assist you with each phase of the rewriting process. The classes are provided for guidance, but the emphasis of this session will be on editing your work.


10.  Aaron Sorkin teaches Screenwriting offered by MasterClass

Aaron Sorkin teaches Screenwriting offered by MasterClass
Aaron Sorkin teaches you the craft of screenwriting for cinema and television. In these online screenwriting programs, you’ll discover his narrative conventions, dialogue, character development, and what makes a script truly sell. By the end, you’ll be able to develop scripts that captivate your audience.


Duration 8 hours 1 minute
Level  Introductory and intermediate level best online screenwriting classes
Refund Policy  30-day money return policy
Certificate Provided  No
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded lessons
Course Type  Paid course
Course Instructor Aaron Sorkin


Topics Covered

  • Intention and Obstacle
  • Story Ideas
  • Developing characters and research
  • Audience and rules of story
  • Film Story Arc
  • Writing Habits
  • Group Workshops
  • Writing scenes
  • Scene Case Study
  • Curating drafts
  • Writing captivating dialogues





Is it the right course for you?

The sessions are intended for persons of all ability levels. Your teacher will guide you through a planned curriculum with step-by-step instructions while also challenging you to go beyond the Session topic by exploring your own creativity.


By engaging in a peer group and receiving relevant feedback on your work from trained Teaching Assistants, you will be able to obtain assistance and advance your abilities.


11.  Screenwriting classes by USC Cinematic Arts

Screenwriting classes by USC Cinematic Arts

This cutting-edge curriculum covered in these online screenwriting classes is meant to provide students the opportunity to develop a complete feature-length screenplay.


Under this one of the best online screenwriting courses, students will leave the USC Summer Program with a completed script, which they can modify further or take to the industry.


The goal of these best online screenwriting programs is to organize and produce a final rough draft of a three-act, full-length feature screenplay in six weeks. This is a fast-paced course that will need hard effort and creativity.


Duration 8 days course
Level  Introductory and intermediate level
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded lessons and online classes
Course Type  Paid course
Course Instructor Paul Foley and David Balkan


Topics Covered

  • Ideas
  • Dialogue
  • Formatting
  • Narrative
  • Action
  • Structure
  • Character Arcs
  • Story



Students who want to apply for this course should do the following:


  • Have already written or are currently working on a movie screenplay.
  • Have a working knowledge of the foundations of screenwriting.
  • Bring a well-organized tale idea and well-defined character.


12. Screenwriting by AAFT Online

Screenwriting by AAFT Online

Learn the delicate intricacies of creative storytelling to keep the audience glued to the screen using some sophisticated screenwriting tools and methods with thess best online screenwriting courses.


AAFT’s decades-long filmmaking expertise provides you with the secret sauce of a polished and pitch-ready script in only a few weeks with their best online screenwriting classes.



Duration 6 weeks course
Level  Introductory and intermediate level
Certificate Provided  Yes, an e-certificate is provided
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded lessons
Course Type  Paid course
Course Provider AAFT online


Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Screenwriting
  • Story and ideas
  • Terminologies used in the screenplay
  • The Three Act Structure
  • History of Hero’s Journey
  • Creating characters to tell a story
  • Conflict
  • Plots and their types
  • Scene
  • Dialogues
  • Software used for screenwriting
  • Narration and Selling


Learning Outcomes

  • The process of coming up with ideas and being creative to tie a tale together.
  • A three-act framework is used to frame a tidy and well-structured tale.
  • How can you transform a simple concept into a full-fledged story?
  • Creating believable characters for a script
  • The Hero’s Journey and other tale aspects
  • Screenplay formats and adaptation
  • The most widely used software for composing screenplays
  • In only a few minutes, you may pitch your tale to production companies.



Before you begin with the classes of these online screenwriting programs, you need:

  • A4 Sheet Papers for an Idea Board
  • A plethora of colorful pens and paste-it papers
  • Understanding of Screenwriting Software


So, according to us these are the 12 best online screenwriting courses. Make a wise pick today!


Best Online Screenwriting Courses Reviewed by 10 Screenwriter 4.6