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Out of the many lock picking classes, ‘Tactical Lock Picking by Pat Watson’ provides the basics to advanced knowledge about lock picking techniques. It covers cars, safes, house locks etc.


Lock picking course teaches individuals the science and art of opening locks sans the original key. Learning how locks work and acquiring some lock picking techniques can be invaluable, sometimes just for fun and sometimes as a lifesaving skill.


You will surely thank us for taking up a lock picking class, if by mistake you ever lock yourself out of your house or car.


You can imply the lock picking techniques in different scenarios, including home security evaluation, unique skill development, or even as a fun hobby.


By undertaking a quality online lock picking session, you can acquire practical skills in manipulating different types of locks, recognizing potential weaknesses in the security system, and understanding lock mechanisms.



5 Best Lock Picking Courses You Should Give A Chance

This lock picking knowledge empowers you to get well-versed in security systems. So, let us get started and address some of the most engaging lock picking lessons according to experts.


Best Course For All LevelsHow To Pick Locks – [Mr. Locksmith Training]

Best Course For All Levels
Why this course?

This is a comprehensive class to take you from beginner to advanced lock picking techniques. It is a unique course as you will study with a highly experienced 3rd generation locksmith with three decades of expertise and educational background in criminology.


Things you may like

  1. There is step-by-step instruction in this class on picking locks with various methods like bumping, feel, scrubbing, raking, and more.
  2. You will gain insights into buying and making locks, reading locks, and employing electronic picks and pick guns.
  3. It offers in-depth knowledge on preparation, tools, tactics, and legal issues for entry.
  4. You will learn how to rekey deadbolts and key-in knot locks, shim locks, and employ other lock bypass methods.
  5. It offers an opportunity to set your lock practice boards for hands-on practice.


Things you may not like

While available at a discounted rate right now, it is still on the expensive side, especially for its coverage.


What’s more to the course?

This online locksmith course by Terry Whin-Yates, provides a comprehensive learning experience to lock picking. It is a $397 session, but you can shop for it at $97 with the ongoing discount.


In this class, you will cover topics like bumping, jiggling, single-pin picking, scrubbing, and raking.


Further, the session also takes you through advanced techniques, such as spiral pins, spool, mushroom, and using the bump keys. You will also learn about tabular, high-security, and other kinds of locks.


The course takes you through entry methods, addresses legal aspects, and offers insights into rekeying deadbolts and key-in-knob locks.


Lastly, it touches on shimming locks, defense entry methods, and other techniques to open the locks.


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Short Course For Quick LearningThe Art Of Lockpicking: A Complete Guide – [Udemy]

Short Course For Quick Learning

Why this course?

In this lock picking course online, you will get certified by a professional locksmith with a decade of experience.


The class can help you pick almost any prevalent type of lock you encounter in everyday life like safes, cars, and houses.


Things you may like

  1. It offers step-by-step instructions in lock picking with standing pick tools, bump keys, and pick guns.
  2. It is suitable even for beginners with no prior knowledge of lock picking.


Things you may not like

  1. It won’t help advanced learners, as it does not cover topics like picking security pins in a lock, dimple locks, and other high-security locks like side-bar or Medeco locks.
  2. The class has not been updated in a very long time.


What’s more to the course?

It is a comprehensive class by Itay Ca and David La, professional locksmiths with 10+ years of experience. The course fee is $19.99, discounted from the original price of $69.99.


It includes 13 lectures with a total length of 45 minutes. You will study locks’ theoretical and practical functioning and learn to pick with guns, standard tools, and bump keys.


The lock picking class can benefit beginners and guarantees success in lock picking. Further, the course offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime access to the course materials.


Review by Brent M.

I can see everything on my phone and understand the teacher. Good info – I picked my first practice lock in about ten minutes with help from this course.



Advanced CourseAdvanced Lock Picking Online Course – [Foley Belsaw Locksmithing]

Advanced Course

Why this course?

The style of this course is different from every other course. It is an intensive Bootcamp-style training taught by legendary locksmith Gerry Finch.


It will take you through top-quality mortise locks, a practice lock, and a specially designed pick set.


Things you may like

  1. This course comprises fully-illustrated and detailed lessons to cover different lock picking aspects.
  2. You will find hands-on training exercises to accentuate your skills.
  3. Once you complete the session, you will earn a diploma.
  4. It has specialized lessons on plug spinners, pick deterrent pins, lever locks, and wafer locks.


Things you may not like

  1. They have not provided a detailed description of the course. It can be limiting for a student who is interested in the class but cannot know enough to form a decision.


What’s more to the course?

It is an advanced lock picking class written by Gerry Finch, where you will get an in-depth learning experience.


Priced at $200 (regularly $239), the Advanced Class includes 17 lessons, two exams, and a 95-page fully-illustrated printed textbook. In this course, you will cover the following:


  1. Selecting and employing the tools
  2. Elementary principles associated with lock picking
  3. Operation and construction of cylinders
  4. Different lock picking techniques
  5. Turning tool methods
  6. One pin at a time picking
  7. Plug spinners
  8. Picking deterrent pins
  9. Lever and wafer lock techniques
  10. Information on Mortise locks
  11. And more



Most Through Lock Picking Course OnlineTactical Lock Picking 101 Course-Bundle – [Uncensored Tactical]

Most Through Lock Picking Course Online

Why This Course?

What makes this course desirable is its comprehensive approach.


It is a master’s level course on non-destructive entries and escapes, covering a range of topics related to lock picking and bypass techniques.


The class equips individuals with the skills needed to access locked areas and escape from restraints during emergencies.


Things You May Like:

  1. Gain practical knowledge and field application advice to enhance your lock picking skills.
  2. Understand different types of locks and mechanisms, enhancing your ability to identify and manipulate them.
  3. Explore techniques for bypassing doors, padlocks, keypads, and decoding combination locks.
  4. Learn restraint escape techniques and locked vehicle access methods.


Things You May Not Like:

The course is not intended for casual hobbyists but rather for individuals looking to be prepared for emergencies. The techniques taught in the course are not foolproof and require practice and experience for optimal results.


What’s more to the course?

You will study with Pat, a learned professional with extensive experience in security, military, and law enforcement. Each course can be purchased individually for $95 or as a discounted full-course bundle.


The class has four parts, each providing an in-depth knowledge of specific topics. These four parts cover lock picking, raking, bypasses, decoding, vehicle access, restraint escapes, target assessment, and more.


The course emphasizes practical application, field principles, and the importance of being prepared to help others during emergencies.


You gain access to expert instruction, valuable insights, and a systematic approach to non-destructive entries and escapes by enrolling in “Tactical Lock Picking 101”.



Practical Lock Picking Class By An ExpertIntroduction To Lock Picking By Bosnianbill – [Lockpickshop]

Practical Lock Picking Class By An Expert

Why this course?

You should pick this class because of Bosnianbill’s expertise and reputation in the LockSport community. He provides invaluable insights and practical tips.


Things you may like:

  1. It is a comprehensive introduction to LockSport and its global community.
  2. You get step-by-step guidance on evaluating locks and bettering your chances of successful picking.
  3. It emphasizes visualization techniques for better understanding and manipulation of locks.
  4. You get concise and straightforward demonstrations and explanations from Bosnianbill, a trusted instructor.


Things you may not like:

  1. It is a digital download course. So, tools do not come.
  2. Further, it is a brief course of 21 minutes and 31 seconds.
  3. Digital downloads are non-refundable. So, once you download it, a return is not possible.


What’s more to the course?

Introduction to Lock Picking, led by Bosnianbill, is a digital course for $13.99. It provides a comprehensive introduction to LockSport and covers lock evaluation, visualization techniques, and the ethical aspects of lock picking.


This is what Mark from Lockspedia has to say about the course:

“Bosnian is a legend in the field of lockpicking. I am sure almost everyone in the lockpicking community would have come across his literature somewhere.”



How Did We Select These Courses for Lock Picking?

At TangoLearn, we have a team of experienced professionals who scoured through multiple lock picking courses on the internet.


From this vast selection, we shortlisted the top 10 picks based on different criteria.


However, after further discussion with experienced professional locksmiths, we cut our list to the top five courses that can cater to different learners.


Of course, we wanted to include paid and free lock picking courses on this list, but we could not find any no-cost alternative that could meet our following selection criteria.


1. Practical Applicability: When choosing the courses, we focused on practical applicability for whatever is taught in the courses.


This topic specifically needs practical training because in theory you might learn the science behind lock picking but in real life, you won’t be able to do much.


2. Ease of learning: Next, we considered the ease of learning by giving preference to the classes that offer the required tools for practical lock picking.


Including these tools as part of the package helps learners conveniently access and employ the required equipment sans having to shell out extra on purchases and sourcing.


Please note that the last course above does not give the tools, but at $14, what more could you expect? However, the instructor gives you complete information on how and where you can buy/source the tools.


3. The legality of techniques: It was like walking on eggshells when choosing a lock picking course here. One wrong step and it could go all in the wrong direction.


So, our team prioritized that we picked only those courses that emphasize responsible and ethical lock picking practices sans crossing any legal boundaries.


Hence, we guarantee that by enrolling in these courses, learners will acquire skills that they employ lawfully and responsibly.


4. Instructor Expertise: Lastly, the reputation and expertise held by the professional imparting knowledge in the class also played a significant role in the selection process.


We only picked the courses from experienced and knowledgeable instructors who have established themselves as trusted authorities in lock picking.


Some Doubts You May Have Like ‘Is Lockpicking As A Hobby Legal?’

A. Is lock picking legal?

Yes, lock picking is legal in the United States. Most American states, including the District of Columbia, have statutes that allow lock picking, provided the individual depicts their intent.


Hence, the individual must showcase a legitimate purpose for these activities. However, some states do not have any specified laws for or against lock picking.


In such cases, the lock picking legality falls under the general principle of law and individual interpretation.


B. Are lock picking tools illegal?

It is legal to buy your lock picking tools in most American states and jurisdictions globally.


But please note there are specific regulations and exceptions in some locations, such as Illinois, Mississippi, Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, and Nevada.


These states have enactive laws that directly curtail lock picking tools or their use to some extent. Herein, the possession or use of the tools may be limited to some authorized individuals like law enforcement personnel or licensed locksmiths.


Thus, be well-acquainted with the prevailing regulations and laws specific to the jurisdiction in which you reside or intend to use lockpicking tools.


C. Can I learn lockpicking via an online course?

Yes, with the advent of technology, you can learn lockpicking via an online lock picking class. Online courses today give you an experience similar to in-person classes.


D. Do I need a lock picking kit to learn this skill?

While having a lock picking kit can be beneficial for learning the skill, it is not an absolute requirement.


But it is a must if you need to practice what you learn. The kits have tension wrenches, a selection of lock picks, and other tools employed in lock picking.


E. How does lock picking work?

It is a skill of unlocking the lock sans the original key. So, the process involves manipulating the lock’s pin with specialized tools like tension wrenches and picks.


By employing the rotational pressure and tension wrench and manipulating the pins, lock pickers align them at a shear line, which turns and opens the lock.


To get well-acquainted with this skill, you must put in a lot of practice. You also require patience, tactile sensitivity, and knowledge of different types of locks.


However, it must be employed strictly for legitimate purposes such as locksmithing and security testing.


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