The Best Sculpting Classes Online To Be A Top Class Sculpture

Best Sculpting Classes
Did you ever feel the urge to create a sculpture at home with your own hands? Are you a plastic art student aspiring for concise, straightforward sculpting classes online that present sculpting and modeling techniques?


Do you wish to learn about the supplies, materials, tips and tricks to perfect your sculptural techniques? If you have assistance from a professional sculptor, all of this can be possible.


To help you with it, we present below a list of some of the top paid and free online sculpting classes. Let us list them below one by one.


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How Did We Narrow Down The Courses?

We scouted the web looking for the best courses and came across 10s of hundreds of options. On the basis of the parameters listed below, we selected the following courses.

  1. What are the course offerings?
  2. Are the reviews good for these sculpting classes online?
  3. Is the instructor experienced and qualified to teach?
  4. Do you earn a certification?
  5. Is it a paid class?


7 Detailed Sculpting Courses + 5 Bonus Lessons

1. Sculpting Creatures and Critters – [Udemy]

Sculpting Creatures and Critters

Rating 4.6
Who should take this class? These classes will benefit:


  1. People interested in learning the process of creating an original sculpture
  2. Beginner sculptures who want to expand their skill set
  3. For artists aged ten and above these are the best online sculpture classes
  4. Animal and creature enthusiasts with an artistic flair.
  5. Character designers are interested in realizing their creations in three dimensions.
Enrolled 2,644 students
Duration 2.5 hours of on-demand video
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Instructor Neal Deschain
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The problem is the instructor takes a while to respond.


Did you ever wish to bring your creative ideas to life with clay but did not know how and where to start? If yes, this is one of the top sculpting classes online meant for you. In this session, you will acquire all the necessary skills to design your sculptures with Super Sculpey.


Learning Outcomes

In these classes, you will discover the following:

  1. Basics of form as they pertain to sculpture
  2. Beginning with concept creation and moving into the armature
  3. Gaining the ability to sculpt an original figure from scratch
  4. Acquiring the knowledge of the materials employed in sculpting character maquettes
  5. Creating your ideas inspired by the practice of observation
  6. Using the practical techniques learned in this class
  7. Building up clay
  8. Designing your detail and texture
  9. Painting the designed sculptures



It is one of the top sculpting courses online. For this class, you require:

  1. Basic working knowledge of form, anatomy, and color theory
  2. Sculpting Materials
  3. Character design experience, basic drawing skills


However, you do not need any prior sculpting experience for these best online sculpture classes. But, it can be beneficial if you have some working knowledge of art basics and drawing skills.


Reviews by Jonathan Jay B.

This was an enjoyable course. Emily really knows her stuff and explains each step of the process with a lot of patience, along with a generous dose of humor. Thanks a million, Emily! Super job.



2. Learn sculpture – [Udemy]

Learn sculpture

Rating 4.6
Who should take this class? It can be an excellent course to learn sculpting online for:

  1. Students of plastics and visual arts
  2. Art and craft lovers
  3. People who wish to experiment with new artistic projects but do not know how
Enrolled 1,143 students
Duration 3.5 hours of on-demand video
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Instructor Francesca Dalla Benetta
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons There should be more context and detail in these classes.


Do you wish to know how to make a sculpture modeled in traditional plasticine? It can be one of the top sculpting courses online. In this class, the instructor takes you through the step-by-step guide for creating structures, surfaces, and volumes of the piece to produce fine final details.


Did you ever feel the urge to make a beautiful-looking sculpture? Are you a fine arts student wishing to opt for a clear, precise course that explains the modeling techniques? Do you hope to perfect your sculptural techniques and know more about sculpting materials? It can be the class for you.


In only a few hours in this video guide, the instructor takes you through everything from the light structure realization to the volume creation and producing the final touches. Every method and material in these sculpture lessons online are explained most straightforwardly.


Learning Outcomes

In this class, you will learn the following:

  1. Learning to make a sculpture from scratch
  2. Realizing a 3D piece modeled in clay or plasticine
  3. Using the materials suitable for the sculpture manufacture
  4. Building a simple, stable structure
  5. Performing light volumes
  6. Working textures with different techniques



These are not free online sculpting classes. So, money is the first prerequisite for this course. In addition, you need:

  1. No former sculpture knowledge of any kind
  2. A sculpture project to work on – It is a 100% hands-on class, so you need a piece of your choice to work on
  3. Persistence – Exercising, again and again, little by little.
  4. For these sculpture lessons online  you need a well-lit space to work in
  5. Materials and tools for drawing like a pencil or pen, sharpie, embossed wooden base, shelf squared or asparagus with nuts (plus cut-off for metal) or an L for shelves, Latex gloves, thinner, brushes, polyurethane foam, plastic bags and adhesive tape, vinyl or acrylic paint or automotive sealant for carts, cups and blisters, silicon rubber and TP catalyst (optional), clear acrylic lacquer Spray (optional), modeling clay (any brand), sandpaper (240 or thinner), kitchen knife or cutter, modeling tools (wooden spatulas, carving tools and dental spatulas)


Reviews by Restituto A.

Educational and very Informative. The technique of detailing was very impressive and surely helps a lot creating an imaginary art into a real masterpiece.



3. Sculpture: How to Sculpt a Human Head – [Udemy]

Sculpture: How to Sculpt a Human Head

Rating 4.9
Who should take this class? Beginner and advanced-level professionals who wish to learn sculpting online can make the most of this session.
Enrolled 532 students
Duration 2.5 hours of on-demand video
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Instructor VivaArte Estúdio’s Alex Oliver
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The videos are short and do not cover the techniques in detail.


Next contender in our sculpting courses online list is again a Udemy class.


Learning Outcomes

In this class, you will learn the following:

  1. How to do a realistic human head from start to finish
  2. Building the base, blocking, and primary forms until the completion of the entire model
  3. Creating your complete sculptures
  4. Building a solid base using a wooden base, iron bar, polyurethane foam, and aluminum foil
  5. Applying the learned approach to other sculptures
  6. How to make initial volumes and give it a shape of a human male head
  7. Techniques detailing the model and finish
  8. Brief how-to guides for ear, mouth, nose, eyes, and the structure of the head



As such, there are no prerequisites for these sculpture lessons online. If you have the time, dedication to practice, and the desire to learn, you can take this class.


Reviews by Kay N.

This teacher is excellent and is a very skilled sculptor.



4. Learn the art of clay sculpting: Make a Ganapati idol – [Udemy]

Learn the art of clay sculpting: Make a Ganapati idol

Rating 4.5
Who should take this class? These sculpting classes online are meant for you if:


  1. You like learning new things
  2. You enjoy playing with clay
  3. You want to create new objects with clay
  4. You love sculpture as an art form
  5. You wish to make your own Ganapati idol
Enrolled 468 students
Duration 3 hours of on-demand video
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Instructor Mandar Marathe
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Many Ganpati followers bring an eco-friendly Ganapati at home during Ganesha Chaturthi. What if you can make this idol at home? It is one of the best online sculpture classes to help you with that.


The instructor employs straightforward tools to create this idol. The majority of the class is taught with video lectures, and the instructor uses presentation slides to explain the materials used, answer your queries, or summarize the session.


All the sculpture lessons online are subdivided into four sections:

  1. Making a basic structure
  2. Modeling the hands
  3. Making a face or the trunk
  4. Adding ornaments and other details to the idol


Once you complete this course you will be well-versed with the clay modeling techniques, and you can use them to make clay models of other animals or objects as you like.


Learning Outcomes

Some things you will learn in these sculpting classes online are:

  1. How to make a Ganesh idol with your hands
  2. Art of clay modeling from the ground up
  3. Joinery and finishing techniques in detail
  4. Creating 3D objects with clay



It is one of Udemy’s most-liked sculpting courses online. For this class, you require:

  1. Air drying clay
  2. Piece of cloth
  3. Simple clay working tools
  4. No prior knowledge of working with clay
  5. An interest to learn


Reviews by Rathi.

Excellent course, very detailed. My idol came out really well. Thanks Mandar!



5. How to sculpt the female body – [Udemy]

How to sculpt the female body

Rating 4.6
Who should take this class? You can take these classes to learn sculpting online if:


  1. You are a student of plastics and visual arts
  2. Enjoy art and craft
  3. You want to experiment with new artistic projects but do not know how
Enrolled 369 students
Duration 7.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Francesca Dalla Benetta
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The volume could be somewhat louder.


Next, we have another one of the most popular sculpting courses online. In this class, you will learn to create a female body sculpture modeled in traditional oil-based clay.


The session guides you step-by-step and equips you with the knowledge of making volumes, structures, and the surface to give the final finishes.


Learning Outcomes

There are several things covered in these sculpting classes online. These include:

  1. Learning to make a sculpture of a female figure from scratch
  2. How to make a wire structure with the correct proportions
  3. Employing photographic references correctly
  4. Creating a three-dimensional piece modeled in plasticine
  5. Making light structures
  6. Body structure in its anatomical details
  7. Working with face, feet, and hands in detail
  8. When you learn sculpting online with this class, you also work with modeling volumes
  9. Making a piece with exact proportions – How to create hands, faces, and bodies with correct proportions
  10. Creating general body volumes and their details
  11. Building a stable and a simple structure
  12. Use of stíques for sculptor
  13. Different plasticines to choose from
  14. The use of solvents
  15. Making the general volumes with lightweight and resistant materials
  16. Working with the musculature of the human body
  17. Smoothening the structure



These are not one of Udemy’s free online sculpting classes. So, you should have money to take the course. Beyond this, you will also need:

  1. Persistence because it may not turn out right the first time
  2. Willingness to experiment and get better at sculpture
  3. A space to work
  4. A bench, table, and good lighting
  5. Some supplies as mentioned in the ‘materials’ class
  6. No former knowledge of sculpture


Reviews by Eugenio S.

Awesome, thank you for your help.



6. Online Sculpture Classes – [Skillshare]

Online Sculpture Classes
Skillshare is also a hub for some of the top sculpting classes online. You can find both free and paid options with them. Top experts and university professionals offer these sessions.


Unfortunately, they do not come with a certification but will be worth your money. They have self-paced and instructor-led options. So, it is easy to find a class that matches your needs. You can browse through their wide offerings to make your selection.


Some of the top sculpting courses online you can find are:

  1. Sculpting Basics: Modeling Clays & Materials for Mixed Media Sculptures – A Guide for Artists
  2. Sculpt your Mushrooms // Polymer Clay, Mixed Media Art Sculpture
  3. Sculpting Big: Wall Installation | Air-Dry Clay, Epoxy Clay, Cold Porcelain, Paper



7. Online Sculpture courses – [Domestika]

Online Sculpture courses

Like Skillshare, even Domestika is one of the top platforms to find paid and free online sculpting classes. They have several bestselling options. At present, they have a massive sale running on their platform.


So, you can find courses at reasonable prices. They even offer certification with their sessions. Top industry professionals and sculptors take these classes.


Some of the sculpting classes online you can check out are:

  1. Playful Woodworking: Create Wooden Art Toys
  2. Advanced Papercraft Techniques: Designing with Paper
  3. Design and Creation of an Art Toy: From Person to Character



Bonus Lessons

1. Online Sculpting lessons – [ipassio]

Online Sculpting lessons

Ipassio has some sculpture lessons online that help commences your sculpting learning journey. You can choose from their diverse range of courses taught personally, live, or on a one-on-one basis by renowned industry mentors.


Hence, it gives you a chance to achieve the best with top and recognized sculpting pros. They have a unique system of pay-as-you-go. So, you do not have to pay the whole money upfront.


Instead, you can pay for two classes, watch them, and then pay for the next. By paying for these classes to learn sculpting online, you can interact with Ipassio’s global community. You can interact and collaborate with other learners and clear your doubts.


The classes you can try are:

  1. Sculpting The Human Body Figure In Clay | Level 1
  2. Learn Tanjore 3D Painting Online



2. Sculpting courses online – [Stan Winston School of Character Arts]

Sculpting courses online

Next, we have another platform to find some of the best online sculpture classes. In these sessions, you will study sculpting techniques with Award-winning professional sculptors. They have several in-depth sculpture lessons taught by industry leaders.


You can make your selection to learn how to sculpt creatures, monsters, character busts, prosthetic makeup, and more. In addition, when you learn sculpting online with this course, you will also understand the properties of various sculpture mediums like water-based clay, oil clay, epoxy clay, and polymer.


Techniques like digital and foam sculpting are also included in this course. You can subscribe and start sculpting if you want unlimited access to all their sessions.


Some sculpture lessons online you can try are:

  1. How To Sculpt A Portrait
  2. Sculpture Techniques – How To Sculpt Dynamic Characters
  3. Character Makeup – Sculpture Breakdown & Mold Making – Part Two



3. Figuratively Speaking – [Tucson Art Academy Online]

Figuratively Speaking
Next, we have an unorthodox course by Simon Kogan. You can take these classes to learn sculpting online. In this session, the instructor takes you through creating a figure in the clay process.


You will also know how to build a form and structure, mood and movement, mass and energy, and composition versus design. The instructor also helps you find the right sculpting tools and materials to create art. It is an in-depth class with massive content.


Learning Outcomes

In these sculpting classes online, you will learn the following:

  1. How much work do you need to do before you start sculpturing
  2. Sketching and analyzing photographs
  3. Selecting the clay and base
  4. Seeing the hidden structure in every figure
  5. Drawing and constructing your sculpture
  6. Concept of the box to shape and locate the figure in space
  7. Mechanics of human anatomy
  8. Knowledge of different tools used in sculpting


One of the stand-out features of these sculpture lessons online is that Simon adds a monthly content video, which continues for all 365 days. Hence, you can access an ever-growing library of tutorials comprising fresh material to inspire and motivate you.



4. Figure Sculpting in Clay – [Sculpture Atelier]

Figure Sculpting in Clay

In these sculpting classes online, you will study with Melanie. She has been sculpting for a decade and has helped 100s of people better their figure sculpting.


Learning Outcomes

In this class, you will discover the following:

  1. Fundamentals of traditional sculpture
  2. Skills and knowledge to unveil your creative freedom
  3. Create a figurative sculpture
  4. These sculpting courses online train your eye to see things like a sculptor
  5. Create life-like sculptures
  6. Materials to create sculptures
  7. Capture proportions and likeness for a human body



You need time, effort, and persistence to take this class and enjoy the creative journey.


Who should take this class?

These sculpting classes online will benefit:

  1. Curious beginners who wish to work with their hands and discover the possibilities of clay as a medium to express creativity
  2. Visual artists or a 2D artist who wishes to learn 3D sculpturing
  3. People who want to draw a human figure and structure
  4. Sculpture students who wish to grow their figurative skills



5. Master the art of realist figurative sculpture – [The Sculpture School]

Master the art of realist figurative sculpture

The Sculpture School has some of the best sculpture lessons online if you wish to learn figurative sculpting at home. You can browse through their offerings and make a selection.


Some top offerings from them are:

  1. Making an Armature – The Human Figure
  2. Human Anatomy for Artists
  3. How to Sculpt an Eye



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So, these are some of the best online sculpture classes. In our view, these are top-notch sessions, one better than the other. But, our personal favorite is Udemy’s Sculpting Creatures and Critters. It is a brief but to-the-point session wherein you learn techniques and tips to make your sculptures at home.


The teachings in the class are straightforward to implement. So, use the learned skills to create clay models of other objects or animals with these skills.


Happy Learning!


Best Sculpting Classes Online Reviewed by 12 Sculptors 4.6