7 Top 3D Modeling Training Classes Online

Top 3D Modeling Training Classes Online

In today’s time and age, the animation is an emerging communication medium, especially in the entertainment and education domains. Today more and more learners aspire to make a successful career in this progressive field. However, if truth be told, animation training is quite expensive. One of the prime reasons for this field of study’s high cost is the cost of the animation’s proprietary software. We understand, as students, when you search the web for ‘3D modeling classes near me,’ you aspire to look for something that is not only pocket-friendly but also the right pick for you.


So, we worked together with some of the top 3D modeling experts worldwide and shortlisted these 3D modeling courses from the internet. Hopefully, with our below-listed seven 3D modeling courses, making a selection will not be hard for you.


However, before we take you through the perfect search results for your query of ‘best 3D modeling classes near me,’ we would like to give you a quick disclaimer.


The results for the ‘3D modeling classes near me’ listed below have been shortlisted based on the following five parameters:


  1. The experience of the instructor.
  2. The course’s ratings and reviews from the students who have already taken the course.
  3. The inclusion of certification.
  4. The resources that you get with the course.
  5. The price that you pay for it.


Now, let us get started and help you find the best 3D modeling course for your needs.


Table of Contents


Best Online Classes For 3D Modeling


1. Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners – Udemy

Complete Blender Creator

What is this course about?

Ranked at the top of our 3D modeling courses online list is a Udemy course. These are the bestselling online 3D modeling classes and have a rating of 4.7.


One of the best features of this course designed to help you learn 3D modeling online is that instructors for this course tend to update the course according to the student’s suggestions. As a result, the course has been updated to Blender 2.8 or later.


Blender is an excellent platform that helps you make AAA-quality models exported to any game engine, 3D printer, or other software. With this course, you learn how to create assets and 3D models for games using the free-to-use 3D production suite and Blender. The course starts easy, so even people without little to no experience can easily take this course.


This 3D modeling training course has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of students and is persistently ranked the #1 Blender course on Udemy in terms of rating and popularity. It is a project-based course. So, you will use your newly learned skills immediately to real 3D models. All the project files will be included in the class, and given the additional resources and references, you will never find yourself stuck. The course also has powerful diagrams, talking-head videos, quality screencasts, and a lot more.


For every model built with this course, you will follow a specific process:

  1. Be challenged to build the entire model on your own.
  2. Be shown a step-by-step method to build it.
  3. And apply this knowledge persistently.


Have a more specific focus? If yes, you can explore the other Blender courses from the instructor that focuses on the environment and characters. An incredible thing about this course to learn 3D modeling online is that you get lifetime access to all the resources. Your instructors for this course are experienced and qualified with modeling and coding. So, they will be able to explain the concepts clearly, entertainingly, and engagingly. Towards the end of this best 3D modeling course, you will be confident of the 3D modeling and rendering basics.


For beginners, this is one of the finest 3D modeling courses online, and you will learn all the modeling fundamentals that are possibly required. However, if you are an artist, the instructor will guide you in the right way to bring your assets to life. Lastly, if you are a coder, the instructors will teach you design principles and modeling. Go ahead, dive in now, and you won’t be disappointed.


This 3D modeling training program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not content with what’s been taught, you can request for 100% refund. The course comprises 36.5 hours of on-demand video, three articles, and twenty downloadable resources. You get complete lifetime access to all the resources, and you can view it on your TV and mobile. Upon completing one of the top-selling 3D modeling courses online, you will be rewarded with a certificate of completion. This is a shareable certificate. So, you can download, print, and include it in your CV, or you can share the certificate on your LinkedIn. Regardless, it will better your chances of landing a job.


What will you learn?

You will learn 3D modeling online with this course. Some of the key aspects that this course touches upon include:

  1. 1.UV map and unwrap your models
  2. Using Blender and understanding its interface
  3. Design your dream house, car, etc
  4. Understanding the principles of modeling
  5. Creating 3D models with simple colors
  6. Learning the basics of animation
  7. Creating your material
  8. Make unique 3D printed gifts.
  9. Create assets for video games.


What do you need?

To take this 3D modeling training program, you need a Mac or PC capable of Running Blender Version 2.8 or above.


Who should take this course?

This is one of the top 3D modeling training programs for:

  1. Students competent and confident with using a computer.
  2. Artists who want to learn to bring their assets alive.
  3. Game Developers who wish to expand their Skill Set.
  4. Complete beginners who are willing to work hard.


Reviews by Nandor Batta:

Demanding videos from amazing teachers! I learned a lot from this course and i’ll definitely pick up some other courses from this team with trust.



2. Blender 3D: Your First 3D Character – Skillshare

Blender 3D

What is this course about?

Next on our 3D modeling courses online list is a Skillshare course. In this course, you will design, texture, and model your 3D character. The project in this 3D modeling training program will be to create a rotating video of the character. You will be using Blender 3D. It is a free, open-source software to create your character in 3D. You will be guided through designing, rendering the character, modeling, lighting, and texturing for 3D. This course to learn 3D modeling online covers skills traditionally used in motion design, animation, VFX, and video game design.


This 3D modeling training is a beginner-level course and has nine lessons with a duration of a little over one hour. Over 13,000 students have already taken this course, and it has received great reviews so far.


Further, through these online 3D modeling classes, you will be optimizing the workflow for efficiency and speed.


What do you need?

To learn 3D modeling online with this course, you do not need any past knowledge. However, it is better if you are familiar with Blender’s interface.


Reviews by Sophie McKenzie:

Explained every step perfectly! As somebody with zero knowledge on blender, I still managed to successfully make a model!



3. 3D Modeling in Blender 2.8 for Unity Video Game Developers – Udemy

3D Modeling in Blender 2.8 for Unity Video Game Developers

What is this course about?

Next on our 3D modeling courses online list is a Udemy course. It is one of the highest-rated 3D modeling courses, with a rating of 4.8. If you learn 3D modeling online through this course, you will be studying through five sections, and there are a total of sixty-three lectures in this 3D modeling training program, which have a total length of seven hours and forty-four minutes.


With this 3D modeling training, the students will learn the essential core components of building 3D models with Unity 2018.2 and Blender 2.8. The lessons in the course enable you to gradually learn vital tools employed in routine modeling while providing simple objects to practice, giving the tools more meaning through practical hands-on experience.


With the course’s progression, you will be introduced to newer tools, and then you will be assigned a task to create a simple prop, which employs the use of the latest information you attain while also using the previously learned material. By the end of these 3D modeling classes, you will be able to construct basic 3D props for your Unity Prototype Games. In addition to the concepts, this course where you learn 3D modeling online will prepare you to publish your first game.


Of course, when you search the internet, looking for ‘3D modeling classes near me,’ you want something that is 100% risk-free. If that’s your demand, this is one of the ideal 3D modeling courses online for you. Why? It is because it is one of those 3D modeling courses online that come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. So, if you do not like these online 3D modeling classes’ contents, you can get your money back.


In this one of the top-rated 3D modeling courses, you get three articles and two downloadable resources that come with full lifetime access. You can view these 3D modeling classes on your TV and mobile. These 3D modeling classes are available on the go. More so, upon successfully completing these 3D modeling classes, you will bag yourself a certificate of completion. This is a shareable certificate. You can share it on your LinkedIn, or download, print, and include it in your CV. Whatever you choose, having this certificate certainly better your prospects of landing a job.


What will you learn?

There are a couple of things that these online 3D modeling classes will teach you. Some of them include:

  1. 3D modeling in Blender 2.8
  2. Simple low-poly props
  3. Tools, Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks


What do you need?

To take up this 3D modeling training course, you need:

  1. Your way around the computer
  2. Desire to make models for video game design
  3. 3 Button mouse with Scrollwheel highly recommended
  4. Full computer keyboard with Numeric Keypad highly recommended


Who should take this course?

These 3D modeling courses online are perfect for:

  1. New Blender users with no experience in 3D modeling
  2. Experienced modelers who are proficient in other software but curious about the new Blender 2.8
  3. Experienced Blender users who are new to Blender 2.8


Reviews by Emmi Kärnä:

Billy was such a good instructor, that I immediately bought his next course. Clear teaching style and voice, enough repetition with the key bindings so a noob like me can keep up, and quick answers to your questions. A thousand thanks!



4. Introduction to 3D Modeling – CG Spectrum

Introduction to 3D Modeling

What is this course about?

In your search for ‘3D modeling classes near me,’ you will come across several online 3D modeling classes, but what sets this CG Spectrum class to learn 3D modeling online apart is that these classes treat you how you are – the beginner. So, with these online 3D modeling classes, you will learn 3D modeling from scratch. It can be your foremost step towards a career as a 3D modeler.


It is a short learn 3D modeling online course. There is a lot for you to gain. You will learn the correct technique to create realistic assets and props with the Substance Painter and Maya. You will be mentored by an industry expert who holds several years of experience working on blockbuster films and best-selling video games throughout the course. So, in these 3D modeling classes, you will be learning from the best.


3D modelers can build CG representations of objects. These objects are then animated or have VFX applied to them to be utilized in games and films. It is a short but one of the top rated 3D modeling courses online. These online 3D modeling classes can be your perfect way to learn the 3D modeling basics. So, upon taking these 3D modeling classes, you can get a crux of what this exciting career will look like. This course can also form the term one of the 3D Modeling Diploma. So, if you go on this journey further, after completing these 3D modeling classes, you will have completed one-third of the way through your diploma.


For students looking for ‘3D modeling classes near me,’ we sincerely recommend these 3D modeling classes because they fetch you a certificate upon completion. The study duration for this best 3D modeling course is three months. For this best 3D modeling course, you need 20 hrs weekly commitment. This is only a beginner-level course to learn 3D modeling online.


The classes are delivered weekly, and you receive constant support and feedback on your progress from the instructor. So, you will learn and progress well. The software included along with the course include Maya, Substance Painter.


Why take this course?

These online 3D modeling classes are the best because:

  1. In these 3D modeling classes, you can start sans any knowledge.
  2. This course teaches you the industry-standard software Maya.
  3. In these 3D modeling classes, you will be instructed by a world-class industry expert.
  4. You can choose a small group with a maximum of four students or a one-on-one session.


What do you need?

For these 3D modeling classes, you only require minimum computer specifications and basic computer skills.



5. 3D Modeling With Maya: How to Model 3D Weapons From Scratch! – Udemy

3D Modeling With Maya

What is this course about?

If you wish to ensure that your search for the ‘best 3D modeling classes near me’ does not disappoint you, this is one of the 3D modeling courses you can opt for. It is one of the top rated 3D modeling courses with a rating of 4.0.


What will you learn?

With these online 3D modeling classes, you will learn to:


  1. Use Maya and understand it’s interface
  2. Create 3D models with simple modeling skill
  3. Understand the principles of modeling
  4. UV map and unwrap the models as high-quality production
  5. Create professional-quality assets for your portfolios, games, and animations.
  6. Work in any 3D industry: video games, visual effects, animation, design


What do you need?

As it is one of the top 3D modeling courses, it does come with some prerequisites. To take this course, you should have Autodesk Maya and Headus UVLayout.


Weapons can be one of the most fun assets in modern game development. They get a good degree of care and attention and are hugely appreciated by developers and players alike. In this best 3D modeling course, you will learn to unwrap the low poly mesh in UV Headus Tools that’s ready for texturing. Towards the end of this best 3D modeling course, you will confidently create hard surface weapons for game development.


These online 3D modeling classes are designed by Animation Hacks, which is the visual effect studio with high-quality skill artist work on numerous unannounced projects. Also, they enjoy sharing their knowledge with those students who learn 3D online.


It is one of our top-recommended 3D modeling courses online as it is 100% risk-free. How? This 3D modeling training comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not happy with the course contents, you can get your money back. The course comprises 2.5 hours of on-demand video, one article, and two downloadable resources. A notable aspect of it is that all these resources come with complete lifetime access. You can view it on TV and mobile. Lastly, it is the best 3D modeling course because you earn a certificate from Udemy after completing the course.


Who should take this course?

This is the best 3D modeling course for all level Maya users and is also intended for absolute newbies.


Reviews by Carlos Gray:

I love this tutorial. I had no experience in 3D, but with this tutorial, it was sooo easy to understand how 3D World can be made. And you learn how to make different things.



6. Basic 3D Modeling using Blender – Offered by IIT Bombay – edX

Basic 3D Modeling using Blender

What is this course about?

The next best 3D modeling course we have for you is an edX course, which employs the open-source 3D animation tool Blender. Blender is a sustainable solution for animation skill development. If you are interested in learning the skill sets for 3D animation, you should certainly take this course. It will help you learn the nuances of Blender and 3D Modeling. The course has four weeks of content, and it covers all the fundamentals for lighting, texturing, and Modeling.


You will find several slow-paced quizzes, video tutorials, hands-on assignments, projects, and activities in this course. During the course, you will learn to create 3D models for simpler objects. The course employs video tutorials that can help you understand the software process and the concepts needed to create the animation objects. With the tutorial, you can apply the learned concepts to develop new or similar objects. The primary focus of the course is on the modeling of non-organic objects. So, it won’t cover character modeling. It is a prerequisite for Basic 3D animation using Blender.


What will you learn?

Some of the things that you will learn with this course are:

  1. Exploring 3D visualization concepts
  2. Enhancing your 3D modeling, texturing, and lighting skills
  3. Applying the concept of the third dimension to create realistic 3D models
  4. Understanding the intricacies of a free and open-source 3D animation tool: Blender
  5. Collaborating online with students, teachers, and professionals all over the world


What do you need?

As discussed, it is a four-week course. So, you have to put in time and effort of four to six hours every week to learn what’s taught. In general, it is a free course. However, if you would like to add a certification, you will have to bear a small fee. Also, since it is an introductory-level course, you need any past knowledge to take this course. The course is in the English language. Thus, it would help if you were thorough with the language, at least for comprehension. You can find the transcript for the video in English too. Beyond that, there are no prerequisites. It is a 100% online course. So, it has flexible deadlines. You can complete it at your pace.



7. Cinema 4D Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners – Udemy

Cinema 4D Masterclass

What is this course about?

The last one on our 3D modeling classes list is a Udemy course. It is a best-seller course on Udemy. More so, students have widely appreciated this course, and it has a rating of 4.7.


Cinema 4D is undoubtedly one of the most intuitive 3D applications out there. Nonetheless, trying to tackle this complicated software yourself can be quite a challenging task. So, how about enrolling yourself in this best 3D modeling course by Udemy? In this training course, you will be taught the fundamental skills so that you can start working on your own.


In this course, you will study with Ozgur, who is one of the very few Maxon Certified Cinema 4D Instructors in the world today. Through this course, he will teach you how to create a 3D project from scratch. Further, he will take you through the complete process of a 3D workflow, that is, modeling, lighting, texturing, animating, and rendering. That is not all. Through the course, you will also learn innumerable tips and tricks and several industry-standard techniques.


So, suppose you are an aspiring or a present graphic designer, wanting to add that additional dimension to your work, or you could be a 2D motion designer aspiring to take your animation skills to a new level. In that case, this is the perfect course for you. There is no denying that you will naturally earn higher as a designer if you add 3D to your skillset. The course will teach you everything that you need to know to advertise yourself as a 3D designer.


In this course, there are eight hours of easy-to-follow and intuitive tutorials. This is all the training required to kickstart your 3D journey. With every tutorial, there is an included exercise file, and you can download and follow along. So, if you are ready to step up your design game and move into the 3D world, you can get started with this course.


A top reason we recommend this course is that it is 100% risk-free. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not happy with the course contents, you can reach out to Udemy and get your money back. The course comprises 8 hours of on-demand video, one article, and a downloadable resource. All these resources come with lifetime access, and you can view the same on your TV and mobile. Upon completing, you will be rewarded with a certificate of completion. This is a shareable certificate. So, you can download and print the certificate to include in your CV, or you can share it on your LinkedIn. Having this certificate will better your job prospects.


What will you learn?

Upon taking this course, you will have a lot to learn. Some of the things that this course will teach you are:

  1. Ability to create eye-catching 3D designs and animations.
  2. Foundations of Cinema 4D
  3. 3D Modelling and Animation
  4. Countless tips and tricks
  5. Best industry practices


What do you need?

To take this course, you do not need any prior knowledge of Cinema 4D. It is a beginner-level course. So, everything will be covered from the start.


Who should take this course?

This is the best course for:

  1. Anyone with an interest in motion design, 3D animation, modeling, and rendering.
  2. Graphic Designers
  3. Animators
  4. Motion Graphics Artists


Reviews by Travis Risner:

This course was a great introduction to Cinema 4D. I had no previous experience using C4D or any other 3D programs before this course. This course really helped to get an understanding of how Cinema 4D works. I am very happy and satisfied with the course. I think the title Masterclass is a bit misleading, as it is not going into the details of every single option in the program. However, it goes over a few bits of each different thing you can use and its kind of up to the user to experiment and play around with others.




So, these are the top seven courses for 3D modeling on the internet. We have tried to provide you with as much information on the course as possible. However, if you require more information about the course, you can visit the website that we have linked to the course. From there you can find the details on enrolment and the price details. So, go ahead, get all the information you need, and pick the course that best appeals to you.


3D Modeling Training Classes Online Reviewed by 10 3D Modeling Experts 4.5

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