12 Best Online Eyelash Extension Courses

Best Online Lash Extension Certification Courses
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Did you consider becoming an expert eyelash extension artist? If yes, you must have thought how difficult can it be? If you are a newbie, you must think it must be easy. All you need to do is buy some lash glue, tweezers, and lashes online and start slapping them on people.


But, you know what?


It is one massive mistake to work with eyelashes without experience.


So, what should you do? It only takes proper training to get into the process. Why not consider enrolling in preferably the best online eyelash extension course?


Whether you have been an active part of the beauty industry for years, a beginner looking to provide a new service, or a lash artist hoping to commence their business, having an online lash extension certification can be beneficial.


Top 12 Best Lash Extension Courses

  1. The Ultimate Eyelash Extension Course – [Udemy]
  2. Volume Eyelash Extension Training Course – [Udemy]
  3. Eyelash Extension and Lash Lift – [Alison]
  4. Online Classic Individual Eyelash Extension Training Course – [The Beauty Academy]
  5. Lash extension course – [Sugarlash PRO™ Academy]
  6. Eyelash Extension Training Online – [Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli®]
  7. Best Online Lash Extension Courses – [Eyelash Challenge]
  8. Eyelash Extension Information Webinar – [The Sassy Wink Academy]
  9. Eyelash Technician Course – [Trendi Mi]
  10. Lash & brow training – Eyelash Emporium]
  11. Online Training Courses – [Lash Blvd]
  12. Eyelash Extension Courses – [Lash Affair]

Studies suggest that this may be a 1.5 billion dollar industry in the next five years. So, now is the time to learn to perform eyelash treatments like extensions, perms, and lifts.


The internet has a host of lash extension classes online. But, we shortlisted the twelve best online lash extension certification courses that suit every level of learner.


Can You Work With Lashes Without Being Certified?

You need a license and insurance to work with lashes in all states. Even though certification is not mandatory, holding a license is a must. Hence, if you take an eyelash extension certification online course, opt for those that are accredited and come with insurance.


12 Best Online Lash Extension Courses

1. The Ultimate Eyelash Extension Course – [Udemy]

The Ultimate Eyelash Extension Course

Rating 4.8
Enrolled 709 students
Duration 5.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Lia Juhas
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons There should be a little detail about the tools employed in this session.


In these eyelash extension classes online, you will discover everything and anything you must know about eyelash extensions. Once you complete this best online eyelash extension course, you will be full of knowledge and prepared to excel in the lash industry. It is one of the highest-rated courses online.


However, if you are a beginner, please take this eyelash extension certification online together with an in-person practicum. But, if you are already trained and just looking for something to improve your skill set, this course is the best.


Learning Outcomes

It is the online lash extension certification course to learn about:

  • Eyelash health, safety, extensions, styling, and application
  • Client management
  • Client photography



There are no prerequisites to take this online lash extension course.


Who should take this course?

This online eyelash extension course will benefit:

  • Lash artists
  • Makeup artists
  • Hair stylists
  • Aestheticians
  • Beauticians


Review Lanu L.

Very informative and lots of great examples given to understand and apply the information. I am feeling confident in launching my lash career and empowering other women through beauty.



2. Volume Eyelash Extension Training Course – [Udemy]

Volume Eyelash Extension Training Course

Rating 3.8
Enrolled 647 students
Duration 35 mins of on-demand video
Instructor Anna Anna
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The instructor should improve video quality.


In this eyelash extension training online, you will apply several lashes to every natural lash hand to create 2D, 3D, and 4D fans and give a beautiful look to your clients. It is a detailed course and helps take your skills to the next level in only a few weeks.


Learning Outcomes

In this best online lash extension certification course, you will discover the following:

  • How to safely apply a complete set of volume eyelash extensions
  • How to bridge gaps in natural lash line with volume fans
  • Creating volume lash fans
  • Lash styling and mapping
  • How to sterilize your workspace and tools
  • Product knowledge
  • The natural lash growth cycle



For this lash extension online course, you need:

  • Eyelash Extension Kit
  • Mannequins head


Who should take these lash extension classes online?

It is the best online lash extension course for:

  • Lash stylists
  • Beginner lash artists
  • Students wishing to better their lash skill
  • Make-up artists
  • Lash artists
  • Beauty Consultants
  • Beauty Service Providers
  • Cosmetologists


Review September R.

Very informational for me with the knowledge that I have about the classic lash extensions I love that I was able to hear clearly and understand it thanks for the extra boost in my lash career ❣️❣️



3. Eyelash Extension and Lash Lift – [Alison]

Eyelash Extension and Lash Lift
Are you a beautician hoping to elevate your eyelash treatment skills? We have the perfect course for you. Offered by Kristina Bagrova, a certified, award-winning beautician, she has over 13 years of experience in the industry. It is a free course.


Learning Outcomes

In this course, you will learn the following:

  • Performing skillful eye extensions
  • Giving lash curl treatments to your clients
  • Impressing clientele with top-notch services
  • Growing your business
  • Tools and procedures needed for eyelash treatments
  • Knowledge of industry standards
  • Safety and hygiene needed
  • Picking the best lashes for clients
  • Choosing the best shields for curl effect


Who should take this course?

Anyone interested in lash treatment and beautification will find this an informative pick.



4. Online Classic Individual Eyelash Extension Training Course – [The Beauty Academy]

Online Classic Individual Eyelash Extension Training Course

This is one of the  best courses that teach you how to successfully and safely perform individual eyelash extension treatments. We have added this course to our best online eyelash extension course list because it has a vast range of video tutorials and study materials.


It is a complete lash extension online course. So, you can learn from the comfort and convenience of your home with an experienced teacher. There is no time limit. You can study at your pace and move as fast or as quickly as you desire.


Students get eight weeks from the booking date to access their Online Student Portal. There they can view all their study materials like the video tutorials, training manuals, and online MCQ assignments offered by this one of the best online lash extension course.


However, you can extend your access to this best online lash extension certification course for twelve weeks from the booking date. You can inform the team via email, and they will do the needful for you.


The expert is available for your queries via email or telephone. After you finish the lash extension classes online, you will earn a certification.


Learning Outcomes

It is the best online eyelash extension course to learn the theoretical aspect of eyelash extension. This course will also teach you about the safety procedures involved in eyelash treatments.


Who should take this course?

This eyelash extension certification online course is for:

  • People who wish to learn treatments for personal interest
  • Those who want to provide lash extension pampering to clients, family, and friends


Why take this course?

This eyelash extension training online course is IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) accredited. It implies that the certification you receive is the best online lash extension certification.


It also means that your learning in this best online lash extension course will be within the beauty standard and allows you to gain the insurance to work in the industry.


It lets you gain insurance to work from mobile or home after finishing it. Further, these lash extension classes online are accepted by top insurers like Radius, and Insync, amongst others.



A device (smartphones, tablets, laptops & PCs) with an internet connection to watch the course. On your mobile, you have to download the SAP Litmos app. It is a free app.


After downloading, enter the domain name: thebeautyacademy and log in using the login details you’ve already set up, and you can start this best online eyelash extension course.



5. Lash extension course – [Sugarlash PRO™ Academy]

Lash extension course

Sugarlash PRO™ Academy is an excellent platform for eyelash artists wishing to change the lash game and actively work in the industry. They have an array of video modules to provide you with the best eyelash extension classes online.


The best thing is they have drafted their video modules to accommodate the working students and their busy schedules. It is the perfect pick for anyone who likes to learn in a self-paced environment.


Sugarlash PRO™ Academy has a vast reach. Hence, they have drafted this best online lash extension certification course for the international level. In their journey in the industry, they have taught over 18000 students via their eight courses and have won seven awards.


Course options

You can choose from the three available online eyelash extension courses:


  1. Lash style course – A course to elevate your lash skill into top-end artistry. The eyelash extension training online teaches you to metamorphose every lash set into a tailored application. It is a set of nineteen modules and bags you one certification.
  2. Lash lift-collective class – In this lash extension online course, you will learn all about lower and upper last lifts, glazing, plumbing, and tinting. The session also takes you through the study of powerfully nourishing the lifted lashes, boosting hair density by about twenty-four percent, and personalizing the experience to stand out in the market. It is a cluster of six modules and bags you three certificates.
  3. Classic Course – It is a bestselling eyelash extension certification online that lays the foundation for all you need to learn for a thriving lash career. As part of this training, you will acquire unstoppable confidence and certification to understand all aspects of lash extension styling, application, and theory. The course is a cluster of twelve modules and bags you a certificate.



6. Eyelash Extension Training Online – [Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli®]

Eyelash Extension Training Online

It is one of the best online lash extension courses taught by the industry leader, Jo Mousselli®, who has experience training online, more than 35,000 beauty professionals worldwide.


After enrolling in these eyelash extension classes online, you will learn the fundamentals, business-building strategies, and core techniques to grow as a successful Xtreme Lashes Lash Stylist.


The online lash extension certification course also offers you complete hands-on training. It is a 100% online course. So, you learn from the comfort of your home.


It is a four-day Xtreme live online trainer-led classic certification training. Across the course, you have an opportunity to communicate and interact with your instructor and finish this live hands-on lash application.


Will you be able to start a rewarding profession after taking this online eyelash extension course? Yes, this course trains you well to commence a profitable career and enjoy a flexible work schedule, financial independence, and repeat appointments from your clients every two to four weeks.


Learning Outcomes

This lash extension online course comprises two courses spanning four days.


1. Fundamentals of Eyelash Extension Application Course – It is a two-day course wherein you receive comprehensive education and hands-on training in the art and science of eyelash extension application under the supervision of the Expert Certified Eyelash Extensions Trainer.
2. Certification in Eyelash Extension Application Course – It is also a two-day certification class wherein you learn to tailor lash designs to suit your client’s liking. You also received added hands-on practice with live models to build and amplify your skills.


Once you finish these two online lash extension certification courses, you will get business support from the dedicated Customer Success Manager.


Further, this best online lash extension course also gives you a listing on the Xtreme Lashes Online Lash Stylist Directory™. It puts you at the forefront of thousands of potential clients searching for Certified Eyelash Extensions Stylists in your local area.


Advanced Training

After these two fundamental pieces of training, you get immediate access to their Online Education and the credentials to sign up for Advanced Training. It is their highest level of lash training. Herein you learn about Volumation™ (volume lashes).


Why Xtreme Lashes?

As part of this best online eyelash extension course, you will receive hands-on eyelash extension training. In addition, you also get access to legendary business and customer service support, high-performance products, and comprehensive education to make a career in the field.



7. Eyelash Extension Courses – [Eyelash Challenge]

Eyelash Extension Courses
Next, we have the eyelash extension certification online by Eyelash Challenge. As part of these eyelash extension classes online, you discover new things with Frankie Widdows, master of all lash masters. Frankie was one of the first trainers to list her courses online.


Every online lash extension certification course is accredited, certified, insurable, and constructed to guide you step-by-step through the content. These are not quick courses.


You will find hours of content with practical and theoretical elements that teach you everything you need to excel in the lash industry.


Why take their course?

It is the best online lash extension course because:

  • You learn from the comfort of your home.
  • It is available globally for students. So you can work well around work or familial commitments.
  • There is no time limit on the completion of the courses.
  • You receive unlimited support from their trainers.
  • This course is viewable on mobile, tablets, and laptops. So, you can learn online and on the go if you have an internet connection.
  • The course access never expires. So, you can revisit and learn as many times as you want.
  • The instructor adds free updates every one to two years.
  • Once you buy this course, you receive 15 percent off on Eyelash Excellence shop products.
  • You also get twenty-five percent off on Eyelash Excellence online courses.
  • After you finish these lash extension classes online, you receive Insurable Certification.


Course options

They have online eyelash extension courses for all skill levels and interests. Some of their best online lash extension certification courses include:



8. Eyelash Extension Information Webinar – [The Sassy Wink Academy]

Eyelash Extension Information Webinar

Do you wish to become the most popular eyelash extension professional? If yes, this is the best lash extension online course. It is one of the fast skills that can help you make a rewarding carer.


Your instructor for this course will be a recognized training professional, Amber Arrington. So, enroll in this free webinar, and start your learning journey.


Who should take this course?

If you are troubled with poor-quality training that often causes trouble to the clients, it is time to change that with this course. This course will benefit:

  • People who wish to learn a new skill
  • Those who want to make more money in the beauty industry
  • Anyone hoping to expand their beauty services to the existing clients
  • Aspirants hoping to start a profitable beauty business with high margins
  • People who desire to learn from the comfort of their home and be their boss.
  • Those wishing to make more money per client and spend more time with their family.



9. Eyelash Technician Course – [Trendi Mi]

Eyelash Technician Course
It is the best online lash extension certification that will walk you through every step of eyelash services, from maintaining client safety to promoting your business. It is the best online lash extension course as you study at your time and pace from the comfort of your home.


After completing the course, you will earn an accredited certification. The online eyelash extension course can help someone who owns or works at a salon and wants to offer this service to the client, makeup artists, aspiring beauticians, and alike.


To earn a certification, you should complete all lessons and answer the exams at the end of every module. If you score over fifty-five percent, you will earn a certificate of completion to acknowledge your achievement. It is a PDF document. So, you can download from Trendi Mi and share on your social media or include it in your CV.


Almost all their courses earn you credits through Continuing Education (CE) / Continuing Professional Development (CPD). These points are recognized and accepted by academic institutions and professional member bodies across the US and internationally.


Further, all the courses are accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards.


Learning Outcomes

In these eyelash extension classes online, you will discover:

  • Newest trends in eyelashes
  • Types of eyelashes, perms, and lifts
  • How to safely apply for eyelash extensions
  • Home maintenance for lifts
  • Best products for eyelash extensions
  • Tools to perform extensions
  • Home maintenance for eyelash extensions
  • Properly removing lash extensions
  • Applying lash lifts and products required
  • Safety procedures for lash lifts
  • Applying lash perms, products to use, home maintenance, and safety procedures
  • Keeping your customers safe
  • Pricing your services
  • Marketing your business



For this best online eyelash extension course, you need:

  • An interest in learning
  • No formal training or qualification


Who should take this course?

This eyelash extension certification online is for:

  • Anyone who aspires to learn a new skill
  • People who wish to commence a new career
  • Those from the beauty industry hoping to expand their resume
  • Someone with a passion for beauty
  • Anyone already acquainted with eyelash services but hoping to amplify skills
  • Business professionals wishing to add different eyelash services and procedures to their services
  • People hoping to get started in the beauty industry
  • Those interested in starting their eyelash business
  • People who wish to feel good about themselves, sans any consequences
  • Anyone wanting to earn a better income



10. Lash & brow training – Eyelash Emporium]

Lash & brow training

Do you wish to learn to create eye-popping, show-stopping, and jaw-dropping lashes? If yes, this is the best online lash extension course for you. It is a one-stop-shop for award-winning eyelash extension training and semi-permanent eyelash extensions.


They have a team of leading experts from the field who work tirelessly to offer top-grade support and training to the students. These eyelash extension classes online are accredited by the CPD or the Guild of Beauty Therapists, so you can be confident that your learning will be at par with the professional industry standards.


Why learn with Eyelash Emporium?

Here are some reasons to enroll in their lash extension online courses:

  • They have small classes.
  • They offer one-on-one sessions.
  • They provide you with accredited certification.
  • You get educator support and mentoring.
  • They have received the Beauty Guild Award of Excellence for ‘Best Supplier Specific Training’ for five years – 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019.
  • Eyelash Emporium has the highest level of training.



11. Online Training Courses – [Lash Blvd]

Online Training Courses

Lash Blvd has a series of eyelash extension training online courses. Experts teach all their listed online lash extension certification courses. So, you will acquire top-notch learning from the comfort of your home. These are all 100% online eyelash extension courses. You can start and finish at your pace.


A few of their top eyelash extension certification online courses are:



12. Eyelash Extension Courses – [Lash Affair]

Do you want to learn at your schedule, be inspired and empowered? If yes, this is the platform for you. They have a huge line-up of courses for all skill levels and interests. The team at Lash Affair Academy™️ hopes to create successful lash artists. These include:

  • The newbie: Colored Lash Course
  • The tried + true: Classic Lash Application Course
  • The popular girl: Volume Lash Application Course
  • The forever useful: Eyelash Adhesive Course
  • The trendy: Brow + Lash Lift Course
  • The essential: Lash Safety Course
  • Other courses around the latest lash trends


What’s more? You can shop for any of their lash extension classes online and get a free travel tote. It is the perfect tote for lash artists on the go.



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So, this is all about the top twelve best online lash extension courses. We agree and understand how stressful and scary it is to learn a new skill, but the same will not be the case with the courses listed above.


These are all the top-selling online eyelash extension courses as they take you through the step-by-step process. If you easily get overwhelmed by information, we suggest you go for Udemy’s The Ultimate Eyelash Extension Course. It is a very streamlined eyelash extension course to begin with. Go for it and train yourself before starting your own business.


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