7 Best Books To Learn Abacus and Practice

Best books for abacus
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ABACUS stands for Abundant Beads Addition Calculation Utility System. The structure is equipped with lateral rods where a handful of timber beads can quickly move up and down.


A parallel rod divides the block into two segments: the upper and lower areas. Each rod is constituted of beads that can move freely.


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Types of Abacus

Here’s a list of different types of Abacus

  1. The Romanian Abacus
  2. The Chinese Suanpan Abacus
  3. The Chinese Ball Arithmetic
  4. The Japanese Soroban Abacus
  5. The East-Asian Schoty Abacus
  6. The Vietnamese Abacus
  7. Lee’s Improved Abacus


Over the centuries, the abacus has been used as a predominant computational device. Many countries still use it as a backup to contemporary tallying devices.


If you want to learn more about the abacus and regularly search for reading material on it, we are here with our list of best books for beginners to try their hands on abacus.


In this list of abacus books online, we are talking about 7 books you can purchase to better understand the world of abacuses. Let’s find you the best book to learn abacus.


7 Best Books For Beginners and Experts to Learn Abacus

1. How To Use A Chinese Abacus: A Step-By-Step Guide To Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Roots And More


How To Use A Chinese Abacus


This book in our list will easily show you how to do simple arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, and root systems on a Chinese abacus.


It also describes the primitive ‘extra bead’ and ‘suspended bead’ methods. If you’re someone looking for abacus books for beginners, this is the perfect pick. It is suitable for both kids and parents. Every phase of your method of calculating is fully described with text and graphics.


This author’s specific information and conversational manner are trademarks, making it very simple to grasp and utilize the Chinese hexadecimal system with an abacus.


If you are acquainted with the hexadecimal method used in computers, this book will show you how to apply it to the Chinese style abacus.


This is one of the best abacus maths books, which also teaches you that the Japanese used the decimal system while the Chinese utilized the hexadecimal system.


2. Abacus Mind Math Level 1 Workbook 1 of 2: Excel at Mind Math with Soroban, a Japanese Abacus


Abacus Mind Math Level 1 Workbook 1 of 2

The next book on our list of abacus books for beginners is a workbook. The book only provides practice work for children and adults who are learning Soroban.


The Japanese abacus, known as the Soroban, is a remarkable visualization tool that allows youngsters to ‘see’ numerals as a bead while computing.


Soroban is entirely compatible with the current decimal number system and offers a systematic technique (formulas) for computing on the device and in the head.


Do you want to learn how to use an abacus and efficiently understand mind math? Adults learning to utilize the abacus and eventually grasp mental math would benefit much from this one of the best abacus books found online.


It follows a set of steps, is simple to use, and includes many practice questions. As one of the best abacus maths books, it breaks down each premise, making it easy to grasp the abacus and increasing precision and agility.


3. Learn To Do Math With Soroban A Japanese Abacus: Learn How To Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide And Find Square Roots


Learn To Do Math With Soroban A Japanese Abacus


The next best book to learn abacus teaching and training will help you how to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and find prime numbers. Many example questions with step-by-step explanations are available in this, which are quite difficult to find in most books.


This one of the best abacus books is simple and easy to understand, including their instructions because of the graphics. In addition, with the numerous practice problems presented at the completion of each chapter, you can practice and improve your skills as you study.


There are many activities to help develop skills, and the images are clear and complemented by clear textual directions. This is the book to have if you want to thoroughly understand the Soroban in a single volume and along with an abacus practice book.


4. Abacus 101: Beginner’s Abacus & Mental Math: Learn The Story, Concepts & Basics Of Traditional Abacus


Abacus 101: Beginner's Abacus Mental Math


Another best book to learn abacus is ‘Abacus 101.’ This is a straightforward guide for those who want to learn the basics of how an abacus functions.


The book offers an easy explanation of abacus theory and instructions on interpreting an abacus and completing basic calculations. The book provides a rule sheet for those who want to learn more in-depth.


Abacus is a system that converts numbers into beads at their most basic level. It will stimulate your cognitive muscles to improve your focus, memory, and observational skills.


Reading comprehension numerals on an abacus offers a unique world for you to discover. If you’re looking for an abacus practice book, this is our suggestion from our list of best abacus books.



5. Japanese Abacus Use & Theory


Japanese Abacus Use Theory


The abacus is an ancient calculation method; it is still utilized in Japan today under the name Soroban. For the first time in English, a detailed understanding of how to use an abacus is presented in these abacus books online.


This is one of the best abacus maths books with a convincing explanation of how to operate an abacus. In addition, the sections on mathematical concepts, which are not as simple procedures as basic algebra, are very impressive.



6. Complete Abacus Mind Math: Step by Step Guide to Mastering Mind Math with a Japanese Abacus


Complete Abacus Mind Math


This is one of the best abacus books that properly introduce youngsters to mental math and arithmetic.


It comes loaded with techniques to enhance their competence and a comprehensive abacus mental mathematics instruction guide and workbook for basic arithmetic.


After each instruction session, there is a section of the integrated workbook. Each section of the abacus practice book has examples and clear pictures that demonstrate how to proceed.


The book shows how to calculate with an abacus as well as in your head. For a long time, the Soroban has been utilized as a tool to help students get a better knowledge of math.


This is a great book to have on hand while teaching the abacus. The lessons, worksheet pages, and diagrams, on the other hand, are outstanding and suitable for beginners looking for abacus books online.


7. Abacus Mind Math Instruction Book Level 3: Step by Step Guide to Excel at Mind Math with Soroban


Abacus Mind Math Instruction Book Level 3


The last one in our best abacus maths books list is Abacus Math Mind. Subtraction – issues involving borrowing or regrouping. Practice addition by doing carryover problems or regrouping problems with this book.


This is one of the best abacus books and contains detailed explanations of 10 exchange subtraction ideas with examples.


The skill-building tasks are covered in detail in the instruction book. Each idea has examples with clear pictures and step-by-step instructions on computing and explaining it to learners during class.


In simple terms, the concept behind the computations is demonstrated. For schools and administrators to practice the ideas, there are over 490 sample problems. With the examples quoted in this one of the best books to learn abacus, you may clearly explain the concepts to your child.


Speed Dictation—included only in this set of instruction books—is progressively difficult and aids in training your child’s speed and accuracy. Dictation improves memory, focus, and understanding of new concepts. These are the perfect abacus books online to improve your child’s calculation speed.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the father of abacus?

A. An abacus is a counting device and a tool used for calculations. It is made out of a frame with rods & moving balls. Counting is made easier with these balls.

Tim Cramner is the father of the abacus. He devised a modified abacus to assist blind people with calculations.

Even though processors and computers are utilized for calculations in today’s society, the abacus is still used to teach children mathematics.


Q. What is the price of an abacus?

A. Abacus in the USA is available in the price range of 6$ to 50$. The price mainly depends on factors like material used, type of abacus, color, size etc.


Q. How do I teach my 4-year-old abacus?

A. The best way to teach abacus to your children is to buy an abacus practice book and make them practice regularly. You can also enroll in abacus online courses for beginners or children.


Q. What is a butterfly number in abacus?

A. Butterfly numbers are the decimal equivalents of decimal numbers. This is one of the basic terms in abacus books that students learn.


Q. Why is abacus good for kids?

A. A few of the advantages of learning how to use an abacus are – it strengthens the central nervous system, improves cognitive resistance training, teaches precision and agility in Mathematics, makes the kid good at academic institutions.


In addition, practicing with abacus maths books improves a child’s concentration, activates brain sensor nodes, promotes photographic memory, and improves a child’s rational thinking power.
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Final Word

So, here’s our list of best abacus books for anyone looking to learn about how to use abacus from scratch. If you’re someone who wants to buy a book to learn abacus, here are 7 top suggestions from our side for absolute beginners, intermediate learners, kids and adults of all age groups.


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