6 Best Online Abacus Training Classes To Master The Number Game

Best Online Abacus Classes
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In the era of digital advancements, our reliance on mobile phones and calculators has nearly paralyzed our innate ability to compute and think independently. Recognizing the need for change, consider exploring training in the abacus. This not only enhances your grasp of numerical concepts but also improves your fundamental arithmetic skills and mental math abilities in a relatively short timeframe.


Traditionally, math is linked to the left brain, essential for logical and linguistic functions. However, abacus arithmetic uniquely engages tactile, auditory, and visual abilities, fostering development in both the right brain—essential for sensory and artistic skills—and the left brain.


For this, you should enroll in one of the best online abacus classes. Now the question is, of the many online abacus classes available, how do you find the best abacus course online. Well, fret not! We did the research and have compiled together a list of the six best online abacus classes.


Before delving into these classes, let’s first address a common question that may be on many minds: What forms the basis of our selection, and why should you place trust in our choices?


Before compiling this list, we extensively researched the internet and examined various online abacus classes. We carefully selected 20 top-notch online abacus training programs based on our assessment. Our criteria for choosing these courses were grounded in four key parameters:


  1. Ratings and reviews of these courses
  2. The fee that you pay for this course
  3. Experience of the instructor
  4. Offerings of the course


Then we presented these courses to renowned mathematicians from around the world. They studied through these courses and presented us with six of the best online abacus classes, which have been listed below. So, let us get started and address these courses one by one.


Six Best Online Abacus Classes

  1. Abacus Math From Scratch – [Udemy]
  2. Online Abacus Learning Portal – [Abacus Master]
  3. Abacus Maths Course – [Udemy]
  4. Online Abacus Classes – [JAMS]
  5. Abacus Online Tutorial – Free Lessons for Students – [Online-Soroban]
  6. Online Abacus SUPERMATHS Is All Set – [Super Maths]


Top Six Abacus Classes

1. Abacus Math From Scratch – [Udemy]

Ranked at the top of our list for the best online abacus classes is this Udemy course. The course has a rating of 4.2 and is a bestseller course by Udemy.


What will you learn?

There is an array of things that you will learn with this online abacus training. Here, we will enlist a few of them:


  1. Placing the numbers of the Abacus
  2. Solving addition problems
  3. Solving subtraction problems
  4. Learning the complementary numbers for ten
  5. Understanding the friend number of additions for five
  6. Performing quick mental math
  7. Being quick in performing basic operations, such as addition and subtraction
  8. Understanding division and multiplication
  9. Calculate, fast, correct, and easy
  10. Helping you improve your concentration
  11. Bettering mental thinking ability and creativity
  12. Learning Abacus with subtitles, multimedia, graphics, and the character motion
  13. Calculation of arithmetic operation via the combination and decomposition of numbers.
  14. Adding interest in mathematics with engaging, animated storytelling
  15. 2 Digit Addition and Subtraction
  16. 3 Digit Addition and Subtraction



There are a few essential prerequisites before you take this online abacus training. Firstly, you must be thorough with the basic operations, such as subtraction and addition. Of course, the knowledge of numbers is imperative. Another thing, though not mandatory, it is good to have an abacus at home.


Is it the best course for Abacus?

This is the best abacus course online because it contains an array of tutorials, which is fundamental for you to learn Abacus in a highly engaging and fun manner. The course is taught via digital lectures and animated images and executed through guided exercise problems. It comprises seventy-eight lectures, and there is a total of seven hours of content.


Is this the right course for you?

This is one of the best courses for beginners. Typically, anyone who aspires to better their calculation abilities or aspires to learn how to teach Abacus will find this course helpful.


Further, this course comes with a 30-day refund policy just in case you are not happy with the course content.


Study material

The course comprises eight hours of on-demand video, forty-three downloadable resources, and two articles. You get lifetime access to all the resources on your TV and mobile. After you are through with the course, you will also earn a certificate of completion.


Review Michael LEMAHIEU:

very good to follow with my kid, he really enjoy

2. Abacus Maths Course – [Udemy]

In the online abacus training course from Udemy, you will learn to perform calculations on Abacus faster. This course has a rating of 4.2.


What will you learn?

In this online abacus training, you will learn to perform more accurate and faster calculations via the Abacus tool. A few other things that you will know with this course are:


  1. Abacus and its benefits
  2. Additional and subtraction with Abacus
  3. Combo formula
  4. Understand multiple operations such as addition and subtraction of 2 and 3 digits
  5. How to use the abacus tool
  6. Placing and reading numbers on the abacus tool



To take this abacus course online, you must shop for an abacus tool. This is necessary to learn and practice what you have learned.


Is this the right course for you to learn abacus?

This abacus course online is perfect for college students or school children. However, further professionals and students preparing for the competitive exams wishing to better their mathematical ability will also benefit from this course.


Why is this the best online abacus training?

This is one of the best online abacus classes. With Udemy’s 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. If you do not like what’s been taught, you can reach out to Udemy and receive your money back.


Study material

The course comes with 10 hours of on-demand video and 164 downloadable resources. All the resources in this course come with lifetime access. So, you can always go back and revise the contents. The course is 100% online. So, you can watch it on the go.


In addition, the course can be viewed on TV and mobile. Once you are through with the course, you bag yourself a certificate of completion. This is a shareable certificate. So, you can download and share it on your social media. Alternatively, you can even print it and include it in the CV. This will heighten your chances of landing a job.


Review Vaibhavraj Jadhav:

This course is a great way to start with abacus. The contents and quality of the videos are excellent. Nicely explained and easy to understand. Great work and thank you.

3. Online Abacus Learning Portal – [Abacus Master]

Abacus Master presents to you a phenomenal learning platform full of some significant aspects that make learning abacus immensely enjoyable. An incredible thing about these best online abacus classes is an array of practice worksheets, Anzan videos, and animated explanations included in the course. So, you will learn it all in an engaging and fun manner.


You have three pricing plans to pick from – basic, gold, and premium. It is only in the premium subscription; you will get additional features, such as expert assistance, a student kit, and lifetime access to the resources.


Who should take this course?

These online abacus classes are ideal for training Abacus to students between the age group of 5-12 years.


Why is this the best course?

Abacus Master has structured its course into eight levels, with the initial four focusing on basic topics and the subsequent four delving into advanced concepts.


This 100% online course allows students to proceed at their own pace, although Abacus Master recommends completing it within two months for optimal proficiency. The class follows a well-defined path, thoroughly covering each topic.


One notable feature of this online abacus course is its emphasis on enhancing visualization skills. The tool serves as a mental accelerator, aided by Anzan videos that enable quick calculations of number sequences. Customizable practice sessions include variations in delay, series, arithmetic operations, operands, and more.


Upon completion of the course, students receive a certificate. A test assesses their newly acquired skills, and progression to the next level is contingent on clearing this assessment, resulting in two certificates—one after basic level clearance and another upon completing all four levels.


Abacus Master boasts technology allowing students to design personal worksheets up to five digits and twelve rows for subtraction and addition. Accessible worksheets correspond to the student’s current level.


With over five hundred Anzan videos covering various operands, number series, and speed challenges, the course promotes memory techniques, mental math, and IQ games for comprehensive brain development.


Subscribing to Abacus Master provides more than just video lessons; it includes personal one-on-one sessions with instructors on Skype. Additionally, round-the-clock support assistance is available to address any doubts or concerns.



For these online abacus classes, it is typically recommended to have your own Abacus. However, it is okay to perform the calculations with the virtual Abacus if you do not have it at home. Beyond that, you will require an internet connection and a computer to take this course.


What will you learn?

In these?? best online abacus classes, you will learn:


  1. Anzan’s method for practice
  2. Number representation on the Abacus along with subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division


Review Mohit Nagpal :

This online abacus classes are perfect for everyone, no matter the age. Really surprised to see other brain training modules along with Abacus.

4. Online Abacus Classes – [JAMS]

Mental math calculation is a key skill for being prompt in math solving. Also, it is a great life skill that will stay with you for life once acquired. Students with this skill are more confident and perform exceedingly well in all STEM-related subjects.


If you feel the need to perfect this skill, you must enroll in one of the top-recommended online abacus training programs. This is presented to you by JAMS Abacus Math School.


The primary object of JAMS is to provide the students with a solid foundation and help them get better at mental math. They offer Anzan instructions and help you build on your knowledge of Abacus across three terms – spring, winter, and fall term.


There is a one-time fee applicable, which covers the cost of the resources and the examination cost. There is also a free assessment test to analyze your preparation.


What will you learn?

These online abacus classes can equip you with everything that is to know about abacus, regardless of the skill level. This online abacus training was divided into lessons that target different skill levels.


Whichever term you opt for, there will be eleven weeks of training. At the end of the 11th week, there will be an exam conducted. You can find customized lesson plans according to your skin level. If you wish to take advanced or intermediate-level abacus classes, there are special winter and summer camps for you.


What do you need?

To take these best online abacus classes, you will require a laptop or a PC with a webcam. These classes are available via Zoom calls. So, having a webcam is mandatory. Also, the Abacutor app is functional only on the 8” tablet or an iPad.


Also, it is compulsory to have the iOS version v10 for the iPad and the v8 version for an Android tablet. If you do not have an Android tablet or an iPad, you can borrow it from the school at a minimum fee of 20 USD.


Who should take this course?

Students who wish to enroll at any skill level will find these online abacus classes helpful. There is something for everyone available with the JAMS Abacus Math School.


Why is this the best abacus course?

This is one of the best online abacus classes because it is presented to you by JAMS. JAMS is the sole Abacus Math School in the State of Oregon and Portland to have been accredited by the League for Soroban Education in America.


One of the most incredible things about this course is that the instructor provides you with an extra week of the session. This is termed as the make-up class week, wherein if you missed any class in the original session, the instructor would make up for it by brushing up on whatever you missed.


Typically, every class will have three, a maximum of six students. If you are a first-time student, you will have an advantage. There will be a solo class, wherein your fundamentals will be cleared before progressing to the workbooks. There is also a homework management tool, the Abacutor App utilized in the class, which is great for the students taking this class.

5. Online Abacus SUPERMATHS Is All Set – [Super Maths]

Super Maths has an array of online abacus classes. With Super Maths, you get an engaging and user-friendly platform for students who aspire to use the abacus tool. This course can be availed in two tracks – Senior and Junior.


In the Senior track, there are eight levels, and the junior one has eleven levels. Every level is about twelve weeks long. After every level, you will have to pass an online exam.


Only after you score a requisite percentage will you be able to get to the next level. Once you are through with all the levels, you will be rewarded with a SuperMaths Abacus certificate.


Why is this one of the best classes?

The classes with Super Maths follow a distinct approach that aids in building your mental math. There are humongous practice tests for the students to sharpen their abacus skills. This is achieved via the array of online worksheets.


This course helps to better your arithmetic skills from the comfort of your home. It is a 100% online course. More so, it is fun and engaging, and you will have access to some of the best instructions, abacus textbooks, and tutorials to help you learn engagingly and interactively.


There is a free trial available. So, before you pay for it, you can attend a free class to get the gist of the class.


What will you learn?

A few things that you will learn in this?? online abacus training is:


  1. Theoretical concepts associated with Abacus
  2. Performing basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with Abacus.
  3. Building on your concentration, visualization, analysis, and memory to help you develop mental math skills
  4. Easy mental math calculations with finger theory wherein you perform quick calculations with special combinations and fingers.
  5. Visualizing Abacus in mind to perform mental calculations quickly



To take this class, you need an internet connection, a PC or a laptop, and the motivation and willingness to learn Abacus.


Who should take this class?

Be it a beginner, intermediate-level learner, or an advanced abacus student; this class has something for everyone.


Review Student:

Abacus has helped Swara to be focused, increased her concentration level, and improved her thinking power. Abacus is the first asset earned which would be used to accomplish her future aspirations in life.

6. Abacus Online Tutorial – Free Lessons for Students – [Online-Soroban]

Soroban is a type of Japanese Abacus utilized for prompt calculations, and it is an innovative method of teaching used by instructors in Japan. There are two kinds of classes that you can get.


One is the free version, and the other is the paid version. You will learn just the basics in the former, whereas, in the latter, you will also be thorough with Anzan or the metal math arithmetics. You can also find tailored plans for students who aspire to qualify and teach in the discipline.


Why is this the best course?

It is one of the best courses because the instructor utilizes animated classes to help you learn how to perform mental calculations promptly. There is an array of games involved in the tutorial too. So, learning from this course will be interesting and engaging.


The instructor believes that feeding you theoretical concepts would do you no good. So, there is a bundle of practical exercises that help in skill-building.


Also, as you develop every skill, the level and intensity of the games grow. This makes the whole process more competitive and can be a great and rather competitive way of assessment. As you pass through each level, your confidence in the subject will only grow further.


What will you learn?

A few things that you will learn with this abacus course online are:


  1. What is soroban?
  2. Reading the numbers on the soroban
  3. Performing calculations with it




This is one of the best beginner-level online abacus classes. So, as such, there are no prerequisites for this course. All you will ever need to take this class is an internet connection and a computer.


Who should take this course?


This abacus course online is perfect for students of all age groups who aspire to learn soroban or the Japanese abacus straightforwardly and interactively.



So, these are the six best online abacus training programs. We have tried to compile all the information about these courses in this article. However, certain things, such as the date of enrollment, date of initiation, fee, ongoing discounts, and reviews, are not constant.


So, to find information on the same, you can browse through the website linked with these courses. Don’t worry, regardless of the abacus course online selection you make of the above-listed six courses, you will not regret your decisions.

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Pick a course of your choice and begin your learning experience!

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