What’s Your Pick From These Courses For Automation Testing Training?

Automation Testing Courses

To venture into the automation industry you need to have sound knowledge to make your mark. Automation testing may sound a little scary to you if you are a newbie. But trust us, with the right training, things could work out for you smoothly.


So, here we are with some of the best automation testing courses online, which can help you get a hold of this subject. The learnings from these classes are definitely going to give you the much needed boost in your career.


How did we select?

We scouted the web for automation testing courses. It helped us find some of the best options. Quite many of Google’s listings claimed to be the best. So, we decided to deep-scan the top thirty Google listings and compared them on five parameters:

  1. Is the course rated well?
  2. Is it a free or a paid session?
  3. How are the reviews and ratings?
  4. Will you receive a certification or credit?
  5. Are the overall offerings good?


It helped us narrow our list to the best 15 automation testing training courses. We then presented this list to the top industry professionals. They further screened this list and helped us pick the below-listed eight classes. Let us discuss them one by one.


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7 Automation Testing Certification Courses


1. Selenium Web driver with Python from Scratch + Frameworks – [Udemy]

Selenium Web driver with Python from Scratch + Frameworks

Rating 4.6
Who should take this class? It is one of the best automation testing courses online for:

  1. Freshers/Graduates who want to kick start their Carrier in IT World
  2. Manual testers, Non-programming aware testers interested in learning Automation
Enrolled 56,890 students
Duration 17 hours of on-demand video
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Instructor Rahul Shetty
Cons Some of the classes in this session seem incomplete.


Python is one of the top choices for people who wish to implement web security and artificial intelligence in any application. It led the Quality Assurance industry to switch its focus to Python to implement Test Automation to support AI Projects. Once you finish this automation testing training, you will have acquired mastery in Selenium Automation Testing with Python.


Consequently, it will be easier for you to implement it in your workplace and land a high-paying job. Across the session, the instructors take examples from the real-time hosted web applications. It helps them understand how to automate different components.


It is one of the most hands-on automation testing certifications online. You will find several practice examples to gain solid exposure. Though 100% online, you will receive live instructor support. You can send your queries and will receive a revert within 12 hours.


Topics discussed:

Here is a rundown of the topics discussed in this course.

  1. Python Basics
  2. Python Programming examples
  3. Python Data types
  4. Python OOPS Examples
  5. Selenium Locators
  6. Selenium Multi Browser Execution
  7. Python Selenium API Methods
  8. Advanced Selenium User interactions
  9. End to end Practise Examples to Automate
  10. In addition, this automation testing training covers: PyTest – Unit Testing Framework, PyTest Fixtures, PyTest Parameterization, PyTest Annotations, Command Line Arguments
  11. Python PyTest Reports
  12. Log4J Logging Python
  13. Page Object Model Design Pattern
  14. End to end Framework design from scratch
  15. Python Data-driven framework using Excel
  16. Pyxl Examples with Selenium Integration
  17. Jenkins CI Integration
  18. GITHUB Version Control Management


Learning Outcomes

In this one of the top automation testing courses for beginners, you will discover the following:

  1. Python Automation using Selenium WebDriver
  2. Implementing Python Test Automation Frameworks from Scratch with all the latest Technologies
  3. Page object Design Patterns
  4. Familiarity with Python Basics
  5. Python Unit Test Frameworks like PyTest
  6. Excel Data-driven Frameworks
  7. Unit and Integration Testing
  8. Log4J Logging
  9. Familiarity withGitHub
  10. Installation setup, including Python basics
  11. Cross-browser testing
  12. Appearing for an interview in the domain
  13. Selenium Python API Methods with real time Scenarios on LIVE Websites
  14. Leading an entire Selenium python project from the design stage



It is one of Udemy’s bestselling automation testing certification courses. You require:

  1. No Python coding experience – Even people with a non-coding or programming background can take this class
  2. Theoretical Material, Code dump – but they are available for download within the class


Reviews by Aslam Hossain M.

This is very well structured, easy to understand course. This is helpful for all level of learners. Thanks for the wonderful course. Best wishes.



2. Selenium WebDriver 4 With Java – Novice To Ninja + Interview – [Udemy]

Selenium WebDriver 4 With Java - Novice To Ninja + Interview

Rating 4.5
Who should take this class? These automation testing classes online will benefit:


  1. Quality Assurance Team leads and Managers
  2. Fresh Graduates hoping to make a dream career in software engineering
  3. Quality Assurance Automation professionals who wish to elevate their current test automation skill sets
  4. Quality Assurance professionals and Manual testers hoping to start careers in test automation
Enrolled 36,593 students
Duration 44 hours of on-demand video
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Instructor Lets Kode It
Cons When it says Novice to Ninja, it implies that it will target beginners. However, some newbie learners will see challenges with the class contents because the concept build-up is not the best.


It is one of the most comprehensive automation testing courses for beginners. In the Selenium WebDriver community, you will work on over 270 lectures with more than 21000 students. So, you can collaborate and give or receive feedback on each other’s work.


Across this class, the examples are from testing real-time hosted web apps that can help you understand how to automate different components that give you an insight into an industry-level framework and make you confident.


The course manager has ten dedicated instructors available to help you with your queries round the clock. You can send them your resume preparation or interview queries, and they will respond instantly. There is also an option for an on-demand desktop session on Team Viewer and Skype.


Topics Include

It is one of the best automation testing courses online. You will cover the below-listed topics in this session:

  1. Selenium Webdriver 4. x
  2. Java Concepts in detail
  3. TestNG Framework
  4. Advanced Reporting
  5. Logging infrastructure with Log4j
  6. Page Object Model
  7. Page Factory Framework
  8. Data Driven Framework
  9. Executing tests on a remote machine using Selenium Grid 2.0
  10. Build Management with Maven
  11. Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  12. Database Testing
  13. Performance Testing
  14. Behavior-Driven Testing Using Cucumber and Gherkin language


Learning Outcomes

Some of the things you will learn in this automation testing training are:


  1. In-depth understanding of web automation frameworks
  2. Explaining, designing, and implementing structured automation frameworks using page object/factory model
  3. Detailed knowledge of Selenium WebDriver challenges with real-time examples
  4. Implementing continuous integration testing using Jenkins
  5. Performing cross-browser testing using selenium grid
  6. Making beautiful reports with the best-advanced reporting tool
  7. Familiarity with the TestNG Framework
  8. Command on Build Management using MAVEN
  9. Lead any Selenium Automation Project from scratch on your own
  10. Understanding of Behavior Driven Testing Using CUCUMBER, Gherkin language
  11. Writing efficient testing code
  12. Skills to automate any web application
  13. Ability to verify data integrity with GUI of the app
  14. Added knowledge on running performance tests with selenium web driver automation
  15. Clearing Selenium Automation interviews



There are not many intensive requirements for this one of Udemy’s automation testing courses for beginners. Broadly, for this class, you will require:

  1. No automation or coding experience
  2. No experience with Java needed
  3. Browsers (Firefox or Chrome)
  4. Windows/MAC computer
  5. Java SDK, Eclipse, Firefox, Chrome, TestNG, Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver Installation


Reviews by Koushik P.

Excellent Course for Beginners to learn and expertise them in selenium.



3. Selenium WebDriver With Python 3. x – Novice To Ninja – [Udemy]

Selenium WebDriver With Python 3. x - Novice To Ninja

Rating 4.4
Who should take this class? This automation testing training will benefit:

  1. Fresh Graduates interested in a career in software engineering
  2. Quality Assurance Team leads
  3. Managers
  4. Quality Assurance professionals and Manual testers looking to start a career in test automation
  5. Quality Assurance Automation professionals hoping to intensify their current test automation skill sets
Enrolled 27,149 students
Duration 31.5 hours of on-demand video
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Instructor Lets Kode It
Cons It is a great course, but some topics demand more detail.


It is one of the detailed automation testing courses for beginners. So, the knowledge you acquire in this class will be highly beneficial if you seek a job in this field. It helps you achieve two goals for the price of one:

  1. Complete Python Programming Language
  2. Selenium WebDriver Automation


In this class, the instructor commences from the beginner level and takes you through the advanced level. It is a single class for everything related to Web UI automation. In this session, you will receive over 20 hours of unique content with real-life examples and code files that you can refer to and learn. The instructor is responsive and offers support via Team Viewer and Skype.


Learning Outcomes

In this one of Udemy’s top-liked automation testing certification courses, you will learn the following:

  1. Understanding of Web Automation Frameworks
  2. Selenium WebDriver Basics and Advanced
  3. Explain, design, and implement structured automation frameworks
  4. Leading any selenium automation project on your own
  5. Automating every web application


Other things covered in this automation testing training are:

  1. Familiarity with the python programming language
  2. Python Programming Concepts,Unittest, And Pytest Framework, Automation Framework Design (Page Objects, Data Driven, Reading CSV Files)
  3. Ability to write and understand the efficient testing code
  4. Performing cross-browser testing
  5. Logging Infrastructure,
  6. Acquiring a good understanding of Pytest and Unittest framework
  7. Interview Preparation



It is the right choice for automation testing courses online for beginners. So, as such, there are no requirements for the class. But, you will need:

  1. Windows/MAC computer
  2. Windows/MAC computer
  3. No Automation / Coding Experience
  4. Python Programming Language concepts are in this class – So no background is necessary
  5. All required installations are in this lecture, and documentation is uploaded too


Reviews by Harshwardhan P.

Nice experience with the course and really helpful for beginners also. Overall its a nice experience.



4. Software Testing and Automation Specialization – Offered by University of Minnesota – [Coursera]

Software Testing and Automation Specialization – Offered by University of Minnesota

Rating 4.1
Who should take this class? It can be the perfect automation testing training for beginning to intermediate software developers who wish to develop their skills and knowledge in implementing testing techniques and tools in project development.
Enrolled 35,340 students
Duration Approximately four months to complete at a suggested pace of 6 hours/week
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 14-day moneyback guarantee
Instructor Mike, Kevin Wendt, and Sanjai Rayadurgam
Cons There is excessive focus on Java and specific tools, making it a deviation from the primary topic.

There are four automation testing courses for beginners in this Specialization:

  1. Introduction to Software Testing
  2. Black-box and White-box Testing
  3. Introduction to Automated Analysis
  4. Web and Mobile Testing with Selenium


Learning Outcomes

In this automation testing course online, you will learn the following:

  1. Difference between the verification and validation
  2. Writing automated functional tests for both backend and frontend code
  3. Formal testing theory and techniques
  4. Black-box and white-box testing
  5. Pre-conditions for methods to facilitate formal proofs of correctness
  6. Properties and assertions in code to facilitate automated test generation
  7. Measuring the fault-finding effectiveness of a functional test suite using mutation testing
  8. Building test plans, test suites, and test analysis reports
  9. Automated testing, web & mobile testing
  10. Planning and performing effective testing of your software
  11. Defending the program’s correctness via formal methods, particularly model checking and proof obligations.



It is one of Coursera’s top automation testing certification courses. For this class, you require:

  1. Experience with an object-oriented programming language (preferably Java)
  2. Ability to install and run an IDE
  3. Eclipse recommended


Reviews by RZ.

It was an great experience for me I learn a lot from Coursera thanks for giving me such a great platform Thanks a lot.



5. Automation Test Engineer – [Simplilearn]

Automation Test Engineer
Next, we have an automation testing certification online by Simplilearn. It has an online Bootcamp format with 360 hours of applied learning, 15+ in-demand tools and skills, 14 lesson-end & 4 phase-end hands-on projects, and one industry-aligned capstone project. Hence, it is a hands-on class.


It is a comprehensive blended learning program where you discover everything you should know to get noticed by top companies through Simplilearn’s JobAssist Program. You require 12 months to complete the class at a suggested pace of 5-10 hours weekly. You will receive an industry-recognized course completion certificate.


Learning Outcomes

In these automation testing courses online, you will learn the following:

  1. Complete knowledge of software testing technologies such as Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, Maven, AutoIT, Selenium Grid, Appium, and Docker
  2. Building a robust testing framework
  3. 15 automation testing tools and technologies to make your profile stand out as an Automation Test Engineer
  4. Core computer science concepts from leading industry experts with content structured to ensure industrial relevance
  5. End-to-end application and test it with exciting features


Who should take this class?

This automation testing training will benefit freshers, software developers, IT professionals, engineers, test engineers, technical consultants, and analysts.



For this course, you should have:

  1. Basic programming knowledge
  2. Any technical degree or equivalent such as B.tech, M.tech
  3. A degree in engineering, a bachelor/master’s in computer science


Reviews by Himanshu Sukhija.

I had enrolled in this training. The content is very informative. The trainer is knowledgeable and his skills of explaining the concepts are awesome.



6. Professional Certificate in Automated Software Testing – Offered by TU Delft – [edX]

Professional Certificate in Automated Software Testing – Offered by TU Delft

Who should take this class? Even though the code examples are mostly in Java, these automation testing classes online will benefit:


  1. Software developers
  2. QA engineers
  3. Software testers
Pace Self-paced
Instructors Arie van Deursen and Maurício Aniche
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Duration 3 months – At a suggested pace of 3 – 5 hours per week


Often people think software testing is bland, time-consuming, complex, and redundant. However, all of this is not true. Software testing can ensure that your tool works well and caters to all the release schedules. It is a set of two automation testing courses online, wherein you discover how testing is not as daunting as you thought it was.


In addition, you will also know how automated testing can make you a better developer who can program top-quality software. It is a hands-on practical class.


Learning Outcomes

In this automation testing training, you will learn the following:

  1. Software testing as practiced in the industry
  2. How to test any software system using current state-of-the-art techniques?
  3. How to derive test cases that deal with exceptional, corner, and bad weather cases
  4. Working with several different techniques, including specification-based testing, boundary testing, test adequacy and code coverage, mock objects, design for testability, and test code quality


Other things you learn in this automation testing course online are:

  1. Developing testable architectures
  2. Writing maintainable test code
  3. State-based and web testing, combinatorial testing, mutation testing, static analysis tools, and property-based testing
  4. Limitations of current testing techniques
  5. How to choose the best testing strategies for a given context



7. Become a Test Automation Engineer – [LinkedIn Learning]

Become a Test Automation Engineer
Automation has completely revamped the art of software testing. These techniques can help you accelerate the software pace, and better quality and help you stay relevant in your career as a tester. It is a set of five automation testing training courses that help you get hands-on practice with Selenium, Python, and other test automation tools.


Learning Outcomes

In this class, you will:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of test automation
  2. Get well-versed with Selenium testing tools and frameworks
  3. Know how to use Python to automate your tasks


The five classes in this course are:

  1. Test Automation Foundations
  2. Learning Selenium
  3. Selenium Essential Training
  4. Scripting for Testers
  5. Robot Framework Test Automation: Level 1 (Selenium)


Once you complete all these classes, you will earn automation testing certification online.



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So, these are the top seven best automation testing courses online. We have included all intricacies associated with each listed class in this guide. However, if you wish to read further about any of the listings, you can click on the annexed link and read further. They are all independently excellent courses.


So, you can pick anyone that fits your needs. Our favorites are the Selenium WebDriver 4 With Java – Novice To Ninja + Interview – [Udemy] and Selenium WebDriver With Python 3. x – Novice To Ninja – [Udemy]. They are both from the same instructor.


So, you may see some overlap, but you can skimp through those parts as these two automation testing classes online are complementary and help you achieve a comprehensive learning experience.


Automation Testing Training Reviewed by 8 Automation Testing Engineer 4.7