Web App Development: What Affects The App Development Cost?


How much does it cost to build a web application? Unfortunately, no standard response exists since web development is a broad phrase that may refer to anything from constructing a basic website to developing a specialized, feature-rich online application.


Business owners must have a well-thought-out web app development approach. In the absence of this, planning on a limited budget would be difficult. You must evaluate the key elements driving web app development expenses during this phase.


Before we get started, let’s go through the types of apps you can have for your company.


Options to Create a Web Application

Why Create a Web Application?

If you’ve chosen to build an application for your company, you have three development options:


Development of Native Apps

You can create a native app for every platform, including iOS, Android, Windows etc, if you want your app to function smoothly across all of them. Just bear in mind that compared to other ways, the overall cost of development will be significantly higher for this type.

Development of Hybrid Apps

It is possible to design a hybrid app once, then customise it for each platform. Although hybrid products are less expensive than native ones for several platforms, they do not perform as well.


Since you can immediately launch your hybrid app to a big audience and test your concept without investing a lot of money, the hybrid approach is excellent for developing an MVP.


Web Application Creation

Web-based applications are a cure-all. They can run on any browser-enabled device, including smart refrigerators to smartphones. With the availability of wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the power of web applications will only increase by the day.


Additionally, what’s the best part? Producing a web app is substantially less expensive than creating a native or hybrid app.


You can find a more detailed analysis and assessment of the cost of a web application on the website of the development team if you want. Follow the link and get help from professionals: https://fireart.studio/hire-web-app-developers/.


What Factors Affect Web App Price?

What Factors Affect Web App Price


Desired Characteristics

The more features you desire in the app, the more expensive it will be. The app’s complexity affects its cost. Comprehensive functionality implementation requires both time and a qualified crew, both of which are costly.


Even if the feature you’ve chosen is very simple to execute and can be built by a novice, the bigger the number of parts, the longer it will take to build. As a result, the price will grow.


To give you an idea of web app price, the typical cost is as follows:

  • Simple applications – $3K — $12K
  • $15K – $50K for medium complexity
  • Complex solutions – $55K — $250K



Template solutions are less costly than custom UI/UX design services. The difference is determined by the intricacy of the design, the number of pieces, animations, and so on.


Furthermore, app interfaces should be appealing to the eye, straightforward, and simple to use. Designers and web app developers which provide angular development services, both need time to bring all of this to life.


For example, it might take anything from 6-8 hours to 16-20 hours to develop a basic landing page like the one Shopify provides.

  • 6-8 hours = ~$300-$400
  • 16-20 hours = ~$800-$1,000


Market Segmentation

At first glance, the business domain seems to have nothing to do with the cost of web app development, but it does. It’s not only that various sorts of companies will need different capabilities. The more popular and sought-after your company specialty, the less expensive the development procedure.


Location of the Development Team

If you’re new to the IT industry and have never worked with a web development service provider, you may be surprised to learn that the location of the development team has a significant impact on the final web application pricing.


According to an Indeed study, the average hourly wage of a software engineer in the United States is $46.32, $32,87 in Eastern Europe, and $26 in Asia.


True, sometimes the lowest price means you won’t be able to purchase a high-quality app, but several nations, such as Ukraine, Poland, and Spain, provide a great balance of quality and affordability.


Structure of the Development Team

This one is self-evident: the more people working on your project, the more money you’ll have to spend. Of course, if your budget is not restricted and you are not concerned about the cost of web app development, you may ignore it. However, if finances are limited, you must prioritize and choose a team structure that is most suited to your app.



Urgency is always costly. And the IT industry is no exception. If you need a high-quality web app quickly, you will have to pay more. The cost of web applications will vary based on how tight the timeline is.



Estimating the cost of constructing a web app is a necessary step. If you want a more specific quotation, you could contact web development businesses directly.


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