Kaplan Vs UWorld  – Is UWorld or Kaplan Better For NCLEX?

UWorld vs Kaplan NCLEX
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UWorld is cheaper but definitely not better than Kaplan for NCLEX. Kaplan is better than UWorld in most of the aspects.


Kaplan seems like a better NCLEX prep platform. It is particularly true because their self-paced course has all these attributes and is only $200 more expensive.


If we were to compare UWorld vs Kaplan NCLEX study material, Kaplan probably has a slight edge.

Kaplan’s practice material is more realistic and closer to the actual NCLEX questions. However, the explanations by UWorld in their videos are better than Kaplan’s.


But speaking about the full-scale NCLEX preparation, is Kaplan the better pick? Yes, we cannot deny that Kaplan is a better pick, especially on metrics like top-grade production quality, prep books, bonus resources, and optional live classes. Sadly, most of these things are absent in UWorld.


When preparing for NCLEX, you will find two names – Uworld and Kaplan. Because you wish to crack the exam in the first go, you must weigh the pros and cons of every study material. Many of you may be familiar with Kaplan as it is considered one of the best providers, courtesy of its flawless test-taking strategies.


But is this enough to go with them? In all honesty, you must evaluate several things when picking from these two NCLEX providers to ensure that your chosen option is worth your time and money.


Is Kaplan or UWorld Better For NCLEX?

Attribute Kaplan UWorld
Price $425 $249
Trial Available No
Refund Yes No
Practice questions More than 2100 More than 2100
Books Digital No
Practice tests 3 2
Access duration 6 months 30 to 180 days (depending on your chosen package)
Pass Guarantee Yes No
Mobile app Yes Yes
Special features Excellent problem explanation and performance metrics Diagnostic tests to determine your weak areas


Is Just UWorld Enough For NCLEX?

Just UWorld Enough For NCLEX

UWorld is good for nursing aspirants, but you might need supporting resources to bridge the missing gaps.


UWorld offers a plethora of practice questions that can give you an insight into what the actual exam will feel like. However, do not forget to review the content before appearing for the questions.


The company takes immense pride in offering top-quality question banks for aspiring nurses. Their practice questions invoke critical thinking and are challenging in terms of NCLEX. Hence, it gets easier for you to prepare for the actual examination with UWorld.


Practicing nurses who are well-versed with the material craft the NCLEX-RN question bank. With UWorld, you get over 2000 practice questions at a nominal price of $129. However, the access window is only one month.


You can have access for 60 or 180 days by paying $159 or $279, respectively. Fortunately, they have drafted their question bank to what you will see in the examination. Depending on your chosen subscription package, the question bank will have a specified number of practice exams and assessment papers.


Sadly, UWorld does not have a free trial, which can go against them. However, their user-friendly content comprising vivid images and illustrations makes it easier for the students to grasp and learn the topics. They also offer personalized flashcards and exams for quick review.


UWorld has a decent support platform. You can contact their representatives via email. They also have forums for every exam and FAQs to get a resolution for your queries. Beyond this, you get additional features like a renewal option to extend the question bank duration before its expiry.


UWorld also has a reset option to clear your performance and start from scratch. However, the reset option is available only for those who subscribe for at least 180 days. Their companion mobile app is good. Also, you can track your performance to compare your progress with others.


Pros Cons
  1. One of the best practice materials with praise-worthy explanations.
  2. Answer solutions contain helpful visuals for easier memorization
  3. The interface is easy to use with its intuitive design
  4. The mobile app is good for learning on the go.
  5. The question bank is vast, with no repeat questions
  6. Cover all vital topics evenly


  1. You only get practice material and no content review option, which can be disappointing.
  2. They are not as efficient as Kaplan in mimicking the difficulty level or the style in the NCLEX exams.
  3. Limited contact options



Is UWorld the best for NCLEX?

Sadly no, between UWorld vs Kaplan NCLEX, UWorld is not the best alternative for NCLEX preparation.


Of course, it is a good pick for NCLEX aspirants who wish to get into nursing and can help them prepare well, but its lack of resources makes it incompetent, rather insufficient for many.


Is UWorld or Kaplan Harder?

Both UWorld and Kaplan are more challenging than the actual NCLEX. However, questions by Kaplan are even trickier than UWorld’s.



Is Kaplan NCLEX Review Worth It?

Kaplan NCLEX Review Worth It

Kaplan NCLEX offers an array of options to study from. Beyond the practice questions, the company also offers access to 24/7 Live Kaplan that provides on-demand, online, and live content video courses with top production quality.


Unlike UWorld, they also have textbooks. Comparing Kaplan vs UWorld NCLEX, the former has more practice questions available at $99 with six months six access. These practice questions come with interactive explanations and answers, including term definitions, content refreshers, animations, and images.


In the question bank, Kaplan primarily focuses on alternate-item question types and offers realistic practice via their NCLEX-style question. The bundle comprises on-demand videos, test prep, and three practice tests for $399.


In contrast to the other offers, Kaplan provides this affordable option for students who intend to study for several months. The only drawback is if you plan to finish the ques bank in over a month, you will have to pay for the whole year.


Fortunately, Kaplan also provides a 50-question free trial and a performance chart that depicts your strongest areas and the weak ones that you must put more emphasis on. Kaplan’s question bank includes questions and content crafted by their staff that possess all the skills a nurse should have.


This bank has similar questions to what you see in the actual exam. Their bank also contains explanations and questions offered for incorrect and correct answers, covering all the relevant topics.


You can use them in the tutor or timed models. Kaplan provides a help link in every question for students who need extra clarification. You can also contact them via email or phone. Their additional features include practice questions, video assets, study plans, a mobile app, CAT, and more.


Pros Cons
  1. 24/7 access to their Kaplan NCLEX channel
  2. Written material is helpful and to-the-point
  3. Helpful live classes that offer comprehensive coverage
  4. Realistic full-length exams and practice questions
  5. Engaging video lessons that provide excellent testing insights
  6. Question analysis training helps you break down and understand the questions before solving them.
  7. Good mobile app for on-the-go learning
  8. Diagnostic tests to know your strengths and weaknesses
  9. Pass Guarantee


  1. Accompanying explanations in the practice questions are average.
  2. Costlier than UWorld



Is NCLEX easier than Kaplan?

Yes, NCLEX is easier than Kaplan.


Kaplan’s questions are trickier and partly different than the actual NCLEX exam. However, students say that it has a better and more comprehensive review, which makes them better prepared for the examination.


What is the NCLEX pass rate?

The pass rate for NCLEX from AND programs was seventy-nine percent, and for BSN programs was eighty-six percent. Overall, the average pass rate for diploma programs, AND, and BSN in America was 82.4 percent.


What percentage should you get on Kaplan to pass NCLEX?

For a 100% probability of passing the NCLEX examination, you must score at least eighty-four in the Kaplan diagnostic test.



Is Kaplan or UWorld Better for NCLEX?

Now let us compare Kaplan and Uworld on various parameters to establish which of the two stands out.


A. Pricing

Uworld is cheaper than Kaplan, but Kaplan gives you a better bang for your buck.


In the first instance, it might seem that Uworld wins in this category with their pocket-friendly Qbanks. However, as we dig deeper and examine them more carefully, we feel that Kaplan stands out.


Yes, they are relatively costlier than UWorld but offer access to optional live sessions, hardcopy books, video lessons, and other supplementary resources that UWorld does not.


Thus, for only a few 100 dollars, you get a better value with Kaplan. Also, if we compare Kaplan vs UWorld NCLEX Qbanks head-to-head, Kaplan has an edge as it offers 2100 questions at only $99.


B. Trial

Sadly, UWorld does not provide a free trial for their products, but Kaplan has a free trial.


With Uworld, you do not get any trial on any of their products, but they provide a demo on their product pages that contain a product sample interface and some questions. On the contrary, Kaplan has a free trial wherein you can access fifty questions for NCLEX.


C. Refund and Guarantee

It is a clear win for Kaplan because UWorld has no money-back guarantee.


Kaplan has a money-back guarantee if you do not clear your NCLEX exam on the first attempt. But it is imperative to take the test within six months of graduation.


So, if you do not clear the test within this window, you can get a 100% refund or additional three months of enrolment. However, UWorld does not have such assurance, which can be a bummer for many.


D. Practice Questions

UWorld has an edge because it mimics the actual NCLEX exam better, even when it has one lesser practice test than Kaplan.


The quality and number of practice questions is also vital parameter when comparing Kaplan vs UWorld for NCLEX, as the practice questions can impact the student’s likelihood of success in the NCLEX.


With Kaplan, you get 2100 practice questions that mimic the actual examination. In addition, they also provide three full-length practice exams that all resemble the actual NCLEX examination. Kaplan employs computer-adaptive technology in their practice examinations.


Hence, they make you so well-prepared that you are confident when you appear for the actual NCLEX exam. In addition, Kaplan is an excellent pick if you start preparing for the NCLEX examination three months before the test day.


So, with their vast Qbank and computer-adaptive tests, you can answer seventy questions per day, so you are well-versed by the time the day of the examination comes near.


UWorld also has over 2100 practice questions. They offer two sets of 100-item self-assessment tests to monitor your readiness for the exam. Even though they do not claim to have computer-adaptive technology, the comprehensiveness and relatability of their practice questions are excellent.


The company not only offers a vast number of practice questions but also has several challenging questions. Their questions assess your critical-thinking ability and have similar difficulty levels as the actual examination. Thus, the confidence it offers is unprecedented. So, is UWorld better than Kaplan? In this aspect, UWorld stands higher.


E. Test-taking Strategies

You will like Kaplan better if you wish to amplify your test-taking strategies. The company does not disappoint and makes you test-ready via its excellent decision tree methodology. 


Kaplan specializes in teaching you how to interpret and handle different questions from the NCLEX examination via its decision tree strategy.


On the contrary, UWorld does not have any specialized technique to guide you in improving your answering capability. Their detailed rationales and in-depth examination are superior features, but they do not help you better your test-taking abilities.


They have an excellent compilation of practice questions with the right difficulty level, but they do not emphasize the test-taking tips and strategies.


F. Course Access Duration

It is a tie if you shop for the premier package from UWorld that offers access to all of their features, but if you go with any lesser package, Kaplan will be the winner.


Kaplan has a standard six-month access window to get well-acquainted with the NCLEX material. On the contrary, UWorld offers different packages with varying access windows from 30-180 days.


G. Kaplan vs UWorld NCLEX Customer Support

Kaplan has better support than UWorld because of the variety of platforms it offers to contact the company.


Sadly, nothing else matters if the company does not have good support. Kaplan offers three contact options for its users. You can reach them via chat, hotline, or email.


They also have FAQs on the contact page wherein you will find answers to some of the most common queries. Their social media platform is also beneficial. You can contact them via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


On the contrary, Uworld is solely accessible via email. But you can find the FAQ section where you can find answers to most of your queries. UWorld is also reachable via its social media platforms, but they do not actively use them for communication.


H. Mobile App

They both have intuitive apps that let you study on the go.


There’s no competition here. Both Kaplan and UWorld are equally good with their mobile apps. They are available for iOS and Android and help you learn on the go.


I. Ease of Use – Is Uworld or Kaplan Better for NCLEX?

UWorld has a more intuitive design.


Both Kaplan and UWorld do a fantastic job in navigation and user interface, but UWorld has a cleaner and more intuitive layout. However, their navigability and aesthetics are equally good. The two also have faster responses and load times.


J. Special Features

Kaplan takes the lead. Their nursing channel has all the video lessons that will give you your money’s worth. In addition, their e-book and content review guide is also helpful. UWorld’s flashcards and customizable exams are also good, but they are not as beneficial and comprehensive as you get with Kaplan.


Kaplan offers access to video lessons that cover over 300 crucial nursing topics. In addition, you also get a 500-page e-book and content review guide as additional resources. On the other hand, UWorld offers customizable flashcards and examinations for quick review.


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Final Verdict – UWorld vs Kaplan NCLEX – Which One To Choose?

Amidst these two NCLEX course providers, Kaplan is a clear winner. It has everything you need to ace your NCLEX examination. Its comprehensiveness and impressive test-taking strategies make it the industry’s most likable option.


Though relatively costlier, its high price is offset by its various value-added features, such as the option to seek assistance from nurse educators anytime you have doubts about any topic.


However, Kaplan’s absence of a progress tracker and in-depth explanations is understandable because you have real-time nurse educators who can help you achieve both. They can explain tricky concepts and keep you mindful of your progress. But when it comes to quality, they are both close as each has its own forte.


Opt for Kaplan course if:


  1. You can spare three or more than three months to prepare for NCLEX.
  2. You desire to hone your test-taking skills and learn the strategies to handle all kinds of questions.


Opt for UWorld if:


  1. You have lesser time to prepare for the exam.
  2. You wish to get well-versed with the practice questions you will find in examinations.


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