Master The Kitchen Online: Top 10 Cooking Classes for All Levels

Best Cooking Lessons Online
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Ever dreamed of whipping up restaurant-worthy meals in your kitchen? Ditch the takeout menus and unlock your culinary potential with the exciting world of online cooking classes!

Whether you’re a complete beginner chopping your first onion or a seasoned home cook looking to refine your skills, there’s a virtual class out there waiting to ignite your passion.

This guide features our top 10 picks for online cooking classes, catering to every experience level and dietary preference. Dive into the secrets of French pastry with a renowned chef, master the art of knife skills with a pro instructor, or explore the vibrant flavors of Thai cuisine from the comfort of your home.

We’ll cover everything from free beginner-friendly tutorials to comprehensive certificate programs, ensuring you find the perfect fit to elevate your culinary journey.

So, grab your apron, fire up your laptop, and get ready to embark on a delicious adventure! Let’s explore the exciting world of online cooking classes and help you transform from a kitchen novice to a confident chef.

Top 10 Courses to Learn Cooking Like A Pro

  1. Essential Cooking Skills [Udemy]
  2. More Essential Cooking Skills [Udemy]
  3. Healthy Cooking Fundamentals [Udemy]
  4. Thai Cooking Master Class [Udemy]
  5. Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes at Home [MasterClass]
  6. Cooking Classes by [Skillshare]
  7. Online Cooking Training Courses by [FutureLearn]
  8. Online Cooking & Baking Course [Shaw Academy]
  9. Cooking courses offered by [America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School]
  10. Online Cooking Classes by [Sur la Table]


10 Best Online Cooking Courses with Certificates for 2022

1. Essential Cooking Skills [Udemy]

Essential Cooking Skills


A lot goes into preparing a dish successfully, including high-quality ingredients, creative plating, flavor combinations, and most importantly, correct preparation techniques.


However, we are often so consumed with ‘what’ to cook that we do not pay enough attention to ‘how’ to prepare a great meal. If this is the case with you, this course is just what you need.


The instructor discusses several techniques that every cook, no matter their level of expertise, must be aware of.


With a combination of useful information and practical demonstrations, this online cooking course will teach you all you need to know about cooking to international standards. This program is the first in a series of courses released by the instructor.

Rating 4.7 based on 2719+ ratings
Return or refund policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Duration 1.5 hours of on-demand video
Enrolled 13, 142 students
Instructor Viorel Copolovici
Cons The duration of this cooking training online could have been longer.


Learning Outcomes

In these best online cooking classes, you will be learning:

  • Effective cooking techniques that you can use to make a variety of dishes.
  • A better understanding of the ‘how’ of cooking before you begin thinking ‘what’ to cook.
  • The basics of cooking according to international standards.
  • In these cooking lessons online, you will also learn about basic cooking skills like blanching, chopping, butchering a chicken, and more.



All you require to sign up for these classes is a passion for cooking and a willingness to acquire effective technical skills that are required in the kitchen.


Who should take this course?

This online cooking course is for:

  • Newbie cooks entering the world of cooking.
  • Young professional cooks who want to begin their journey with a solid foundation.



2.  More Essential Cooking Skills [Udemy]

More Essential Cooking Skills


Once you’ve decided to take up cooking, you may find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the recipes, suggestions, and information coming your way.


This series of best online cooking classes offered by instructor Viorel Copolovici is here to put all your worries at ease and help you learn the most important cooking skills and techniques.


This course is the second in the series. The second lecture of this cooking training course with certification is a written document that contains measurements and general guidelines for the program.


Rating 4.8 based on 384+ratings
Return or refund policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Duration 2 hours of video cooking lessons online
Enrolled 3, 053 students
Instructor Viorel Copolovici
Cons The information in this cooking training online may seem very basic in places


Learning Outcomes

In this online cooking course, you will learn:

  • More advanced cooking techniques can be used for making a variety of dishes.
  • More about the ‘how’ of cooking.
  • Everything you need to know to ensure your cooking meets international standards.
  • Skills like cooking rack of lamb, duck breast, beef fillet, creamy omelet, and more.



To enroll in this cooking training online, you need a passion for cooking and a willingness to learn.


Who should take this course?

These online cooking classes are suitable for amateur cooks as well as young professionals.



3.  Healthy Cooking Fundamentals [Udemy]

Healthy Cooking Fundamentals


This cooking course has been designed to help you level up your cooking ability and make cooking a stress-free experience.


A seasoned chef, Nic DeMuth, will teach you essential skills that most home cooks don’t know about. Elevate your kitchen prowess with useful tips and necessary skills while cooking a delicious cashew curry along with Chef Nic.


As your final test, you will be creating the meal yourself by using all the techniques you learned during the course.


This best online cooking course comes with bonus material – a mini-series to help you learn about must-have kitchen tools and equipment.

Rating 4.4 based on 1918+ ratings
Return or refund policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Duration 1.5 hours of on-demand video
Enrolled 20, 267 students
Instructor Chef Nic DeMuth
Cons The course could add a few basic veg recipes along with useful day-to-day tips.


Learning Outcomes

In these online cooking classes, you will:

  • Read a recipe to make cooking simpler.
  • Learn how to protect your food from disease and bacteria.
  • Save precious time and bring down your stress level by preparing the ingredients before you start to cook.
  • Be safe and confident while using a knife.,
  • Know how to keep your knife sharp.
  • Effective chef skills to make your cooking the most flavorful.
  • Learn deglazing techniques to prevent burnt food.
  • Learn how to plate, garnish, and present a dish in this online cooking course with a certificate.
  • Use these skills to make a simple yet delicious curry.


Well, if you wish to preserve your fond memories of the first time you tried your hands on a recipe, here are some of the best food photography courses. These can help you click drool-worthy pictures of your food.



For these cooking lessons online, you require:

  • Slicing, dicing, and other basic knife skills.
  • How to boil a pot of water.
  • Basic cooking equipment including large saucepan, stovetop, chopping board, chef knife, wooden spoon, and stovetop.


Who should take this course?

This online cooking course is for:

  • Home cooks who want to improve their skills.
  • This course is not meant for professional or advanced chefs.



4.  Thai Cooking Master Class [Udemy]

Thai Cooking Master Class


Learn how to make authentic, restaurant-like Thai food at home with these online cooking classes offered by The course covers several staple Thai dishes and teaches you a few basic aspects of the rich Thai culture.


Each recipe in the course is divided into small sections to help you understand which ingredients to use and how to prep them, cook to perfection, and plate your dish creatively.

Rating 4.7 based on 450+ ratings
Return or refund policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Duration 4  hours of on-demand video
Enrolled 3, 149 students
Instructor Chef Nic DeMuth
Cons Learners looking for just the recipe might not be interested in the background story.


Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn:

  • How to cook amazing Thai food at home that tastes better than restaurants.
  • Learn how to make Thai stir fry, Thai soup, Thai curry, and Thai noodles.



You do not need any prior experience or knowledge for these online cooking classes.


Who should take this course?

This online cooking course with a certificate is perfect for home cooks who want to hone their cooking skills.



5. Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes at Home [MasterClass]

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes at Home


No ‘top chefs’ list is complete without mentioning the name of Gordon Ramsay. If you want to learn how to create a rich dining experience at home, this is the right course for you.


In his second MasterClass, Chef Ramsay teaches you how to prep, plate, and pair recipes for an exquisite, restaurant-like experience at home. The class consists of 15 video cooking lessons online covering 13 dishes.

Return or refund policy 30-days -money-back guarantee
Paid Yes, students need to sign up for MasterClass Membership.
Duration 4 hours 14 minutes approx
Instructor Gordon Ramsay
Cons Only an annual billing option is available.


Learning Outcomes

In these online cooking classes, you will learn:

  • How the restaurant-inspired recipes in this course can improve your at-home dining experience.
  • Learn how to make red wine-poached eggs, Asparagus and Mushrooms. Understand the right way to saute and puree to prepare this dish and how to prep poach eggs and vegetables beforehand.
  • How to cook Duck with Red Endive and Spinach.
  • How to prepare Pomme Puree.
  • To make Cauliflower Steak.
  • How to prepare Rack of Lamb with Thumbelina Carrots.
  • How to Make Roasted Aubergine with Basil and Feta.
  • To prepare Grilled Baby Leeks, Miso Broth and Caviar Vinaigrette, Szechuan Roasted Whole Chicken, Hoisin chicken, and Chef Ramsay’s special version of chicken noodle soup!
  • How to prepare Sesame Crusted Tuna and how to cook with whole fish (branzino).
  • How to bake the perfect Raspberry souffle.



6.  Online Cooking Classes [Skillshare]

Online Cooking Classes


Skillshare is the go-to source for most online learning enthusiasts and when it comes to cooking, this platform certainly doesn’t disappoint.


From international cuisine and baking to diet food and desserts, Skillshare offers dozens of specialized cooking classes.


While some of these cooking lessons online are more generic and deal with basic cooking skills, others cover specific dishes that are popular among foodies. No matter what your preferences are, you are sure to find a course to meet your requirements.


To make it easier for you, we have listed down the 5 best online cooking classes you can consider opting for on this platform.



7. Online Cooking Courses by FutureLearn


Another platform offering training in cooking is FutureLearn. These classes have been designed to make it easier for you to improve your cooking skills and understand why cooking is important.


Here you will find cooking lessons online that can help you learn new skills, specialize your kitchen skills, advance your cooking career, and pursue baking or cooking as a hobby, among other things.


You can either opt for a specific short course or an Expert Track, which is a series of specialized cooking classes designed to help you master a skill. The platform offers a seven-day trial, after which you will have to subscribe to continue learning.


Here are a few best online cooking classes you can opt for on FutureLearn:



8.  Online Cooking & Baking Course [Shaw Academy]

Online Cooking & Baking Course


This online cooking course offered by Shaw Academy can help you become a confident cook! The course offers the theoretical as well as practical knowledge you need to thrive in the culinary world.


It is suitable for all levels and offers a globally recognized certification once you complete the program successfully.


The best part is, that this cooking training online allows you to learn at your own pace and test your knowledge through assessments. Moreover, the live educator chat support feature allows students to put up their questions and queries while taking up these online cooking classes.

Level All level
Certification Yes
Paid Free {limited period offer}
Duration 4 week approx.
Enrolled 65, 866 students


Learning Outcomes

This online cooking course with a certificate can help you:

  • Become competent in using various knives, and knife skills.
  • Learn how to read recipes the right way.
  • Learn how to weigh ingredients the right way and use them to make amazing dishes.
  • Understand the most suitable cuts to use for specific applications or recipes.
  • Learn various cuts of vegetables and meat.
  • Understand various cooking and baking procedures, methods, and principles.
  • Practical skills required to start a career in a commercial hospitality kitchen, bakery, catering company, etc.



These classes are meant for all levels and you don’t need any prerequisites for signing up.


Who should take this course?

This online cooking course is for anyone willing to learn more about cooking and baking.



9.  Cooking courses offered by America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School

Cooking courses offered by America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School


This online cooking school offers more than 320 different online cooking classes that can help in improving your cooking skills.


These classes have been carefully designed by a panel of experts who use an instructional approach to teach you the hows and whys behind innovative cooking techniques as well as classic recipes.


From cooking skills to popular recipes, these programs cover all this and much more. Moreover, new cooking lessons online are added quite frequently on the platform.


As a member, you can enjoy unlimited access to all the courses. You can also choose to work on your own or seek to learn one-on-one with an instructor. Engage in exercises and quizzes to assess your skills, track your progress by adding your notes, and share what you make with other learners in the gallery.


Start your 2-week free trial right away and get a step closer to your goal of becoming an expert cook!


Here are a few best online cooking classes offered by America’s Test Kitchen.



10.  Cooking Classes by Sur La Table

Cooking Classes by Sur La Table


Boost your cooking expertise and confidence by learning more about essential techniques and classic cuisines with live cooking lessons online offered by Sur La Table.


These robust, multi-session courses offered by expert chefs can help you become a seasoned chef from the comfort of your kitchen. These classes cover this and more: holiday favorites, global flavors, seasonal favorites, and desserts.



These classes offer the following benefits:

  • Learn from expert chefs who also have significant experience in teaching cooking.
  • The classes are usually between 90 to 120 minutes long Zoom sessions. They are live and fully interactive, which means you can ask questions and put across your doubts in real time.
  • Take the classes individually or learn together with your family at the same price.
  • Step-by-step demonstration of the cooking process.
  • Effective tips to help you improve your cooking expertise.
  • Be prepared for the class by downloading a prep packet and a shopping list before you begin.
  • You can opt for the entire series or take a particular class of your liking.
  • You’ll have a delicious meal to enjoy by the end of every class.
  • Small class sizes to ensure personal attention.
  • Suitably the best online cooking classes for beginners as well as experienced home chefs.


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Becoming an expert cook requires you to acquire several skills that come in handy while working in the kitchen.


The best online cooking course will not only help you master these skills, but it will also teach you how to prepare new cuisine while giving you expert tips to save time and energy.


Whether cooking is your hobby or you are planning to take it up professionally, invest in yourself and enroll in one of these cooking lessons online right away!

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