Musical Licensing: What Is It and Courses To Learn It?

Top Musical Licensing Courses Online

For any musician, content creator, or those creating podcasts, understanding music licensing is crucial to ensure you aren’t breaking any laws and know your rights.


Streaming services and music libraries can provide music, and as a musician, you should know how to submit your work to these services for fair compensation. As a producer or content creator wanting to use such music, you must understand what channels you need to go through to properly obtain and use the music.


Are you unsure or don’t know the ins and outs of licensing when it comes to music and wonder where you can learn the information necessary to ensure that you’re adhering to music licensing guidelines?


Independent artists can benefit significantly from music licensing to promote and gain royalties for their original work.


The most convenient way to learn about music licensing is through courses online. But, with numerous courses available to choose from how do you know which one(s) is the best?


Here we have done the research and found the top musical licensing courses that can help you to learn more about the subject. Hence, you will feel confident about your next project or how to effectively license your music for distribution.


Musical Licensing – What is It?

Music licensing ensures that owners of a copyright on a piece of music, sound effect, or entire song are appropriately compensated for using their original work. Music publishers, composers, and record labels require specific licenses for anyone who wants to use the music in any capacity.


An artist is the copyright holder of their music or sound, and they can grant permission for someone else to use their music publicly. In return, the artist receives payment, either in a flat fee or recurring payment, depending on the terms of use.


Music Use

When creatives, such as those with their own YouTube channel with videos, use background music, they should possess a music license. Separate licenses are necessary, depending on how a person plans to use the artist’s work.


For example, those needing music licensing for podcasts can go through a music licensing service or Performing Rights Organization (PRO) to get a license for continued use. Musicians with copyrighted works have the right to file lawsuits against anyone using their original music without permission.


This is just a quick overview of licensing. It doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the details that go into the different types of licenses available or how it all works. So, as a creative or musician, you should educate yourself on all aspects of musical licensing and ensure that you’re prepared to negotiate the terms of your own contracts.


The Top Online Musical Licensing Courses

There is a lot that you must know when it comes to licensing music properly. For instance, a license must be obtained each time a recording composition is played publicly, such as for a broadcast. These terms can be negotiated within the agreement so that a blanket license covers the use of a song if needed more than once.


Understanding the fundamentals and necessary steps to take when you want to distribute your own music for licensing or use a piece of music within your content is vital. Here are the best musical licensing courses that help you develop a working knowledge of what needs to be done.


Udemy’s Music Licensing Course

Udemy has a course learning about all the basics of music licensing. You will gain information on how music licensing works and what you can do to get your music featured in areas like television and film.


The course covers music publishing and how you can pitch your songs and instrumentals to music supervisors or creatives who can use your original work within their projects.


This course targets musicians and independent artists who already have a working background in writing songs and composing music. It’s geared to help them understand the benefits and profit generated by taking a journey into music licensing.


Berklee’s Music Licensing Undergrad Course

Berklee, a well-known music school, has an excellent course about music licensing. It does require a prerequisite course: Music Business Trends and Strategies.


Paying for both courses can be pretty expensive, so consider how much you want to invest before jumping into it. You may also be able to qualify for financial aid when taking a legitimate collegiate course, so it’s worth filling out the application.


However, it covers everything regarding musical licensing for artists, musicians, content creators, producers, and more. The course is created for those who want to own or manage music copyrights and master recordings. You learn comprehension surrounding music licensing terms and methodologies, permitting history, and how to apply your own innovation.


The course can help musicians understand their rights when it comes to distribution, as well as those who wish to license music for projects. There’s a whole part of the curriculum dedicated to licensing internationally, as well as going over all of the challenges when it comes to musical licensing.


An essential part of licensing for independent artists is registering your master recording(s), which is covered so that you’re sure to receive proper compensation for original work.


They encourage you to create your own action plan for licensing and utilize assets to network with music supervisors, managers, and advertising creatives. You can realize how to create your own licensing plan as a musician or a creative so you can generate revenue.


Skillshare Online Music Licensing Courses

One of the top places for online learning, Skillshare is an excellent platform, and you can get free access to any of its courses for an entire month when you sign up.


They have multiple classes that cover music licensing, from what producers need to know, how to get your music featured, and how to master and mix your recordings.


They also have more specific courses, such as Music Licensing for Films and A Musician’s Guide to Publishing and Performing Rights. Anyone wondering how to get music within their project or license their music to make money can get an overview and step-by-step guidelines for understanding licensing.


Courses are taught by different people with extensive knowledge across the music industry. The system for getting your music featured offers the creative strategy behind the music you hear in popular ads and movies, so you get insider’s secrets.


The School of Music – Music Publishing, Sync & Licensing Course

Another excellent option for online musical licensing knowledge is The School of Music. Their Music Publishing, Sync & Licensing course offers an in-depth look at a music industry leader.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a musician, publisher, agent, or another type of creator. You gain a comprehensive understanding of all aspects surrounding music publishing.


You will feel confident in acknowledging your music’s and others’ rights. The course covers the exploitation of original works and how contracts and agreements for licensing work. You’ll understand all the legal jargon and agreement terms to ensure that you’re appropriately compensated or represented.


The tutor, James Cooper, is an advertising guru and Head of Sync with Sony/ATV. He is a well-known music supervisor and publishing consultant, having represented songs from writers including Taylor Swift and Beyonce.


Master Music Licensing: The Complete Master Music Licensing Course

If you want to learn the entire framework surrounding music licensing, you must check out the Master Music Licensing online course. Within this course of study, you will learn all of the following for musical licensing in a 4-step process:

  • How to master and mix recordings so that you’re sure they will be ready for sync licensing and embed with metadata, so you’re seen as a genuine artist in the business.
  • How to connect and network with music supervisors, film producers, and many other creatives who are looking for your music for their projects.
  • How to completely understand licensing deals and negotiate sync contract terms so you’re adequately compensated and given due rights.


You’ll also see how generating song placements is easier than you think. And, you’ll understand how you can create high success with only a few songs as a beginner in music licensing.


Many new films, television shows, and commercial ads are being made daily. If you are an independent artist and want to license your music to earn income, there is a high likelihood that you can be featured if you know how to promote and distribute your music the right way.


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Musical Licensing Knowledge for Your Success

Whether you want your music heard or featured in a new film or television show, the idea behind understanding licensing is ensuring that you know your rights.


You should be equipped with the knowledge so that you don’t have to worry about lawsuits, copyright infringement, or any other type of violation when licensing music.


Original published musical works are under copyright and deserve to be fairly traded for a recurring royalty stream and aid you in financial security.


It’s beneficial to take an online course as a music producer, music supervisor, or other creative who wants to license music for their projects. With all the courses mentioned above, you should have no trouble finding the best one to provide you with the right learning content.


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