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SAP HANA Courses
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SAP S/4HANA is SAP’s ERP suite redesigned on the SAP HANA platform. Almost every SAP consultant has heard of HANA or S/4HANA and provides sap Hana training. However, hearing about something does not necessarily equal knowing about it.


There is a lot of marketing jargon that goes behind it. Hence, it is not easy for someone to firmly put the finger on what really HANA or S/4HANA is. Is it a database? An ERP? A Data Warehouse? An IoT?


What was the need for SAP to come up with a memory-based, columnar database, HANA? What led to the need for SAP to attempt to re-introduce the SAP ERP suite on the SAP HANA database as SAP S/4 HANA? Why are more transactions written in Fiori over ABAP?


All of these are pretty important questions, and to thoroughly understand SAP HANA, you deserve answers to these questions. If that’s what you seek, you must enroll in one of the best SAP HANA online training. The internet is full of courses for SAP HANA. So, how do you decide on which is the right course for you?


Well, we have the solution for you. We did our intensive research and found some of the best SAP HANA courses. But how did we pick these courses over the many courses on the internet? Well, we have a detailed process for the same.


Firstly, our team handpicked the twenty best SAP HANA training programs on the internet. These courses to learn SAP HANA were picked based on four disciplines:


  1. What you acquire or yield from the course – the resources you get, risk-free learning, the study material, lectures, videos, exercises, practice papers, and alike.
  2. Experience of the instructor and their academic knowledge
  3. The fee that you pay – we attempt to pick the courses that give you time value and money value.
  4. Ratings and reviews on the course from the students who have taken this course in the past


After the selection of these twenty SAP HANA training programs, we presented them to the finest HANA experts from across the world. They further deeply analyzed the courses, which mutually brought us to the below-listed top courses for SAP HANA.


Now, let us get started and address them one by one.


Best Courses To Learn SAP HANA Online

  1. SAP S/4HANA Training – in Plain English – [Udemy]
  2. SAP HANA Implementation, Modeling and Reporting Course – [Udemy]
  3. SAP HANA Installation, Operation and Administration – [Udemy]
  • Some Bonus SAP HANA Online Courses
    1. SAP HANA – [SAP]
    2. SAP HANA Tutorial – [Tutorials Point]


    Best SAP HANA Courses Online (Free + Paid)

    1. SAP S/4HANA Training – in Plain English – [Udemy]

    SAP S/4HANA Training - in Plain English
    Ranked at the top of our list for the best SAP HANA online courses is this Udemy course. It is a bestselling course. Moreover, it is one of the comprehensive courses. So, if you aspire to know all about the subject, it is indeed the right course for you.


    Rating 4.4
    Enrolled 23,000+ students
    Return or refund policy You have two options:

    • You can buy the course, which comes with a 30-day refund policy.
    • Buy a subscription, which gets you this course plus top-rated picks in the same Web Development domain as well as other popular topics. In this, you will get a 7-day trial. After which, you can end your monthly subscription, but there is no refund.
    Instructor Siva Prasad
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Duration 7 hours on-demand video
    Cons People without former HANA knowledge will find this course difficult


    What will you learn?

    There are a couple of things you will learn in this SAP HANA classes. These include:

    • Knowledge of what SAP HANA is
    • Understanding of the design philosophy of SAP S/4HANA
    • Understanding of the future of SAP S/4HANA


    What do you need?

    To take this SAP HANA training you need a certain level of experience in SAP. Either functional or technical knowledge will help.


    Who should take this course?

    Anyone who aspires to learn SAP HANA will benefit from it. But, this is the best SAP HANA online training for technical or functional consultants.

    Review Swarbhanu Majumder:

    Siva is my favorite SAP instructor. Previously I have learnt SAP SD and MM from his courses and now S4 HANA. His methods and structure of teaching are amazing.



    2. SAP HANA Implementation, Modeling and Reporting Course – [Udemy]

    SAP HANA Implementation, Modeling and Reporting Course
    Ranked second on our list is this bestselling Udemy course for SAP HANA.
    We think of it as one of the best ways to learn SAP HANA online because your instructor for the course employs the most immersive and expressive teaching with learning tools and makes this one of the top SAP HANA courses.


    Throughout the course, you will find several purposeful and small videos packed with exquisitely designed information for a self-paced audience. In addition, you get over two hundred professionally authored lectures.


    A good thing about this SAP HANA training is that it goes beyond theoretical learning. There is an array of practice questions, quizzes, and more to affirm your knowledge in the course.


    Rating 4.5
    Enrolled 19,430+ students
    Duration 19 hours on-demand video
    Certificate Yes
    Paid Yes
    Instructor Junaid Ahmed
    Return or refund policy You have two options:

    • You can purchase the course, which comes with a 30-day refund policy.
    • Buy a subscription, which gets you this course plus top-rated picks in Web Development and other popular topics. In this, you will get a 7-day trial. After which, you can end your monthly subscription, but there is no refund.
    Cons The course should have been more detailed. Also, some information in the course seems outdated.


    What will you learn?

    These SAP HANA classes teach you multiple things. Some of them are:

    • Use case of SAP HANA
    • Solid understanding and practical knowledge of both SAP HANA 1. x and 2. x.
    • Knowledge on how to build granular and coarse security
    • Ability to build an end-to-end scenario on SAP HANA, including data provisioning, modeling, and reporting.
    • Employing the advanced features related to SAP HANA databases, such as SDA, HDI, and SDI
    • Learning the right way to implement change management with GIT
    • Ability to fetch data from different SAP or non SAP sources with SDA, BODS, File import, DXC, and other methods
    • Understanding the concepts, modeling levels, and the best practices
    • Knowledge of the right way to improve model performance with performance tuning methods
    • Getting introduced to the BOBJ business intelligence and creating reports with tools like IDT, Lumira, and others.
    • Creating your personalized SAP HANA® Instance on your Local System
    • Designing SAP HANA® Models for Purchase Insights
    • Learning about data security
    • Understanding model operating and version control with Git


    What do you need?

    There are some prerequisites to take this SAP HANA online training, such as prior knowledge of SAP ERP, Reporting, Modeling, and Data Bases. These are not mandatory prerequisites but will surely help you during the course.


    Who should take this course?

    This is one of the best SAP HANA courses for students, functional team members, architects, developers, and consultants.

    Review Soundarya Singh:

    Very nice, interesting and clear explanation of concepts. Thank you.



    3. SAP HANA Installation, Operation and Administration – [Udemy]

    SAP HANA Installation, Operation and Administration
    Third on our list of SAP HANA online courses is again an Udemy course. SAP HANA is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary products seen in the history of SAP. It has helped an array of companies solve data, overcome challenges, report latency, and unleash their potential with a real-time platform.


    In this one of the top-recommended SAP HANA courses, you will learn it all by employing things in real-time. In addition, there will be several practice exercises and quizzes to solidify the knowledge you have acquired.


    This is an exciting pick to learn SAP HANA because the instructor uses quite immersive and expressive teaching demonstrations and learning tools across the course. In this SAP HANA training, you will find an array of small and purposeful videos equipped with information that is designed exquisitely for a self-paced audience.


    Rating 4.3
    Enrolled 5,937 students
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Certification Yes
    Paid Yes
    Duration 6.5 hours on-demand video
    Instructor Junaid Ahmed
    Cons Instructor support and video quality could have been better


    What will you learn?

    There is an array of things you will learn with this SAP HANA online training. These include:

    • Setting up a HANA Environment
    • Installation of SAN HANA in several configurations and modes
    • Configuring SAP HANA DB post installation
    • Administering and operating SAP HANA Landscape
    • Setting up end to end security
    • Operation and administration of SAP HANA landscape
    • Recovery of the SAP HANA DB
    • Backup of the SAB HANA DB
    • Understanding of disaster recovery
    • Knowledge of high availability


    What do you need?

    All you need to take this SAP HANA training is some basic info about SAP HANA, System Administration, and Linux.


    Who should take this course?

    This is one of the best SAP HANA courses for architects, system admins, and anyone who aspires to operate and install SAP HANA.


    Review Vasala srikavya:

    The course is a good match for me. According to my experience, if there were subtitles then it would have been more effective and easy to understand.



    Bonus SAP HANA Online Courses

    1. SAP HANA – [SAP]

    There is no more authentic way to learn SAP HANA than by enrolling in the course offered by SAP’s professional and IT experts itself. On the online platform of SAP, you can find a selection of courses.


    You can browse through the different SAP courses on their platform and pick one that best fits your needs, experience, and skillsets.



    2. SAP HANA Tutorial – [Tutorials Point]

    SAP HANA Tutorial
    Now, we have arrived at the last SAP HANA training on our list. This is one of the top platforms to train in SAP HANA and has a lot for you to learn. In this course you will equip yourself with SAP HANA Reporting, Modeling, and SAP HANA SQL fundamentals.


    Every section included in this training program has multiple sub-sections, which have related information with screenshots that deeply explain the SAP HANA Database installations.


    What will you learn?

    Once you are through with this SAP HANA training, you will achieve a moderate level of expertise in SAP HANA. In this course, you will be studying the operation, administration, modeling, and implantation with SAP HANA.


    What do you need?

    Before you enroll in this course, there are some small prerequisites. More so, it would help if you were well-versed with fundamental database concepts. Further, since SAP HANA is a relational database, a little familiarity with SQL will also prove helpful for these SAP HANA classes. 


    In case you do not have prior knowledge, we would advise you to familiarize yourself with the same before enrolling in this course.


    Who should take this course?

    The SAP HANA training is meant for anyone with basic SQL knowledge.


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    So, these are the five best SAP HANA online training programs. Our sincere attempt has been to include all the information about these courses to learn SAP HANA in this guide.


    However, we would urge you to browse through the course platforms before you make a decision. There are few small aspects, such as the fee for the course, instructor bio, enrolment date, reviews on the course, and alike, which is mostly variable. But these are all vital aspects for making your decision.


    So, read through it before deciding on anything. However, be rest assured. Regardless of the SAP HANA training course you pick, you will not regret your decision. So, go ahead, and take your pick.


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    Happy Upskilling!

    Best SAP HANA Courses is rated 4.7 and reviewed by 12SAP HANA Experts & 35+ SAP HANA Classes Students
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