Senior/Junior Graphic Design Interview Questions and Answers

Graphic designing interview questions and answers

So you recently graduated with a degree in graphic design, created a perfect resume, and landed an interview with a top agency of your choice. What now? Now is the time to be well-acquainted with the top interview questions and present your skills to improve your employment probability.


Be it a recent graduate, an experienced designer, an online interview, or an offline one – we all want a job of our choice. So, please do everything to be prepared for an interview. When you prepare well for an interview, it gives you the confidence to showcase the best version of yourself to the potential employer.


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In addition, your preparation for the interview decides whether or not you will land this offer. Interview preparation can feel nerve-wracking at times. To help you with the process, we have put together a few of the top questions that hiring managers ask candidates and some responses to impress.


So, now, let us look at some of the top junior and senior graphic designer interview questions and answers.


50+ Key Graphic Design Interview Questions with Sample Answers

Ques 1. Why graphic designing?

Ans. It is one of our favorite graphic designer job interview questions and answers. The question’s objective is to know whether you have the creative passion and zeal to take up the job. Also, the interviewer aspires to know what pushed you into this field.


Tip – In these graphic designing interview questions and answers, you can talk about your educational background, prior experiences in designing, and the skills you have that make you a better candidate.


Sample Answer

These are regular junior graphic design interview questions and answers. You can frame your reply as:


I have studied graphic design and acquired a bachelor’s degree from XYZ college. Then, I even went on to pursue a diploma course. So, I have always been clear about my professional choices. Also, I want to be a successful graphic designer because this field is something that I resonate with.


It gives me a creative outlet and matches my zeal, skill, and talent. I was always creative as I enjoyed doodling, painting, and drawing. So, by taking up a job in the field, I am converting my interests, hobby, and passion into a lifelong career. And I do not see any better way to live than doing something I have always been passionate about.


Ques 2. Tell me something about yourself!

Ans. It is one of the most common graphic artist interview questions and answers. It is not a question you will solely find in a graphic design interview. You go for any job interview, and it will be a common question.


So, please give a small brief of your professional background. Further, add information about the experience and education you hold. You can also give away some significant aspects of your career. Please do not discuss details as it will be one of the preliminary questions.


Tip – Here, it can be a good idea to share your business card with potential employers. It will show your professionalism. Also, rehearse and memorize everything you have to say by heart. It offers an added boost for the subsequent graphic designer technical interview questions and answers.


Sample Answer

In the coming December, I will complete five years of my journey as a graphic designer. Your experience in the industry forms a vital aspect of such web graphic designer interview questions answers.


Not so long ago, I worked with an eCommerce company. I designed the press kit, packaging, and the logo for them. It was more of a branding-centric project that required immense attention to detail. The project demanded I achieve a balance between retaining the brand’s original initiative and then updating it for the existing market.


As a designer, I enjoy working in the eCommerce sector because no two projects I have worked on have been the same. Anytime I experience new challenges, it gets easier for me to motivate myself to adapt to them.


Ques 3. Why did you apply for a job with us?

Ans. Naturally, the purpose behind such web graphic designer interview questions answers is to let the potential employer know how you can prove to be an asset to them. It can be your one-off opportunity to prove it as well.


Tip – For these graphic artist interview questions and answers, you have to let the employer know how well you know and understand the company. So, be thorough with your research. Even a tiny mistake here would mean losing the job.


Sample Answer

The best graphic designer job interview questions and answers would be – I would not lie to you, I screened and read about several advertising companies before coming here. However, one difference that I found between them and you is the professional freedom that you give your employees.


I came across responses from some ex and current employees about how XYZ (the agency’s name) encourages retooling and on-the-job learning. I live for that creative space. Hence, XYZ.


Ques 4. How do you handle negative client feedback on any one of your designs?

Ans. Such graphic artist interview questions and answers assess how well accustomed you are to receiving feedback. Your reply should reflect your positive outlook on the situation and how you approach them.


Tip – You cannot disregard such graphic designing interview questions and answers by saying you have never experienced negative criticism. It is unlikely.


Sample Answers

Of course, negative comments are disappointing as I have always tried to deliver my first from the very first instance. But I still take the feedback positively and try to give the client what they seek by restructuring my vision and design based on their demanded details.


It is one of the most on-point junior graphic design interview questions and answers.


Ques 5. Tell us about any specific design project that you are particularly proud of!

It is one of the top graphic designer technical interview questions and answers. So, even when you have mentioned all the projects in your portfolio, you have to be very precise here. Choose to talk about the project closest to the position you are applying for.


While answering the question, go into detail. Talk about how you arrived at the design idea, the software and tools used, the brief, design elements, and the outcome. It is one graphic designing interview questions and answers where detailing helps.


It helps the interviewer see how passionate you are about your work. More so, it helps them learn about your personality. Beyond this project, you can also talk about any other project that deeply inspired you.


Tip – All applicants will experience such web graphic designer interview questions answers. But, if you are applying for a UX role, carry along the portfolio of your work.


Sample Answer

You can address such senior graphic designer interview questions and answers like – In my three-year-long journey as a designer, I have worked on several projects. But, in one particular project where I worked on a tight deadline with a slightly non-cooperative team.


So, I took the baton forward, completed the project, and even aced it. (You can include specific details about any project worthy of mention).


Ques 6. Do you like working remotely or in person?

Ans. You may find it in senior and junior graphic design interview questions and answers. Fortunately, graphic designing is something that you can do from anywhere at any time of the day, provided you have an internet connection and a computer.


Also, almost every designer has experienced both situations and can achieve their career goals from both setups. Honestly, it is prevalent for a designer’s job to include some remote work. Hence, your answer should be centered on your discipline and ability to multi-task, organize and communicate on calls, messages, and emails.


If you have worked remotely in the past, you can mention how you have created a dedicated workspace in your house to accommodate remote working. But, if you have always worked remotely, you must also express your willingness to move to a more collaborative environment.


Sample Answer

I live alone and am completely flexible with both scenarios. Also, I do not live very far from here. So, even if I work remotely, it would take me less than 30 minutes to be at the desk in the office if need be.


Ques 7. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Ans . The idea behind such web graphic designer interview questions answers is your potential employer wishes to hire someone who sees this job as a career move. A driven employee will be retentive and productive.


Tip – You may be ambitious, and it is common to mess with such graphic artist interview questions and answers. So, please do not say that you intend to run the company or take their job someday. It is not something they want to listen to.


Sample Answer

If you encounter this in junior graphic design interview questions and answers, your perfect reply would be – Presently, I want to dedicate myself wholly to this work and learn from my senior. However, as I tackle and overcome new challenges, I want to hold more responsibility and head toward a more creative direction.


On the contrary, if you apply for higher posts and encounter it in senior graphic designer interview questions and answers, your answer may be slightly different.


As a senior designer, I want to work with my team and overcome several challenges. Of course, I want to grow more and more each day, but it shall not be at the cost of my time. So, hopefully, I would want to be an excellent mentor to them and see all of us grow together.


Ques 8. When was the first time you realized you wanted to be a graphic designer?

Ans. It is one of the graphic designer technical interview questions and answers you may find in an interview. The question helps them understand the baseline of your career. Your reply should put across an instance or the event and depict your passion in the field.


Sample Answer

It was only during my senior year in high school that I knew graphic web designing was my calling. We received an assignment in business class that demanded creating a logo and an infographic for some company.


Before I did that project, I always thought of myself as an artist who enjoyed calligraphy and painting. Till then, I did not know how to apply it all digitally. So, following that incident, I got intrigued and learned the digital application of things.


Ques 9. What are some tools that you are familiar with?

Ans. You cannot avoid this web graphic designer interview questions answers. It helps the interviewer learn about your skills. Beyond possessing an artistic inclination, a graphic designer should be technologically sound. So, dig all the designs from the portfolio and the tools employed to create these designs.


Sample Answer

Such graphic designing interview questions and answers are all-inclusive. So, you can mention all the tools you know how to work with. Please do not lie, as it may haunt you when you start working with them.


Some top design tools that you must know are:

  • Photoshop
  • GIMP
  • Illustrator
  • Inkscape
  • CorelDraw
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Serif Draw plus
  • Xara Xtreme
  • Coral Paint shop
  • Coral Photo impact


Ques 10. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Ans. You will find these in senior and junior graphic design interview questions and answers positions. The objective is to ensure that your abilities are in sync with the required skills for the role you apply for. In addition, they demand candidates who are self-aware and confident about their abilities and limitations.


Tip – When you talk about your strengths and weaknesses, ensure that you have some examples to back them up. You have to phrase such web graphic designer interview questions answers such that the negatives do not seem like a deal-breaker. But, be honest about the weaknesses.


Sample Answer

I am disciplined and very hardworking. Often, I get so immersed in work that I lose a balance between my professional and personal life. That may get challenging for me at times.


I am also inquisitive. It helps me discover new things and find problems before they become a roadblock. At times, I tend to procrastinate a few things. But, with the Pomodoro technique, I think I can overcome it. Now, I break down massive tasks into bite-sized bits.


Ques 11. As per you, what are the roles and responsibilities of a graphic designer?

Ans. Tip – It is one of the most common junior graphic design interview questions and answers. You have to be very careful and precise while answering these graphic designer technical interview questions and answers. Your reply can be:


Sample Answer

You can tailor this graphic designing interview questions and answers as per your understanding. But broadly, for this question, you must share your personal view on the subject. So, address your answer like, ‘For me, a graphic designer should be capable of creating visual concepts that captivate and inspire consumers.

To be a great designer, one must create designs that have an effective market appeal.’ Further, do not end your graphic artist interview questions and answers here. You can also add a broad overview of the job.


‘As a designer, I feel I am accountable for the product design, product layout, planning for corporate reports, advertisements, etc.


Ques 12. Do you enjoy working solo or in a team?

Ans. Such graphic designer job interview questions and answers help the interviewer assess how versatile you are and how well you can adapt to the diverse needs of the project. Such web graphic designer interview questions answers are your one-shot opportunity to depict your willingness to adapt to all situations.


Tip – The perfect reply for this junior graphic design interview questions and answers would involve backing your response with some cross-questions. You can inquire the hiring manager about their existing team structure and how they prefer to work as groups.


Sample Answer

Such graphic designing interview questions and answers do not need extensive detail. But, you can talk about how you have worked in both setups and how you are a team worker who can adapt quickly to working with people.


Ques 13. How would you explain the color theory to someone who has no experience in graphic design?

Ans. It is one of the standard graphic designer technical interview questions and answers. When an interviewer asks you such questions, they aspire to know whether you know the terminologies and the theories well.


Tip – A perfect answer would involve starting with the definition of color theory. However, please do not use any tough terminologies while explaining.


Sample Answer

Your reply can be:

Color theory is quintessential to design. The colors significantly impact the viewer’s receptiveness to the design. They decode the visually appealing nature of the psychology of colors and some color combinations. The idea behind color theory is to enable the artists to employ colors most purposefully.


Ques 14. What is the creative process adopted by you?

Ans. Such graphic designing interview questions and answers demand a detailed response. You cannot reply to these graphic artist interview questions and answers by saying as soon as I am assigned a project, I start with the designing work. No good designer would jump straight to designing.


Sample Answer

These graphic designer job interview questions and answers should be very well-tailored. So, you can address your reply like this:

  1. Step 1 – As soon as I receive a task, my first step is to understand it through and through.
  2. Step 2 – If I have any questions, I reach out to the client and seek clarity before I begin working.
  3. Step 3 – Then, I examine the data or interview the users to formulate the best course of action.
  4. Step 4 – Now, I work on the task and present my first draft to the client and team.
  5. Step 5 – Once they give me the changes, I incorporate them at the earliest, usually the same day, and present the final draft to the client.


Ques 15. What does it mean to resize the images? What are the parameters involved in changing the size of the picture?

Ans. Such technical graphic designing interview questions and answers demand you to be as precise as possible. You cannot use fluff while answering this question.


Sample Answer

For resizing the image, the following parameters require alteration:

  • Background resolution
  • Type of image
  • Size of the pixels

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Bonus General Questions

Here is a list of a few general graphic artist interview questions and answers.

Ques 16. Why did you quit your last job?
Ques 17. What kind of mistakes did you make in your last design projects?
Ques 18. What were your learnings from these mistakes?
Ques 19. Is there anything that could have been better?
Ques 20. How can you measure the design’s success?
Ques 21. Is there any print media that you have worked on?
Ques 22. Tell us about the latest design campaign you saw.
Ques 23. What did you like about this campaign?
Ques 24. Do you tend to stick to your deadlines?
Ques 25. Name the components of graphic design.
Ques 26. What is 3D Graphic Art, and how is it useful for a designer?
Ques 27. Where do you get your design inspiration from?
Ques 28. What is the Lasso tool?
Ques 29. Why do you think you are a good designer?
Ques 30. What parameters do you use to draft the design brief?
Ques 31. If not graphic design, then what?
Ques 32. Did you ever have a conflict at work? How did you overcome it?
Ques 33. Are you taking supporting courses to improve your knowledge?
Ques 34. What kind of graphic design projects interest you?
Ques 35. How do you handle tight work deadlines?
Ques 36. What kind of projects do you want to work on?
Ques 37. What are some of your top accomplishments?
Ques 38. Are you a team player?
Ques 39. How do you overcome creative blocks?
Ques 40. What is the difference between associative hatching and non-associative hatching in CAD?
Ques 41. What is a Linked layer?
Ques 42. How do you keep up with changing trends?
Ques 43. What is the use of JavaScript in graphic design?
Ques 44. How do you react if you disagree with a client’s feedback?
Ques 45. Which design software are you most experienced with?
Ques 46. What is the role of effective communication in graphic designing?
Ques 47. What is the Golden ratio in graphic design composition?
Ques 48. Why is it important?
Ques 49. What are your salary expectations?
Ques 50. How are you better than the other candidates we will interview today?
Ques 51. Do you have any questions for us?


So, these are 51 top graphic designer job interview questions and answers.


How Do I Prepare For A Graphic Design Interview – Helpful Tips!

Here are some tips to prepare for a graphic design interview:

  • Research well about the company
  • Dress well
  • Have an extra set of documents handy
  • Be thorough with some of the commonly asked questions
  • Answer confidently
  • Maintain a positive body language
  • Be precise and polite
  • Follow up after the interview


Graphic Designing Interview Questions and Answers – FAQs

Ques 1. What are the four principles of graphic design?

Ans. The four core graphic design principles are:

  1. Color – It accentuates the overall design mood and showcases its sophistication and tone.
  2. Visual hierarchy adds a visual weight to the design’s elements based on their importance. You can segregate according to texture, size, and fonts.
  3. Proportion works with priority and dominance and centers on the element’s scale.
  4. Contrast – It gets together two or more elements different in look, color, or style. It lets the viewer focus on the primary elements.


Ques 2. What are the six main strengths of a graphic designer?

Ans. The strengths of an excellent graphic designer are:

  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Analytical skills
  • Patience
  • Ability to learn new things to keep up with the trends
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Creative zeal


Ques 3. What are the seven elements of graphic design?

Ans. The design elements are the fundamental aspects of any visual design. These include shape, color, space, form, line, value, and texture.


Ques 4. How do you end an interview?


  • Ask questions, if you have any doubts
  • If you have concerns, discuss
  • Remind them of your top skills
  • Tell them how you are passionate about the role
  • Inquire about the next steps
  • Ask if they need further information
  • End on a polite note with a thank you


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