Is Magoosh Better Than Kaplan MCAT- Complete Comparison

Magoosh vs Kaplan
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Magoosh is most definitely a more budget-friendly way to prepare for MCAT. But if you look at the study materials, practice tests & questions, Kaplan is better.


When you commence your medical school journey, one of the crucial decisions you make is picking an MCAT course that can help you prepare for the exam.


Predominantly, the answer to which is better, Magoosh or Kaplan MCAT, usually comes down to what’s your budget. So, if you are on a tight budget and do not wish to shell out > $1000 on an MCAT prep course, pick Magoosh.


Magoosh’s class costs $400 and gives you a bang for your buck. Hence, it is an excellent option. In addition, Magoosh also provides you with a score increase guarantee.


However, if money is not a concern, we recommend Kaplan. Their courses are more well-rounded and comprehensive than Magoosh.


Kaplan boldly smashes Magoosh in terms of attributes and study material. Moreover, their prep books and live classes make them even more likable. So if you aspire to score more than 510 in MCAT, Kaplan should be an easy pick.


Selecting a good preparation company is pivotal if you need entry into one of the top med schools. When people think MCAT, two names that rank at the top are Kaplan and Magoosh. These are the two renowned providers.


Is Magoosh Better Than Kaplan MCAT?

Attribute Magoosh Kaplan MCAT
Price $399 $2599
Refund 7-day refund policy 3-day refund policy
Subscription & access duration 12 months 6 months
Class type Self-study oriented Instructor-led
Success guarantee More generous Not as generous
Practice questions 740+ 3000+
Practice tests 3 17
Books & other study materials None Hardcopy
Customer support Better Not as good
Mobile app Available Available but dubious


Is Magoosh Worth It For MCAT?

Magoosh Worth It For MCAT
Definitely! It is a pocket-friendly option.


Magoosh, as a company, is a testament to the fact that all good things do not necessarily have to be expensive. Of course, you may see a scheduled price hike in the future, but it will still be below the many competitors in the market. Thus, the primary reason they are so highly regarded is that they offer the best-in-class course options at an affordable rate, which is its Unique Selling Point.


For the last few years, Magoosh has been making waves in the test preparation industry for its on-demand and online MCAT courses. Their affordable study plans are only twenty-five percent of the competitors’ cost.


Magoosh’s courses are accessible, and you can view them anytime and anywhere. They are supported on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.


Magoosh offers over 380 on-demand video lessons that cover potential shortcuts, typical errors, and course concepts. You get more than 745 practice questions that will give you a feeling of being well-prepared for the actual MCAT.


Each of their practice questions comes with detailed text explanations. They also have excellent support assistance. You can contact their MCAT and science team via email, and the representatives will revert to all the queries you encounter in the MCAT preparation journey.


However, between Magoosh vs Kaplan MCAT, Magoosh only provides on-demand courses. Hence, you do not get one-to-one instruction or tutoring options. So, if that seems ok with you, Magoosh can be a good pick for MCAT preparation.


Pros Cons
  1. Courses are cheaper than at Kaplan.
  2. Around-the-clock email support
  3. More than 380 beneficial videos that cover vital topics, making it a hit amongst visual learners
  4. 10-point score improvement guarantee.
  5. Customizable practice questions to help you receive a targeted learning experience.
  6. The detailed text-based explanation for every question in the practice papers.
  7. You can pause the account whenever you like.
  8. The platform is easy to use.


  1. The live class option is unavailable.
  2. You do not get hardcopy prep books.
  3. Very few practice tests.
  4. Pre-recorded lessons are basic.
  5. No tutoring options.



A. How accurate is Magoosh?

Magoosh is very accurate.


The Magoosh’s practice tests are very well-planned and laid out. They are a simulation of the actual MCAT. Thus, anyone who views all the lessons, attempts the practice papers, and completes the tests will have an added advantage in the MCAT.


You need to ensure that you learn from your mistakes on the go. Their predicted scores are almost always close to the actual scores.


B. Which Magoosh plan is best?

Magoosh has a single course format for MCAT preparation – an on-demand, self-paced option. In this, you can pick the one-month or the twelve-month option. The former ($380) costs you only $20 lesser than the latter ($400). Since the gap is tiny, we believe the 12-month access course is better.


C. Can I get Magoosh for free?

They have a one-week trial window that offers access to 16 practice questions and 60 video lessons at zero cost.


D. Are Magoosh questions hard?

Yes, Magoosh questions can be a little more challenging than the actual exam. But it is a good strategy as it prepares you for the tricky questions so you can score better in MCAT.


Before helping you choose from Magoosh or Kaplan MCAT, let us also dig into some details associated with Kaplan.


Is Kaplan Best For MCAT?

Kaplan Best For MCAT

Kaplan is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to prep for MCAT. 


Kaplan is one of the most reputed names in the prep course industries. They have been around for nearly eight decades now. Hence, it is safe to assume they know what they are doing and will not offer you anything subpar.


One of their primary pros is they offer a variety of options. They have 3000 practice questions and more than 17 practice tests. It will give you good preparation and insight into what you must expect from the actual examination.


Of course, they are costlier than Magoosh, and their prices start from $1777 for the elementary DIY session and go up to $2999 if you seek a 100% online session with one-to-one tutoring.


They have a score improvement guarantee, but it is pretty basic and not what you expect from a company with high fees. So, that’s one disappointing factor.


But, given their diagnostic tests, there is a rare possibility for you failing an examination. Kaplan presents your strengths and weaknesses accurately when you take the practice tests.


So, you can accordingly focus on your weak areas. Lastly, they offer hardcopy books, a big plus for students who still enjoy traditional-style learning from textbooks.


Pros Cons
  1. Vast study material with over 700 hours of content
  2. Engaging, top-quality video lessons with solid content and good graphics.
  3. Live class options
  4. Superior-quality prep book
  5. Unlimited access to their live workshops for additional instruction
  6. Over 3000 realistic practice questions.


  1. Courses are expensive.
  2. Practice problems could have a more in-depth explanation.
  3. Instructors take some time to revert to queries.



A. Are Kaplan tests harder than the actual MCAT?

Yes, Kaplan tests are relatively harder than the actual MCAT.


B. What is a good Kaplan MCAT score?

A good MCAT score is 511 or more, ensuring the individual score for every section is over 127.



Magoosh Vs Kaplan MCAT – What Must You Choose?

A. Pricing plan and course options

Kaplan has more options and density in the study material, but Magoosh is more affordable. It offers the maximum value in the entire MCAT prep industry.


Broadly, Kaplan provides four packages to select from. These include:


  1. Live and private tutoring plan – $3300.
  2. In-person package – $3000
  3. Live online – $2600
  4. On-demand package – $2000


There is no denying Kaplan’s courses are far more expensive than Magoosh. But they provide you with a complete bang for your buck. Magoosh is not in the same league as Kaplan in study material and resource offerings.


With Kaplans’ preparation books, live sessions, video classes, practice tests, quizzes, and online workshops, you get more than seven-hundred hours of content, one of the highest in the industry.


However, beyond the vast density of study material, Kaplan also offers a curriculum and structure within each package that needs special mention.


While Magoosh follows a more self-paced and passive approach, letting students choose what, when, and how they want to study, Kaplan keeps everything structured and planned.


Also, with Magoosh, you get only one-course option – an on-demand and a self-paced session. It is way more affordable than Kaplan. You can spend $380 for one month of access or pay $20 extra and get 12-month access at $400. Naturally, the latter makes more sense.


If you are on a budget, Magoosh should be an easy choice. You will save at least $1600 (more if you pick their costlier alternatives). In all honesty, it is not even fair to argue with the price point as at $400, Magoosh offers an unprecedented steal deal.


B. Magoosh or Kaplan MCAT Practice tests

Both Kaplan and Magoosh offer full-length and realistic practice tests that give an insight into the actual MCAT exam. However, Kaplan wins as it has more practice tests. 


With Magoosh, you get three full-length practice tests that mimic the real exam, whereas Magoosh has 17 full-length practice tests. However, Magoosh does not offer detailed analytics.


They do not explain every question in the examination in-depth. Magoosh also has a pace comparison option wherein you can compare your results with other users. It will give you an idea of how long you must spend on every question.


Kaplan’s analytics are a little more detailed. They give insight into the user’s performance. You can know the time you spend on every question, topic, and intensity of every question.


If you answer any question wrongly, you will also get a video explanation to help you understand the concept you missed. It applies to their quizzes and practice exams.


C. Practice questions

Magoosh has fewer practice questions than Kaplan.


Magoosh provides users with access to more than 740 practice questions. However, Kaplan has over 3000 practice questions.


In Kaplan’s dashboard, you will see the question bank or Qbank, wherein you can develop your personalized quizzes using the questions from Qbank. For further customization, you can filter the questions by difficulty, sub-topic, subject, and like.


Kaplan also lets the users practice with the pre-drafted quizzes that can help them assess their understanding of every module.


On the contrary, Magoosh’s question bank though less robust has almost similar and customizable practice sessions. Users can filter the questions by time, subjects, and question pool.


D. Video Lessons

While Magoosh allows more self-paced learning, Kaplan gives you a classroom-like feeling. So, the choice depends on what you seek from the course.


Magoosh follows a simple structure across its videos. In the center, you will see a video player, and on the right is a virtual notepad wherein you can jot down your ideas and questions. Their sessions are user-friendly and explain everything concisely and clearly.


Under every video, you also have the option to leave feedback stating whether you liked it. It is a beneficial attribute for Magoosh to improve its content quality.


Kaplan also has straightforward and inviting video sessions. So, if you pick their online sessions, you will find twenty-four two-hour live sessions that give you a classroom-like feeling. Their lectures are flexible and can conveniently fit into your schedule.


E. Books

If you are an old-school learner who likes having physical textbooks to study and highlight your key points, Kaplan should be your pick.


Kaplan provides hardcopy preparatory books. It is a clear win because Magoosh does not offer this option. The entire content from Magoosh is digital, whereas Kaplan offers a 7-book set for MCAT learners.


F. Magoosh vs Kaplan MCAT  course access duration

Magoosh has an edge in the access duration window. 


If you shop for Magoosh’s premium class, you get a 12-month access window. On the contrary, Kaplan’s access window is curtailed to only six months. Of course, Kaplan gives an option of increasing the access duration to 12 months, but unfortunately, it is a paid thing.


You will have to bear an additional $500 for the same. Hence, if you wish to appear for the MCAT twice or like to spread your study over the months because of your busy schedule, Magoosh is a safer pick.


G. User-friendliness

Kaplan’s interface is straightforward to navigate, but it is still not as intuitive as Magoosh’s. 


On Kaplan’s dashboard, you will find a menu comprising the activity library, Qbank performance, and study schedule. It can be challenging for the students to locate what they need.


On the contrary, Magoosh has quite a straightforward user interface with a streamlined structure. Their dashboard is easy to understand and provides an excellent overview of where you are in the course.


There is a separate category for what you are doing with a simultaneous monthly study plan left to achieve.


H. Mobile app

Magoosh’s mobile app offers more value than Kaplan’s.


Magoosh has two mobile applications for both Android and iOS users. In the first app, you will find a series of MCAT flashcards that cover various topics. These flashcards offer quick-hit refreshers to help you learn on the go.


Since MCAT is a content-driven examination, flashcards go a long way in speeding up the memorization process.


In the second application, Magoosh gives access to their video lessons via your account. It lets you watch more than 250 video-based sessions from the phone. So, you can learn anytime and from anywhere, provided you have access to the internet.


It is an excellent way to help you make the most of your spare time and study well. Both of Magoosh’s apps are indeed good. The flashcards are indeed a standout.


Kaplan, too, has a mobile application, but we find its value quite dubious if we compare Magoosh vs Kaplan MCAT mobile app. It provides only 1000 flashcards, whereas Magoosh gives access to most of your study material in its app. Hence, Kaplan’s app merely works as an ancillary study resource.


Beyond this, you also get access to the performance tracker via the app that lets you assess your overall stats and measure your process. Hence, you know what areas where you require more assistance.


As for on-the-go studying, the Kaplan app has little value, but you cannot replace it as your primary study resource. Recently, the company added a virtual study app that covers around 1000 science topics, but it needs a Meta Quest 2 headset to use it.


I. Success guarantee

It is a clear win for Magoosh as they offer a 10-point score increase guarantee. It is incredible for a company with such affordable pricing. 


Magoosh offers a 10-point score increase guarantee, but there is a fine print you must check. However, Kaplan’s guarantee is not very generous. They merely assure to increase your score, which loosely translates to a +1 point score increase guarantee. Thus, it is a non-debate-worthy win for Magoosh.


J. Customer support

Magoosh has better support than Kaplan.


Magoosh has 24/7 email support. So, if you ever get confused by a problem or do not understand any concept, topic, or testing strategy, you can email the educators and get a response to your query.


Experts always send detailed replies to questions within twenty-four hours. It is beneficial and works well. Kaplan does not have any such option.


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Final Verdict: Magoosh Or Kaplan MCAT, What Should Be Your Choice?

If we measure the value of the course materials, we believe Magoosh is a good pick. At only $400, you get a fantastic value that clocks at $1999 with Kaplan for the same subscription length.
Overall, Magoosh is an excellent pick for students who wish to prepare for MCAT without breaking the bank. Having said that, Kaplan is not subpar, and its offerings appeal in their own way but at a pricier end.


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