Magoosh Or Kaplan LSAT – Which Brings You Better Scores?

Magoosh vs Kaplan LSAT
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Magoosh is a better pick with affordable pricing and a trial period as well. It also provides a better score guarantee and longer access window.


In all honesty, it is not an easy choice to make as it mostly depends on the type of learner you are and your budget.


So, if you are on a tight budget, we recommend Magoosh over Kaplan. Their LSAT classes give you a bang for your buck and have tremendous value. But if money is not a concern and you desire the best access window, Kaplan should be your choice.


Moreover, between Magoosh or Kaplan LSAT, Kaplan’s study packages are also more comprehensive than Magoosh’s. In addition, their live classes, prep books, and video lessons also fare better than competitors. Moreover, Kaplan will be a sweeter choice if you desire a score >160. It can amplify your chances of getting accepted into top-tier law schools.


Beyond their purple-hued logos, there is so much in common between Magoosh and Kaplan, and the similarities become more apparent when you compare their LSAT courses.


Analyzing Magoosh vs Kaplan LSAT from a learner’s point, the two LSAT prep classes are similar in their study calendars, practice material, and video lessons. But there are also a few subtle differences between the two.


Fret not! We did the hard work to help you make a wise call. This review below will pit these two prep courses against each other and help you find an option that works better for you.


Is Magoosh Better Than Kaplan LSAT?


Attributes Magoosh Kaplan LSAT
Pricing $599 $1199
Class Type Contemporary sans any hardcopy books Traditional
Practice tests >70 >70
Practice questions >7000 >9000
Books None Hardcopy
Access duration 12 months 4 months
Refund 7-day window 3-day window
Customer support Email support One-to-one live support
Success guarantee +5 +1


Is Kaplan The Best LSAT Prep?

Kaplan The Best LSAT Prep
Well, Kaplan is definitely one of the best options out there for LSAT preparation.


It is one of the most renowned course companies in the market. An army of LSAT experts designed their lessons, and they offer a myriad of resources with their classes.

It is a powerhouse when it comes to standardized test preparation. They specialize in providing the best-in-class live webcast lectures, in-person lessons, and on-demand videos with or without additional tutoring services.


Hence, the students can pick the program that best matches their requirements. Each option comes with 1000s of practice questions.


So you get a good insight into what the actual examination will be like. A recent addition to Kaplan’s LSAT package is the LSAT channel, which has 100s of hours of additional elective workshops that enable the students to master the course material better.


Pros Cons
  1. Personalized study plans to help you organize your study time and keep a tab on your progress.
  2. Proprietary Smart Reports software for analyzing the practice tests and accordingly tailoring the assignments
  3. Live classes and one-on-one support with the instructors to get instant help with your queries.
  4. An extensive content library including over 70 hours of on-demand videos, a vast question bank comprising >7000 questions, and >70 quizzes.
  5. LSAT channel that has 100s of hours of eclectic workshops on advanced and elementary topics.
  6. Regular interactions with instructors, irrespective of whether they buy a tutoring package.
  7. High score guarantee


  1. No free trial for course material
  2. Huge batches in live sessions (comprising 30 students)
  3. Self-paced option (priced at $799) is affordable, but it is more limited than the expensive and comprehensive prep course options that cost between ($1199 to $2599).



Is Magoosh Good For LSAT?

Magoosh Good For LSAT
Magoosh might not be as good as Kaplan, but in several aspects, the traditional prep method might not work for students, and that’s where Magoosh shines. Their new-age and non-traditional approach makes it a good option for LSAT.


It makes studying for the law school entrance exam straightforward and is an excellent option for students seeking a customizable and affordable platform to prepare for the test. With a diverse range of practice questions, explanation-laden content, versatile video lessons, and knowledgeable instructors, Magoosh LSAT is designed with the user in mind. Magoosh makes getting assistance from the experts easy via the email assistance mode, but it might not be as prompt as the live chat option, like in Kaplan.


Pros Cons
  1. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, Magoosh is a good pick.
  2. They have a seven-day refund policy.
  3. Magoosh has a straightforward learning approach to test preparation.
  4. Their video lessons are flexible and easy to use.
  5. Magoosh’s experts take you through the best studying strategies. So you learn what you need to know.


  1. The number of free and additional resources is less.
  2. Video lessons are not the most engaging.



Magoosh vs Kaplan LSAT – Which Prep Course Is A Better Choice?

There are certain factors listed below basis which we will decide who outshines whom.


A. Pricing

Magoosh is more affordable than Kaplan.


Magoosh’s LSAT course options are relatively cheaper than Kaplan’s. Their self-paced class costs $300, but you can get their guided study option at $600. The latter has live classes wherein you get to study with the instructor.


On the contrary, Kaplan’s self-paced course is costlier than Magoosh’s guided plan at $800, and their live class sessions cost between $1200 and $1500. So, if you are on a budget, Magoosh is a clear winner. Fortunately, both of them offer good deals and offers regularly. So, you can save better.


B. Class Type

It’s a tie. The choice depends on how you like to learn!
For an on-the-go, busy student who enjoys non-contemporary learning, Magoosh is better. Kaplan appeals to both traditional and online learners.


The Magoosh LSAT course appeals to self-study lovers, busy students or the ones who are always on the go, and those wishing to know how to apply their current knowledge to the law exam studying process.


Hence, their classes might not be the best for people who yearn to undertake group learning. Magoosh designs its classes as an insular option for students who do not want to collaborate.


Not everyone likes relying solely on video content, as students usually appreciate the traditional learning mechanism. They enjoy having hard copies and books, but this can be a good pick for those who learn from a host of well-planned and informative video lessons.


You will find videos that explain the topics. There are also corresponding explanation videos for every practice question.


Kaplan LSAT courses will prove beneficial for both online and traditional learners. As a self-motivated learner, you can opt for their self-paced courses. It can give you the flexibility of an online learning program.


So you do not have to attend classes or cater to homework submissions. Their live and in-person options are more structured and provide the students with a one-to-one medium to communicate with the instructors and clear their doubts.


Students who choose the in-person classes can access the in-class proctored exams that mimic the actual LSAT experience. Moreover, if you need additional help, they also have tutoring options.


C. Practice tests & questions

Kaplan and Magoosh have an equal number of practice tests, but Kaplan’s practice questions are more in number. However, Magoosh’s video and text explanations over Kaplan’s text explanations make them a standout winner in this aspect.


Both companies offer access to all the previous official LSAT exams via their LSAC Prep Plus program. So, you will get more than 70 real LSAT papers, whether you choose Magoosh or Kaplan LSAT.


However, the difference lies in their problem explanations. Kaplan provides text plantations as a metric to review the practice problems and tests.


On the contrary, Magoosh offers a mix of text and video illustrations for every question. It is a significant win for visual learners because sometimes, textual explanations might not be enough.


D. Trial period

Only Magoosh has a trial window.


Sadly, you do not get a free trial window with Kaplan, which can be disappointing for students as it is also costlier than Kaplan. However, Magoosh has a seven-day trial period, and their courses are also cheap. So, you will make a minimum investment irrespective of whether you finish the session.


E. Resources & Books

Kaplan holds an advantage over Magoosh as the latter does not offer any hardcopy books.


With Magoosh, you do not get any hardcopy preparation books, but Kaplan will ship the hardcopy books for every student. Their book set comprises a bundle of books that test the strategies for every section, practice questions, and additional drills.


Moreover, Kaplan’s books are not their standalone resources. They align them with the main course lessons that help reinforce the material you are studying.


So, while the lectures are on, you can follow along with the books, take notes, and solve practice problems. So, for every traditional learner, this can be an unbeatable advantage.


F. Access duration

Magoosh has a longer access window than Kaplan.


The content access period implies how long you can view the resources once you sign up for the course. Magoosh keeps the access window at 12 months, in contrast to Kaplan, which has only a four-month access window.


So, if you wish to take your LSAT twice or you work full-time and wish to spread your study time, Magoosh will be a better pick. Of course, Kaplan has only a four-month access window, but they let you extend it.


However, you will have to bear an additional cost for an extension. For instance, if you wish to extend the course duration by six months, you will have to pay $200.


G. Return and refund

Both companies have a refund period, but the duration is different.


Magoosh has a seven-day refund window. So, when you try their premium account and are unhappy with the course, you can email them and request a refund. They have a no-questions-asked refund policy. Similarly, Kaplan also has a refund window, but you can avail of it only within three days from the date of purchase. It might not be easy to understand a platform wholly in three days. Thus, we like Magoosh’s seven-day policy a little better.


H. Success guarantee

It is indeed a vital criterion when choosing between Magoosh vs Kaplan LSAT. Magoosh is more generous with its score guarantee.


It also shows the company’s confidence in its experts and the resources that they offer. They guarantee that you will score at least five points more. So, if you do not, they will provide you with a full refund.


In comparison, Kaplan merely guarantees an increase in your score. In a literal sense, it only translates to a single-point increase. Hence, Magoosh is a clear winner.


I. Customer support

Kaplan has better support than Magoosh


Magoosh offers email support that lets you send your queries to the experts and ask your questions. Though not instant, experts usually take the time to revert to your queries.


On the contrary, Kaplan has a live one-on-one session. So, you can ask your doubts in class and get instant replies. It is faster and more convenient than waiting for a response from a partner.


J. Ease of Use

Magoosh and Kaplan follow easy navigation, but Magoosh does a better job.


Magoosh follows a simple approach to test preparation. You can watch their video lessons to learn what you must know and progress through the session at your pace. It makes them more convenient for the students.


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Final Verdict – Magoosh vs Kaplan LSAT, Which Is Better?

They are both excellent choices, but what you pick depends on


  1. How much are you willing to spend?
  2. What type of learner are you?


If you have a limited budget, Magoosh is a clear choice, but their pocket-friendly pricing does not come at a compromise of quality. They are equally good but talking about individual features, Kaplan’s video lessons are any day better than Magoosh.
If you have a limited budget, Magoosh is a clear choice, but their pocket-friendly pricing does not come at a compromise of quality. They are equally good but talking about individual features, Kaplan’s video lessons are any day better than Magoosh.

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