10 Best Docker Courses Online with Training & Certifications

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Speaking of the Dev Ops world, Kubernetes and Docker are two of the newest technologies. The two have dramatically metamorphosed into the process of deploying and creating web applications.


Docker is an impeccable technology, which allows apps to run in constructs known as containers. On the other hand, Kubernetes ensures that the various containers operate in sync.


Docker is an open platform for system admins and developers to ship, build, and run distributed apps on data centers, laptops, the cloud, or the VMs. As a result, there is a burgeoning demand for Docker developers globally.


However, to be a good Docker developer, you must be well-trained using only the best Docker courses online. Now, the problem is, the internet is full of several Docker training online programs. So, how do you find one program that fits your needs?


Well, fret no more. TangoLearn is here for the rescue. Our Docker experts team sat down, scoured through the internet, and narrowed it down to the 25 best Docker courses. These courses were shortlisted on four disciplines:


  • The ratings and the reviews of the course
  • The experience, knowledge, and educational background of the instructor taking the course
  • The fee that you pay for the course.
  • The resources you receive from this course – the study material, knowledge, certification, risk-free guarantee, quizzes, practice material, and exercises.


Then, after careful examination by Docker experts globally, we came up with the top 10 Docker courses online. So let us get started and address these courses.


Top Courses To Learn Docker Online

  1. Docker Mastery: with Kubernetes +Swarm from a Docker Captain – [Udemy]
  2. Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide – [Udemy]
  3. Docker from A to Z™: Swarm + Jenkins – [Udemy]
  4. Docker for the Absolute Beginner – Hands On – DevOps – [Udemy]
  5. Introduction to Docker: Build Your Own Portfolio Site – Offered by Coursera Project Network – [Coursera]
  6. Docker & Kubernetes: The Practical Guide – [Udemy]
  7. Docker Crash Course for busy DevOps and Developers – [Udemy]
  1. Getting Started with Docker – Pluralsight
  2. Docker – [LinkedIn Learning]
  3. Post Graduate Program in DevOps – Offered by Caltech CTME – [Simplilearn]


Top 10 Courses and Classes for Docker


1. Docker Mastery: with Kubernetes +Swarm from a Docker Captain – [Udemy]

Docker Mastery: with Kubernetes +Swarm from a Docker Captain
Speaking of the best Docker courses online, we have this bestseller Udemy course. It is also one of the highest-rated best Docker certification courses online.


It is one of the most comprehensive and complete Docker courses online for learning and employing containers from start to finish. The course teaches you testing and development to production and server deployment.


In this course, you are guided by an award-winning expert DevOps consultant and captain. You also get weekly Q and A sessions and a Slack Chat option with your instructor. So, you can clear your doubts before moving ahead.


Rating 4.6
Duration 19 hours on-demand video
Enrolled 242,739 students
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Instructor Docker Captain Program and Bret Fisher
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The flow of imparting seems disorganized at more than a few levels.


Learning Outcomes

It is one of our top-recommended Docker courses online. You will learn a bunch of things via this course. These include:

  • Knowledge of using Docker, Kubernetes, and Compose on your system to build and test software
  • Acquiring the necessary skills to create development environments with your code in the container.
  • Publishing and creating your personalized images
  • Producing your custom image registry for storing and deploying the apps in the corporate environment
  • Developing Kubernetes and Swarm clusters for server deployments
  • Hands-on practice to design compose files and Docker files like a pro
  • Designing Kubernetes YAML manifests and deploying using the infrastructure-as-code methods
  • Guarding your TLS certificates, keys, and passwords with encryption
  • Developing locally while the code runs in the container
  • Leading the team in the future with your acquired Docker container skills


Docker Training Online Prerequisites

As such, there is no paid software needed for these Docker courses online. However, there are some small prerequisites required for this Docker certification training program. These include:

  • Local admin access for installation of Docker in Linux, Windows, and Mac
  • Creating a Docker Hub and GitHub account
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of database and web servers
  • Understanding of the fundamentals of creating a server in the cloud
  • Basics of Linux, such as package managers, SSH, and shells
  • Knowledge of command prompt and terminal basics
  • Your favorite text editor
  • Any browser of your choice


Who should take this course?

This is one of the best Docker courses online, and even beginners can take this course, as the instructor assumes that you have no prior containers knowledge when you join the course.


Further, this is also the best Docker training online for software developers, sysadmins, IT pros, and operators at any skill level. Overall, anyone who deploys, makes, or operates software on servers will find the course suitable.


Review Mario Pepinós:

Well explained, I have paid for this course because in my job we are implementing some docker features in azure, so with this course I can solve those tasks easily. Many many thanks. I’m Mario Cheers from Ecuador.



2. Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide – [Udemy]

Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide

Another one of the best Docker certification courses is by Udemy. It is again one of the best-sellers and the highest-rated Docker courses online. An incredible thing about this Docker course is that it is constantly updated to keep pace with the forever evolving trends.


Rating 4.7
Enrolled 212,890+ students
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Duration 21.5 hours on-demand video
Instructor Stephen Grider
Cons The course has audio issues at multiple instances, which can be challenging for many.


Learning Outcomes

There are quite a lot of things to learn with this one of the best Docker courses online. These include:

  • Knowing everything about Docker from scratch.
  • Getting well-acquainted with the Docker CLI to debug and inspect the running containers
  • Understanding the theoretical aspects of Kubernetes
  • Familiarizing yourself with the practical deployment of Kubernetes by creating a complex app
  • Designing CD + CI pipeline from scratch with AWS, Travis CI, and Github.
  • Code deployment when it is pushed to Github
  • Creating your custom images to suit your apps
  • Mastering the Docker CLI for inspection and debugging the running containers
  • Building a complex multi-container app from scratch
  • Deploying the multi-container app onto AWS



As such, there is no previous knowledge of Kubernetes and Docker needed for this Docker certification training.


But, to take one of the best Docker courses online, you must hold

  • Basic knowledge of command and terminal line usage
  • Credit card for deploying projects to Google Cloud or AWS


Who should take this course?

This is the best Docker training online for software engineers who wish to learn the best plausible method to deploy the apps quickly.


Review B.Sathyamohan b:

I came from a non technical background but the way Stephen explained ..WOW.. Just simply awesome. I recommend others to take this course who are interested in learning docker and Kubernetes.



3. Docker from A to Z™: Swarm + Jenkins – [Udemy]

Docker from A to Z™: Swarm + Jenkins
You may have heard about this new and latest technology, Docker, but how do you get on board with it? Well, you must enroll yourself in one of the best Docker certifications online.


This is one of the best Docker training online that will equip you with all essential knowledge as required. You would not need any other course to learn Docker online once you are through with this course.


An incredible thing about this best Docker certification course is that you will learn everything practically. All the theoretical aspects are given hands-on practice at every step to ensure that you pick on things well.


Rating 4.1
Instructor Samy Mkacher and James Kayes-Smith
Paid Paid
Certification Yes
Duration 9 hours on-demand video
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Enrolled 12,232 students
Cons Screen resolution and on-screen text size can be improved


Learning Outcomes

There are several things you will learn in this best Docker training online. These include:

  • Tools and knowledge to develop an enterprise-grade Docker Swarm cluster
  • Using Jenkins CD Pipeline
  • Using Docker Compose
  • Development and deployment of the application
  • Using Docker Swarm
  • Acquiring practical experience of Docker with some real-world examples
  • Using Docker Registry
  • Docker Tips and tricks
  • Alert, monitor, and manage with Docker



For this best Docker certification course, there are a few small prerequisites. Firstly, you must have a working PC. Second, you must be willing to put in the time and effort to learn new things in life.


Who should take this course?

You will be surprised to know that this is also one of the best jenkins course on udemy. Regarded as a Docker certification training program, this is ideal for:

  • Anyone who aspires to simplify deployment
  • Developers who want to get the latest DevOps knowledge
  • Anyone wishing to learn about Docker
  • People interested in working with Swarm
  • Students who wish to work in Jenkins


Review Yun Qi:

The content with the step by step is easy to understand for beginners. From these lessons you will have an overview of docker, thanks.



4. Docker for the Absolute Beginner – Hands On – DevOps – [Udemy]

Docker for the Absolute Beginner - Hands On – DevOps
Next is again a Udemy best Docker certification course. This is the best Docker training online and is ideally suitable for absolute beginners as the instructor will explain everything from scratch in the most simple and easy to comprehend manner.


You can learn Docker online via this program because every lecture is followed by a demo wherein you learn by doing. In addition, there are coding exercises included in this Docker certification training  course to help you practice the Docker commands and solidify your learnings.


Thus, you don’t need to have your environment set up when you need hands-on practice. There is also an array of assignments that will help you practice the learned skills.


Rating 4.7
Enrolled 114,974 students have already benefited from these Docker courses online
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Duration 4.5 hours on-demand video
Instructor KodeKloud Training and Mumshad Mannambeth
Cons Some chapters are not explained in-depth. So, students might experience a little difficulty there.


Learning Outcomes

You have several things to learn in this best Docker certification course. These include:

  • Fundamentals of Docker
  • Basic commands in Docker with hands-on practice
  • Creating Docker images with Docker files
  • Understanding Docker compose
  • Creating an application stack with Docker Compose files and
  • Acquiring an understanding of Docker Swarm


Docker Training Online Prerequisites

A few small prerequisites for this Docker certification training program are:

  • Elementary knowledge of the system admin skills
  • Access to the Linux system to set up Docker and follow along


Who should take this course?

This is one of the best Docker courses online. It is suitable for:

  • Developers
  • System admins
  • Cloud infrastructure engineers
  • Beginners will benefit from this course too


Review Christina Gorbenko:

This has been an amazing course. Very well explained and I came out with a solid understanding of Docker. I’ve watched many of his lectures and all of them seem to be very well organized and well explained.



5. Introduction to Docker: Build Your Own Portfolio Site – by Coursera Project Network – [Coursera]

Introduction to Docker: Build Your Own Portfolio Site – by Coursera Project Network

It is a beginner-level desktop only best Docker certification course. You do not have to download anything to start this course. In this course, you learn Docker online and develop familiarity with the Docker software and REST API Commands.


Rating 4.6
Instructor Rudi Hinds
Duration 3 hours
Certification Yes
Enrolled 6,858 students
Return or refund policy 14-days from the date of payment
Paid Yes
Cons The title maybe a bit misleading for some learners as the portfolio building takes place only in the last few minutes of the course.


Learning Outcomes

There is an array of things to learn in this Docker training online. A few of them are:

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Understanding fundamental networking to map a container port to a port on your localhost machine
  • Designing your portfolio website
  • Using Docker on the command line
  • Linking local files to files inside of Docker
  • Creating your website from a Bootstrap template in a Docker container
  • Explore and demystify the Docker landscape
  • Learning the thorough working of Docker
  • Basic concepts as you make a career in Docker
  • Everything that is to know about images, containers, the registry, the client/server model in Docker via the Docker Engine etc
  • Becoming well-acquainted with spinning the containers
  • Using the commands and becoming comfortable spinning the containers, doing fundamental debugging to browse container status
  • Setting up a development environment with Docker
  • Getting confident in your Docker knowledge and understanding it at a more advanced level


Review DP:

Excellent course, practice is always the best way, the teacher was clear, I understood perfectly even being a non-native speaker. Thanks for everything.



6. Docker & Kubernetes: The Practical Guide – [Udemy]

Docker & Kubernetes: The Practical Guide
The next Docker certification training program to learn Docker online is again by Udemy. It is one of the bestseller Docker courses online.


This is one of the best Docker training online, wherein you will learn about both Kubernetes and Docker in detail with all the detailed examples and demos. Hence, you will build your knowledge on the subject from the base.


Moreover, every topic in this course is covered in detail with slides and examples. Both theoretical and practical aspects are given due importance.


Rating 4.8
Enrolled 38,704 students
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Instructor Maximilian Schwarzmüller and Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Duration 23.5 hours on-demand video
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons There is some fluff in the course, which could have been avoided.


Learning Outcomes

It is a great course to learn Docker online. A few things you will learn with this Docker certification training program are:

  • Kubernetes and Docker basics
  • Using Kubernetes and Docker
  • Installation of Docker in any system
  • Creating and using images and containers with Docker
  • Familiarizing yourself with both single and multi-container projects
  • Understanding of complex topics, such as persisting and managing data with Volumes
  • Knowledge about Container networking with Docker networks
  • Learning about the DNS Service Discovery
  • Knowledge of the core commands you need when working with Docker
  • Deploying Docker apps manually with managed services or via Kubernetes
  • Learning to work with data
  • Persisting data with volumes
  • Exploring container networking – with the outside world and between multiple containers
  • Manual deployment and deployment with managed services like AWS ECS



There is no former Kubernetes or Docker experience needed to learn Docker online with this course. However, there are a few small prerequisites associated with this Docker training online. These include:

  • Basic knowledge of web development – Not any particular language, but just the fundamentals
  • Familiarity with AWS
  • And maybe a credit card


Who should take this course?

This is the best course to learn Docker online for:

  • Anyone with no past knowledge and experience of Kubernetes and Docker
  • Anyone struggling with the understanding of Docker and using it
  • Web developers who wish to venture into Docker and modern DevOps


Review Lukas Nguyen:

Really interested in the content of this course! I’ve learnt a lot of things from here and just wanna send a big thank you to the author.



7. Docker Crash Course for busy DevOps and Developers – [Udemy]

Docker Crash Course for busy DevOps and Developers
This is another one of Udemy’s popular Docker courses online. It is a great course to learn Docker online, and in just three hours, it attempts to take you from zero in Docker to a Docker hero.


We think it is the best Docker training online because your instructor James has put in a lot of effort in the course. He will provide you with multiple examples to familiarize you with Docker through and through.


After you are through with this one of the best docker certification course, you will have adequate confidence to help your company or apply your learned skills to your personal project and see immense success in it.


Rating 4.4
Enrolled 55,350 students
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Instructor James Lee, Level Up, and Tao W.
Duration 3 hours on-demand video
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons Parts of the course is still outdated.


Learning Outcomes

It is one of the most popular Udemy Docker courses online to learn Docker online. A few things you will know with this course are:

  • Containerizing a web-based application and automating it with a Docker file
  • Orchestrating and deploying a comprehensive application across multiple hosts in the cloud
  • Automating the workflow with Compose
  • Designing multi-container applications
  • Best practices to work as a Docker expert
  • Detailed knowledge of the Docker technology
  • Setting up continuous integration workflows
  • Scaling Docker workflow with Docker Swarm



As such, there are no prerequisites to take this Docker training online. You do not need any experience with Docker technologies for the course.


Further, it is not mandatory, but some knowledge of Linux and Git will help you with this one of the best Docker courses online. You will need a computer running on OSX, Linux, or Windows.


Who should take this course?

This is one of the best courses to learn Docker online for:

  • Developers who wish to learn to deploy and develop containerized modern web applications with a micro-service approach
  • DevOps, Developers, or QAs who wish to progress their career further in DevOps
  • Anyone who aspires to thoroughly understand the working of Docker technology and its application


Review Nicolas MICHEL:

The teacher speaks clearly. I like that the course slides are provided as a downloadable document. Note that some slides seem to be missing from the document…



Some Other Platforms With Docker Certification Training


1. Getting Started with Docker – Pluralsight

Getting Started with Docker – Pluralsight
We also have a bonus course recommendation to learn Docker online. It is short but still one of the best Docker courses online. The course is about 1 hour and twenty-six minutes long.


Both containers and Dockers have widely evolved the technology world. So, if you want to make the most of these tools, you must enroll in one of the top Docker courses online.


Learning Outcomes

It is a great course to learn Docker online. A few things you will know in this Docker training online are:

  • Getting started with Docker
  • Fundamentals of Container and Docker from operations and developer perspective
  • Taking an app from the source to running a container
  • Creating Docker images
  • Hosting Docker images on a container registry
  • Deploying and managing multi-container applications in a declarative manner with Docker Compose
  • Building a secure Swarm cluster
  • Using Docker stacks for deploying multi-container in a production-like environment.
  •  What containers are, and how they work


Who should take this course?

This is one of the best Docker courses online for operations professionals and developers who wish to be thorough with all Docker’s practical and theoretical skills.



2. Docker – [LinkedIn Learning]

This is another good platform to learn Docker online. On Lynda or LinkedIn learning, you will find an array of Docker courses online. You can browse through the several courses and make your pick according to your requirement.


The platform has Docker courses for all experiences and skill levels. So, you can easily find one of the best Docker training online for your requirements.




3. Post Graduate Program in DevOps – by Caltech CTME – [Simplilearn]

Post Graduate Program in DevOps – by Caltech CTME
Now, we have arrived at the last course. This Docker certification training starts on 14th October (varies session to session), and there are only limited seats available. So, enroll at the earliest.


It is a nine-month long course and requires an effort of five to ten hours every week from your side. It is an instructor-led, online Bootcamp course to learn Docker online. At the end of the course, you will be awarded the best Docker certification. This will be the Caltech CTME Post Graduate Certificate.


This Docker certification training is in collaboration with the California Institute of Technology’s Center for Technology and Management Education (Caltech CTME). It is a prevalent engineering and science institute, which marshals some of the brightest minds.


Learning Outcomes

A few things to learn in this Docker training online course are:

  • Mastering the science and art of improving the operational and development activities of the whole team
  • Building enterprise with hands-on projects
  • Learning about deployment
  • Being thorough with configuration management tools such as Puppet, SaltStack, and Ansible
  • Clarity on the basics of DevOps, Git, and GitHub, CI/CD with Jenkins, configuration management, Docker, Kubernetes, and other associated tools.


Skills you acquire

Some skills acquired with this Docker certification training program are:

  • DevOps Methodology
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Configuration Management
  • Containerization
  • DevOps on Cloud
  • Source Control
  • Deployment Automation
  • Cloud Platforms


Perks and Benefits Of Caltech’s Docker Courses Online

Some perks associated with this Docker certification training program are:

  • Access to Caltech CTME Circle Membership
  • Enrolment in the Simplilearn’s Job Assist
  • Online Convocation by Caltech CTME Program Director
  • Being noticed by some of the most recognized hiring companies
  • 25 CEUs from Caltech CTME upon course completion
  • Resume assistance and career mentoring
  • 8X higher interaction in live online classes
  • Interacting with top industry experts
  • Capstone project in 3 domains
  • Physical Certificate from Caltech CTME (on request)
  • 20+ real-life projects on integrated labs
  • IIMJobs Pro Membership for 6 months
  • Interview preparation and career fairs


So, these, according to us, are the top 10 best Docker training online programs. Our earnest effort has been to present detailed information about all of these courses. However, there is some variable information, such as the reviews from the students who took this course, the fee of the course, and the next enrolment date, and alike, that changes over time.


For your easy access, we have included the link to the website along. So, click on it, and read these details before you decide on any of the best docker certifications to learn Docker online. Be assured, regardless of the choice you make, you will not regret your decision. So, go ahead, and make your pick from these top-rated Docker courses online.


Learning should never stop! Keep Upskilling!


Best Docker Courses is rated 4.6 and reviewed by 12Docker Experts & 35+ Docker Classes Students

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