Java Full Stack Interview Questions For Preparation

Java full stack interview questions
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Do you like developing web apps? If yes, you can consider applying for the role of a full-stack Java developer. Just make sure to prep well for java full stack developer interview questions well in advance.


A full stack web developer employs Java, a prominent computer programming language, and holds extensive expertise and knowledge in full stack frameworks and tools that work with Java. They can take care of both server and client end needs.
They write the code in the triple layers of the web-based apps – the database layer, the frontend, and the backend. Their technology suite comprises core java, working with servlets, REST API, and several tools that make app development seamless. It is an excellent career choice.


The best plausible way to be a Java full stack developer is by working with a tech giant. For this, you have to appear for an interview. The questions you find in the interview may be tough and challenging.


To help you ace that interview, we will discuss some top-asked java full stack interview questions.


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What Are The Skills Required For Java Full Stack Developer?

You need to have some skills to be a proficient developer. So, what are these skills? Let us discuss them below:


1. JavaScript

It is the go-to programming language for a developer seeking a dynamic touch for any website. They can run on the server-side and natively in the browser. Typically, JavaScript helps animate images and modify CSS and HTML for content updating, illustrations, video players, menus, and interactive maps.


2. CSS or HTML

HTML helps add content, and CSS customizes the look and feel of the website. A proficient full stack developer has mastery over both.


3. Git and GitHub

Git is an open-source tool that helps with the efficiency and growth of both small and big projects. It makes it easier for the full stack developers to keep a tab on even the minutest changes made to the project files, documents, websites, codes, and apps. A full stack developer also understands the vitality of a GitHub profile.


4. Backend languages

Besides the frontend languages, a Full Stack Developer also knows the backend languages like Java, Ruby, Python, and PHP.


5. Web storage and databases

All the projects are on the database, making it easier for the teams to work collaboratively, keep a tab on the progress, and make changes. For proper data storage and its access in the future, a full-stack developer should understand the complexities associated with web storage.


In addition to these, a Full Stack Java Developer should also know about:

  • DevOps tools
  • Spring Frameworks
  • Web architecture
  • REST and HTTP


Java Full Stack Interview Questions

A. Java Full Stack Developer Interview Questions For Freshers

Below are some of the full stack JavaScript developer interview questions for freshers.

Ques 1. What should a full-stack Java developer know?

Ans. Full stack java interview questions always involve a discussion on the scope of knowledge. A full-stack developer should know the following:

  • Programming languages like C++, Python, Java, Ruby
  • Front-end technologies like Angular, CSS3, HTML5, and third-party libraries like SASS, Ajax, and jQuery.
  • Databases like MongoDB, Oracle, and MySQL
  • A framework like Spring Boot, Spring, PHP, Hibernate, etc.
  • Design ability


Ques 2. Which is the most preferred language by a full-stack developer?

It is another one of the common interview questions for java full stack developers. You will have to face such full stack java developer interview questions and answers because the interviewer wishes to know your knowledge in the field.


Ans. A full-stack developer employs different programming languages. Hence, they need proficiency in multiple languages for fixing the back end, while others for designing the front end. Knowledge of two to three languages is almost mandatory. Some popular languages include C++, Ruby, Python, Java, etc.


Ques 3. What are some popular full stack developer tools?

Ans. A few popular tools employed by full-stack developers are:

  • GitHub
  • WebStorm
  • Backbone
  • Slack
  • Visual Studio Code
  • CodePen
  • TypeScript
  • Electron


Ques 4. List differences between POST and GET.

Difference java full stack interview questions are highly prevalent. POST and GET difference is a part of almost all interview questions for full stack java developers.



  • GET helps in data recovery, and POST helps in writing data.
  • You can bookmark GET, but not POST.
  • GET has the request parameter in the URL string, but POST carries it in the message body.

Let us move ahead to other java full stack developer interview questions.


Ques 5. What are the two exceptions in Java?

Ans. These are the kinds of interview questions for full stack developer java interviewers ask almost sixty percent of candidates.


In Java, the two exceptions are unchecked and checked exceptions. You do not have to declare the former in the constructor’s throws clause or the method, but the checked exceptions demand declaration.


Ques 6. List some of the latest trends in full stack web development.

If you plan on becoming a Java Full Developer, you cannot escape interview questions for java full stack developer trending techs. So, this one is of those interview questions for full stack java developers.


Ans. Some latest trends include:

  • Evolution of compatible extensions
  • Programming with improvement in JavaScript
  • Rise of Vue JS Functional, mobile web development, real-time web apps, and progressive apps


Ques 7. How will you deploy the full stack application?

Knowledge of deploying a full stack application is mandatory to excel in full stack JavaScript developer interview questions during an interview.

Deployment mostly depends on your approach:

  • Deploying Spring Boot and Agular separately.
  • Angular code is a part of the Spring Boot JAR.


Ques 8. What is callback hell?

It is a must to know about callback hell when appearing for java full stack interview questions and answers. Most interviewers ask this as one of the first questions.


Ans. The asynchronous function demands callbacks as a return parameter. However, when multiple asynchronous functions get clubbed together, it results in a callback hell situation.


B. Java Full Stack Developer Interview Questions For Experts

Now, let us address some of the top interview questions for java full stack developers for experts.


Ques 9. Mention one of the latest things learned by you in this field.

Interviewers ask communication-based questions to authenticate the credibility of your CV. In addition, with these full stack java interview questions, the interviewer tries to assess whether you keep up with the latest trends or not.


So, in response to such full stack JavaScript developer interview questions, you can say the projects or assignments you worked on, the bugs you experienced, and how you resolved them.


Further, explain the websites you use to learn about the latest trends and things.


Ques 10. Define object cloning.

It is one of the prevalent java full stack interview questions asked in higher-level interviews.

Ans. Object cloning means recreating an object similar to the existing object. In Java, you have the clone () method that can clone a current object providing the same functioning as the original one.



Ques 11. What is your checklist for performing a code review?

You cannot escape such interview questions for java full stack developer.

Ans. My checklist involves:

  • Patterns
  • Speed and performance
  • Security
  • Readability
  • Fit for purpose
  • Reusability
  • Scalability
  • Documentation
  • Test quality and coverage
  • Reinventing the wheel
  • Maintainability
  • Reliability


Ques 12. Which languages and technologies are needed to develop a project from scratch?

It is one of the hypothetical full stack java developer interview questions that helps the hiring manager understand your readiness for the profile. Your response to such java full stack interview questions and answers can help them decide whether you are an amateur or a proficient full stack developer.

Newbies and those with insufficient knowledge will have bleak chances of getting through at this point in the interview.



Ques 13. Why is Java not 100 percent Object-Oriented?

Again one of the most common questions that most students do not know how to answer to.

Ans. Java is not 100% oriented since it employs eight primitive data types short, long, double, int, char, byte, float, and Boolean. These are not objects.


Ques 14. What are you working on recently?

It is one of the interview questions for full stack developer java that interviewers ask to understand your scope of work,what you have worked on, and what you may be pro at. It helps them decide which projects to assign you.


Ans. Typically, a good programmer is always working on something or the other. So, discuss your coding interests and a few of your top projects. Be passionate while you speak. It makes the interviewer know how much you love your job.


Ques 15. Suggest some ways to better your website performance and load time.

Ans. Since it is one of the genuine concerns for the employers, they ask such full stack java interview questions.
There are several ways to optimize the website and improve its speed and performance. You can answer for these full stack java developer interview questions with options like:

  • Optimize caches
  • Optimize files and compress images.
  • Minimize HTTP requests.
  • Minify JavaScript & Style Sheets.
  • Browser caching.
  • Utilize CDNs
  • Apply HTML5 and CSS3
  • Remove unused files/scripts


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C. Bonus Java Full Stack Developer Interview Questions

Ques 16. Explain Long Polling.
Ques 17. What are the Data Types supported by Java? What are Autoboxing and Unboxing?
Ques 18. Can you tell us an example of when and how you have handled an inefficiency in somebody else’s code?
Ques 19. What is the difference between abstract and interface?
Ques 20. What are the differences between Heap and Stack Memory in Java?
Ques 21. What is the best implementation or debugging you have done in the past?
Ques 22. What are MVC and MVP, and how is MVC different from MVP?
Ques 23. How can we enhance the scalability and efficiency of a website?
Ques 24. Explain inversion of control.
Ques 25. What is CORS?
Ques 26. Consider a responsive site design that requires a full-width image in all responsive states. What would be the correct way to code this to ensure the page loads the shortest image needed to fill the space?
Ques 27. What standards would you consider for SEO?
Ques 28. Can you write a function to detect if two strings are anagrams (for example, VASE and SAVE)?
Ques 29. What makes a HashSet different from a TreeSet?
Ques 30. Explain the term front end.
Ques 31. What would you say was your best implementation experience to date?
Ques 32. Explain Pair Programming.
Ques 33. What is the difference between throw and throws?
Ques 34. Explain referential transparency.
Ques 35. How does Garbage Collection prevent a Java application from going out of memory?
Ques 36. How null is different from undefined in JavaScript?
Ques 37. What are continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)?
Ques 38. What is RESTful API, and explain its application?
Ques 39. How did you implement security for the full stack application?
Ques 40. What is the difference between equals() and == in Java?
Ques 41. What DBMS technologies help in full-stack development?
Ques 42. Explain semantic HTML with an example and why we should use it.?
Ques 43. What is Dependency Injection?
Ques 44. What are the Memory Allocations available in Java?
Ques 45. What is the difference between Exception and Error in Java?
Ques 46. What is the biggest mistake you made in any of your projects? How did you rectify it?
Ques 47. What is an Application server?
Ques 48. Define Singleton Classes in Java.
Ques 49. What do you mean by data attributes, and what is its use?
Ques 50. How can you build your CSS and JavaScript so that other developers can work with them more efficiently?
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How Do I Prepare For A Full Stack Interview?

Typically, interviews in an organization have three segments:
1. Introduction – Here, you will introduce yourself, and talk about your last job, favorite programming languages, and current projects.
2. Pair programming – Herein, the interviewer will ask you to write an API or code. While you write the code, also explain your approach. It is one of the most crucial rounds and your chance to showcase your problem-solving abilities.
3. Java full stack interview questions and answers round – Herein, the interviewer asks several full stack java developer interview questions and answers. We have already mentioned the top fifty above. You can find many more online. Prepare well, and ace your interview.


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