Is AutoCAD Certification Worth It and Should You Learn AutoCAD At All?

Is learning AutoCAD worth
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With AutoCAD, the development and optimization of the design process have also gone up.


There has always been so much buzz around AutoCAD but with new tools coming up, have you ever thought is AutoCAD certification worth it anymore?

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What Is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD has long been the computer-aided design program widely used for creating varied designs and drawings, including both 2D and 3D models. It hit the market way back in 1982.


For professionals who use designing on a daily basis, uses of AutoCAD makes it a powerful tool that is still one of the best in the market. It offers unbeatable performance and efficiency. The software is used by fashion designers, architects, logo designers, mechanical drafters, graphic designers, electrical drafters, etc.


Should You Spend Money on Learning AutoCAD?

Now, one may ask “Is AutoCAD certification and online courses to learn it even worth or can I just download the software and start to learn it by using? I will figure my way out.”


Well, the answer to this is both yes and no. Honestly, the software application becomes ineffective if you do not know how to use it. So, getting trained and certified in AutoCAD can give a major push to your career.

But, if you are not in the mood to spend a buck, you can take up free tutorials and start your practice.


But there is a catch here. AutoCAD tool in itself isn’t free – it comes with a subscription fee. For students, there might be an option to use it for free for a year. But after that it is paid for them as well.


Good online AutoCAD courses are the best as they are convenient and cost-effective. Plus, they provide you with a certification at a cheaper price from the comfort of your home. The best part is you can study at your own pace and take the classes per your schedule.

AutoCAD online certification courses have opened doors for great job opportunities thereby leading to a bright future for professionals.


Is Learning AutoCAD Worth It – Career Prospects?

AutoCAD is beneficial for not only professionals but also large business houses. Companies that invest in AutoCAD training witness growth in their output.


The professionals who are trained in AutoCAD are proficient in the software and are aware of the design requirement as compared to those who are untrained and struggle with designing.


AutoCAD training will help professionals become proficient in 3D drawings, 2D drafting, elevations, other drawings, etc.

How can learning AutoCAD help you?

  1. AutoCAD helps architects prepare designs for a wide range of structures from commercial to residential.
  2. It helps drafters to create blueprints of initial concepts and drawings.
  3. Engineers use AutoCAD to create designs for machines that help them resolve issues for both small circuits and large commercial centers.
  4. Learning AutoCAD will give you an edge over other designing tools as the transition to other tools becomes easier.
  5. In industries like fashion, industrial design, and graphic designing, AutoCAD can help you create a wide variety of beautiful designs, animated graphics,
  6. It will also help you become an in-demand professional in the 3D printing industry.


Is AutoCAD Certification Worth It?

Be it any professional field, reinventing yourself continuously has become the need of the hour. One of the ways to attain professional development is by continuously upgrading your skills.


There are many ways to do it – attending seminars or symposiums related to your field, studying for a higher degree, enhancing your skills by working hard at work or acing the certification exams.


When you are a certified professional, it helps you to convince your prospective clients. AutoCAD certification is one of the certifications that you should consider obtaining.


Reasons why you should go for AutoCAD certification:

  1. This certification provides some credibility as an expert AutoCAD user.
  2. It provides you with more visibility as you become a verified member of the AutoCAD design community.
  3. Taking the certification according to your professional needs will help you validate your skills and abilities.
  4. Certification will give you an edge over the competition in the cut-throat job market.


What Are The Certification Options?

There are a plethora of options available for certifications. Before taking any certification, you should consider the stage you are in your career.


So, for all those wondering is AutoCAD certification worth it? Your certification surely helps you enhance your skills and teaches you a thing or two about the tool.


1. AutoCAD Certified User

This certification is ideal for beginners, AutoCAD users wanting to learn the basics of the software, and students aspiring to become CAD professionals. This certification will show your potential client that you have basic knowledge of CAD tools and you are capable of accomplishing certain tasks.


2. AutoCAD Certified Professional

This certification is advanced and is ideal for professionals who use AutoCAD at work or for freelancing. The certification exam tests your ability to resolve complex workflow and design challenges using AutoCAD.


3. AutoCAD Certified Specialist

This should be taken by AutoCAD users with specialization in solving workflow issues and those with the experience and expertise needed to design or develop innovative solutions across different platforms.

4. Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Certification

This exam caters to civil engineers and architects. It validates CAD users’ ability to use the simulation Moldflow software and the best practices for plastic parts design, injection molding, and general mold design.


Is Learning AutoCAD Worth It Through Online Courses?

Online courses have become like a fad diet. Everybody is trying it and recommending it.


But, do they really help? The answer is yes, they do. But you have to be vigilant in your course selection.


The biggest perk of these online courses is practical exposure and you can learn AutoCAD at your own pace at a reasonable price.


There are several courses online that cater to a wide range of learners – beginners, intermediate to advanced level learners. There are also in-depth training programs for seasoned professionals.


These online courses will build your foundation of this software covering many aspects of AutoCAD. It also lets you partake in exercises to practice your skills.


Some of the online courses also prepare you for the certification exam and help you with interview question & answer prep as well.


What Alternatives Do You Have Apart from Learning Online?

Apart from online courses, there are other ways to learn AutoCAD. Let us look at some of these:


I. In-person classes

If you are hesitant to get enrolled in an online course, you can take the traditional route of learning through in-person classes. Many renowned universities are offering AutoCAD training.


The biggest advantage of taking traditional in-person classes is you can learn from a well-known instructor directly. These classes also offer you a chance to clear your doubts immediately in the class itself. Whenever you need help or feedback, you can get in touch with the instructor.


The downside of in-person classes is usually they tend to be expensive and time-consuming.


II. Autodesk Training

If you find yourself wondering if you should learn AutoCAD from Autodesk directly, it is a good decision we must say. They have an official site for training where you get tips, tricks, and courses for all levels of learners. You will find both paid and free resources.


Autodesk has Autodesk University which offers resources compiled by experts. You will find articles explaining the features and various aspects of the software here.


Autodesk also has a list of authorized training centers. You can use their training center locator to find out if they have any training centers in your city. They have numerous centers all around the world. If you find one in your location, you can contact the center directly.


If not, you can check out their online training centers. These centers also offer quality training services. The instructors are all approved by Autodesk. They are all experts with the qualification of Autodesk Certified Instructor.


The biggest perk of these training centers is the official AutoCAD certification that you receive on the completion of the courses.


III.  Read Books

AutoCAD books are also a good place to start learning AutoCAD. They offer you numerous exercises to try out. The best part is they offer solutions so you can check them out if you get stuck anywhere.


But the greatest downside for both eBooks and paperbacks is that they tend to be too theoretical. Learners lose interest easily.


IV. Watch YouTube Tutorials

YouTube is a great free resource for learning any subject. There is no need to get registered for watching videos or tutorials on YouTube. Plus, the content is available in several different languages. Many times you can even interact with the creator via comments and clear your doubts.


There are several tutorials available for learning AutoCAD on YouTube. The best part is you can learn at your own pace free of cost.


The only downside is anyone can create a channel on YouTube and start teaching, so gauging the qualification of the instructor is difficult on YouTube.


V. Participate in Competitions

Once you have got a hold of the basics of the software, practice is all you need. Participating in design competitions will help you to come up with new concepts. They will force you to get out of your comfort zone and think of out-of-the-box ideas.


Many times, these competitions provide you a chance to win good prize money, a job opportunity, or a breakthrough you needed.


Check out the Autodesk Competitions Site to know about such competitions. Your eligibility depends on your age, learning stage, and program.

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To Sum Up…

Regardless of your learning stage or occupation, learning AutoCAD can open doors for new and exciting job opportunities. If your resume contains certifications in programs and services like AutoCAD, it can give you an edge over others in the employment market.


Many professionals wonder is AutoCAD certification worth it, and we would like to clear that doubt for you. The answer is definitely a yes.


Learning AutoCAD also prepares you professionally, helping you in the long run. Since the designing field is ever evolving, it needs professionals with expertise in 2D and 3D designs.


So, get your AutoCAD tool and get on with your hands-on learning. You can get the software on your desktop OS like Windows and macOS, on your Android or iPhone.


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