Your Child Be Taking Up A Coding Class?

Several online coding classes have been on the rise these days. From one-on-one tutorials to coding camps, there are now tons of classes for kids and even parents to choose from


That said, learning how to code has never been easier. Your kids no longer have to sit in class or get sent to a camp to learn to code. Nowadays, they can just learn how to code from the comfort of their own home.

So if you are second-guessing whether you should enroll your kids in an online coding class or not, here are a few reasons why it is a good idea and why you should push through.


Coding Classes For Kids



New Teaching Methods

Besides the convenience of learning from home, online coding for kids is now a lot more fun and exciting. Gone are the days when kids just simply copied a bunch of codes they did not understand just to print “Hello World!” on a screen.


Thanks to the new teaching methods used by online classes today, your kids can now play games, watch fun animations, create cool projects, and much more. There are now tons of tools, software, and apps that your kids can use whilst learning such as Scratch, Blockly, Swift Playgrounds, and so on.


Rather than have your kids memorize a bunch of random codes, these online coding programs would instead drill down on the application. For instance, if your kids are still a beginner, then it would not make sense to have them memorize long lines of codes. Instead, the best way to teach them is to drill into the logic behind these codes and make them understand how these codes work. This way, once they start learning text-based codes (for advanced classes), they would not have a hard time understanding them.


Tools and Software Familiarity

Besides the many fun tools and software that these online programs often use, they also make sure that each kid understands how different coding tools and software works.


Remember that coding is not just about typing a bunch of codes in a command prompt. Coding is also knowing how different software works, debugging source code, compiling text-based codes, and many more. So besides teaching kids how to code, most of these online programs would also teach your kid how to use real-life tools and software as well.


Real-life tools and software mean these are the same ones that are used in the office setting as well.  This means that professional coders and developers are familiar and proficient in these too. Should your kids ever choose to start a career in coding or programming, then they can easily adapt to their working environment and find a role much more suitable for their skills.


Learn Real-life Coding Languages

In addition to tools and software, every aspiring coder needs to learn text-based coding languages at some point. So rather than skipping this and oversimplifying the lessons, these coding programs also aim to teach kids how to write and debug text-based codes.


Even though block-based programming is great for kids learning how to code, jobs and real coding projects still require text-based coding languages.


Taking that into account, many coding programs are now teaching, prepping, and even simulating scenarios of what it would feel like working on a real-life coding project. Since real-life coding projects use text-based coding languages, these coding programs always ensure that kids understand each and every lesson. This way, they would not have a hard time progressing to a much more advanced class level.


Once your kids are finally ready, you can now enroll them in a more advanced class where they can learn different coding languages such as Python, Lua, C#, C, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and many more.


Useful and Lucrative Skill

Despite your kids having chosen a different career path, they can still flourish and learn how to code.


Remember that coding is not all about writing and compiling codes. There are many aspects involved such as design, development, app creation, animation, and others. So even though your kid decided not to pursue a career in tech or computer science, they can still use all of the things that they learn from these coding programs.


For instance, simply understanding the logic and syntax would help get you by in different roles and industries. Take marketers as an example, many of them are able to land a higher position in their job not just because of their marketing skills but also for their coding knowledge.


That said, teaching your kids how to code is also like future-proofing their careers. No matter what industry or profession they choose, you can assure that their coding skill set would still be put to great use.


Better Hobby

There have been many studies that show kids spending more and more time in front of a computer screen. So to remedy this situation and make their time in front of a computer a lot more productive, you should give coding classes a try. Who knows, your kid might even stay until the end and start to explore the subject themselves.


Luckily, these coding for kids programs are now a lot more fun and exciting. Kids can both play and learn at the same time. For example, if your kid loves to spend hours playing computer games like Minecraft, then Minecraft coding would be a perfect learning program for them. They would not only learn how to code or create their own mods, but they can still play the game all the while learning them.


Other than Minecraft coding, there are also other options like Roblox coding. Roblox is now one of the most popular games/apps among kids. When you ask any kid about Roblox, chances are they probably already know it before you. And if that is the case, then you can give Roblox coding a try as well.


When you do all of these, try to open more possibilities as much as you can. Sometimes, a quick Google search is all you need to find the best coding classes for your kid.

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