What Is The Difference Between Internet and Intranet?

Internet vs intranet
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With the emerging transformation in the digital world, today more and more organizations are open to the idea of virtual work and changing innovation. At such a time when remote work has become a norm, the terms internet and intranet are creating a niche.
It is very easy for most people to get confused between these terms. Though they sound similar, they have different meanings. Let us compare internet and intranet and know the difference between internet and intranet.
While in this article we are majorly looking at internet vs intranet, we would also cover the advantages, uses and similarities between the two so that we can better understand the terms.

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What Is An Internet?

Internet is also called global network that connects computers worldwide. When different networks of computers are connected simultaneously on global network, internet lets users transfer data and makes communication possible.
Internet uses TCP/IP protocol for communication and has a separate IP address for each computer. It has DNS (Domain Name Server) that provides a name to IP address. It includes a varied range of networks such as public, private, government, organizations etc.
Between the internet vs intranet, internet is used to transfer huge amounts of data within multiple users. An internet can consist of several intranets.
Globally billions of people access internet. It is used to access pages and social media, send messages and mails, watch videos, listen to music on internet. It has a wide range of information. Internet uses a collection of LANs, WANs and MANs. It uses both Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G and 4G technology for communication.


How Is Internet Useful?

In this article where we compare internet and intranet, we have also listed below some of the uses of internet:

  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Downloading software and media files
  • Using social media platforms
  • Sharing files
  • Chatting, voice calls and video conferencing
  • Online shopping, paying bills and for e-commerce
  • Browsing


Advantages Of Internet

While we differentiate between internet and intranet, we have also listed here few advantages of internet:

  • Comparing internet vs intranet, we know that internet allows people to communicate easily from anywhere anytime
  • It makes gathering information very easy
  • It lets people to communicate hassle-free
  • It helps us to be updated with world news and other information
  • Internet connects people through forums, communities and social networking sites
  • E-commerce has become extremely simple and easy
  • It is the best place to showcase your talent


What Is An Intranet?

Intranet is a smaller system of private interconnected computers within an organization. It is usually designed for use in government office, school, private organization etc. It is controlled, restricted and can support only limited users.
Hence, only limited data can be transferred within an area that is defined among several PCs – like a company’s website.
As intranet is mostly used on server platform, it enables organizations to share data, files, manage calendars and organize information. You get easy access and management of data. It is also easier to maintain the data through intranet.

What Are The Uses Of Intranet?

Although here we compare internet and intranet, let us also look at some of the uses of intranet:

  • Accessing employee details
  • Sharing news regarding rules and regulations of the company
  • Sharing details of project
  • Submission of projects and reports
  • Sending feedback or complaints
  • Onboarding employees
  • Sharing customer details
  • Sharing corporate telephone numbers


Benefits Of Intranet

Now since we have understood internet vs intranet, let’s look at few advantages of intranet:

  • Intranet is easy-to-use, fast and can be set up at low cost
  • It is helping organizations to access internal and external information securely
  • It reduces error and encourages collaboration
  • Intranet helps cut down the processing time
  • Through intranet, employees can connect to other systems of the organization
  • With the help of intranet, productivity enhances as communication improves


Let’s Differentiate Between Internet and Intranet!

Next, we look at the major differences between the two:

  • Internet connects thousands of computers worldwide simultaneously and is available for all, whereas intranet is a network of computers used only by a group of users.
  • It is a private and secured network unlike internet which is a public network.
  • Internet is unsafe and not protected as it is a public network which has more traffic, while intranet is safe as it is a private network.
  • Internet can be widely used and accessed, while intranet can only be used only by those who have access to login details
  • Over internet unlimited data can be transferred, while over intranet only limited data can be transferred
  • Only limited data or information can be accessed over intranet, while more data or information can be availed over internet


Internet Vs Intranet Comparison Table

Here is a gist of difference between internet and intranet.


Comparison Internet Intranet
Definition It is a network that connects many networks simultaneously around the world. Huge amounts of data and information can be exchanged between the users through internet It is a network that is used by private users and is limited by the users within the firm or company
Network The internet is accessible to all It is specific to a group of people
Type of network Internet is a wide public network that is used by billions of people across the world. Intranet is a private network which is used by limited users.
Accessibility Anyone can access this network Only authorized users can access it
Safety It is an insecure network It is a fairly secure and protected network
Use Internet is used to share information and for communication by every user who is connected to the network Intranet  is used to share information and to communicate with only those who are authorized to use the network
Information All types of information are available on the internet Only company’s information, resources, data, event info is available on the intranet
Privacy Privacy is very low on internet and there are high chances of leaks of information. Since intranet is a private and secure network which has pre-installation of a firewall that protects the privacy of the company
Traffic More Less


Similarities Between Internet vs Intranet

Now that we have differentiated between internet and intranet, looking at few similarities between internet and intranet can help us understand both better:

  • For communication, both internet and intranet need an IP (internet protocol) address. These include protocols like the TCP-IP and FTP.
  • Both the internet and intranet have platforms for instant messaging. The intranet has a messaging service that is similar to G-Talk or messenger.
  • For accessing both the internet and intranet, you need a web browser. Intranet users also require a customized web browser for accessing their own specific websites.
  • The security features of internet and intranet enables data encryption and decryption, and a firewall. To protect their data, the users of intranet might use different encryption techniques.


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In this article internet vs intranet, we have tried to include all the major differences, similarities and uses of both intranet and internet so that you can understand the terms in an easier manner.


When we compare internet and intranet, we come to know that although there are many differences between the two, both are interconnected. Intranet servers depend on internet.

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