Importance Of Creative Writing: Why Do We Need To Study Literature?

Importance Of Creative Writing


Creative writing helps pupils express their creativity and write about their everyday life. It also improves language learning. Students may use art and creativity in creative writing assignments. Professors and college students promote written stories and extend one’s non-academic vocabulary, and they spend leisure time writing and debating. Editing clubs, schoolbooks or journals, writing contests, literary colonies or seminars, and curricula strive to empower pupils to express themselves creatively on paper. Now, let’s see together what is the importance of studying literature.


Why Do We Need To Study Literature?

If you are unsuccessfully trying to figure out why do we study literature, your headaches have come to an end. Literature studies have a lot to do with how you live your life on a day-to-day basis, even if you don’t think it at first! People’s thinking and emotional style haven’t altered throughout time. They still experience the same feelings they did back then. Every lesson you learn may be applied to your life in a variety of ways. A child’s understanding of human emotions and the structure of our hearts improve as they begin reading. Essays, poetry by great poets, novel tales, and diaries serve as a bridge between two distinct eras and across various ethnic groups. As a result, they are better prepared to handle particular circumstances and avoid future difficulties.


You’ll be able to relate to the world around you and its excellent values while reading great books. Literature is an excellent way to teach children about society’s positive and bad aspects. The past is brought to life via literature. A lot of people consider history to be a vital element of our lives. To enjoy this topic, we must not read it as a means of remembering it. Students will have a better time if they make it a habit to read it via works of fiction. Empathy is critical in today’s culture, or else it would quickly devolve into a dog-eat-dog environment that will harm everyone.


Reading Enhances Our Way Of Thinking

Pupils should read a lot of literature since it helps students expand their thinking process, instills information, and provides crucial lessons for their minds to be creative. It’s quite improbable that anything else can carry as many fascinating tales, sentiments, ideas, and facts as books can. Since certain facts shouldn’t be overlooked, they are taught in schools via literary works. As a student, your life is always going to be complicated. As long as they can get some insight into the workings of the world by a little reading, there’s nothing incorrect with it. Reading books is a pleasurable pastime.


However, there are several advantages for an understudy in engaging in this enjoyable hobby. There are cognitive processes that are triggered when a pupil reads a word; these functions include critical analysis and focus. Handwriting is one of the most important aspects of student life. Just read one book, and you’ll be amazed at the transformation you’ll see in your writing thereafter. For instance, the works of William Shakespeare and John Locke are frequently read in classrooms. So, why wouldn’t you use them and read their well-written archetype essays that are so influential for youngsters?  You can analyze Shakespear’s “Hamlet” as an archetype through free essay examples. His works are renowned for their complexity and the various levels of significance that may be found in the characters’ actions, themes, and the very structure of the genre in which they are published.


How Is Creative Writing Related To Literature?

Dozens of individuals don’t realize the significance of studying literature and its connection to creative writing. Luckily, we’re here to clarify that. To completely understand and examine English literature, one must first analyze how texts are generated. This project aims to provide a theoretical framework for teaching undergraduate creative writing using the English literary canon. The survey included 50 ESL professors.


Educating kids about English literature may help them produce better short stories and play scenes and encourage their creativity. Writing improves students’ linguistic abilities, research shows. When literature is taught in the classroom, students’ ability to employ literary techniques improves.


What Is It So Unique About Literature That Makes Us Fall In Love With It?

To improve your vocabulary, you need to read a lot. When you study a new language, what are you truly learning? It’s important to know what type of language we’re taking in. It’s essential to keep in mind how potent words may be. Using words is a kind of political activism. It’s easy to see while reading the headlines of the same topic on several news websites. They’re all unique due to a few minor linguistic differences. Both the words we include and the ones we leave out have ramifications.


The English language is ever-evolving. To better understand ourselves and the people around us, we alter the language, but the most essential thing is that language adapts to the communicator who uses it. So, what happens if we exclusively read books written by persons of the same ethnicity and socioeconomic status? We begin to see the world through a narrower lens. From this perspective, we begin to perceive the world. We begin to perceive the world through the eyes of the person who is speaking or writing to us.


How Is Literature Connected With All Spheres Of Life?

Literature and life have a close relationship. It’s, in truth, a reflection of life itself. Books put an aesthetic shape on life’s basic materials. A writer’s life experience is conveyed via literature, as we described in the preceding section. However, there is more nuance to this link than meets the eye. Some of the world’s best literary critics have debated this issue, with varying degrees of success.


For the first time, the renowned Greek philosopher Plato considered how literature relates to real life. Poetry was the primary focus of his discourse, yet what he stated about poetry may be extended to other forms of literary expression. His view of poetry was that it was an “imitation of life,” and as a result, he decried poets.


Based on his philosophy of knowing, he was anti-poetry. Is he right? He thinks that the fundamental truth of things is in their ideas, not in their physical manifestations. There are many ways in which we compare the real world to our ideal world. For example, whether we describe a black dog as “good,” a good dog as “lame,” or a nice dog as “bad,” we are evaluating the real world to our ideal one.


Writing Helps You At Job Success

If you can write well, you’ll be more likely to succeed in your job search. You’re probably not expected to compose emails in the style of a novel or a sonnet from your employer, but if they are, you’ve got a pretty fantastic one. Every job requires some written effort, from simple conversation to uploading data or promotional materials. Creative writing classes teach you grammar and style rules for literary and professional writing. Eventually, it might lead to a new job.


Sense Of Empathy Gets Increased Through Literature

When it relates to being a productive member of a writing workshop, having a strong sense of empathy is essential for both reading and writing. By immersing ourselves in the experiences of others via fiction, poetry allows us to explore our own emotions through the lens of another character. Emotional intelligence is a key component of creative writing. When we sit down with a customer or business partner, we exercise empathy every time we listen to their autobiography, their day, or when they tell us about it. Writing improves our listening and speaking skills, making us develop social and human beings in general.


Humanity Is Better Understood Via Writing And Literature

No matter how long you spend immersing yourself in a work of literature, you’ll likely arrive at the same judgment about human nature as you learn more about the characters. The world has changed a lot since Homer wrote The Odyssey in the 8th century. Although we may not be able to identify with the God worshipping Odysseus or the fabled animals he encountered, we can nonetheless appreciate the man’s lust for fame and his impetuous attitude.


Literature also serves as a warning about the dangers of giving in to our darker impulses. From previous English lessons, you may remember the myriad conflicts that torment protagonists one after another: man vs machine, etc. None of the locale or narrative, it is always the man who is left to face up against the evil. For now, we can only enjoy these conflicts via the prism of literature, since these conflicts are not going away any time soon. It’s important to look at why we succumb to these disputes and what we could do to protect ourselves and the planet we live on.



Children learn to be more imaginative via creative writing. In addition, it may be an excellent approach for strangers to get to know one other. Writing is a great way to avoid thinking about bad scores in school. Students who have a creative outlet like writing do better in school because they are less stressed. The ability to be more creative and have fun while doing something they like may be transformed into a superpower for youngsters who discover their style of writing.

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