How To Get Paid For Photoshop Skills You’ve Mastered?

How To Make Money With Adobe Photoshop

Do you have excellent Photoshop skills? Would you want to make the most of it to earn a big buck? Photoshop is a bankable skill. It is also one of the top skills even if you need an entry-level, well-rewarding job to make a debut in the design world.


So, if you are good at it, have passion, and persistence, you can surely make a good buck with it. But, how to use photoshop to make money?


Through this guide, we will discuss relevant tips on how to earn money with photoshop online. But, before that, let us understand if Photoshop is a worthwhile skill.


Ways To Make Money With Photoshop Skills?

  1. Join A Company As A Professional
  2. Become A Freelance Designer
  3. Logo Designing
  4. Create Tutorials
  5. Create and Sell Your Courses
  6. Sell Stock Pictures
  7. Graphic Design Business
  8. T-Shirt Design
  9. Art Design
  10. Sell Document Presets & Templates
  11. Design Fonts
  12. Create Website Themes
  13. Join Photoshop Contests For Money


Are Photoshop Skills In Demand?

Photoshop has taken the entire creative world by storm. It is an excellent tool for image-editing and is hugely popular in careers like photography and graphic design. However, the scope of photoshop is not curtailed to this.


There is a range of other career prospects, too, wherein Photoshop finds use. HR and marketing teams need photoshop for creating and promoting their marketing campaigns.


Now, the big question is how to make money with photoshop? Keep reading to find out.


How To Earn Money With Photoshop Online?

Well, in all honesty, there are a plethora of different ways to make this happen. Below, we will enlist some vital tips on how to get paid for photoshop skills.


1. Join A Company As A Professional

Several companies need a graphic designer. So, if you wish to learn how to make money with Adobe Photoshop, why not consider joining a company as a Photoshop professional, and demonstrate your skills while you get paid for them.


Of course, it is one of the most straightforward ways to get paid for your skills. So, create an impressive portfolio and apply for a job at the companies with vacancies.


2. Become A Freelance Photo Editor

If you know Photoshop skills through and through but do not wish to work in the field full-time, or if you are already employed somewhere and want to supplement your income, why do you not consider becoming a freelance photo editor?


Alternatively, if you know Photoshop, but do not have the resources to start your own company, then, too, you can consider enrolling in an online marketplace.


Working as a freelancer and knowing how to use photoshop to make money can help you boost your confidence and gain recognition. Typically, the online freelance platforms have no signing up fee.


So, anytime a client posts about an online job and you are interested in the same, bid for the gig. If the potential client finds your portfolio and big lucrative, they will hire you for the job. In addition to being an excellent way to make money online with Photoshop, it also helps you design a portfolio showcasing the diverse range of your work. Hence, it enables you to showcase your versatility. Freelancer, Upwork, and LinkedIn are some sources to look for a freelance gig.


3. Logo Designing

Today almost all the companies have a website and a digital presence in some form or the other. For this, they need a logo. So, how to make money with adobe photoshop?


If you are a pro at Photoshop, why do you not consider designing logos for the companies? Since businesses enjoy having an online presence, there is a rising demand for logo designers.


4. Create Tutorials

Want to know how to earn money with photoshop online if you are a master at Photoshop. Well, you can use this skill and offer a product of value to people who aspire to learn photoshop.


So, to earn money with the skill, you can create tutorials where you teach all the ins and outs of Photoshop, and people can pay (your decided amount) the fee for the same. The more people buy this tutorial, the greater you earn from the course.


Of course, Photoshop is not the only skill to create tutorials. If you have more skills to teach, you can prepare tutorials and classes for them.


If people in the Photoshop circuit already know your name and game, you can sell these tutorials on your platform to your avid followers. You can use your website and social media for marketing these photoshop courses.


5. Join Udemy Or Any Related Platform And Sell Your Courses

In addition to selling your courses on your website, you can also use some established course-selling platforms to share your classes. We will tell you how to get paid for photoshop knowledge you have.


Students are already browsing these platforms, searing for the top online courses. So, if someone is interested in Photoshop, and if you are good at it, students will not shy away from trying your class.


Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, and LinkedIn Learning are some of the excellent places to share your course for people to buy. Studies suggest that you can make anywhere around 200-3000 USD per month via these platforms by selling courses.


Naturally, the newer tutor’s earnings will be on the lower end of the spectrum, and the top-performing ones will mint more money.


6. Create and Sell Stock Pictures

Wish to know how to make money with photoshop with simply selling pictures on stock websites? See, all businesses want to stand out and outshine the competition.


So, anything shared online has to be visually appealing. It is the primary differentiator. So, as a Photoshop expert, you can create images of top quality, HD lists, or images corresponding to a specific niche and submit it to libraries of these stock image websites.


However, when creating images, be very careful about the quality. Platforms, such as istockphoto, 500px, Fotolia, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock, are very particular about the quality. If you submit a sub-standard quality image, they will reject it instantly.


7. Graphic Design Business

If you want to do Graphic design full-time and have the time and resources to start a full-time business, why do you not consider starting a graphic design company? This will also help you with how to make money with photoshop quest.


Thousands of people look for photo editing solutions on a routine basis. They need skilled and talented people with an eye for detail. So, you can take up projects and satiate all the Graphic design needs of your clients.


8. T-shirt Design

Did you see a dialogue, a catchphrase, or anything cool that you thought would look better on a T-shirt? Well, with the knowledge of Photoshop, you can make it a reality and design t-shirts that sell.


You can shop for low-cost, good-quality T-shirts in bulk from wholesale suppliers or supermarket, add your unique touch with it using Photoshop, and your graphic T is ready.


College students and young kids love T-shirts with catchy or motivating phrases. Hence, it is an excellent way how to use photoshop to make money?


9. Art Design

As you are already a pro at Photoshop, you can use your skill to design art for magazines, billboards, CDs, postcards, and several other platforms.


In addition, your art designs can also help you with by creating designs for e-book covers and book covers. What’s more? You can also make designs for movie posters, packaging designs, or online ads.


Regardless, if you choose to use this option, it can be an excellent way how to make money with photoshop skills.


10. Sell Document Presets & Templates

For someone who wants to know how to get paid for photoshop, let us tell you that photoshop is bankable skill and here sky is the limit. So, if you wish to earn a big buck, consider designing document templates and presets.


So many people look for ready-make templates to ensure that their documents look more thoughtful, well-organized, and professional. Some templates that you can design to earn passive income include:

  • E-book templates
  • CV or resume templates
  • Cover letter templates
  • Email templates
  • Wedding invite templates
  • Baby shower templates
  • Reception templates
  • Magazine layouts
  • Bridal shower templates
  • Inauguration templates


Even if you know that correct way how to earn money with photoshop online, the money you make here largely depends on the price you charge per template and the number of templates you can sell.


11. Design Fonts

It is a more skilled and creative option, but if you are proficient at Photoshop, you can execute it well. For this, you will have to create your website and sell your fonts. Alternatively, you can also contact a company and sell your fonts to them for a hefty sum of money.


Regardless of the option you pick, it is an incredible source to make money from your knowledge of Photoshop.


12. Create Website Themes

There are more than half a million websites that go live every day. Every website has a particular design or a theme. Hence, given the vast pace at which people release new websites, there is a significant demand for website themes or design.


So, you can create a beautiful template that business owners can use for their websites. One template has multiple uses. So, how to make money with photoshop designing templates?


You can create the layout in Photoshop, but to convert it to a theme, you will have to code it. If you lack coding knowledge, you can hire a freelance coder to help you with the task. There are multiple platforms where you can sell your website theme. Some of the popular ones include Creative Market, Themeforest, and Sellfy.


Your earnings here will depend on a range of factors. Of course, you may not mint millions, but good potential earnings are guaranteed.


13. Join Photoshop Contests For Money

Lastly, you can participate in the multiple photoshop contests conducted worldwide, showcase your skills there, and win the prize. Of course, it is a competitive medium, and money is not guaranteed, but if you trust your skills and talent, nothing is impossible.


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So, these are some of the most incredible and beneficial ways to make money with Photoshop. It is an inclusive list, and there are many other mediums to make money with the skill. Happy learning-happy earning!


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