How To Learn Typescript The Best Way That It Stays With You Forever

How to Learn Typescript
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In the last few years, there has been a surge in the popularity of TypeScript. Today, several jobs require you to know Typescript. Given its popularity, if you’re interested to find out how to learn TypeScript, we have got all you need.


Fret not, if you’re overwhelmed with the abundance of resources. If you understand JavaScript, getting acquainted with TypeScript would not take much time. You may or may not be interested in working with Typescript, but its mere knowledge can help you get more adept at JavaScript. Consequently, it will make you a better developer.


Roadmap To Learn TypeScript

  1. Have A Strong Foundation
  2. Look For Learning Resources Online
  3. Go For A Typescript Book
  4. Work On Some Projects
  5. Regularly Practice
  6. Be A Part Of The Developer Community


What is TypeScript?

TypeScript helps you write the JavaScript precisely how you wish to. It is JavaScript’s typed superset, which compiles simple JavaScript. It does everything possible in JavaScript and still has some extra features.


Most people recommend using TypeScript to add static typing to JavaScript. It implies that you cannot change the type of a variable at any point in the program. Hence, it can keep bugs at bay.


It is a 100% object-oriented language, typed statistically like Java or C#. Angular 2.0, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, is written in TypeScript. You can use TypeScript to create object-oriented programs.


It also enables the programmers to compile them both on the client and the server side. But how to go around and figure out the best way to learn TypeScript?


This guide below will discuss the detailed roadmap to learning TypeScript quickly.


Roadmap To Learn TypeScript

Step 1 – Get some background


Firstly, if you wish to learn TypeScript quickly, you should be well-versed with the basics. After you have gained the foundational knowledge, you need to proceed to other components that compose the language.


Only after you have acquired clarity on these aspects move ahead to the more complicated topics of TypeScript.


 Step 2 – Look for resources online

On the internet, you can find an array of online classes that have transformed how to learn TypeScript. Naturally, the variety in the options is a huge plus because the diversity in the choice makes it easier to find what you seek.


But, at times, it may leave you feeling overwhelmed and intimidated. So, ask yourself which is the best way to learn TypeScript quickly, and then pick from any of the below-listed options.


A. You can seek refuge on the official site

Wish to know how to master TypeScript? Well, there cannot be a better way to learn TypeScript than by studying it directly from those behind this tool. So, use the official TypeScript documentation. You can find everything there is to discover on the subject with easy access.


One of the best things about learning from the official resource is that it will always be the first platform to receive any new updates or notifications in the software when they arise. Thus, you will have access to the latest information at all times.


B. Enroll in some online courses

When someone asks us how to learn TypeScript, online classes are one of the first things that come to our minds. There are so many free and paid TypeScript classes online that it is easy to find a session on every aspect associated with TypeScript.


Many top platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning have associations with top universities and colleges to provide the best sessions and equip you with the desired knowledge.


Several paid ones give you a certification, while some just provide the course material in the free version. To learn TypeScript quickly depending on what you seek, you can enroll in a course.


Some of the online classes that you can enroll in are:

  1. Understanding TypeScript – 2022 Edition – [Udemy]
  2. TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide – [Udemy]
  3. TypeScript Fundamentals – [Pluralsight]
  4. Learn TypeScript – [CodeCademy]
  5. TypeScript Courses – [LinkedIn Learning]


C. Check out some free tutorials

How to learn TypeScript online without having to spend a buck? The internet has some platforms wherein you can find free tutorials to learn TypeScript online. Some of the platforms where you can find free resources are:

  1. YouTube
  2. FreeCodeCamp
  3. CodeCademy
  4. W3Schools


Tutorials are not the best way to learn TypeScript but are definitely a great place to begin with. It is so because tutorials may not be as comprehensive as a full length course.


You can browse through the offerings and pick one that fits your needs. Below, we will address some of our favorite picks from the different portals online:


1. Learn TypeScript in 50 Minutes – Tutorial for Beginners – In this video, you will discover how to learn TypeScript in less than an hour. The author covers all the elementary TypeScript concepts like Variable Types, Interfaces, Functions, and Variable Declarations. Access Modifiers, Classes, and more.
2. Typescript Tutorial – It is a video tutorial, which covers ES6 features, typing, debugging, and other helpful type system features.
3. Using Typescript in React – In this class, you will study with Bed Awad, an ace software consultant. You will learn to use TypeScript in the Interface framework React.
4. TypeScript Tutorial – Want to know how to master TypeScript? It is one of the top online tutorials with detailed discussions for a seamless learning experience. It is also one of the most hands-on, free sessions online.
5. TypeScript: The Basics: Lastly, it is a brief 12-minute video lesson wherein you learn the TypeScript functionality basics and their practical use case.


D. Bootcamp

These days coding boot camps are becoming increasingly popular. They are brief but are excellent training and skill development programs that can help amplify your chances of landing the job of your dreams.


These camps will provide you with a hands-on experience and will provide you an insight into what working in the field will be like. There are tons of Bootcamps conducted now and then. Browse through their offerings, and then enroll.


Step 3 – Read some of the TypeScript Books

Not everyone thinks online resources are the best way to learn TypeScript. They still prefer textbooks to acquire all the knowledge. These are detailed reference guides with exercises and activities to practice simultaneously.


Some people also like to amalgamate the online and the offline media and make the most of the two. So, as they learn from reputed instructors online, they simultaneously read through the books. It helps them acquire the most well-rounded information on the subject.


Some of the best books for your reference are:

  1. Programming TypeScript by Boris Cherny
  2. Essential TypeScript: From Beginner to Pro by Adam Freeman
  3. Pro TypeScript by Steve Fenton


Step 4 – Work on some projects

After you have all the theoretical and practical knowledge about how to learn TypeScript, it is time you start making something. So, work on a project that allows you to apply all the acquired skills. The more exercises you work on, the better you will know.


With every project, you will discover something new that will broaden your horizons. You can work on your projects to diversify your portfolio, look for an internship or a job where you work on different projects, or outsource projects freelance for companies and agencies.


Start small and then progressively build on your knowledge when working on the project for the first time. Some courses on platforms like Coursera even have the projects included in the learning objectives. These can give you a sneak peek into what this world will look like and feel from the inside.


Step 5 – Regularly Practice to learn TypeScript quickly

With regular practicing, you never feel out of trend, and a coder is like a fine wine – the older and more experienced he is, the better it is. So, work on different things, keep updating your knowledge and skills, read journals and documents, enroll in classes and tutorials, and practice as much as possible.


We also recommend regular training because when you keep working, you will encounter different industry issues, and with the correct knowledge, you will find ways to overcome them.


Step 6 – Be a part of the Developer Community

Lastly, collaborating with people from the same field as you gives you a chance to get better. Hence, we recommend becoming a part of the developer communities. You can publish your projects and get feedback from developers in the same field.


At the same time, you can review other people’s work to know what they do better than you and try to adopt these learnings in your projects.



Ques 1. How long does it take to learn TypeScript?

Ans. Ideally, it will take approximately a month to be well-versed with the TypeScript basics, provided you dedicate at least an hour every day to studying the content and practicing it religiously.


After you have acquired the basics, how to master TypeScript? You should spare another six months to comprehend TypeScript in-depth. In this time, you can develop the necessary skills and get prepared to put these things into practice in a professional setting.


Since TypeScript and JavaScript are somewhat similar, much of the terminology you hear here will be the same. It can decomplexify the learning curve. But, we cannot deny that TypeScript is an independent technology.


Hence, there will be multiple concepts that you ought to learn from scratch. How long it will take you to learn depends significantly on the time you are willing to commit to your studies. Anyone who dedicates wholly to studying TypeScript can do it faster than others who work and study part-time.


Ques 2. Is TypeScript hard to learn?

Ans. We have discussed how to learn TypeScript. Now, the vital question that hovers in the head of many students is this. In all honesty, even those who know JavaScript may experience some challenges learning TypeScript.


It is because TypeScript is a little more complex than JavaScript. TypeScript extends upon JavaScript. Hence, you must have a solid understanding of JavaScript before you learn TypeScript.


However, it will come easy if you give it ample time and practice and discover the best way to learn TypeScript.


There are multiple new features in TypeScript absent in JavaScript. So, be ready to spare some time for these fresh concepts you do not study in JavaScript.


Ques 3. Will my JavaScript knowledge help?

Ans. Many students who aspire to learn TypeScript quickly often have this question. It is impossible to learn TypeScript if you do not know JavaScript. Both JavaScript and TypeScript have the same runtime behavior and syntax.


Hence, anything you learn in JavaScript helps you understand JavaScript too.


Ques 4. Why should you learn TypeScript?

Ans. We have discussed how long does it take to learn TypeScript and how to learn it. Now, the question is, why must you consider learning TypeScript? Below, we will list all the reasons:

  1. Even though JavaScript is highly flexible, it does not do an excellent job of building scalable web apps.
  2. When you know TypeScript, you are well-versed with new tools to help you write scalable web apps.
  3. Some even look for the best ways to learn TypeScript because it can better your development experience by simplifying the process of writing readable codes. For instance, tools like TSServer and TSLint can help you improve code’s efficiency and style.
  4. Lastly, TypeScript is one of the most top-demanded skills in the labor market. Studies suggest it is the fourth most in-demand coding language, only after Go, Scala, and Ruby. Thus, if you discover how to learn TypeScript, you can easily find a rewarding job in the field.

Wrapping Up
We hope this guide on how to master TypeScript proves beneficial for you. If you have made it here, you are already well-versed with the roadmap you need to follow to get adept at the language and start using it.


So, what are you waiting for? Begin the learning process so you can start using TypeScript in your projects. Happy Learning!


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