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How to Learn SAP Online
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We have all heard it repeatedly – SAP is a good career choice with a competitive salary and several opportunities. But, the question is, where do you start, and how? You can find several paid courses available online that can provide you with the required training, but not everyone is willing to pay for it.


So, the question is how to learn SAP for free. The options are plenty. In this guide, we will discuss some free and paid choices to learn SAP at home.


However, please know whichever method you choose, you need to be diligent and structure your learning schedule in the best manner possible. If you are not driven, there’s no training path or an instructor that can keep you motivated. Before we discuss the different ways to learn how to use SAP at home, we will explain what it is.

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What is SAP?

SAP, originally called the System Analysis Program Development, was founded in 1972 by a European multinational. Since its humble beginnings from being a five-person, small endeavor by Tschira, Hector, Wellenreuther, Plattner, and Hopp to a mega-multinational in Germany employing over 1,05,000 employees globally, it has come a long way.


Abbreviated SAP, System Analysis Program is one of the most popular Enterprise Resource Planning software. It designs software solutions to manage customer relationships and businesses. The SAP’s popularity is an easy giveaway from the following facts:

  1. It is the number 1 ERP.
  2. It has over 230 million cloud users.
  3. It has its customers in over 120 countries and offers business solutions to twenty-five industries.
  4. It offers over 100 solutions covering all business functions.


It is hugely popular. Thus, it makes sense to invest your time and learn the software. So, now the question that may be hovering in your head is, ‘how can I learn SAP?’


Fret not. The guide below will address everything you need to know about learning SAP from home.


Step-by-Step SAP Learning Guide

Step 1 – Start by Self-analysis

Before starting with anything, you need to perform a self-analysis and see what makes you want to learn SAP. People have many different motivations for SAP training. Below, we will address the most common reasons we have heard from people to get into SAP.


1. Job– It is one of the most common reasons for people to acquire an SAP certification. Having a CAP certification can amplify your chances of getting a well-paying job.
2. Money– Several people think of SAP certification as a long-term investment because of the massive returns it is capable of bringing.
3. Reputation– Any SAP-certified consultant will enjoy an incredible reputation in the market. They will love the regard they get from their family, friends, and colleagues.
4. Recognition– When you learn how to use SAP and get a SAP-certification, you will receive acclaim from prospective and current employers.
5. Upskill – One can learn SAP also to improve the way they operate their day to day business.
6. Prospects – SAP certification offers a safe cushioning to the career. It opens up several different career prospects.
7. Promotion– You will always receive an appraisal over a non-certified professional.
8. Self-confidence – Holding an SAP certification gives an immense boost to your confidence. It changes the way people perceive you. Seeing all your hard work pay off, your respect in your own eyes amplifies.


Step 2 – Consider how SAP is beneficial for your business or job

You wish to know how to learn SAP at home because you think your SAP knowledge can change your input into the business. So, before you look for ways to learn SAP, you need to see how it will benefit your business or career. Here are some prevalent ways in which SAP can be beneficial:
1. It can prove beneficial for all types of business – SAP can make it easy to find personalized solutions exquisitely for your enterprise, regardless of size. Regardless of the employees in your company, whether your organization is well-established or still in the growing phase, the SAP tools and solutions can easily benefit your business.
2. It can future-proof the business – SAP has been a successful ERP for over four decades. Hence, it can do a great job at putting you on par with all the latest innovations and making your business future ready. With SAP in place, you will have the right solutions to power the next generations of business.
3. It can make the business flexible – Companies are always running after flexibility. With SAP, you can personalize the business processes – pay for what you require or use the private or public cloud.
4. It adds a layer of security – To keep the business safe, a company requires a forward-thinking team of professionals. SAP is one of the most Avante-Garde infrastructures in the world. So, with SAP, your data will always be safe and guarded against the effect of hackers.Also, with SAP knowledge, you can do an excellent job at lowering the threats a business may experience in routine.


Step 3 – What industry are you in?

Another aspect you need to consider before we giveaway how to learn SAP online is which industry you work in. Several industries already use this Enterprise Resource Planning Software, and many more will join the bandwagon soon. Anytime a company invests in SAP, it is for the long haul. So, ensure that you can bring value to your industry as an SAP specialist.


Some industries where SAP finds use are:

  1. Technical and Business Services
  2. Distribution
  3. Life Science
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Energy
  6. Healthcare
  7. Telecommunications
  8. Educations
  9. Finance
  10. Retail


After you have figured out the answers, you now need to look for resources to learn SAP. Below, we will discuss some free and paid platforms to learn SAP.


Step 4 – How to learn SAP for free?

Here are some free resources to start your quest to learn this ERP.


A. Free tutorials

On the internet, you can find several tutorials that provide well-rounded information on SAP without you having to spend a buck. Some of the top free sessions you can refer to are:


  1. SAP Overview
  2. SAP Tutorial: Free Online Training Course
  3. SAP Tutorials – Free SAP Online Training Tutorial


B. openSAP

Want to know how to start learning SAP for free at home? Check out this incredible platform, openSAP. It is home to several free resources collected and drafted by SAP. On it, you can find all the documentation and video that can help amplify your SAP knowledge. You can find several video training classes, open online courses, and podcasts.


  1.    Browse MOOCs
  2.    Browse Podcasts
  3.    Browse Microlearning


C. YouTube

On YouTube, you can find several channels that provide SAP-related content. So, how can we keep YouTube off the list if looking for free resources? You can find channels for SAP HANA, SAP Technology, SAP industries, SAP Analytics, and more.


Check out these YouTube channels for top-notch info on how to learn SAP online:

  1. SAP Analytics
  2. SAP HANA Academy
  3. SAP Technology


Step 5 – Other Resources to learn


A. SAP Official

On the official SAP website, you can find a vast catalog of paid sessions that you can find on every SAP-related topic. So, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner, you can find a class that meets your needs.

B. SAP Community

SAP Community has 100s of thousands of documents, which you can search easily by the required keyword. If you want to know how to learn SAP for beginners, the SAP Community can be your answer. It has a plethora of Q&A, blog posts, event details, and so much more.


Anyone who already knows what they need can cut out the vast search process and directly pick what they need from 140 different categories.


C. SAP Developer Center

If you like the content on the SAP community but still need more tailored content, you can check out the SAP Developer Center.

D. SAP Jam

It is a social networking platform for SAP users. On there, you can find several spaces focused on different SAP-related topics. There are tutorials, product information, and links to various content that will be useful for the readers.


E. Online courses

There are many online platforms like Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Pluralsight, Alison, and more, where you can find tons of classes to get well-versed with SAP. How to start learning SAP when you have such a vast choice. It’s okay to get confused but don’t stress out, choose a course the matches your experience level.


A few of the top online lessons you can check out are:

  1. SAP Simplified for Absolute Beginners
  2. SAP ERP Essential Training
  3. SAP ERP: Beyond the Basics


F. Books

Online resources do not work for everyone. So, how can I learn SAP offline? You can read tons of published textbooks on SAP to acquire the desired knowledge. You can find books on every minute to advanced SAP aspect. In the market, you can find books written by everyone from SAP developers to product owners and business users.


G. SAP Conferences

Several SAP Conferences happen every year. These can give you access to the latest industry updates and changes. It can be an excellent learning experience as you will study with a top industry expert. A few conferences you can watch out for are:

  1. ASUG Industry and Technology Conferences
  2. SAP Controlling Conference
  3. SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference


Step 6 – Get certified

We have already discussed how to learn SAP for beginners. Now, please understand for a progressive and well-paying career in the field, merely having the knowledge and skills will not suffice. You also need a certification that can validate your skills.


Of course, when you enroll in different online courses to many paid ones will bag you a certification, but that is not enough validation. There need to be official SAP credentials. So, some popular domains where you can get accreditation are:


  1. Modeling and data management
  2. Manufacturing implementation
  3. Commerce
  4. Sales implementation
  5. System security architect
  6. Management Accounting
  7. Integrated business planning
  8. Financial Accounting
  9. Project management
  10. Spend analysis


A few prevalent SAP certifications include:

  1. SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.2
  2. SAP activates Project Manager
  3. SAP Certified Application Associate – Reporting, Modeling, and Data Acquisition with SAP BW/4HANA 2. x
  4. SAP BW/4HANA 2.0 Delta
  5. SAP Certified Technology Professional – System Security Architect
  6. SAP Commerce Cloud 1905 Developer


Step 7 – Practice

Once you have learned how to use SAP and got certified, it is time to put your skills to the test. So, look for projects wherein you can contribute your knowledge. It will help you get a more hands-on understanding of all the theoretical knowledge you possess. You can look for internships or jobs in the field to get an insider view of SAP working. Always remember that the more you practice, the better you get.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. Does SAP require coding?

Ans. Even though SAP is an IT-based job, please understand that not every IT professional should know coding or programming. In SAP implementations, every nine in ten professionals are in the business department, while the remaining professional is a developer coding in the business.


With SAP training, you will get into the SAP system admin department. It does not require programming or coding knowledge, as you will have to handle the system analysis.


Ques 2. How long does it take to learn SAP?

Ans. You can learn how to use SAP and earn a certification in about three to six months. But, if you have some background in SAP technology, it will be easier for you to get well-versed with the software and complete your certification exam faster.


Ques 3. What industries use SAP?

Ans. Some industries where SAP finds use are:

  1. Technical and Business Services
  2. Distribution
  3. Life Science
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Energy
  6. Healthcare
  7. Telecommunications
  8. Educations
  9. Finance
  10. Retail

With our guide above, we hope you have clarity on how to learn SAP at home. Remember that SAP is hugely popular and widely beneficial software with remarkable potential and application in an organization.


Its popularity is increasing daily, especially among businesses with vast organizational structures. Hence, it can be a huge plus to learn about the ins and outs of SAP if you aspire to start a career in the field.


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