How To Learn Data Entry Online (Free + Paid The Best Ways)

How to learn data entry

With the arrival of software technologies, humans have been building better and smarter programs to make this world a better place. For software to work and address an issue, it needs data to work on.


Most of the time the data that is needed by these software programs to solve real-world problems is outside these programs. Hence, for these programs to work, they need to find a way for using the data.


Here comes – Data Entry!


In this post, we have discussed the steps on how to learn data entry online free without spending a buck and also listed some paid learning options.


Almost all industries use data entry one way or the other. The majority of organizations need data entry specialists for storing and transferring information.


As a result, individuals who learn data entry are in great demand. This makes data entry a good option for employment, especially for newcomers. Understanding what data entry is and how to learn it will help you develop the essential skill and work accurately and quickly.





Data Entry: Is It Easy To Learn?

Yes, Data entry is easy to learn if you do it right.

It is a simple routine process. With practice data entry specialists also gain proficiency in their work and it results in efficiency gains for their organization.


How To Learn Data Entry Skills?

To prepare yourself for data entry, you need to:

1. Work on your typing speed

The major work of the data entry specialist involves typing. So, it is important to improve your typing speed. Speed and accuracy are the major areas to work on.


You can download typing applications with gamification and other tools to improve your typing speed. You can also take typing classes. Taking a course can improve your confidence when it comes to skill and speed. Try to get enrolled in typing courses during your high school.


2.  Learn different software

Since data entry specialists require to transfer data into digital format, it requires them to develop good knowledge about software programs.


You would work on spreadsheets, teleconferencing, word processing and data management software. Hence, it is advisable to keep learning new software.


There are many resources available online for developing your proficiency in any software program.


3.  Decide if you wish to go into a specific industry

Before getting into how to learn data entry work from home, we ask you to decide which industry do you wish to work for. It is beneficial if you could decide beforehand the specific industry because every industry requires different learning standard n may be they use different tools as well.


The minimum eligibility criteria for data entry specialists are a high school diploma or GED.


On top of that, while studying in school, if you know you want to get into the field of data entry, you should focus more on subjects like Computer Science and English.


Also, you need to pay attention to the subjects related to your industry. Like if you want to be a medical transcriptionist, you should pay attention to biology.


4. Learn about the relevant data entry tools

Data entry tools are great as they offer flexibility and accessibility that increase production and cost reduction.


So, if you are aspiring to become a data entry specialist, you should make yourself familiar with the data entry tools like Microsoft Excel, Google sheets, DocParser, Airtable, etc.


Then there are data entry apps and software like GoCanvas, Viking Software Solutions, Leadjet, WinTask, etc that you should be aware of.


How Can You Improve Your Data Entry Skills?

There are many ways to improve your data entry skills. We have listed here a few of them.


1. Take in-person training

Transferring hard-copy data or putting down the data into an electronic device can become tedious if you lack knowledge about using the data entry tools.


Data entry classes will teach you new technical skills or improve your current skills for performing tasks effectively and quickly. These courses will teach the in and outs of data entry.


They will also equip you with the skills needed to use the tools like Microsoft Excel, prepare the data, do numeric data entry, etc.


2.  Enroll in free courses

If your question is ‘how to learn data entry online free,’you are in luck because several online education platforms offer free lessons on data entry.


Platforms like Alison and Skillshare provide free online courses on data entry that will teach you the tips, tricks and skills needed for a data entry position.


These courses will tell you how to learn data entry work from home and also equip you with several skills including typing, time management, computer skills, administrative skills, organizational abilities and more.



3. Check out YouTube tutorials

If you just need to brush up your skills, watching free YouTube video tutorials about different software will go a long way.


These tutorials follow a step-by-step approach to teach you to become a professional data entry operator. Whether you want to get data entry jobs or want to start your freelancing journey, these tutorials will be of great help.


You can check out the video tutorial designed by Azharul Rafy, a professional virtual assistant in web research, data entry and lead generation services.


4.  Go for a data entry online course

If you are not up for in-person training courses, then you must be searching for how to learn data entry course. There are several online courses available for aspiring data entry specialists.


You can make the most of data entry with these courses without stepping out of your comfort zone.


Renowned online education platforms like Udemy, Coursera and edX offer online courses in data entry to give you an overview of the field and help you perform data entry tasks effectively.


These courses will teach you how to avail multiple opportunities in data entry as a professional and earn money. The biggest perk of these courses is their professional certification.


All these courses are designed by well-experienced data entry professionals working in the industry. In these courses, you will learn through video lectures, multiple examples and practice files to improve your skills in data entry.


5. Get certification

There are several certification programs available for learning data entry. Most of these programs are available in community colleges and technical and vocational schools. They just take one or two semesters to complete.


These certification courses teach you information processing, keyboarding and data analysis. They also let you meet others in the profession and broaden your horizon when it comes to job prospects.


It is also possible to get an Associate’s degree which would help you find yourself a job as a supervisor. Adding a certificate detailing your data entry skills to your resume will help you find a good job opportunity.


6.  Read data entry books

There are several books on data entry that offer a wealth of information without compromising the quality of information.


They are made for learners so the content is easy-to-understand and contains a wide range of topics in a systematic way.


The books are designed to develop speed and accuracy in entering numeric and alphabetic data.


Once You Know Your Deal…

When you know to go about the paid learning resources and how to learn data entry online free, it is time you stick to your path.

1. Keep practicing with real data

Do some data entry at home for more practice. Try working on Microsoft Excel, Ms Access etc.


2. Use online typing tools

Many online applications let you test your typing abilities. This will help you identify the area where you need improvement.


You can also watch videos on basic software programs needed for data entry to improve your computer and software knowledge.

3. Master the shortcuts and hacks

You can find many shortcuts when it comes to using certain software programs. This will help you save time.


Shortcuts like TAB and ENTER in Excel can help you enter the information written before.


You can also find many keyboard hacks online that can make your work smooth.


4. Improve your workspace

Data entry requires you to sit at your desk for long periods. So, it is very important to have a comfortable chair that comes with lumbar support and height adjustments.


Your computer should be at eye level. Try out dual monitors for improving speed, fact-checking, and increasing productivity and efficiency.


5. Proofread your work

Proofreading your work before the submission is extremely important. So, find someone who can do that for you. If you do not have anyone for help, then step away from your work for some time and when you come back to proofread, your eyes will be fresh and will be able to find mistakes easily.


6. Intern somewhere

Get an entry-level job to train yourself in data entry. This will also help you to practice your skills. Since the requirement for a data entry job is only a high school diploma, you can start working in the field soon after your school education.


When you are learning on the job, it allows you to ask questions, get feedback and specialize your skills. As you gain more experience, you are likely to gain more knowledge of data entry and your skills improve.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to learn data entry in mobile through learning apps?

A. When you take up an online course, you can view the course content on your mobile to learn. Once you are trained in it, you do data entry by installing a data entry app that your organization uses. There are multiple mobile-friendly apps like Jotform, Ninox, Kobo Toolbox, etc.

Q. What skills do you need to do data entry?

A. You should possess the following skills:

  • A good typing and transcription speed
  • Concrete understanding of Microsoft Excel and other software
  • Good research ability for collecting data
  • Good with numbers
  • Accuracy
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management and organization skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Proofreading skills


Q. How long does it take to learn data entry?

A. A data entry course can last anywhere between 6 months to one year. Getting an associate degree can take time as per the program schedule.


Q. What are the career prospects for a data entry professional?

A. Post your data entry course, you can get an internship or part-time or full-time job at a company.

Some of the data entry jobs are:

  • Data entry keyer
  • Data entry clerk
  • Legal Secretary
  • Secretary
  • Bank clerk
  • Billing clerk
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Health information technician
  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Typist


To Sum Up…

If you are aspiring to become a data entry professional, this post will help you in your learning journey. Once you follow the right learning methodology, getting trained would be a piece of cake.


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