How To Start Learning Cloud Computing At Home From Scratch?

How to learn cloud computing
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If you are someone who has already wasted hours and hours of time searching for ‘how to learn cloud computing for beginners’ and still hasn’t figured out a way to do so, you have come to the right place.


You may consider yourself to have next to zero knowledge of what cloud computing is, don’t worry! We will hand hold you through the entire learning journey step-by-step.

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What Is Cloud Computing and What Does It Entail?

With the advancement of Cloud Computing data storage using physical servers/data centers was made possible. But it is a common mistake to equate Cloud Computing with just virtual storage for servers and data centers – it is not limited to that.


Rather one can say cloud computing is delivering entire computer systems/services to the end users. These include storage, analytics, databases, software, intelligence, and networking all over the Internet, to make the resources flexible and economical to end users. There are three broad categories of cloud computing. They are:

  1. PaaS (Platforms-as-a-Service)
  2. IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)
  3. SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)


Let us move further and tell you how to learn Cloud Computing online free of cost, from the comfort of your home.


Perquisites To Learn Cloud Computing From Scratch

1. Meet the system requirements

There are certain system requirements that you need to take care of before beginning to learn cloud computing. The system requirements, however, are nothing out of the ordinary.


Any PC that has a standard i3 processor and a Linux operating system loaded on your machine will suffice. You should have enough memory to install Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text to code.


2. Clear your basics

Clear your basic concepts about what cloud computing is and where and how to use it before diving into using it for personal or industrial projects. Having good foundational knowledge is important to mastering any subject and cloud computing is no exception.

Only if you know the basics of cloud computing, will you be able to understand its practical implications.


3. Learn the basics of writing clean code

Even though advanced level coding is not required to master cloud computing, students should be aware of how to write clean code and be familiar with the syntax of at least one programming language to learn cloud computing.

For aspiring cloud application developers, firm knowledge of coding languages like PHP is required. Other coding languages used in cloud computing commonly are Python and Java. If you need training, you can master python like a champ with this guide.


4. Know about cloud service providers like AWS and Azure

If you want to know how to learn cloud computing from scratch, you must know how various Cloud Service providers work differently from one another and then pick one that will best suit your needs.

Currently, AWS by Amazon and Azure by Microsoft are the market leaders and the most in-demand cloud computing technologies.


These Cloud Service organizations offer end-to-end services like computing, database storage, ML and Migration. Almost everything relevant to cloud computing is catered to by these cloud service providers making it a vital cloud engineer skill.


5. Learn Linux operating system

Linux is one of the most reliable solutions to crucial workloads in cloud computing environments because it is power efficient, has a modular approach, is fast and open source and most importantly is extremely secure. Therefore, learning Linux is critical to becoming a cloud engineer.


6. Virtualization

Today, virtual machines like EC2 and Lambda have been made available to reduce the requirements for hardware assets or to utilize the existing hardware assets more efficiently.


Once students are familiar with how to learn cloud computing for beginners, the next step is to learn about the benefits of Virtualization which includes being able to run multiple “virtual machines” simultaneously on the same hardware by emulating different components of their systems.


Working experience of virtualization or services like virtual machines would be a big step toward the cloudless server, thus making it a top-notch cloud engineer skill because Virtualization plays a very important role in making efficient, robust, scalable and fault-tolerant resources readily available to individuals and corporations.


7. Networking basics

The concept of cloud computing has gained massive popularity for the very reason that centralized computing resources can be shared among peers and with clients over the cloud. This concept of centralized sharing of resources is known as Networking.

It has spurred a trend of continuously improving network management functions and building new functions into the cloud. Cloud engineers may also be responsible for designing ways to make sure the network is responsive to user demands by making robust and automated network managers.


Therefore, aspiring cloud engineers must be familiar with the concept and safety measures associated with Networking. Check out these networking courses for more info.


8. Other things to learn

If you are an aspiring cloud engineer then apart from the basics, learners must also familiarize themselves with technologies like DevOps, databases and query languages, network security and cloud architecture and knowledge of Agile development.
Now that you have read the list of things required to learn cloud computing, we hope you’ll be able to answer the question “How to start learning Cloud Computing from the very beginning?” by yourself.

How To Learn Cloud Computing At Home Online and Get Proficient At It?

1. YouTube and free Tutorials

If you wish to have quick knowledge of cloud computing, then you must consider watching and learning from short tutorials or YouTube videos that give you an introductory idea about Cloud Computing.
Learners can easily access a lot of video resources by hopping on to a website that teaches cloud computing for free or login into YouTube to watch small tutorials that talk about the functions of cloud computing, its applications and its scope.


The best part is that they are not time-consuming or difficult to understand. They have been made for newbies to develop an understanding of the features of Cloud Computing and teach them how to learn Cloud technologies easily.


These videos also talk about the different cloud service providers and assist learners in choosing which cloud service provider to go with before they proceed into the intricacies of the features of a particular service provider.


2. Certification Courses

Another readily available resource in the process of learning Cloud Computing is online certification courses. It is always advisable to take up an online course from a well known reputed platform like Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, or edX.
These courses take time to complete and have exercises and quizzes that tend to test your knowledge along the way. They also provide valuable cloud certifications that boost your resume.


3. Google training

Cloud computing is a vast and elaborate field. Google provides learning paths for all different cloud computing tracks like cloud infrastructure, cloud-based application development, Kubernetes, Hybrid and multi-cloud, API management and so on.
Most of the courses on this platform are very informative and are available free of cost. If a particular course has labs then you might require purchasing it.


These training programs are highly recommended for students who are starting with their cloud computing journey, as they teach valuable lessons not only on how to learn cloud technologies but also on how and when to use said technologies.


4. Webinars & online forums

Several webinars are being conducted online on Cloud Computing by various educational platforms and websites.
Webinars are a great way to look deeper into the problems faced by any domain and let experts discuss it. These Webinars are usually good for specific issued they address. You cannot understand the entire concept of cloud computing with it.


Since most of the Cloud Platforms are open source, there also exist several forums and communities of Cloud Computing online where people ask about their doubts and someone from the community answers those questions.


5. Create Cloud-based projects

When you begin learning a particular skill it is crucial to get some practical experience. After making sure you have developed strong basics of Cloud Computing, start creating your own Cloud-based Project from scratch.
As a learner, feel free to choose from the variety of projects available on GitHub for beginners. You can later move on to creating better and more elaborate projects like cloud-based applications and components once you are well-versed with the cloud technology.


Having a good project on your resume also makes it easier for you to get hired. Show your projects to professionals for their opinion and improve accordingly. That’s how to learn cloud computing at home and master cloud computing by yourself!


How Long Does It Take To Learn Cloud Computing?

Learning cloud computing can take up to four years if you are aiming for a proper degree course. But if you wish to learn cloud computing by yourself, then it can take anywhere from 6 months to one year depending on your pace and attention to detail.


If you choose to learn cloud computing with all its theories and concepts, then it will take you more time as compared to only learning the practical applications of cloud computing in projects and industries.


Familiarity with any programming language and a background in computer science considerably speeds up the process of learning and mastering cloud computing.


Do Books Help To Learn Cloud Computing?

With the growing applications of cloud computing, several books have been made available in the markets which explain cloud computing in great detail.


Even though just books are not enough to learn the practical uses of cloud computing, one can expect to build a solid foundation of the theoretical portions of cloud computing through these books.


These cloud computing books tend to focus more on the concepts and principles of the cloud rather than talking about commercial cloud vendor offerings.


Books help you understand how to learn cloud computing from scratch by explaining how real and virtual data facilities work and the advantages of cloud computing beyond the obvious storage space advantage.


Topics like the history of cloud computing, different types of clouds and cloud providers are discussed in these books and are not available elsewhere.


If you wish to know how to learn cloud computing online free of cost while also availing the knowledge of the books, look for their PDFs online. You can easily download the books for cloud computing on your PC for no charge.

Final Word

This article is to help aspiring cloud engineers and developers be aware of the simplest ways in which they can start learning cloud computing. The prerequisites of cloud computing, some of the available learning resources, and the classic question, “how to start learning cloud computing” in the first place, have all been discussed above.


You can begin with an easy beginner’s book and further to short tutorials for some background. Once you know what this subject is all about, hop on to a detailed online course. This will serve you the best!


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