Georgia Tech OMSCS Courses

Georgia Tech OMSCS Courses
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A-Z of OMSCS program and its courses

Georgia Tech has come up with Online Masters in Computer Science aka OMSCS program. It is something you should seek if you wish to earn a master’s degree in Computer Science, in a non-traditional way while keeping your full-time job.


Let us understand this program in greater detail along with OMSCS courses that it covers.


What Is OMSCS by Georgia Tech?

Together with AT&T, Georgia Tech has compiled the first-ever Online Master of Science in Computer Science session that helps the students learn it all via the dependable online format at a nominal fee.


OMSCS offers one of the most sought-after classes and attract applicants from around the globe, who wish to pursue an advanced learning program, but do not have the luxury to relocate or the budget typically required for a course of this potential.


By enrolling in this program, you will be studying with computer professionals from eighty countries working towards bagging your degree. Keep reading to know more about the OMSCS course list, accreditation, and full program features.


What are the Courses offered under the OMSCS Program?

Georgia Tech has an extensive selection of courses and OMSCS specializations, comprising the curriculum brought to you by the faculty at the Georgia Tech College of Computing. You can find foundational and advanced programs with them.


You can continue with the program a year after the matriculation date, provided you finish the two OMSCS foundational courses requirement with a grade of B or higher.


Some of the ongoing courses from OMSCS are listed below. This is not a complete list, to check out the complete list of courses visit here.


  • From the courses listed here, the ones marked with (*) are the foundational courses that count toward your admission requirement.
  • Courses marked (A) are provided under the OMS-Analytics program but are open to OMSCS students.
  • Courses marked (C) are provided under the OMS-Cybersecurity program but are open to OMSCS students.


Beyond the courses, you will also find seminars. They are graded as pass or fail with one credit hour but do not count towards the graduation or foundational requirements.


How to Get Enrolled for OMSCS Courses?

There are two options to enroll for OMSCS:

  1. Via Georgia Tech
  2. You can also find some sessions listed on Udacity (currently shifting to CANVAS)


Is Georgia Tech OMSCS accredited?

Yes, Georgia Tech OMSCS is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).


Is OMSCS Full-Time?

OMSCS is a part-time program by design with full time course worth. It implies that you can take nine credits or three OMSCS courses in a single term. Typically, students take these courses while they work full time. If that is your preferred choice, too, we recommend taking one difficult and two easy classes together.


You can complete the courses between six to ten hours. So, you can choose to spend one weekend or evening after work to finish a single class from the course list


But, please remember that if you are not a proficient software engineer or do not have a background in CS, some sessions may take up to thirty hours per week. So, even if you work full-time, you will have to plan out to complete the OMSCS course list.



Why is OMSCS different? What Makes It Worthy?

College of Computing and Georgia Tech is committed to incorporating beneficial educational technologies into the higher education experience. With the massive online educational models, it is easier for several people to access top-quality education from around the world than it would have been possible with the on-campus class.


As a public university, they have a straightforward educational mission for students to explore and maximize their opportunities.


What makes the OMSCS current courses different is that they are the only Online Master of Science degree programs you can avail of in the massive online format. It depicts how MOOC leaders, academia, and the education industry can come together to offer an advanced learning opportunity on a vast but affordable scale.


Further, the program can establish top-quality corporate acceptance with 100% online degrees, which are at par with the education received in the traditional on-campus setting.


In addition, the OMSCS courses work as a blueprint, assisting and training the young in the US and catering to America’s shortage of people with advanced computer skills or other STEM skills.


At present, the students enrolled in OMSCS pay three fees for every semester:


  1. Technology Fee – A flat fee of $107
  2. Tuition Fee – $180 for every credit hour – Every single course is three credit hours
  3. Special Institutional fee – A flat fee of $194


You will have to take 10 OMSCS foundational courses for graduation. So, the cumulative tuition fee is $5400. From the Fall of 2022, the remainder cost will depend on the total number of semesters you take to graduate and the technology fee. Special Institutional fees will not be applicable anymore.


Can OMSCS Transfer to On-Campus?

You have an option of transferring OMSCS courses to on-campus. If you wish to acquire an OPT visa after graduation, you should be a full-time campus student for a minimum of two semesters. As a full-time student, you should take four classes per semester to acquire your OPT visa.


Your OMSCS current courses are transferrable on the on-campus program as a one-to-one equivalent. Hence, you do not have to retake any online OMSCS classes after you switch to the on-campus model.



What Do You Need To Get Into The Georgia Tech OMSCS Program?

If you wish to start OMSCD, your preferred qualifications include an undergraduate degree in computer science or a related field, primarily electrical engineering, computer engineering, or mathematics, with a total GPA of 3.0 or higher.


If you do not meet the criteria but still wish to enroll in OMSCS foundational courses, please know that the University screens your application on a case-by-case basis.


In such a case, the Admission Committee looks for an objectively verified and demonstrated ability and knowledge in computer science. So, before you start the class, you must have documented expertise with:


  1. Programming fundamentals
  2. Object-oriented design principles like inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, and encapsulation
  3. Data structures like hashmaps, trees, queues, stacks, and lists.
  4. Algorithms, such as Dijkstra’s, MST, dynamic programming, and AVL


Familiarity with programming languages can also help with OMSCS courses. Now, the question is, what if you fail to demonstrate these competencies and still want to pursue the class? Fortunately, there are many options available for you as well. You can complete the verified certificate tracks for the below-listed three Georgia Tech professional certificate programs:


  1. Introduction to Python Programming 
  2. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java
  3. Data Structures & Algorithms


You will study these OMSCS foundational courses with the instructional designers and the Tech faculty from Georgia Tech. They are the same classes employed for teaching credit courses on campus. In these classes, you will acquire all the fundamental knowledge necessary to progress through these courses.


However, please note that though these foundational classes will provide you with elementary knowledge, they still do not guarantee admission into the OMSCS courses if you do not meet the University’s case-by-case requirements.


Also, note that the Committee does not demand knowledge in any specified CS area but rather evidence that you can excel in the upper-level CS work. Further, beyond the CS knowledge, some of the sessions in the OMSCS current courses take you through complex topics like machine learning and artificial intelligence.


These topics demand a solid grip on subjects including linear algebra, statistics, and probability. If you do not have a background in these topics, you must brush them up by taking an apt course before enrolling in the OMSCS program.


Some sessions from Georgia Tech that can help are:


  1. Introductory Linear Algebra
  2. Applications of Linear Algebra
  3. Probability/Random Variables
  4. Statistics, Confidence Intervals, and Hypothesis Tests


Domestic and International students should present some evidence before the University approves their application for the OMSCS. These include:


  1. A bachelor’s degree or an equivalent or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution
  2. Academic excellence
  3. Experience in the selected field of graduate study or a substitute for having earned an academic degree


In addition, International students enrolling in the OMSCS should also achieve a satisfactory score in the IELTS or TOEFL.


FAQs – Clear Anymore Doubts You Have


Ques 1. What are your chances of getting into Georgia Tech OMSCS?

Ans. According to Forbes magazine, the acceptance rate for OMSCS current courses is high at seventy-four percent. They accept all applicants who meet their basic qualifications. It is, in contrast, with the on-campus acceptance rate of only 10 percent.


Ques 2. What to do after rejection?

Ans. If you did not get through, please do not be disheartened. You can prepare better and take upper-level graduate or undergraduate programs to prove your merit.


Ques 3. What time is the Georgia Tech OMSCS deadline?

Ans. You can submit your application for both summer and fall academic terms. Candidates’ consideration will be for both these terms, but the deadlines are 11:59 PM in your time zone.


Here is the schedule for the deadline:


Application Plan 2023 Application Deadline Document Deadline Self-Reported Test Score Deadline Decision Release
Early Action 1

Georgia Students Only

October 17 October 24 November 15 Mid-December
Early Action 2

Non-Georgia Students Only

November 1 November 15 January 15 Late January
Regular Decision January 4 February 1 February 1 March


Ques 4. How much will Georgia Tech OMSCS cost me?

Ans. At present, the students enrolled in OMSCS courses pay three fees every semester:

  1. Technology Fee – A flat fee of $107
  2. Tuition Fee – $180 for every credit hour – Every single class is three credit hours
  3. Special Institutional fee – A flat fee of $194


Ques 5. Do I need GRE for OMSCS?

Ans. No, you do not require GRE for OMSCS.


Ques 6. Is IELTS required for OMSCS?

Ans. International students will need IELTS for OMSCS.


Ques 7. How many courses are in Georgia Tech OMSCS?

Ans. Presently, they have twenty-nine courses in Georgia Tech OMSCS.


Ques 8. How long does it take to complete OMSCS?

Ans. Typically, it takes three years to complete OMSCS.


Ques 9. Does OMSCS require a thesis?

Ans. OMSCS is a non-thesis, coursework-only degree. So, OMSCS current courses do not require any thesis completion.


Ques 10. Will Georgia Tech offer other degrees in this format?

Ans. As of now, OMSCS is the only program available in this format.

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