Which Is Better DataCamp or Codecademy? (Comparison & Review)

Codecademy vs DataCamp
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We pick Codecademy. It is ideal for beginners and a tad bit cheaper than DataCamp. Though DataCamp has more number of courses, the topic range is vast in Codecademy.

One of the best ways to learn data skills is by utilizing online mediums. For learning data visualization, Python, R, and the like, the two platforms that go neck to neck are – Codecademy and DataCamp. But, DataCamp vs Codecademy, which is better?


The good news is Codecademy and DataCamp can both impart excellent data skills, regardless of whether you wish to learn how to code, study programming, or understand data science. But, we personally prefer Codecademy over DataCamp. They have been around longer and commenced as a MOOC. Hence, it is safe to assume their approach is not money-minded.


Also DataCamp is more concentrated toward data science and data analysis related topics only, whereas Codecademy covers other subject areas as well.

Both DataCamp and Codecademy provide you with several on-demand data science classes, delivered wholly on the online platform and available on a monthly subscription.


They both have several career tracks comprising portfolio projects. These tracks can effortlessly take you from the amateurs to the entry level.


Which Is Better, Datacamp Or Codecademy?

Feature DataCamp Codecademy
Cost More expensive Relatively Cheaper
Course variety More Less
Free courses, any? Yes (but limited content) Yes (but too general)
Certification Yes Yes
Progress tracker Yes Yes
Average duration Career Tracks – 62 – 115 hours

Skill Tracks – 4 – 10 hours

30 weeks (approx.
Learning style Textual Slides, Video Material Video Material + Theoretical Lessons
24*7 Community support Average Good
Refund period N/A 7 days
Mobile apps Yes Yes


Is DataCamp Really Worth It?

Yes, of course! DataCamp is worth every penny you spend. On DataCamp, you can find a multitude of online courses for Python and other programming languages like R and several sessions on data science too.


They have more than eight million learners. This is the total number of registered users (paid and free) on DataCamp, and not necessarily the count of people who completed their courses with them.


Launched in 2013, DataCamp has been around for a while now. Martjin Theuwissen, DataCamp’s present CEO, has led it since 2019.


Beyond offering online learning sessions for individual learners, the company also provides courses for businesses that wish to train their employees in the data field or teachers who desire to learn data science and educate students on the same.


They have around 400 individual courses, fourteen career paths, and fifty skill-based tracks to select from. Their skill tracks are relatively more concise and provide topic-specific specialization, but the career paths are a mix of advanced and basic coursework.


Before we help you decide which is better, DataCamp or Codecademy, let us also look at the pros and cons associated with DataCamp.


Pros Cons
  1. You can filter the courses as per technology or topic.
  2. More job-focused and data-related courses and programs to pick from
  3. In-house cloud-based workplace or coding environment for performing data analysis
  4. You get assistance with your career – job access, professional certification
  5. A cloud-based coding workplace with collaboration features and private workspaces
  6. A dedicated focus on data analysis and data science and courses to learn almost everything within these domains


  1. Not the best if you wish to learn a language other than R or Python
  2. They have only a few free classes.
  3. It is centered around data science & analytics.
  4. You do not get access to projects till you pay for their priciest plan.
  5. Their career services may be expensive.




Is Codecademy Worth The Money?

Yes, Codecademy is worth signing up for. Based in New York, Codecademy calls itself an education company continually dedicated to offering the best-in-class, intuitive and fun digital learning experience. The company has been around since 2011, a little longer than DataCamp.


Zach Sims, one of its co-founders, was a dropout from Columbia University who aspired to make data science and learning coding accessible even to people who could not physically attend a university or college.


At Codecademy, you can find multiple online courses on WebDevelopment, Code Foundations, Computer Science, and Data Science. One of the striking features of this company is that they persistently stress learning by doing.


Moreover, they offer an instant review of your work, which you can incorporate into practice instantly via case studies and real-world tasks. In addition, Codecademy provides both paid and free lessons.


Initially, the company started as a 100% free MOOC, but it also included many paid courses for data science learners over the years.


When Barack Obama, the then-president, commenced a program to advance entrepreneurship, Codecademy collaborated with the US government. As part of this initiative, the company met six hundred learners from disadvantaged communities and taught them coding in person.


What’s more?
The company has a team of renowned investors like Bloomberg Beta and Thrive Capital. They work together to make technology skills and coding accessible to anyone who aspires to learn them, irrespective of status, class, race, etc.


Now, to help you decide DataCamp or Codecademy, we will first discuss some of the pros and cons of Codecademy and then compare the two companies head-to-head.


Pros Cons
  1. You can find plenty of free courses.
  2. They have abundant programming languages to pick from.
  3. You get a certification after course completion.
  4. They have affordable paid plans.


  1. Overall, they have fewer courses than DataCamp.
  2. You do not get career services.
  3. You do not get general professional certification.
  4. A mobile app is only a supplemental tool.
  5. You require a Pro plan to get a certificate and do exercises.




DataCamp vs Codecademy Platform Offering – Who Has An Edge?

In all honesty, they are two of the most prominent companies, and the choice entirely depends on individual preferences and what you seek from a learning platform. Codecademy is however more cost effective than DataCamp. But DataCamp wins in providing more variety of courses with more detailed information.


Both DataCamp and Codecademy charge an almost similar cost, but if you opt for the Pro version in Codecademy, it will be relatively cheaper than the Premium version in DataCamp.


Both these companies provide individual courses on data visualization and online classes for machine learning. But, DataCamp also provides dedicated paths customized towards assisting those new to data science and hoping to elevate their skill set. After every class, you will also receive a certification.


Be it, DataCamp or Codecademy, these platforms offer 100% self-paced online lessons. They employ text-based tutorials and interactive coding challenges beyond video interactions and projects to impart their course content via various digital mediums.


In addition, they also provide in-platform instructor support and code analysis at different stages. But, CodeCademy provides added resources, such as blog articles, videos, Livestream, and cheat sheets. They also have many interviews with real-world data professionals.


What’s more?

Both DataCamp and Codecademy has their dedicated student community. While the former has an internal forum and third-party chat service, the latter has forums and Facebook.


Let us compare the two on different attributes below:


A. Ease of use

Both DataCamp and Codecademy are intuitive and easy to use. But Codecademy does not have a filter system, which can be a significant low because it makes finding what you need a little time-consuming.

First impressions are often the most important. So, when you visit the website for the first time, you must not end up confused. Instead, the layout should be intuitive and easy to navigate around.


On DataCamp, you can commence your learning journey by creating an account for free by inputting your email and setting the password. Alternatively, you can register for a free account via FB, LinkedIn, or Google and later decide whether you wish to upgrade to a paid version.


Similarly, CodeCademy also has a straightforward registration process. You can create your free account like DataCamp, and after signing up, upgrade to one of their paid plans.


So, Codecademy vs DataCamp, which one to pick? CodeCademy lets you take a quiz before you take their online courses. It can be particularly beneficial for beginners. You can get a definite direction and decide the paths or the classes to opt for by answering eight simple questions.


There exist many similarities between the two in their layout. The subjects and the programming languages show on the left side, and you can explore the catalog with their most popular classes and the top career paths. But, CodeCademy does not have a filter system, which can be a big pro when you know what you seek.


B. Subtitles and other language options

Since DataCamp has better language coverage, it ranks ahead of Codecademy.

DataCamp primarily teaches in English, but you can find subtitles in simplified Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, German, and English. On the contrary, Codecademy provides classes and navigation merely in English. So, if you seek subtitles or are not well-versed in English, Codecademy should not be your chosen platform.


C. Cost

People on a budget seeking skill courses with more extensive content will love Codecademy. On the contrary, DataCamp is relatively more expensive. However, it covers more nitty-gritty skills and is way more detailed than Codecademy. In the Codecademy vs DataCamp debate, the latter also includes various career and skill paths.

Both DataCamp and Codecademy function on a monthly subscription basis. They both have free versions. Codecademy lets you cancel your subscription as and when you like. However, the DataCamp has a different operation. If you choose their monthly subscription, you can cease it, but the same cannot happen with the annual subscription.


Let us discuss each of their top plans:

Codecademy Pro Plan – 19.99 USD per month

  1. Exquisite members-only content
  2. Peer support via Codecademy forums and Facebook groups
  3. Step-by-step guidance
  4. Real-world projects
  5. Unlimited practice on their proprietary mobile app
  6. Daily practice
  7. Interactive sessions

Codecademy Free Version vs. Pro

They offer free basic courses but only a few practice exercises on their mobile app.

DataCamp Standard Plan – 25 USD per month

  1. Seven projects
  2. Community chat support
  3. Mobile app for practice and courses
  4. Unlimited skill assessments
  5. Unlimited access to all their classes, skill tracks, and career tracks

DataCamp Premium Plan – USD 33.25 per month

  1. Eighty-two projects
  2. Everything included in the standard project
  3. Priority support
  4. Oracle, Power Bi, and Tableau content
  5. Live sessions


D. Instructors

They both stand tall in this domain because their instructors are knowledgeable and well-trained. But, DataCamp takes the lead because their experts come from different universities and organizations specifically.

In addition, the Codecademy instructors do not stress the theory, which can be challenging for many learners.


DataCamp has several instructors who offer adept and curated learning experiences via coding exercises, video classes, and projects. It is easier for freelancers to apply for jobs as an instructor with their learning programs. Codecademy has a vast network comprising over thirty proficient instructors.


E. Certification

Both Codecademy and DataCamp provide a certification once you check off all the lessons and complete the necessary tasks. But you must be a paid user to bag a certification. Hence, to bag a certificate in Codecademy, you must have a Pro Lite account and a Premium account in DataCamp. Thus, there is a tie in this Codecademy vs DataCamp aspect.

Codecademy offers a Certificate of Completion to students who finish their tracks or courses. But, they specify that some paths might not bag you a certification. So, please double-check before paying for anything.
However, it is mandatory to complete your session 100 percent and tick off every assessment, quiz, and lesson to bag a certification. Moreover, if you ever plan on withdrawing your Pro membership, fret not, as your certificates will still show.


Sadly, none of these two deliver an accredited certification because they are not affiliated with any college or university providing such credentials. However, these can help you elevate your chances of bagging your dream job, and you can employ them as proof of professional development.


F. How comprehensive are their courses?

You will experience a different learning experience with both platforms. But, Codecademy provides you with added content missing in DataCamp. Thus, for us, Codecademy stands out here.

With Codecademy classes, you will find ample resources like interviews with several highly reputable data professionals, blog articles, cheat sheets, live videos, and more. These are not present in DataCamp.


But, DataCamp is better suited for students seeking step-by-step guidance as it offers more detailed explanations.


G. Time dedication

DataCamp or Codecademy, which one to opt for? Codecademy and DataCamp cover different details in their curriculum. Even though DataCamp classes take less time per course, Codecademy takes somewhat longer but it is more comprehensive. Hence, Codecademy is a clear winner here.
DataCamp and Codecademy both offer self-paced learning courses. So, you can enjoy a wholesome learning experience as and when you like.


In DataCamp, you have fourteen career tracks. They may take between 62 and 115 hours to complete. They have fifty-one Skill Tracks, which can take between four and ten hours. Codecademy’s data science career path takes approximately thirty-five hours to complete, and its skills path will take six to ten weeks.


H. Courses offered between DataCamp vs Codecademy

As for diversity, DataCamp stands out, but Codecademy is good in terms of detailing its course planning and delivery.
DataCamp has around 400 courses that take you in detail into topics like analytics and data science. Beyond this, they also have career and skill tracks designed to ready you for your specified job role or career track.


Moreover, their sessions are engaging and interactive for the users. You will find several exercises, too, that help you learn by doing.


Codecademy, on the contrary, have fewer courses across fifteen programming languages, covering over twenty subjects. It is a platform specializing in coding and offers lectures on data analytics and science.


In addition, they share learner stories that speak about the kind of association the student had with Codecademy. So, this extraordinary effort Codecademy put here is worth a mention.


I. Teaching Style

Both companies get an equal score in this Codecademy vs DataCamp aspect, but the former offers more resources.
The teaching style is more or less the same on both platforms. In a typical session, you will find both theoretical and practical aspects necessary to code. However, DataCamp primarily introduces the concepts with videos, but Codecademy has theoretical content.


As for learning by doing, both companies have similar solutions. You get an excellent interface to learn to write code. You will see a task on the left side, and type the code on the right.


After inputting, you run the results to check what you get. If the solution is correct, you can progress to a different problem. Thus, the overall teaching style is the same.


J. Job-related services

DataCamp is a clear winner here.
A career-driven platform, DataCamp prepares young data analysts and scientists to enter the job market. Hence, all DataCamp users get unlimited access to job board services and professional profiles. Thus, paid and free users can start hunting for the job while still learning.
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Paying for DataCamp or Codecademy – Which One Should You Choose?

Ques 1. Is a DataCamp certificate worth it?

Ans. Once you finish the DataCamp track, you will bag a Statement of Accomplishment. It is a shareable and downloadable document. So, if you include it in your CV, it attests to your knowledge and amplifies your chances of landing a job.


But this statement is only proof of having completed the track. To make your CV more attractive, you must opt for their professional certification that requires you to do more than complete exercises and lessons. You will have to follow a 3-step assessment process comprising:

  1. Coding Challenges that assess your coding skills.
  2. Timed assessments and quizzes Case studies


After you complete it all, you bag a certification. So, does it help you get a job? 100 percent. They will make you a better candidate than the others but are not a replacement for a degree from a university.


Ques 2. Do employers accept Codecademy knowledge?

Ans. Yes, employers recognize your Codecademy knowledge.


Ques 3. Which is better for professionals, and which is suited for students?

Ans. Since Codeademy focuses on learning by doing, it is better suited for students who wish to get into the real world and perform the job.


On the contrary, DataCamp gives you step-by-step instructions, which will come in handy when learning the theoretical and practical aspects.


So, professionals will like it better. Moreover, they offer Professional Certification missing in Codecademy. Thus, an easy pick for professional learners.

Final Verdict – Which One Is Worth It DataCamp vs Codecademy?

We are slightly inclined toward Codecademy as they have more free content than DataCamp and a greater range of topics at a lower cost. DataCamp is best for people who wish to master a specific skill basically pertaining to data science and analytics. They also offer career services and let you filter what you need seamlessly.


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