Best Platform To Learn Digital Marketing (Your How-To Guide)

Best way to learn digital marketing
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The purpose of digital marketing is to drive more traffic, engage prospects, and yield higher converting leads. Any brand wishing to see success in today’s fast-moving digital world would want assistance from a digital marketer to ensure that their products see the light online.


But, it does not come easy. You must dedicate ample time and patience and search for the best way to learn digital marketing.


This guide will tell you how to start with digital marketing and be proficient enough to make a career out of it.  We will discuss both free and paid resources to help you be well-versed with digital marketing.


But, before we discuss that, you need to understand the meaning of digital marketing.


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What Does Digital Marketing Entail?

Any activity that a company employs to better their market share, promote their products and services, and reach their customers is marketing. For a business to be successful, it needs to employ a mix of sales, advertising, and a channel to deliver goods to the end-users.


Check out any platform to learn digital marketing, it will tell you that some three decades back, it was conducted via traditional mediums, like radio, television, and print. Even though these options exist today, the internet’s popularity has transformed how a company reaches its consumers.


It led to the introduction of digital marketing. With the advent of the internet, digital marketing became extremely popular in the 1990s. It was the time when digital marketing was considered synonymous with email marketing.


Under digital marketing, the internet plays a pivotal role in assisting companies in reaching their customers. It involves using search engines, social media, mobile devices, websites, and other similar channels.


Through the best site to learn digital marketing, you will understand that both traditional and digital marketing employ the same marketing principles, but digital marketing is considered a new way for brands to analyze their behavior and reach customers.


Companies do not solely rely on any one form of marketing. Instead, they use both digital and traditional marketing to popularize themselves.


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What Should I Learn First In Digital Marketing?

Before we talk about the best way to learn digital marketing online, you need to know what interdependent marketing skills/principles are used in it.


1. Video marketing – All of us enjoy watching videos. About eighty percent of people buy a product after watching the brand’s video. It is a relevant and personal form of marketing. Thus, the engagement is higher.


2. SEM and SEO – The next skill you must pick up is Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Everyone in digital marketing must be well-versed with these two skills as they are instrumental in running a full-fledged marketing campaign.


3. Content marketing – is the core of digital marketing and will be a game changer for many years. As a marketing expert, you must ensure that the content generated is SEO-friendly, easy flowing, and top-quality to engage and convert audiences.


As a marketer, you must also know and acknowledge that content can take various forms, from web content to social, video, blogs, emails, whitepapers, e-books, etc. Further, familiarity with social media content is also crucial.


4. Analytics and data – Irrespective of your chosen form of digital marketing, analytics have a vital role in it. The right analytics can help you make data-driven decisions for the campaign.


Of course, with Google Analytics, extracting all the information is straightforward. However, the tricky part is using this information to learn about customer behavior and achieve higher conversions and better leads.


Roadmap To Learning Digital Marketing

Now, addressing the main question – what are the best sites to learn digital marketing? Where should you start with? Let us find out!


1. Enroll yourself in some free tutorials

You can find several free online tutorials that teach every aspect of digital marketing. Many proficient experts and professionals offer these tutorials. YouTube has some of the best digital marketing tutorials available for you. Depending on which aspect you want to focus on, you can watch them.


Some of best platforms to learn digital marketing are:


2. Getting certified in digital marketing

For professional advancement, it is ideal to get certified in digital marketing. It validates your skills and helps showcase your expertise. You can use the online courses addressed below to acquire a certification.


3. Online digital marketing courses

Unfortunately, the free tutorials might not have well-rounded information. So, you can instead enroll in some of the best online courses to learn digital marketing. You can find free and paid classes presented by top instructors and educators.


Some of the paid ones provide you with a certification that can help validate your skills and increase your chances of landing a job. Udemy, Coursera, Google, and LinkedIn learning are some of the amazing sites you should give a try.


A few of the top digital marketing courses that we recommend are:


4. Books

Not everyone likes studying online. So for such students, reading books is the best way to learn digital marketing. These also come at an affordable price like the courses. Even though they may not make you hands-on, they can be an excellent way to acquire an intensive knowledge of digital marketing.


There are books covering knowledge on all areas of digital marketing or topic-specific books. Depending on what you want to learn, you can make a pick.


5. Mobile Apps

There are also some mobile apps that you can use to learn digital marketing on the go. A few of them are:



6. Attend conferences, seminars/webinars

Apart from the best sites to learn digital marketing, another way to gain insights into digital marketing is through attend in-person or online seminars & lectures. There are several digital marketing seminars and conferences conducted for marketing enthusiasts.


Top marketing professionals and experts conduct these events, which help you acquire all the necessary knowledge in digital marketing. Since industry leaders offer them, you will get to learn about things and topics you may have never heard of in the past.


In webinars, the instructor uses PPTs that make the learning more engaging. You can easily find some upcoming webinars by a simple search on Google.


7. Podcasts

There has been a surge in the popularity of podcasts. You can find digital marketing podcasts by top marketers on Spotify and Podbean. So, download the app, and learn by listening if you do not want to read long form course materials.



8. Start your blog

When you have your blog, you learn by doing and acquire experience as you proceed. With your blog, you can grasp knowledge on digital marketing aspects like WordPress, SEO, social media marketing, and others.


Of course, since you are not well-versed in the field, you may experience challenges, but if you simultaneously educate yourself as you grow, you will sail smoothly. Over time, your blog can be your supplementary income source.


9. Find internships

Apart from the best platform to learn digital marketing, if you are a newbie and wish to make a career in digital marketing, you must consider finding an internship in the field. You can find several companies globally that offer internships in digital marketing. Pick the one that matches your requirements, and get started with it.


Paid or unpaid, if it teaches you hands-on work, you must 100 percent go for it. Once you finish the training, you can apply for jobs in the field. LinkedIn and are the two best platforms to look for internships and jobs.


10. Practice

After you have the necessary knowledge, you need to practice and try different techniques to see which works best for the campaign or brand you are working with. You can also take up some freelance projects and offer your services to digital marketing companies.


Naturally, if you give good value and results to your clients, you will earn a handsome sum of money. You can add these projects to your portfolio or start your agency after acquiring the necessary experience.


11. Be updated with the latest trends

Digital marketing is a continually evolving industry. It keeps changing with time. So, even if you used the best way to learn digital marketing online at one time, it may not be sufficient if you do not update yourself.


So, never stop earning. Be constantly updated with the latest developments to excel in your career.


12. Follow successful digital marketers

It does not need a penny to follow some of the reputed digital marketing influencers on their social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.


Usually, these people are regular on their socials and keep publishing new content now and then. It will also educate you on ways you must keep your socials active. In addition, they also share new opportunities, tips, and tricks, which might be a save for budding marketers.


Also, you can reach out to them if you get stuck with a marketing query and clarify your doubts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. How many days will it take to learn digital marketing?

Ans. You can learn to be a digital marketer in as little as 12 weeks.


Ques 2. What are some of the benefits of digital marketing?

Ans. Digital marketing has the following benefits:

  • In contrast to traditional marketing, digital marketing has a global reach.
  • Digital marketing can help you improve your local visibility, which is vital if your business depends on new customers in your vicinity.
  • It is relatively inexpensive compared to the other forms of marketing.
  • Even though digital marketing involves several aspects, it is easy to learn if you pick the right platform to learn digital marketing.
  • With digital marketing, you can always know which audiences work best for you and optimize your campaigns to suit their needs.
  • It has multiple strategies for different kinds of businesses. Thus, there is a strategy to suit every business.
  • There is flexibility to use different kinds of content to promote your brand.
  • With digital marketing, you get a better engagement.
  • Web analytics is one of the significant benefits of digital marketing, which lets you see how your campaigns perform in real-time.


To Sum Up…

Every brand online now has a website. Online marketing and content are so popular that consumers employ them to learn better about brands.


Back in the day, digital marketing happened to be one niche endeavor. Today, it is imperative for several marketing activities across industries. It helps popularize the brand and works as a pavement for business awareness.


Keeping in mind how important digital marketing has become for brands, it is necessary that you start your training right and opt for the well-round best way to learn digital marketing.


Hope the above roadmap help!


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