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Best way to learn coding
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Often students who wish to learn to code have a question, ‘What is the fastest and the easiest way to learn coding?’ It is an obvious question because all of us coding enthusiasts wish to learn to code fast and make a career in programming.


Regardless of your status and prior experience in coding, this guide will prove beneficial for you. We will talk about coding apps, online courses you could take up, eBooks, bootcamps, projects and so much more.


In short, we will discuss the best ways to learn coding to benefit students of all backgrounds and experiences.


How To Learn Coding Online?

  1. Start small with the fundamentals
  2. Understand the difference between programming and coding
  3. Select a coding language
  4. Tutorials
  5. Explore some best websites to learn coding
  6. eBooks or books
  7. Coding apps
  8. Join a Bootcamp
  9. Take up coding projects
  10. Enroll in competitions
  11. Google the error code and improve


But First, Why Coding?

In simpler terms, coding is the communication channel you use for correspondence with the computer because it is the language that computers understand. You can use apps to learn coding and build things like video games, applications, websites, and computer software.


Depending on what you hope to develop, there are different kinds of code and multiple programming languages. Each language has its own set of rules.


Here are some reasons to learn to code:


1. Coding can help with software development jobs.

Coding is a necessary skill to get a software development job. There is a severe shortage of software developers globally. Thus, pick an easy way to learn coding  and jump in the job pool.


2. Coding knowledge can open up different other job opportunities.

Coding will aid in web design. You may teach coding online after mastering it or develop your own apps.


3. Coding knowledge helps your job application stand out.

With your coding knowledge you get an edge over the competitors.


4. Coding literacy makes it easier to understand other tech aspects.

Even if you choose the easiest way to learn coding, it can prove instrumental in acquiring the knowhow of different other tech aspects. With coding knowledge, it is easier for you to learn various tech aspects like designing etc.


5. Knowledge of coding can help bag some freelance work.

Your coding knowledge can prove beneficial if you wish to earn some supplementary income, Many brands and smaller companies cannot afford a full-time employee. So, they look for freelancers who offer top-end coding services.


What Is The Best Way To Learn Coding Online?

Below, we will discuss some of the best places to learn coding with the ultimate steps:


A. Start small with the fundamentals

Like in every other field, you should be thorough with the fundamentals. Starting from the basics is indeed an easy way to learn coding. If you are not well-versed with coding basics, it can be a significant roadblock as you work towards your long-term success.


But, if you are well-versed with the basics, you can get a grip on the more advanced topics. On the contrary, if you do not acquire basic familiarity, you may lag in the future. Thus, regardless of how dull they may seem, knowledge of fundamentals is pivotal and the easiest way to learn coding, advanced topics.


B. Understand the difference between programming and coding

Because you intend to get into coding and make a career, you need to understand the intricacies. A lack of knowledge of these can hinder your growth. One such thing is the difference between programming and coding.


Unfortunately, even some expert and well-versed coders do not know this difference. But, the best way to learn coding from scratch is to acquire a fundamental understanding of this difference. Below, we will discuss the difference.

  • Coding is an aspect of programming. It deals with writing codes, which a machine can understand, whereas programming is a process of creating programs. It involves code ratification.
  • For an easy way to learn coding and programming differences, understand that for coding, you do not need software tools but rather a fundamental knowledge of programming skills. However, for programming, you need to possess top-notch programming skills and a solid grip over different software development tools.
  • With your coding knowledge, you can work on simple projects, but with programming knowledge, you can manage and work on significant projects.
  • Coding needs simple syntax and tools, but programming requires several syntax and tools.
  • In coding, you undertake a trial-and-error method. There is no prior preparation involved in coding. On the contrary, you require a detailed approach and information in programming.


You’ll learn about this and a lot more if you choose a good resourceful site to learn coding.


C. Select a coding language

Determine the language you wish to learn based on your coding utility in the long term. Only when you have clarity on the language you hope to learn, look for the fastest way to learn coding.


Here are some popular languages you can choose from:

  • HTML if you wish to learn basic coding skills, opt for HTML.
  • Python if you want to perform data analysis or web apps, opt for Python.
  • Java if you are interested in making video games, consider learning Java.
  • SQL if you want to manage big databases seamlessly, SQL should be your preferred language.


Other languages that could choose for an excellent way to learn coding basics are:


D. Enroll in some free tutorials

Tutorials are a pocket friendly way to begin your learning. Fortunately, there is a variety of online tutorials available for easy access. These should be the first choice for someone who likes step-by-step written guidance.


Some of the best websites to learn coding via tutorials are Codecademy, freeCodeCamp,, W3Schools.


Beyond this, some free training by Udemy could also be one of the good choices:


Coding Essentials – Logic Building for Beginners – It is one of the best free courses to learn coding. As part of this tutorial, you will learn the following:

  • Knowledge of the programming’s building blocks
  • Clarity on the concepts before you start learning programming languages
  • Getting well-acquainted with advanced programming topics
  • Understanding how to breakdown a problem statement
  • Building a logical thinking mindset
  • Illustrating different steps for problem-solving


E. Explore coding courses online

In addition to tutorials, you can also choose paid and free coding courses to learn to code.


Some of the best places to learn coding online on our recommendation list are:


1. edX or Coursera

Do you enjoy university-style classes but do not want to pay the university price? If yes, both Coursera and edX can be the two best websites to learn coding.


On the platform, you can find courses on multiple computer science topics. These classes are presented to you by top global universities and colleges. One of the standout features of these sites is that they constantly update their courses.


So, if they currently do not have what you wish to learn, fret not. There is a good chance an instructor may upload it anytime soon. It is because they are the two best ways to learn coding.


2. Udemy

The Complete Coding for Beginners Course (2022) is a comprehensive Udemy course wherein you learn how to code and understand every code you enter. You will acquire clarity on different programming fundamentals required to proceed in the subject. There are some coding projects and apps also that you will work on to learn by doing. It can be the fastest way to learn coding.


3. LinkedIn

The fundamentals of programming – Python Tutorial– If you wish to acquire a basic introduction to coding and Python, this LinkedIn Learning course is suitable for you.


4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another great platform to learn coding that teaches coding to students in different parts of the world.


You can find languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS here. Beyond this, Khan Academy also has classes to get well-acquainted with computer basics on their website.


5. Codecademy

It is one of the most prevalent and the best website to learn coding. On this platform, you can learn seven different languages – JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, Ruby, Python, and jQuery.


After you are thorough with the elementary languages, you can also find advanced classes on this best site to learn coding. The website regularly expands its offerings. So, you will see more lessons in the coming few years. You can explore their courses to find one that fits your needs.


F. eBooks or books

Some people even regard books as the best way to learn coding. A few of them are:
1. Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software 1st Edition by Charles Petzold (Author) – It is an elementary coding book that gives you an insight into computers and other smart machines and their working. It is a beautifully illustrated book that depicts a comprehensible story. Regardless of your understanding level, the codes here will charm you like, never before.
2. Coding: 6 Books in 1: This set includes books on SQL, Python, Linux, HTML and C++.


G. Best apps to learn coding

Coding apps can help you learn and practice coding on the go. A few of them include:
1. SoloLearn – It is a one-stop shop for all your coding needs. It is one of the best place to learn coding online. You can also use this app to brush your coding skills. You can find classes in languages like SQL, Python, R, Java, and C++.


In addition, the app also has tools and skills to help you become a data scientist, full-stack developer, or web developer. They have an active community that comes in handy to solve your problems.


2. Mimo – Do you wish to create a real-world project? If yes, download Mimo now. You can find some interactive game lessons that help you achieve top-notch results in this app. The lessons are short and constructive in the app. You can find classes in several languages and technologies across the app.


3. DataCamp – It is another of the best apps to learn coding fundamentals for languages like SQL, R, and Python. In addition, you will also get adept at concepts like machine learning, visualization, and data science.


What’s more?

Several hands-on exercises and courses prepare you for the coding challenges you may encounter in the real world. The first chapter in every class is free.


H. Join a Bootcamp: Another best place to learn coding online

There are also coding Bootcamps to help the youngster find jobs at coding and tech companies. One such renowned Bootcamp is 100 Days of Code: The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2022.


It is a bestselling Udemy bootcamp wherein you get well-versed with Python programming language and build 100 unique projects in 100 days.


In addition, you will also learn web, game, and app development with Python. It is a hands-on course. So, you will learn by doing. It can be the easiest way to learn coding.


I. Take up coding projects

Chosen the best place to learn coding, have sufficient experience, now what?
After you are thorough with coding knowledge, it is time to put your knowledge to practice. You can offer your coding services to companies searching for freelance coders, work on your projects, or take up freelance coding projects.

Once you are confident enough with your learnings, may it be through the apps to learn coding or courses, the next step will give you a boost.


J. Enroll in competitions

Here comes the coding competitions. They are a great way to test your knowledge. They put you in challenging situations, wherein you learn various coding intricacies.


K. Google the error code and improve

If you see an error in your codes, the best place to learn coding error rectification is Google itself,  simply search for it and try to mend it. It will help you overcome your shortcomings.


Tips To Enhance Best Way To Learn Coding Online

Here are some tips to improve your coding knowledge:

  • Focus on the fundamentals
  • If you cannot figure out the answers to the code yourself, get help.
  • Practice repeatedly, and put your knowledge into action.
  • Train with the best site to learn coding and code by hand.
  • Explore different online coding resources to get better.
  • Know when to step back and take a break from debugging
  • Take up freelance projects


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. How quickly can you learn to code?

Ans. If you put in the necessary time, effort and sincerely try, the fastest way to learn coding will take up to at least three months.


Ques 2. Can I learn to code on my phone?

Ans. Yes, using the best platforms for coding available on Play Store or App Store, you can learn to code on your phone.


Ques 3. What is the best coding language to learn?

Ans. Python can be your go-to language to begin with coding.


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To Sum Up..
Coding is the heart and soul of the web development world. Nowadays right from the school-level, students use the best ways to learn coding online. Availability of coding lessons for kids very well emphasizes the importance of coding in the years to come.


You may download coding apps or enroll in a course, just try to have a balanced approach (practical & theoretical) while learning to code. Understand why you wish to code and start with basics to carve your way up top.

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