Learn TypeScript Online: 10 Best Courses & Tutorials

Best TypeScript Courses
Developed by Microsoft, aggressively used by Angular 2+ and other popular libraries, TypeScript is here to stay. It is one of the most prevalent web development languages you can learn today. It provides you with a first-mover edge to understand the language better.


It is a super-set of JavaScript. It means that someone well-versed with JavaScript can enroll themselves in the best TypeScript course. When you learn TypeScript, you will be well-versed with a system that can help you catch errors in the development stage instead of while running the code.


So, it implies that you will be twice as productive at catching the bugs than earlier. But, beyond the type system, TypeScript also offers tools to write reusable codes. Hence, it can be an excellent choice to learn TypeScript online.


In today’s time, top and renowned companies are hungry for TypeScript developers. A few of the largest web apps are built on TypeScript. Even employers are looking forth to hiring employers fluent in this cutting-edge system. With profound TypeScript knowledge, you can make the learning process more enjoyable.


Thus, providing you with a unique skill that not many other engineers possess, justifies the surge in demand for TypeScript training.


Do you wish to create some apps by yourself? If yes, it makes sense to enroll in the best TypeScript tutorial, because using TypeScript can help you structure the project from the first day itself, ensuring that you do not get crushed under technical debt at a critical stage of the company. So, why are you still thinking?


Get started and check out the top 10 TypeScript courses online. Let us get started and discuss them below.


Top 10 Best TypeScript Courses

  1. Understanding TypeScript – 2022 Edition – [Udemy]
  2. TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide – [Udemy]
  3. Introduction to TypeScript Development – [Udemy]
  4. TypeScript for Professionals – 2022 Edition – [Udemy]
  5. Mastering TypeScript – 2022 Edition – [Udemy]
  6. TypeScript Fundamentals – [Pluralsight]
  7. Learn TypeScript – [CodeCademy]
  8. TypeScript Courses – [LinkedIn Learning]
  9. TypeScript Classes – [Coursera]
  10. Learn TypeScript – The Ultimate Beginners Guide – [Free Code Camp]


How Did We Select These Courses?

Before we enlist the ten best courses, you must understand the method we used to select these courses as leading suggestions for our readers to learn TypeScript online.


So, we scouted the internet for the top classes to study TypeScript and came across several 100 options. Then we handpicked the top 50 from them and deeply analyzed them. We compared these picks on five parameters:


  1. What do they offer?
  2. Is there a certification?
  3. Is it paid?
  4. Ratings and reviews
  5. Instructor background and experience


It helped us cut down the vast list of 50 to merely 25 options. We forwarded them to leading TypeScript and JavaScript pros. They helped us pick the below-listed ten courses. Let us discuss them one by one.


10 Best Places To Learn TypeScript

1. Understanding TypeScript – 2022 Edition – [Udemy]

Understanding TypeScript - 2022 Edition

Rating 4.7
Who should take this class? It can be an excellent course to learn TypeScript online for:

  • Everyone who wishes to extend their horizons beyond simple JavaScript
  • People who want to learn Angular must take this class
Duration 15 hours of on-demand video
Enrolled 161,210 students
Instructor Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons Some sections in this course are dated.


It is a highly rated course by learners which is enough to say why we call it the best TypeScript course. In this class, you would not limit yourself to the basics. Instead, the instructor will take you through several advanced features, such as decorators and setting up workflows with TypeScript.


Further, the instructor will also help you understand that your learning is not curtailed to TypeScript or planning JavaScript projects or Angular, but a comprehensive knowledge of using TypeScript with ReactJS and getting better at both aspects. Hence, it is a TypeScript course online that can help you learn TypeScript from the ground up, in excessive depth.


Watching videos is an incredible way to learn. It is the best plausible method to learn. Also, we regard it as the best TypeScript tutorial because it is hands-on. So, you will find several exercises with the solution and top-quality videos to make learning more engaging.


Learning Outcomes

In this best TypeScript course, you will learn the following:

  • Using TypeScript
  • Understanding its features like Types, Classes, Modules, Interfaces, ES6 Support, and much more in any of their Projects
  • How the TypeScript compiler works (and how you may configure it)
  • TypeScript working and how it enables you to avoid bugs and errors
  • Working with the ES6 features with TypeScript
  • TypeScript basics
  • Using TypeScript in your projects
  • Why is TypeScript more rewarding than vanilla JavaScript
  • Learning to combine NodeJS or Express or ReactJS with TypeScript
  • Understanding TypeScript in theory and real-use projects and cases
  • Integrating Third-Party JavaScript libraries into your TypeScript projects
  • In addition, this TypeScript tutorial will also cover setting up a TypeScript project with webpack
  • Setting up a plain TypeScript workflow
  • Using TypeScript with ReactJS
  • Using TypeScript with Node
  • Understanding the modern JS features like de-structuring, arrow functions, or classes to any environment and codebase
  • Creating a better code with types and several other features
  • And more



For this TypeScript training online, you will need the following:

  • No prior JavaScript experience
  • JavaScript knowledge, though you do not have to be an expert
  • ES6 Knowledge can be beneficial, though not mandatory


Review Grabyo E.

This course offers a comprehensive overview and deep dive into TypeScript. It’s the ideal starting point for anyone who wants to get into TypeScript.



2. TypeScript: The Complete Developer’s Guide – [Udemy]

TypeScript: The Complete Developer's Guide

Rating 4.7
Who should take this class? It is the best TypeScript course for:
Any JavaScript developer looking to understand how to structure large codebases
Duration 24.5 hours of on-demand video
Enrolled 58,558 students
Instructor Stephen Grider
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons Some sections in the TypeScript training online are bloated.


Udemy is the best place to learn TypeScript. You will understand everything you need to know to master TypeScript in this class. While every other online course updates you on TypeScript’s basic syntax and features, the same does not hold for this class. It presents you with everything you must know to apply TypeScript on real projects and build successful and large projects via example.


We think it is a top contender in this best TypeScript courses list because you will study with someone who has worked on some of the largest TypeScript projects.


Learning Outcomes

It is the best TypeScript tutorial if you wish to learn the following:

  • Design patterns to build large apps
  • Assembling reusable boilerplates for your TypeScript projects
  • Writing reusable codes powered by interfaces.
  • Understanding the difference between inheritance and composition and when to use what
  • Integrating TypeScript into Redux or React or Express projects
  • Why inheritance and composition is the most misunderstood topic in the JavaScript community
  • Mastering the fundamental features of TypeScript by working on a real-world project
  • In this course to learn TypeScript online, you will also learn to build a custom front-end framework from scratch that you can use in place of Angular or React on your projects
  • Comprehending the complex interplay between interfaces and classes and why the two TypeScript pieces enable you to build incredibly reusable code
  • Diving deeper into TypeScript with decorators that we will use to design a custom integration between TypeScript and Express
  • Structuring the Redux and React applications confidently by understanding how to couple them with TypeScript
  • Skipping the documentation for third-party libraries by fluently reading type definition files
  • Understanding how smart TypeScript is by comprehending how well it studies the code for errors



For this TypeScript course online, you will require:


  • Basic understanding of ES2015 JavaScript


Review Andrea N.

The teacher was very knowledgeable and perfectly explained each step made during the explanations. Great course!



3. Introduction to TypeScript Development – [Udemy]

Introduction to TypeScript Development



Rating 4.3
Who should take this class? It is the best TypeScript course for:

  • Students who wish to acquire an understanding of the foundational concepts needed for Vue, React, and Angular development
  • Those aspiring to learn the TypeScript programming language
  • Beginners at TypeScript
Duration 8 hours of on-demand video
Enrolled 12,099 students
Instructor Jordan Hudgens
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons Even though Udemy is the best place to learn TypeScript, the font employed in this class is too small to be legible.


Do you wish to build Vue, React, and Angular apps? If yes, it is one of the best TypeScript tutorials. Once you take this class, you can work on the three application frameworks.


In this TypeScript training online, the instructor takes you through the fundamentals and shows you the drill to build TypeScript programs. Once you are well-versed with the syntax, you will proceed further to the advanced TypeScript development techniques.


In this session to learn TypeScript online, the objective is not to teach you how to build TypeScript console apps but the skills you should know to build real-world Angular 2 applications. It has the same material taught at the devCamp coding boot camps before students go ahead with an immersive Angular 2 course.


We also think it is the top contender in our best TypeScript tutorials list because every lesson in this has a source code employed in the lecture. Thus, making it easier for you to check your work.



As such, there are no prerequisites for this TypeScript training online. You do not need any prior programming experience for the class.


Learning Outcomes

In this best TypeScript course, you will discover the following:

  • Working with TypeScript classes and object-oriented programming concepts
  • Coding with the TypeScript programming language
  • Moving into building Vue, React, and Angular apps
  • Working with closures, object-oriented programming, real-time asynchronous development, and decorators



We think it is a suitable TypeScript course online for beginners because there are no challenging prerequisites. You can take this class if you have:

  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Mac, Linux, or PC



Was having a hard time understanding TypeScript, after going through this course, it builds a better fundamental for me when applying the concepts. Thank you very much.



4. TypeScript for Professionals – 2022 Edition – [Udemy]

TypeScript for Professionals - 2022 Edition

Rating 4.6
Who should take this class? It is a suitable TypeScript training online for:
Programmers hoping to master TypeScript
Duration 3 hours of on-demand video
Enrolled 5,654 students
Instructor Basarat Ali Syed
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons In some sections of this TypeScript course online, how the instructor puts forth the information is complex.


Next, we have another Udmey offering to learn TypeScript online. In this class, you will study with an expert who has experience with teaching TypeScript since 2012. In this journey of teaching juniors and experts, he acquired several tricks that make learning TypeScript easier.


With this class, he attempts to make the same straightforward for you and make you a competent TypeScript or JavaScript developer.


Learning Outcomes

It is the best TypeScript tutorial to acquire information on the following:

  • Using TypeScript in your routine job
  • Clarity on TypeScript basics
  • Familiarity with the TypeScript’s Type System
  • Use Types for annotating any JavaScript Object
  • Creating complex type utility functions
  • Learning the advanced TypeScript concepts
  • What TypeScript is and offers


Review Andrea B.

Fantastic material! Well explained and concise, though you might need a bit of prior experience to really enjoy it.



5. Mastering TypeScript – 2022 Edition – [Udemy]

Mastering TypeScript - 2022 Edition

Rating 4.8
Who should take this class? It can be one of the top TypeScript courses online for beginner and intermediate learners.
Duration 10.5 hours of on-demand video
Enrolled 4,802 students
Instructor Colt Steele
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons There is no denying that it is a must-have inclusion in our list of the best TypeScript tutorials, but it could have been better if it had more projects and a dedicated section for React.


TypeScript is a power-packed JavaScript superset. It makes development safer and smoother and enables you to avoid errors and catch bugs early on. It adds multiple vital features to JavaScript that you love and know, and be more productive developers who can write better code. You can enroll in the highest-rated classes to learn TypeScript online.


Learning Outcomes

We think of this Udemy offering as one of the top inclusion in our best TypeScript courses list because it is brief but can teach you a lot. Some things you will learn here are:


  • All of TypeScript’s syntax
  • Features and concepts you need to master TypeScript
  • Using TypeScript with ReactJS
  • Integrating TypeScript with Webpack
  • TypeScript Interfaces, Generics, Classes, Modules, and more

Beyond this, in this TypeScript training online, you will also discover content like:


  • The TypeScript type system
  • Union Types
  • Intersection Types
  • Tuples and Enums
  • Interfaces
  • The TypeScript compiler and how to configure it
  • Working with the DOM and TypeScript
  • TypeScript Classes
  • Generics
  • Type Narrowing
  • Type Declarations
  • Working with 3rd party libraries
  • Webpack + TypeScript workflows
  • Integrating React and TypeScript
  • TypeScript’s Module System



It is the best TypeScript course for beginner and intermediate learners. Thus, it will help to have at least a beginner-level understanding of this class.


Review Moïse N.

That was a very good TypeScript course. Excellent explanations, I now have a better understanding of TypeScript. Thanks Colt, thanks Elton.



6. TypeScript Fundamentals – [Pluralsight]

TypeScript Fundamentals

Rating 4.7
Who should take this course People with no background in TypeScript can enjoy learning with this TypeScript training online. But, this class will help people aspiring to build large-scale JavaScript apps.
Level Beginner
Instructor Dan Wahlin and John Papa
Duration 4 hours and 24 minutes
Paid Yes


Next, we have another alternative in our list for the best TypeScript tutorials. The session is presented to you by Dan Wahlin and John Papa.


Learning Outcomes

Pluralsight is a platform that offers some of the best TypeScript courses. In this session, you will discover the following:

  • TypeScript declarations
  • Concepts and features required to get started with TypeScript
  • TypeScript classes and interfaces
  • Tooling and Framework Options
  • Learn TypeScript online and how to create a class
  • Using TypeScript to build small and large-scale JavaScript apps
  • TypeScript variables and functions
  • Supporting strongly-typed code to ensure inappropriate values aren’t assigned to variables in an application
  • TypeScript role and features that help jump-start the learning process.



It is one of the best TypeScript tutorials for beginners. But, for this session, knowledge of JavaScript can be beneficial. However, if you have no background, you can find a JavaScript class on Pluralsight. It is not just the place to learn TypeScript but also JavaScript.



7. Learn TypeScript – [CodeCademy]

Learn TypeScript

Who should take this class? Beginners can take this TypeScript course online
Duration 10 hours
Paid Yes
Certification Yes


JavaScript is a powerful programming language. But, it tends to evolve. Therefore, the code becomes obsolete and messy, and maintenance is challenging. Hence, TypeScript comes into play. So, to familiarize yourself with TypeScript here is a TypeScript training online you can try.


Knowledge of TypeScript will put you in a high-demand league. The class has several quizzes and exercises to assess your understanding.


Learning Outcomes

The Internet has several best TypeScript courses, but we picked this one for our list because of the learning outcomes it meets. You can use this class to discover the following:

  • How to use TypeScript to develop higher-quality, less error-prone code faster
  • Applying the JavaScript syntax to TypeScript’s type system
  • Building your own programming experience
  • Giving more structure to your codes
  • Using TypeScript’s linter to reduce compilation errors and speed up workflow



It can be the best TypeScript tutorial for people who already know JavaScript. So, that’s the sole prerequisite associated with this class.



8. TypeScript Courses – [LinkedIn Learning]

TypeScript Courses
LinkedIn Learning also has some of the best classes to learn TypeScript online. They have a host of courses to pick from. You can find both paid and free courses here. So, browse through the available options, and make your selection.


Top industry experts and professionals offer these classes. So, you will not regret what you learn. You can find TypeScript courses online for all backgrounds, skills, and experiences. In the paid versions, you receive a certification that amplifies your chances of landing your dream job. You can also share it on your social media.


A few of the best TypeScript courses available on the platform are:

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