9 Best SAT Preparation Classes

Best SAT Preparation Classes
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SAT is a college entrance exam. Today, almost every university and college uses SAT to assess your preparation and readiness for college. Hence, SAT score is one of the top factors in your college admissions. Hence, it is quintessential to prep well to achieve a high score. SAT checks you on your writing, reading, and math skills. It also has an optional essay.


Typically, students tend to lose their deserving SAT points because:


  1. They waste time memorizing everything.
  2. They do not understand or misunderstand the question.
  3. They do not select the most efficient method for solving the question.


Hence, it is vital to learn to prioritize. For this, you must enroll in one of the top online SAT prep classes. You can find several paid and free SAT prep classes online.


Top 9 Best SAT Prep Online Classes

  1. Proven Strategies Personalized Prep – Offered by Kaplan – [Kaptest]
  2. SAT Prep – [The Princeton Review]
  3. SAT Live Classes – [Magoosh]
  4. SAT Test Prep – [PrepScholar]
  5. Official SAT® Practice – [Khan Academy]
  6. SAT Prep Courses – [Prep Expert]
  7. SAT Courses – [Udemy]
  8. Free SAT or ACT Prep Test – [Testive]
  9. Affordable SAT Prep – [College Prep Genius]


Our team examined and screened several SAT test prep classes to save you from the hard work. From them, we handpicked the 9 best SAT classes online.


Pros of Online SAT Prep Course

  • Easy to accommodate in your school
  • Familiarizes you with the examination content
  • It helps you develop the required skills
  • Learn the necessary SAT strategies
  • Improve your SAT score and bag admission to a college of your choice
  • No stress of attending in person classes
  • Can study at your time and pace


Cons of Online SAT Prep Courses

  • Higher potential for false accreditation
  • Lack of “face-to-face” time
  • Diminished understanding of the student’s weak points
  • Students may get distracted easily and take unnecessary breaks with self study


9 Best Online Courses for SAT Preparation

1. Proven Strategies Personalized Prep – Offered by Kaplan – [Kaptest]

Proven Strategies Personalized Prep
Do you wish to study for SAT at home? You must enroll in one of the best free online SAT prep courses to help you get started. Kaplan has some of the best SAT test preparation courses for you. Test experts offer these best online SAT preparation courses, and they have customized their best SAT online classes to cater to the online experience.


The Available Options

Kaplan offers three affordable SAT prep courses. Let us discuss them one by one:

1. On-Demand
As part of these SAT preparation classes, you can master the course content by studying 30-minutes a day with their bite-sized video lessons. You can watch the sessions anytime, anywhere.


They have a team of top professionals who head content strategy and review sessions to help you find the correct answers. You can avail of this at only $199.

2. Live Online
You can also enroll in one of the best SAT prep courses online. These instructor-led courses help you be a better test taker. You will learn from a professional expert who keeps you engaged and accountable across the whole class. These online SAT prep classes start at $699. But, currently, they have a 30 percent offer running.

3. Unlimited Prep
Even though it is not one of the free SAT prep courses online, it is worth your penny. As part of this prep course, you can take unlimited PSAT, AP, ACT, and SAT classes until December of the senior year.


These classes can be your unlimited confidence cushion, equipping you with the necessary knowledge to avail higher ad better scores. The comprehensive set starts at $1999.

Why Kaplan?

Kaplan offers some of the best SAT test prep courses. They have an extensive team of teachers who provide you with the right strategies to increase your scores. The professionals make the classroom learning engaging and interesting. In addition, Kaplan has prep options for students of all levels and expertise.


So, you can conveniently find the best SAT classes online and go ahead from there. They utilize top skills like passage mapping and answer elimination to prepare you for the test.



2. SAT Prep – [The Princeton Review]

SAT Prep

Next, we have another one of the best SAT test preparation courses. The Princeton Review has multiple best online SAT preparation courses, and their classes come with a unique assurance. They guarantee the students of a 1400+ score.


So, if you do not score more than 1400, they will refund your tuition fee. Alternatively, you can also choose to prepare again at zero cost.


The educators offering the SAT test prep classes have over thirty-five years of teaching experience. At Princeton Review, the teachers prioritize the learnings and attempt to deliver maximum results in minimum time.


They have multiple online SAT prep classes. So, you can browse through the options to find one that fits your needs.


Why opt for The Princeton Review?

The Princeton Review offers affordable SAT prep classes. Further, there are multiple reasons why you must consider them over the others like:

1. Productive Preparation
You can enroll in their strategically planned and efficient SAT preparation classes that help you make the most of every minute you spend learning.

2. Engaging teachers
The Princeton Review has a robust screening mechanism. Before getting any educator on board, they check them on two metrics:

  • Sense of humor – Because the content delivered must be engaging and fun
  • Expertise – They should know what they are talking


In addition, every teacher goes through 37 hours of intensive training before they teach you.


3. Quality Content & Delivery

At Princeton Review, the tutors do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach for their SAT test preparation courses. So, you have self-paced learned and designed exquisitely to deliver online instructions. Alternatively, they also have on-demand and private tutoring options.

You might also want to check out these free courses by Princeton online.


3. SAT Live Classes – [Magoosh]

SAT Live Classes
Magoosh is another one of the top platforms to avail online SAT prep classes. They offer live SAT preparation classes. They host classes online. So, before every class, you will receive a link via email.


The content comprises 16 hours of live instruction, and you also get custom homework following each class. All of their best SAT preparation courses help solidify your learnings in Math, Writing, and Reading.


They have a limited class size and assure a +100 point score improvement guarantee. However, to avail of this score guarantee, you should have taken the exam before. Your last score should not be older than five years.


They also offer 1300+ practice questions and several bonus video lessons. Each of their SAT test prep classes is about two hours long, and the class meets only two days a week, typically Tuesday and Thursday.


If you feel you do not get the value after the first class, you can inform Magoosh and avail a full refund. Alternatively, you can also receive their free enrolment in an alternative live class. When you register in their best SAT prep courses online, you enroll for eight classes.


If none of their live options seem right for you, you can opt for their On-Demand option. As part of these, you get 16 hours of instruction. However, these are self-paced. So, you can view them at your convenience in your time.


So, enrolling in these best SAT courses online gives you access to the Live Class recording. It is a perfect option for students with a busy schedule.


Learning Structure


Here is a lay-down of the typical class learning structure.


Lesson 1 – Test Strategy + Reading Passages

It will be your first live session, and you will learn the following:


1) Awareness of the SAT structure

2) Understanding of the SAT scoring and timing

3) Knowledge of test-taking strategies

4) Learning to study effectively

5) Familiarity with the passage strategy for SAT Reading


Lesson 2 – Arithmetic


It is the second SAT Live class. In this class, you will learn the following:


1) All significant Arithmetic topics

2) Knowing how every topic test on the SAT

3) Practicing and learning different SAT Math strategies


Lesson 3 – Reading Questions


In the third SAT class, you will learn the following:


1) SAT Reading section and passage strategy

2) Question strategy for every SAT Reading question type


Lesson 4 – Algebra

In the final SAT class, you will learn:


1) Important Algebra I topics

2) How Algebra topics test on SAT

3) Practicing top SAT Math strategies


Who should take these classes?

Magoosh’s online SAT prep classes are suitable for students seeking a structured and accountable SAT preparation. You can use the live platform to ask your questions in real-time. In addition, it also allows you to seek clarification on every concept that you are probably struggling with.



4. SAT Test Prep – [PrepScholar]

SAT Test Prep

PrepScholar offers one of the most affordable SAT prep courses. Their online program is designed exquisitely to meet student needs. So, first, the instructor tries to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the child and then tailor the SAT test prep courses to meet their abilities.


Unfortunately, they do not offer free SAT prep classes online. But, their best SAT prep classes online come with a 160+ point guarantee. So, it implies that if you do not score at least a 160 score improvement in your subsequent SAT, PrepScholar will refund your money.


They accept PSAT scores and Old SAT scores as baselines. The team at PrepScholar is confident in their merit. Hence, they offer the industry’s best score guarantee.


Across these best online SAT preparation courses, you will learn by directly interacting with the expert or watching a video. Further, after every session, you will find multiple realistic SAT test questions to help you assess your learning. There are also practice questions that can help you get better. Instructors designed their best SAT preparation courses to perfection.


What’s more? It is one of the best online courses for SAT prep because it comes with a 5-day risk-free trial. So, if you do not like what you learn during the first five days, you can cancel and receive your refund.


Why PrepScholar?

1. Vast Content
These SAT preparation classes have extensive SAT content. Their personalized program comes packed with 7100+ realistic practice questions and over 100 hours of learning content.


Their top SAT prep material covers all three SAT subsections – Math, Writing and Language, and Reading. In addition, you also receive essay training. It is not all. The course also offers ten preparation tests to assess your skills.

2. Expert-crafted content
Top-notch SAT experts who secured perfect scores crafted this one of the best SAT preparation courses. But, SAT is more than just a test-taker. So, they employ the skills that helped them succeed and pass on the same to you.

3. Premium SAT Videos
In this course, you will find the best SAT classes online. The video sessions have enough content to clarify your doubts and help you excel in SAT. All online SAT prep classes rank high in production quality and explain everything in-depth to ensure you understand everything.

4. Constant motivation
Most students fail to succeed in SAT because they lack the necessary motivation to study. Consequently, they never feel confident about their programs. But, experts at PrepScholar help you change that. The instructor plans the classes after accessing your current level.


Hence, you will never feel overwhelmed. In addition, PrepScholar also offers students custom encouragement to keep at it and progress with every stage. Lastly, they decomplexify every concept to help you gain the necessary confidence. Hence, it is one of the best SAT prep courses online.


5. All-in-one package

Your instructors will take you from basic to advanced in these courses. So, you do not need to buy any books or hire outside tutors or attend any other classes. Experts at PrepScholar will take you through the whole thing step by step.


You will also receive constant directions on what to study next. In short, the educators craft a complete study plan for your needs.


Study Plan

Your study plan in these online SAT prep classes will be as follows:

  • In the initial 10 minutes – Preparation and Signup
  • First hour – Taking a diagnostic assessment
  • From hours 2 to 10 – Training your skills with lessons
  • From hours 11 to 14 – A full-length practice test
  • 15+ hours – Customized preparation
  • Final step – Excelling in SAT



5. Official SAT® Practice – [Khan Academy]

Official SAT® Practice

Khan Academy is another one of the top platforms to avail the best SAT prep classes online. They offer free SAT prep courses online. Each of their prep courses is customized exclusively for learners.


The instructor crafts the sessions according to your PSAT/NMSQT® scores or diagnostic. It has several videos, lessons, practice questions, hints, and test-taking strategies and tips for the course.


You will receive eight full-length practice tests in the SAT preparation classes. College Board Interactive has jointly drafted the complete content with experts at Khan Academy. In addition, you will constantly receive regular feedback. You can track your progress and know where you stand and how much you need to improve.


Why Khan Academy?

Khan Academy experts recommend three top practices to help you improve your SAT scores –

  • following personalized practice recommendations
  • taking a full-length practice test
  • leveling up your skills


Their survey suggests that students who employed their Official SAT Practice for at least six hours and took at least one practice test scored 39 points more than students who did not. Still, thinking? Enroll in their free SAT prep classes online right away.



6. SAT Prep Courses – [Prep Expert]

SAT Prep Courses

Next, we have online SAT prep classes by Prep Expert. Their best SAT prep classes online come with the industry’s leading money-back score improvement guarantees. They do not offer the best free online SAT prep courses but definitely the paid one.


Each of the best SAT online classes has been drafted by the top one percent of the SAT experts. The experts have several years of teaching experience and have scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT.


In addition, they have worked with several thousand students and assisted them in acing the SAT exams with their top-notch prep methods. You will learn over 100 strategies defined by Dr. Shaan Patel, Prep Expert Founder.


The instructor will guide you from start to finish. In their best free SAT prep course, you will get more preparatory hours at only fifty percent cost per hour compared to the other classes.


Available Options

They have the four best SAT courses online:

  • Self-Paced Video SAT Prep Course that comes with an SAT Score Improvement Guarantee
  • 4-Week PSAT Prep Course that comes with a PSAT Score Improvement Guarantee
  • 6-Week Flagship SAT Prep Course with a 200-Point SAT Score Improvement Guarantee
  • 8-Week Capstone SAT Prep Course with a 200-Point SAT Score Improvement Guarantee


You receive a score guarantee by buying these best SAT prep online classes. So, if you do not score the said score improvements, you can receive a 100% refund money.



7. Best SAT Prep Classes Online – [Udemy]

Best SAT Prep Classes Online

On Udemy, you can find an array of online SAT prep classes. They have both paid and free SAT prep courses online. Top industry professionals offer these best SAT prep courses online.


If you avail of their best free online SAT prep courses, you do not receive graded assignments and certification. But, if you opt for their paid best SAT test prep courses, you will bag a certificate of completion. All of them are 100% live online SAT preparation classes. These are self-paced best SAT preparation courses. So you can watch them anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your home.


There is no refund policy for these best free SAT prep course. But one of the best things about paid best SAT online classes is that they come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. So, if you do not like what you received, you can request a refund.


The paid and free SAT prep classes online come with a lifetime guarantee. So, if ever the instructor issues new additions, you will have access to them.


Some of their best SAT courses online include:



8. Free SAT or ACT Prep Test – [Testive]

Affordable SAT Prep

With Testive’s best free SAT prep course, you learn and cater to your big educational goals. They also provide academic counseling and test preparation services to empower students to excel in these tests.


Before you enroll in their best SAT preparation courses, you can avail free consultation. It will help you understand how their counselors, educators, and adaptive learning software can help you succeed. The best part is Testive offers free SAT prep classes online.



9. Affordable SAT Prep – [College Prep Genius]

Affordable SAT Prep

College Prep Genius offers several online SAT prep classes wherein you learn tips, tricks, and strategies that help you earn scholarship money and raise test prep scores. Student debt typically takes two decades to pay off.


About eighty-five percent of universities and colleges offer scholarships and admittance solely according to the test score. It saves you thousands of dollars. So, choose nothing but the best SAT prep online classes.


Further, the College Prep Genius’ tips and strategies educate students on the tools required to raise scores and bag scholarships. Tests like the CLT, ACT, and SAT are reasoning-based tests and work on logic. Students learn to take this reasoning test with their best online SAT preparation courses.


What’s more? The best online courses for SAT prep come with a full-year pass. You can further renew the access after one year for only $49. Their best SAT classes online help students identify the recurring patterns and employ shortcuts to solve the problems in 30 seconds or less. Lastly, College Prep Genius provides you with the best SAT test prep courses. You can access pre-recorded eCourses or live virtual classes with their flexible learning schemes. So, you can browse through the available option and make your selection.



FAQs About Best SAT Online Classes

Ques 1. What is a good SAT score?

Ans. The perfect SAT score is 1600, and the minimum score required is 400. So, naturally, a good SAT score depends on your life goals and dream college. Even though 1060 is the average, the official medium is usually variable and different year after year.


A few colleges tend to super score. It implies that they combine the top Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score and the highest Math score from multiple test dates to arrive at a super score.


Ques 2. What is the difference between SAT and ACT?

Ans. Both SAT and ACT are top-accredited tests accepted by renowned universities and colleges. So, you can decide which test you prefer. Some people also choose to take both tests. However, unlike the ACT, there is no dedicated Science section on SAT. But, it still provides a science cross-test score.


Ques 3. How long is the SAT test?

Ans. There is an optional essay included in the SAT. So, if it has the essay, it will last 3 hours and 50 minutes. But, if you take the test sans the essay, the course duration is 3 hours.


In every SAT test, there are four sections – Reading, Writing and Language, Math – No-Calculator, and Math – Calculator in that order. However, there are a few test administrations that also have experimental questions. It adds another 20 minutes to the test time.


Ques 4. How many times can I take the SAT test?

Ans. Fortunately, you can take the SAT test as many times as preferred. However, students usually take this test about two or three times. We advise students to take the practice test or PSAT in their sophomore year.


In addition, you must always plan to appear for the official SAT in the winter or spring of your junior year. So, if you are not satisfied with the result, you still have ample time to prepare more and re-appear for the test before the application deadlines. Your SAT scores are valid for five years.


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So, these are the top 9 best SAT courses online. We have tried to include all the top paid and free SAT prep courses online. So, you can browse through them and make your selection. Both best free SAT prep courses and paid ones offer you a top outcome. Still thinking? Go ahead, and make your selection.

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