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Sanskrit course online
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Oxford Center for Hindu studies offers the most comprehensive course to learn Sanskrit. You can also pick dedicated courses to learn Sanskrit grammar, pronunciation, etc.

Sanskrit course online


Sanskrit is a classical and ancient Indian language in which the first ever book of the world, Rigveda, was compiled. Over the years, the language has significantly evolved, especially in its expressive ability. Some learners find it tricky to learn. However, a language enthusiast when matched with the correct resources such as Sanskrit courses online can master it in a few months.


Sanskrit language years ago was different from the present world’s Sanskrit. So, if you wish to learn Sanskrit’s history and its present use-cause, you must suit yourself with one of the classes mentioned below.

Sanskrit Language Courses & Classes Online With Elaborate Lessons


Course for Beginners Complete Comprehensive and Easy Sanskrit For Beginners – [Udemy]

Course for Beginners
Why this course? – It is a bestselling straightforward Sanskrit class with a high 4.5 rating.


Things you will like

  1. You need no former knowledge for this class as it is the best session for beginners.
  2. The course is full of practice sessions and exercises to learn by doing.
  3. You can dedicate one hour per day, and you will acquire the knowledge well.
  4. It is a well-structured class.


Things you will not like

  1. In some places, the audio quality is poor.


About the course

It is one of the most comprehensive courses for Sanskrit, wherein you will get Sanskrit lessons online for everything. It ranges from alphabets to shloka deconstruction and story comprehension. There are lessons on Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Tenses, Adjectives, Numbers, Time, Vibhakti (Cases), etc.


You will study over a hundred Avyayam (Indeclinables), nouns, and verbs with their present, past, future, and order-request complete forms. Lastly, there are sessions on Krtanta Shabda. You can finish the whole class in three months.


The whole course has three different levels. They progress step-by-step through easy exercises and explanations, level after level, to help form a base for learners. It is an excellent class for anyone who wishes to understand Sanskrit Texts, Scriptures, Stories, and Shloka.


People taking Sanskrit in school and appearing for the language exams will also cherish this session. Moreover, people who wish to write and speak Sanskrit error-free will also find this an excellent pick.


Reviews By Sanskar K.

I liked the course very much! I have just started with the course, The instructor explains the concepts in a simple manner. This course is fun and interesting to watch. It grew my interest more in Sanskrit. Thanks



Best for Sanskrit Grammar Sanskrit Atlas – [American Sanskrit Institute]

Best for Sanskrit Grammar

Why this course?

This is the best Sanskrit course online created by Vyaas Houston, MA, Founder of ASI. He has 15+ years of Sanskrit teaching experience. This course will clear your Sanskrit grammar basics like no other.


Things you will like

  1. There are beautiful visuals in the Sanskrit Atlas 1.0 wherein the entire working grammar is laid out for rapid learning.
  2. It contains 43 large format color pages (14 x 9 inches) in a spiral-bound cover, making the course engaging.
  3. You will find 33 color-coded tab dividers that list everything from Sandhi to Compounds.
  4. It has CDs for the precise understanding of all the elements in detail.


Things you will not like

  1. It is a little on the pricier side of the spectrum.


About the course

With logical and beautiful language maps, the Sanskrit Atlas and the companion Sanskrit courses help you grasp Sanskrit like what was never before possible, even with several years of study. It covers all the Sanskrit essentials via a color tab system to help you quickly find the grammar element from the noun or verb endings to Sandhi.


Lastly, there is an ongoing memory system wherein you will see every detail of Sanskrit grammar compiled. This offers an aesthetic and straightforward organization of everything you learn in the course.


Reviews By Paul Van Camp

“Oh thank you! This is an amazing work and resource. I am in awe to see this laid out so clearly.”



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Ideal to Learn Sanskrit Pronunciation Complete Sanskrit Pronunciation – [Udemy]

Complete Sanskrit Pronunciation

Why this course?

Often people learn to speak in Sanskrit, but their native accent takes away that feeling. So, this is the best Sanskrit course online that attempts to eliminate the native accent from your Sanskrit pronunciation. You need no former knowledge to take this class.


Things you will like

  1. There is an authentic and precise articulation of all Sanskrit sounds, with ample practice material included.
  2. You will have access to regular feedback from the instructor.
  3. You will work on 50 Shlokas and 300 Sanskrit words.
  4. It has two identical course versions – in Latin or Devanāgarī script. 5.5 hours each.


Things you will not like

  1. There are pauses in the videos during the slide that can be off-putting for the learners.


About the course

In these Sanskrit lessons online, you will learn all the tricks to tune your body and tongue to perfect your Sanskrit phonetics, irrespective of your native language. It can help reduce your accent to a minimum. You will practice individual sounds and sound groups with real-life examples from the Sanskrit language.


In addition, the instructor also teaches you the science behind the Sanskrit alphabet – the most systematically arranged alphabet in the world. The instructor is responsive, and you can get a response to your queries instantly. You can also get instant personal feedback from the teacher after you send your recordings for assessment.


It is an excellent class for Students/teachers of Yoga, Bhakti, or any other Sanskrit-related field.


Reviews By Rebecca N.

This is an excellent course for someone whose native language isn’t an Indic language. I appreciate the breaking down of pronunciations very much.



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Most Comprehensive Class Sanskrit: Level 1 – [Oxford Centre For Hindu Studies]

Most Comprehensive Class

Why this course?

You will study with Dr. Zoë Slatoff, an instructor responsive to a comprehensive series of Sanskrit courses for the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies. She has authored the book Yogāvatāraṇam: The Translation of Yoga, a Sanskrit textbook based on classic yoga texts.


In addition, Zoë holds a Ph.D. in Religion and Philosophy from Lancaster University and an MA in Asian Languages and Cultures from Columbia University.


She also teaches Yoga Philosophy and Sanskrit in the Yoga Studies MA program at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She also taught it at her yoga shala in NY, Ashtanga Yoga Upper West Side, for several years.


Things you will like

  1. In these Sanskrit lessons online, the instructor employs Western and Indian methods to offer an interactive Sanskrit learning experience.
  2. It has a good mix of theoretical and practical lessons, comprising audio, video lectures, and written material.
  3. You receive weekly assignments to learn at home.
  4. You get to meet and collaborate with students from other courses and explore different aspects of Hindu studies.


Things you will not like

  1. For the duration, it is somewhat expensive.


About the course

It is the best-suited class for beginners and even people with experience hoping to reinvigorate their studies. As part of this course, the instructor focuses on learning through sound, writing, reading, and pronunciation.


In addition, you will also study a little grammar using some lessons from Yogāvatāraṇam: The Translation of Yoga. It is an eight-week class. There are three hours of on-demand video by your tutor and course instructor, Dr. Zoë Slatoff. In the end, you will find five zoom lessons on different topics as well.



Best Free Sanskrit Course Online Free Online Sanskrit Lessons – [Learn Sanskrit Online]

Best Free Sanskrit Course Online

Why this course?

You will be studying with Vidyadhar and other Sanskrit scholars who will be teaching you Sanskrit via weekly lessons. We had to include this course because you can take the course in Hindi, English, Kannada, or Telugu.


Things you will like

  1. The courses here are fun, informal, and full of audio resources for all beginner learners.
  2. All beginner lessons come for free.
  3. This course will benefit everyone who wishes to converse in Sanskrit.
  4. It is a 100% online, self-paced class.
  5. You can repeat the lessons till you feel confident in the subject.
  6. It is a well-structured, well-organized class.
  7. Did you search the web for 100% ‘free Sanskrit classes near me?’ Please remember it is not 100% free. The beginner lessons are free and the rest is an affordable class – 500 (~8 USD) per class for a one-on-one live class via Skype, Zoom, etc. This cost includes an individual learning plan and customized learning materials.
  8. It is a practical class wherein you learn by doing.


Things you will not like

  1. It is a little too short.


About the course

Once you finish this class, you can make a basic conversation in Sanskrit in only a few hours of learning. You will learn the history and current status of Sanskrit, the advantages of learning Sanskrit, and an overview of the alphabet.


The introduction helps offer a quick flavor of the language. In these courses, you will have to spend one hour on the online class, followed by one hour for practice. It may not be the cut for your search for ‘100% free Sanskrit classes near me,’ but many beginner lessons are free. So, if you like what you receive in the initial sessions, you can pay for the course.



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How Did We Select These Courses?

So, these are the top five best classes for people interested in learning Sanskrit. They are all excellent courses, one better than the other, depending on the attribute you put into consideration. Below, we will address the primary aspects we considered for choosing these lessons:


1. Topic Coverage

Naturally, nobody wishes to take more than one class to learn anything. Hence, we picked the ones, comprehensive in their coverage, offering complete information in a single class.


2. Experience

We have ensured that the instructor offering you Sanskrit lessons is well-versed in the language and has the background and knowledge in the subject.


3. Reviews

Beyond our team’s testing, we also considered the reviews from the students who took these courses. It helped us get a gist of how other people liked this class.


4. Fees

Our listings here are not overly expensive. So, you will get your money’s worth in whichever class you pick.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. How long does it take to learn Sanskrit fluently?

Ans. The duration depends on the purpose of learning the language. So, if you wish to understand the ancient texts and traditional scriptures, it will take around six to eight months or one to two years to get well-acquainted with the language.


However, if you want to learn only the spoken parts, you can do it in three to four months with the help of Sanskrit courses online.


Ques 2. Are there any apps to learn the Sanskrit language?

Ans. Five of the best apps to learn Sanskrit is:

  1. Drops
  2. Speak Sanskrit
  3. iTalki
  4. Memrise
  5. Liberation Philosophy Sanskrit


Ques 3. How do I practice Sanskrit?

Ans. You can work on different exercises to practice your Sanskrit proficiency. Consider doing alphabet practice with flashcards or reading holy books like Bhagavad Gita, Vedas, or Ramayana to test your reading ability.


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