6 Best Real Estate Photography Classes Online For Complete Training

Best Real Estate Photography Classes

Architecture interiors are one of the most complicated & challenging subjects to compose. Without proper training, you may experience color balance issues and lighting issues.

Today, property managers, home builders, construction companies, hotels, real estate ventures, and magazines all have a use for architecture and real estate photography more than ever.

Real estate or architecture photography training is a must for photographers interested in this field because every property tends to have its own set of challenges, and that is where your photographic approach comes into question.

So, enrolling in a real estate photography workshop is vital to anyone planning to shoot real estate and architecture photography.

Of course, your sole desire will be to find the best course online so that you may sharpen your skills from the comfort of your home. Will simply typing ‘real estate photography course near me’ help you get the best classes for you?

In all honesty, when you search for a course online, you will be flooded with options that fit in your search for ‘real estate photography classes near me.’ But how do you even decide which course to pick?

We understand the problem, and this is why we did our research and have shortlisted some of the best courses for you. Let us get started and take a look at these courses one by one.


Best Real Estate Photography Courses and Classes

  1.   Mastering Architecture And Real Estate Photography – Udemy
  2.   Real Estate Photography: How To Get Started – Udemy
  3.   Drone Photography For Real Estate – Udemy
  4.   Real Estate Photography Masterclass – Udemy
  5.   Grow Your Photo Biz – Darren Miles
  6.   Real Estate And Architectural Photography – Creative Live


6 Top Courses To Learn Real Estate Photography

 1. Mastering Architecture and Real Estate Photography – Udemy

Mastering Architecture and Real Estate Photography


Are you planning to shoot real estate and architecture photography? If yes, this can be the perfect course for you to learn. Right at the top of our list is this Udemy’s bestseller course with a rating of 4.5 for learning experience.


If you’re tired of searching ‘real estate photography classes near me,’ look no further. This course provides you with the needed real estate photography training and the best part about the course is that it is taught by award-winning commercial photographer Charlie Borland.


Through this course, he will present to you a step-by-step approach to photographing architectural properties. So, if you want to learn from a professional, you should enroll in these classes today!


Your instructor for this course has been formally trained at the Brooks Institute in the 1980s. Every day since he has worked as a professional. Over these years, he has photographed for Fortune 500 companies, and his work has also been widely recognized and published in countless magazines.


What’s more? He has also photographed Hollywood actors, pro athletes, politicians, hotels, real estate, and so much more. It is his love for teaching that motivated him to launch this Udemy course.


Learners who wish to create magic with beautiful architecture can join this course. This course has some of the most straightforward and easy-to-follow strategies that enable creating effective real estate photography.


We have ranked this as one of the best real estate photography courses because it comes with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. So, there is no risk for you. If you do not like what you get, you can seek your refund.


Last but not the least, the course will give you 14.5 hours of on-demand video, two articles, and sixteen downloadable resources. These resources come with complete lifetime access, and you can view the course on TV and mobile.


Upon completing these real estate photography classes, you will be rewarded with a certificate of completion. This is a shareable certificate, and you can share it on your LinkedIn or print it and include it in your CV.


Topics Covered

Some of the things covered in this course are:


  1. How to see the light and shadow.
  2. Right equipment selection
  3. The difference between real estate photography and architectural photography
  4. HDR for architecture photography
  5. Lighting in offices, manufacturing plants, and home environments.
  6. The different qualities of light, color balance, and color correction.
  7. How to light with strobes and how to light with flash.
  8. How to use Photoshop to create photos you can’t do in a single capture
  9. The disappearing lights technique.
  10. Lighting color management


Learning Outcomes

Depending on who you are shooting for, you will approach the photography, and these real estate photography classes cover several methods, which can be applied to each kind of client.


So, you will learn:

  1. To shoot without supplemental light
  2. To process a basic digital file quickly
  3. To shoot and process for HDR.
  4. To light a room with strobes.
  5. To deal with reflections.
  6. To replace lights.
  7. To fix distortion.
  8. Techniques that allow you to work quickly on low-budget assignments.
  9. To fix the bad color.
  10. To light a room with flash.
  11. To shoot for Photoshop.
  12. Creating beautiful architecture photography for high-end clients.
  13. To use the hide-a-light technique.
  14. And many in-depth Photoshop techniques for beautiful architecture photography.



There are a few prerequisites that are necessary before you take up this real estate photography workshop. These include:


  1. Intermediate understanding of photography techniques
  2. Wide-angle lens, camera, cable release, tripod, or wireless camera trigger.
  3. Intermediate knowledge of photoshop as it is demonstrated throughout the course.
  4. Use of strobes or flash is covered, but you do not necessarily have to own the equipment.


Review Ray Marsh:

I have practiced photography for years including some commercial projects. Getting ready to add real estate to our offerings. This course really opened up some ideas and techniques that I had not yet uncovered. Good info!



2. Real Estate Photography: How To Get Started – Udemy

Real Estate Photography

Next on our real estate photography courses list is again an offering by Udemy with a rating of 4.7. 
One of the most amazing things about this real estate photography training is that it is about the results. So, if you do not see any progress in 30-days, you can get your money back.
Be assured, your search for the ‘real estate photography classes near me’ ends with this course. You can take this course anywhere and watch it at your convenience. Hence, if you need the best way to get started in real estate photography, it can be one of your go-to courses. 
The course contents here are easy to comprehend even by beginners. This course comes with 1.5 hours of on-demand video, eight articles to assist, and two downloadable resources with lifetime access. Feel free to view them on your TV and mobile.

Upon completing this real estate photography course, you get a shareable certificate of completion. 

Learning Outcomes

In these real estate photography classes, there are a couple of things for you to learn. Some of them include:  

  1. Camera settings to take professional real estate photos.
  2. How to edit your photos quickly and easily.
  3. What information to gather from the client when they book the photoshoot.
  4. Best equipment for real estate photography and how to use it.
  5. How to share your finished work with the client using a free hyperlink.
  6. Photography business start-up lessons.
  7. Printable’ Home Prep Instructions’ to give to a client before the shoot to ensure the home is prepared for photos.
  8. Tips for shooting each room in a house.



There are a few small prerequisites that you need to bear in mind when taking these real estate photography classes. These include:  

  1. A computer (Mac or PC) or a smartphone/tablet (iOS or Android).
  2. An open mind and some willingness to learn. 

Beyond that, there is nothing else required. You do not need any photography knowledge beforehand for these real estate photography training classes. 


Who should take this course?

This real estate photography workshop is ideal for:

  1. Realtors who are looking to take better photos themselves.
  2. Anyone who’s thinking about getting started in real estate photography.
  3. Photographers looking for the best camera settings to photograph homes.
  4. New real estate photography business owners looking to grow their photography business.


Review Dhiren Naidoo:

This course is very well presented and is easy to follow. The creating your own website part went by quiet quick and was difficult to follow on the first watch, but with repeat viewing i am sure it will get easier to follow the steps. The overall info in the course is excellent and i will definitely recommend this course if you are considering photography.



3. Drone Photography For Real Estate – Udemy

Drone Photography For Real Estate


Not convinced with the above-listed two results for your query of ‘real estate photography course near me?’ Well, we have another one of the top Udemy’s real estate photography classes. It is one of the top-demanded courses and has a rating of 4.7.

It is one of the most-liked courses for real estate photography on the internet and has everything you need to start a real estate drone photography business.

This is an excellent real estate photography training program for beginners with zero experience and even advanced photographers with years of experience. The course has all the basics for the beginner level and then goes into the advanced content for people with experience.

With this course, you get 1.5 hours of on-demand video, eight articles, and two downloadable resources. All of these resources come with lifetime access. So, you will have access to the latest additions to the course at no extra cost.

Further, you get quick and helpful support in the Q&A section, where you can clear your doubts with the instructor. Upon completing the course, you will be rewarded with a shareable Udemy Certificate of Completion.

Lastly, this course comes with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with this course’s contents, you can reach out to Udemy and get your money back.

Learning Outcomes

Some of the things that you will learn with this real estate photography workshop are:

  1. Steps to add drone services to your current photography business.
  2. Best drone equipment and how to use it.
  3. How to edit your photos quickly and easily.
  4. How to send professional online invoices.
  5. Steps to starting a highly profitable real estate drone business.
  6. How to deliver your photos to the client via a free hyperlink.
  7. Drone camera settings to take professional real estate drone photography.
  8. Real estate drone photography tips for shooting angles and times of the day.


What do you need?

You’ll need the following to take up these real estate photography classes:

  1. A computer (Mac or PC) or a smartphone/tablet (iOS or Android)
  2. Willingness to learn


Beyond that, there is no need for any prior drone photography or photography knowledge for this course.

Who should take this course?

This real estate photography course is ideal for:


  1. Drone photographers looking for the best way to photograph real estate.
  2. New real estate drone photography businessowners looking to grow their drone photography business.
  3. Drone photographers looking for the best drone camera settings to photograph homes.
  4. Anyone who’s thinking about getting started in drone real estate photography.
  5. Realtors who are looking to take better drone photos themselves.


Review John-Paul Deacon:

Awesome simple example of starting your own business, I would however have liked more on using the drone.



4. Real Estate Photography Masterclass – Udemy

Real Estate Photography Masterclass

Need more results for ‘real estate photography classes near me?’ Well, we have another one of the top-selling real estate photography course by Udemy. This real estate photography training course has a rating of 4.2.

This course is an introductory masterclass wherein you will learn several elements of shooting professional real estate photos. The course has been crafted to appeal to all skill levels, from beginners to experienced photographers.

You have a thorough explanation for every concept, and every technical information is explained via diagrams. The course also has 30 case studies. These studies discuss the settings and the techniques that are used for capturing every composition.

The course is sub-divided into different modules, and each of them covers a unique concept that will help you be a pro at real estate photography.

Even though this is not a photo-editing course, a Photoshop tutorial in the Workflow module presents you with the right way to edit an interior image photographed using the technique taught in this course.

You get the course contents in a slide-show format. This makes it easy for students to refer back to certain lectures in the future at different stages of their business growth.

We recommend you preview the course samples before you enroll in these real estate photography classes. If required, you can speed up or slow down the instructor’s voice to match your speed.

This real estate photography course comes with a money-back guarantee (30 days). The course also offers you 1.5 hours of on-demand video and three downloadable resources with lifetime access. Upon course completion, you also get a shareable certificate by Udemy.

Learning Outcomes

Some of the things that you will learn with this real estate photography training are:

  1. Selecting the correct camera body, lens, and other equipment necessary for shooting real estate.
  2. Compose and shoot house exteriors, apartment buildings, balconies, views, pools, and lifestyle facilities.
  3. Recommended settings and shooting process for real estate photography.
  4. Technique to shoot using the HDR-Flash method and capture a series of bracketed images to cover an image’s dynamic range.
  5. Compose and photograph various rooms and spaces, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living and dining rooms.
  6. Understanding of the three different twilight phases that are ideal for shooting interiors and exteriors.
  7. Workflow process from the time of booking to the delivery of the images and invoicing.



There are some prerequisites for this real estate photography course. These include:

  1. A computer, smartphone, or tablet to access the course.
  2. Basic knowledge of photography will be helpful.

However, you do not need any knowledge of photo-editing programs (i.e., Photoshop).
Further, the course has two templates, which can assist you with the workflow.

  1. Property Shoot List.
  2. Home Preparation Guide.


Why take these real estate photography classes?

It is one of our top favorite real estate photography workshops because the course’s producer, Steven Ungermann, the instructor of this course is a real estate photographer himself. He is also the founder of several businesses in the fields of property marketing, prop-tech, and more.
He has been lauded with several recognitions too. He even made it to the Anthill 30 under 30 list and was also a finalist in the Broadcasting & Television 30u30 Awards and the Australian Small Business Champion Awards.
Steven began his real estate photography business while he was still studying at the university. Further, in 2019, he started the Haus Photo Media. The company offered photographers educational resources such as this course to help other people start and grow their own real estate photography businesses.

Who should take this course?

This is the perfect real estate photography training for:

  1. People who enjoy photography and want to earn a living from it.
  2. Real estate photographers who wish to validate their technique
  3. Photographers who wish to transition into real estate photography or learn more about the subject.


Review Morgan Reddy:

This was an amazing course. I learnt a lot more about the basics of Photography and the settings on my camera. Very well explained. This course was much more than expected. I loved every minute of this course. It was not boring at all. Thank you Steve



5. Grow Your Photo Biz – Darren Miles

Grow Your Photo Biz
Not yet happy satisfied with the answers to your query ‘real estate photography course near me.’ Well, fret not! Here’s another exciting course with real estate photography classes by Darren Miles.

This is a beginner to the intermediate-level course. The course is perfect for photographers who are looking forward to breaking into the real estate photography business.

Learning Outcomes

Some of the things that you will learn in these real estate photography classes include:

  1. The necessary gear for various budgets – from the bare minimums for the rookie who’s just breaking into the seasoned professionals.
  2. Lighting, composition, and techniques for showcasing properties for the digital marketplace.
  3. Some learnings from the actual clients and what they require from their real estate photography professionals.
  4. Understanding of the website and virtual tour hosting
  5. How to photograph different portions such as the kitchen, bathroom, specific elevated areas, foyer, and bedrooms.
  6. Managing Post Processing – From Basic Editing to advanced photoshopping for those higher-end homes – including when it’s time to outsource.
  7. Setting up your business
  8. The future – Video, Matterport, and Drones
  9. How to get paying clients in the first place.


Why is this real estate photography training different?

First things first, the course’s primary emphasis is still to help you get up and running with a successful real estate photography business. For this, the instructor will cover all the essentials that we have discussed above.
However, you should not take up this course if your primary agenda of taking up the course is to learn a photoshop tip or two. Of course, you will learn that, but that’s not the key emphasis of the course.
Also, please know that this is a limited-time course. All the six hours of learning lessons, shooting setup cheat sheets, photoshop cheat sheets, sheets, walkthroughs of actual shoots, the thought process that goes into creating each photograph, etc., and all for just a small fee. Seems too good to be true? Well, it is and is worth every penny that you spend.


6. Real Estate and Architectural Photography – Creative Live

Real Estate and Architectural Photography

Never rush to one course when you search for ‘real estate photography course near me.’ Always compare and evaluate before selecting a class.
A photograph is the first thing that buyer sees before looking at the actual property. So, to make a sale, you need to have a first good impression of the property.
If that’s what you think is your purpose, too, you can join this class by Mike Kelley. It is a basic course in real estate and architectural photography that will help you up your photography game.
Though it stands last on our course list, it is a great course and debunks the common myths about architectural photography. Through this course, you will learn about the best practices for working with real estate agents, architects, interior designers, commercial clients, and editorial outlets.
Further, this real estate photography workshop also teaches you the best approach to photographing any subject, whether you’re representing it realistically or embellishing its features. Also, you will explore special techniques, such as lighting, staging, and infusing your unique style into your shots. As the course advances, Mike will present you with a step-by-step process of capturing an architectural image, from planning to shooting to editing to client delivery.
If you are up for gaining a more advanced understanding of architectural photography principles, all the pros know, this is a great real estate photography course for you.
Approximately 31.3k students have availed of this course, and sixty-four percent of them recommend this class. The class has 17 video lessons in HD, which have two hours and twenty minutes of class content. You also get exclusive bonus content with the course and all the resources come with lifetime access.
More so, you can watch the course on the go, anytime and anywhere. You get both streaming and offline access on desktop and mobile, and you can offline sync with phone & iPad apps. Hence, with this course, you can be assured of a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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So, this is all from our end for the best real estate photography training classes. Hopefully, from these six courses, you can easily find one that best matches your requirement for the best real estate photography course.

However, before you select your preferred real estate photography classes, we advise you to browse these course websites and get more details like the enrolment date and fee structure. For easy access, we have linked the websites along with the courses. Be assured; you won’t regret picking a course from the ones listed above.

Before we close this article, we would like to give you a quick disclaimer. These courses have been selected, keeping in view five parameters, that are:

  1. Experience of the instructor taking the course
  2. The resources and the learnings of the course
  3. Inclusion (or not) of the certification
  4. Rating or reviews from the students who have taken this course in the past
  5. Pricing of the course


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Keep Upskilling!

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