9 Best QuickBooks Online Courses and Bonus Classes

Best QuickBooks Online Courses
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QuickBooks is one of the most prevalent accounting software, widely used by both mid-sized and small-sized businesses, and it is not hard to see why it is so. It is powerful and economical.


An incredible thing about QuickBooks is that it is customizable and pretty easy to use, given the multitude of functionalities associated with it. However, to learn it all, you must take QuickBooks online training classes.


When you take up QuickBooks classes online, you gain comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping skills, elevating your marketability and enabling you to stay ahead in this fast-paced field. More so, when you take online courses, you can learn from the comfort of your home and using your personal computer.


So, which are the best online courses for QuickBooks? If you search online, you will be flooded with QuickBooks training courses. Of them, finding the best QuickBooks online course can be a pain.


But you can sit back and relax as we did the legwork for you. We scoured through the different QuickBooks courses and have shortlisted the nine best ones. Let us get started and see what these courses have to offer.


Best QuickBooks Online Training Courses

  1. Mastering QuickBooks Online – [Udemy]
  2. QuickBooks Online 2022 & 2021 Start to Finish – [Udemy]
  3. QuickBooks Online for Beginners: Small Business & Bookkeeper – [Udemy]
  4. QuickBooks Online 2024 Full Course Bookkeeping Accounting – [Udemy]
  5. QuickBooks Pro & QuickBooks Online – 4 Course Bundle – [Udemy]
  • Bonus Online Courses for QuickBooks
    1. QuickBooks Online Essential Training – [LinkedIn Learning]
    2. QuickBooks Learning – [QuickBooks Training]
    3. QuickBook Courses – [ed2go]
    4. QuickBooks – [Skillshare]


    9 Best Courses to Get You Trained in QuickBooks

    1. Mastering QuickBooks Online – [Udemy]

    Mastering QuickBooks Online

    Rating 4.4
    Enrolled 18,250 students
    Duration 4 hours on-demand video
    Instructor Mark Smolen
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Cons The course should be updated a little as some contents in the class seem outdated.


    It is a bestselling QuickBooks online training course. There is an array of tests and projects in this course that replicate real-life challenges, wherein you will learn to practice all that you have learned.


    There are also dedicated industry-specific tasks, which might be required for you later on. Overall, this course is intended to equip you with all the knowledge needed to apply the specialty topics around QuickBooks.


    An excellent thing about these QuickBooks classes online is that your instructor is quite responsive. You can reach out to him for doubts, and he will help you with the needful.


    Learning Outcomes

    This course will teach you everything that is to know about QuickBooks. Some things you will learn in this QuickBooks certification online course are:

    • Setting up an online QuickBooks account
    • Navigating through the QuickBooks online screen
    • Recording every kind of transaction, which a company would need in QuickBooks Online
    • Identifying everything on the QuickBooks Online Screen
    • Understanding the drill around Petty Cash and other cash back related transactions
    • Customizing the most pivotal reports in QuickBooks Online
    • Finding and fixing the QuickBooks online data entry errors. In addition to quickbooks training, if you’re working with data, you can check out these data entry courses online to update yourself.
    • Enter invoices, sales receipts, and customer payments into the QuickBooks online account
    • Locating anything and everything entered in the QuickBooks Online Account, knowing when it was entered, and by who
    • Using reasoning and problem-solving skills to overcome Real Life “On The Job” Challenges when using QuickBooks Online
    • Tricks and tips associated with QuickBooks



    For these QuickBooks online training classes, you will need:

    • The earnestness to utilize QuickBooks online
    • Basic knowledge of computer


    You will not have to download or install any software for this course. Instead, the instructor uses the 30-day free trial version, free for everyone within the United States. You can even use the accountant’s edition, a no-cost software for people in the US.


    Who should take this course?

    This is one of the best QuickBooks training courses for:

    • Anyone who wishes to utilize QuickBooks Online for business management
    • Anyone with bookkeeping or accounting clients, which could be included in QuickBooks Online
    • Anyone who aspires to be an expert at QuickBooks Online in a brief period


    Review Sheena R..

    It was really useful and excellent for getting the Certification in Quickbooks Online.



    2. QuickBooks Online 2022 & 2021 Start to Finish – [Udemy]

    QuickBooks Online 2022 & 2021 Start to Finish

    Rating 4.4
    Enrolled 62,755 students
    Instructor Robert (Bob) Steele
    Duration 146.5 hours on-demand video
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Return or refund policy 30-day money-back guarantee
    Cons Some lectures are rushed.


    We regard it as the best QuickBooks online course as the course is frequently updated at absolutely no cost. So, you will have access to the latest details around QuickBooks, along with newer information, which comes around in the subject.


    All of this comes at no added cost with this QuickBooks online training program. So, once you have paid the course fee, you will get access to future updates from the instructor.


    Learning Outcomes

    A few things you will learn in this QuickBooks certification online course:

    1. Comparing different versions of QuickBooks
    2. Purchasing, downloading, and installing QuickBooks
    3. Setting up QuickBooks Account and navigating through QuickBooks Software
    4. Understanding all the significant components of QuickBooks
    5. Reconciling bank accounts
    6. Entering the routine business transactions
    7. Analyzing the reports and exporting them to Excel
    8. Generating the reports, such as income statement, balance sheet, and supporting reports
    9. Knowledge of the primary accounting cycles which includes:
    • customer section or revenue cycle
    • employee section or payroll cycle
    • vendor section or payments cycle
    1. The impact of every transaction on financial statements



    It is an introductory course, which commences at the basics, assuming you have no prior knowledge around the subject. So, even with no prior knowledge and experience, you can take this best QuickBooks certification course. But, for this course, you will need:

    • QuickBooks Online accounting software
    • QuickBooks Online’s free test drive for the initial half of the course
    • QuickBooks Online’s free test drive software for the second half of the course


    Who should take this course?

    These QuickBooks online training classes are ideal for:

    • Accounting students
    • Business owners
    • Accounting professionals
    • Anyone who aspires to learn accounting software


    Review Traci W.

    Thank you so much for teaching in such detail and for dividing the lessons into understandable sections.



    3. QuickBooks Online for Beginners: Small Business & Bookkeeper – [Udemy]

    QuickBooks Online for Beginners: Small Business & Bookkeeper

    Rating 4.5
    Enrolled 1,989 students
    Duration 8.5 hours on-demand video
    Instructor Simon Sez IT
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Cons Quite a lot of matter included in the course is not relevant for businesses.


    This is another one of the best online courses for QuickBooks. These QuickBooks classes online start at the basics and build from there to upwards. So, everything that you possibly need to understand about QuickBooks is included in this QuickBooks course.


    The whole of this QuickBooks online course is divided into two parts – the beginner’s class and the more advanced online course. It comprises seven hours of video tutorials and over 100 individual video lectures. Upon course completion, you will earn a Certificate as well.


    Learning Outcomes

    This is the best QuickBooks online training for learning an array of things.


    Part 1 of these QuickBooks classes online will teach you:

    • To create your company file in QuickBooks Online
    • Fundamentals of the essential cloud accounting software
    • Working with QuickBooks Online preferences
    • Setting up the QuickBooks’ preferences to suit your business
    • Creating invoices, entering and paying bills and purchase orders
    • Setting recurring items and journal entries
    • Reconciling your bank’s statements and the checking account statements in QuickBooks Online
    • Generating reports for clients or your own business
    • Learning all about how to account for loans in Quickbooks Online
    • Setting up and utilizing the chart of accounts in QuickBooks Online
    • Creating estimates and budgets
    • Learning to work with jobs and customers
    • Creating Reports in QuickBooks Online
    • Entering and paying bills in QuickBooks Online
    • Running Payroll in QuickBooks Online
    • Learning to work with sales tax
    • Receiving items, inventory, making purchase orders, and paying for items


    Part 2 of this QuickBooks online training will teach you a bunch of things, such as:

    • Accessing or creating the forms in QuickBooks Online
    • Editing the forms in QuickBooks Online
    • Setting up automatic entries or their reminders
    • Customizing, generating, and memorizing reports
    • Auditing trails in QuickBooks Online
    • Using the Projects in QuickBooks Online
    • Adjusting sales tax settings, such as the tax rate on the invoice
    • Running payroll or setting it up on QuickBooks Online
    • Using the Mail Merge function in QuickBooks Online
    • Working with refunds and errors
    • Dealing with unusual deposits
    • Creating monthly statements
    • Writing off bad debts in QuickBooks Online
    • Dealing with pre-paid expenses or advanced vendor issues



    You need nothing more than the QuickBooks software for this best QuickBooks certification.


    Who should take this course?

    This is one of the top online courses for QuickBooks for:

    • Someone new to QuickBooks wishing to learn the fundamentals
    • Students with some prior experience in QuickBooks wanting to better their knowledge on the subject
    • Small business owners who manage QuickBooks for small business
    • Anyone employed towards managing small businesses – bookkeepers or freelancers
    • Employees responsible for managing the company’s accounts


    These QuickBooks classes online will not be helpful for you if you use QuickBooks Desktop.


    Review Lisa S.

    So far the content is very easy to understand for a beginner like me.



    4. QuickBooks Online 2024 Full Course Bookkeeping Accounting – [Udemy]

    QuickBooks Online 2021 Full Course Bookkeeping Accounting

    Rating 4.7
    Enrolled 4,751 students
    Duration 6.5 hours on-demand video
    Instructor Pretesh Mistry
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Cons There are very few activities included in the course.


    This is one of the top-rated and bestseller QuickBooks online training courses. It is an excellent QuickBooks online course, designed and taught by a CPA who has over a decade-long software experience.


    Through the QuickBooks certification online, you will learn from scratch and work your way through the whole thing. Every challenging topic will be explained elaborately and in a very bite-sized and understandable manner. So, with this course, Accounting is simplified and made highly comprehensible.


    It is the best QuickBooks online course based on practical and real-life scenarios. The instructor will take you through multiple examples from start to end. As a result, you will learn more practically and less theoretically. Overall, once you are through with this course, you will have ample knowledge of QuickBooks.


    Learning Outcomes

    This is one of the top QuickBooks training courses for you to learn:

    • How to setup QuickBooks Online file from the scratch
    • Setting up vendors, customers, and products
    • Creating users
    • Setting up and analyzing the impact on the chart of accounts
    • Assigning permissions
    • Importing the data via a CSV file import
    • Creating bills, invoices, expenses, purchase orders, discounted invoices, sales receipts, recurring invoices, and other things
    • Connecting to your bank
    • Automating or categorizing a transaction
    • Approving and tracking employee time at a fundamental level
    • Creating custom and management reports
    • Connecting to the Shopify store
    • Creating and analyzing profitability
    • Drafting projects
    • Exporting the reports to set up and excel scheduled emailing of reports
    • Creating custom fields
    • Modifying invoice design templates
    • Importing data via the CSV and Excel file formats



    This is one of the most beginner-friendly QuickBooks training courses. So, it needs no prior knowledge or training.


    Who should take this QuickBooks online training?

    This QuickBooks certification online course is meant for:

    • Business owners who need a comprehensive course to understand how to use QuickBooks from scratch
    • Bookkeepers and Accountants who need all the information on the functionality and use of the QuickBooks Online software
    • Job seekers who wish to include QuickBooks Online in their CV / Resume
    • Anyone who wishes to be an expert in QuickBooks Online


    Review Irene Thomas E.

    It is a very informative course. Got to learn a lot of features of Quickbooks online. Thank you.



    5. QuickBooks Pro & QuickBooks Online – 4 Course Bundle – [Udemy]

    QuickBooks Pro & QuickBooks Online - 4 Course Bundle

    Rating 4.4
    Enrolled 1,851 students
    Duration 25.5 hours on-demand video
    Instructor Simon Sez IT
    Paid Yes
    Certification Yes
    Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Cons In this QuickBooks online training, some parts are not broken down well to suit the beginners.


    Next, we have another one of the bestseller QuickBooks classes online. This is one of the most comprehensive QuickBooks training courses. It covers four courses in one. The four online courses for QuickBooks included in this are:

    • QuickBooks Pro 2020
    • QuickBooks Pro 2021
    • QuickBooks Online
    • QuickBooks Online – Advanced Topics


    So, regardless of whether you use QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, both of them are covered in this Udemy course to give even more value.


    Learning Outcomes

    These QuickBooks classes online are informative and will teach you an array of things, such as:

    • Navigating QuickBooks 2021
    • Creating your company file in QuickBooks via the online and desktop version
    • Working with the preferences in QuickBooks to set up for your business
    • Setting up and using a chart of accounts in QuickBooks Online and the Pro version
    • Reconciling the bank accounts and checking accounts in QuickBooks
    • Tracking your receivables, receipts, and invoices
    • Creating and printing statements, receipts, and invoices
    • Creating a budget and estimates or learning to work with jobs and customers
    • Entering and paying the bills in QuickBooks Online or Pro
    • Dealing with Sales Tax in QuickBooks Online or Pro
    • Creating Reports in QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Pro
    • Running Payroll in QuickBooks Online or Pro
    • Using Advanced Mode in Bank Feeds
    • Learning to account for loans in QuickBooks
    • Managing expenses in QuickBooks, such as mileage
    • Scanning in receipts with the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app
    • Setting up the invoice reminders and automatic statement
    • Customizing QuickBooks as you need
    • How to purchase orders
    • Managing customers in QuickBooks
    • Knowledge about paying for items and inventory
    • Dealing with credit card accounts and checks
    • Creating a backup of your QuickBooks company data


    There is a lot more to this QuickBooks online training. Every QuickBooks online course in this four-part series has a set of things to learn. You can click on the annexed link to know about it in greater detail.



    This QuickBooks certification online course will need:

    • QuickBooks 2020 or 2021 software installed on Mac or PC
    • Access to QuickBooks Online


    The instructor shows the course on Windows or PC. So, if you are a MAC user, you may see some changes in the features, as opposed to the Windows version of these QuickBooks classes online.


    Who should take this course?

    These QuickBooks online training classes are ideal for:

    • Someone who owns a small business
    • A bookkeeper or a freelancer who handles the accounting
    • Anyone who manages accounts in QuickBooks
    • Small business owners or anyone managing QuickBooks Online
    • People new to QuickBooks
    • Anyone with some experience in QuickBooks wanting to grow further


    Review Marissa B.

    I like this course because it goes step by step from the very beginning. It takes into account people who have never use QuickBooks and people who have used it before. It is very informative.



    Bonus QuickBooks Classes

    1. QuickBooks Online Essential Training – [LinkedIn Learning]

    QuickBooks Online Essential Training
    These QuickBooks classes online by LinkedIn Learning or Lynda are highly prevalent. About 25,350 students have availed of this QuickBooks certification online course. Your presenter for these classes is Bonnie Biafore.


    Learning Outcomes

    It is the best QuickBooks online training for you to learn to:

    • Manage business finances in the cloud and monitor it from anywhere you are
    • Paying bills on time
    • Collecting the money earned
    • Running reports to check the company’s performance
    • Learning to set up customers, vendors, products, and services
    • Reconciling bank statements
    • Paying sales tax
    • Recording transactions


    Who should take this course?

    This best QuickBooks certification course is meant for business managers new to the bookkeeping platform. Further, QuickBooks veterans leaping the online edition will also find this the ideal course.


    Finally, both beginners and intermediate learners with some prior experience will find this one of the top online courses for QuickBooks.



    2. QuickBooks Learning – [QuickBooks Training]

    QuickBooks Learning
    This is the best QuickBooks online training as in this course; you will be directly learning with Intuit QuickBooks. Studying with the QuickBooks expert is one definite way to help you stand out from the crowd and present yourself as an official.


    Once you are through this best QuickBooks certification course, you will be an Intuit Certified QuickBooks User. This certification can go a long way in helping you elevate your career and validate your knowledge of QuickBooks.


    In this course, you get abundant resources, such as Certification Prep Materials, a practice test, a study guide, and a free voucher with one retake. The course also contains adequate instructors on how to schedule your exam, register your voucher, and take the test at your scheduled time.


    Who should take this course?

    These QuickBooks classes online are meant for students of all experiences and skill levels.


    You can choose to get certified in QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop. Both of these are made by Intuit, but they will look, work, and feel very different despite that. With QuickBooks, you have three plans to get certified. You can choose any one of them as per your requirements and needs.



    3. QuickBook Courses – [ed2go]

    QuickBook Courses
    ed2go has an array of QuickBooks online training classes, wherein you learn accounting and bookkeeping concepts that will help you master every aspect of the QuickBooks accounting software.


    In addition, your instructor will teach you how to solve the prevalent QuickBooks problems and even utilize the more advanced features to streamline your work and get fruitful results. With these classes, you can learn everything from accounts payable and receivable to depreciation and payroll, inventory, and reporting.


    So, broadly, this QuickBooks certification online course will equip you with every skill possibly needed to be a successful bookkeeper, accountant, or clerk. Once you are through with the course, you can include QuickBooks Pro to your resume and find a rewarding job in the field.


    Some best QuickBooks online training programs that you can enroll in are:



    4. QuickBooks – [Skillshare]

    Now, we have arrived at the last QuickBooks online course on our list. On Skillshare, there is no one best course, but a couple of online courses for QuickBooks, which caught our eye. As a matter of fact, if you search through the platform, you can find a course for every skill level and experience.


    You can also filter classes according to related skills and duration to get the most precise result. In addition, there are both free and paid QuickBooks classes online available. So, you can scroll through and find one that matches closest to your requirements.


    A few of their best training courses include:


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    So, these are the top nine best QuickBooks online training programs on the internet. Browse through their annexed links and select the most suitable QuickBooks classes online for yourself.


    Best QuickBooks Courses is rated 4.4 and reviewed by 11 QuickBooks Experts & 35+ WordPress Themes Classes Students
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