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Created by Microsoft, PowerApps is a data layer and a development environment that aids developers and non-technical users design applications for all organizations quickly using selectable templates.


If you know of Microsoft Power Platform items, it helps to include PowerApps in your arsenal. PowerApps is an amalgam of Power Automate.


However, to learn PowerApps online, you must enroll in one of the best PowerApps classes. The internet has several best PowerApps training online.


But, to help you find the suitable best PowerApps course online, we researched and selected the below mentioned top twelve best courses on the internet. Let us get started and address them one by one.


Top 12 Best PowerApps Training Courses Online

  1. PowerApps – Complete Guide to Microsoft PowerApps – [Udemy]
  2. Microsoft PowerApps Essential Training 2024 – [Udemy]
  3. Microsoft PowerApps: Learn PowerApps & Be Pro At PowerApps – [Udemy]
  4. Microsoft PowerApps crash course – from UI to Integration – [Udemy]
  5. Microsoft 365 PowerApps – [Udemy]
  6. Microsoft Power Platform: Learning Resources – [Microsoft PowerApps]
  7. PowerApps – [LinkedIn Learning]
  8. Microsoft Power Platform – In Collaboration With Microsoft – [Udacity]
  9. Best PowerApps Classes – [Skillshare]
  10. Building and Administering PowerApps – [Pluralsight]
  11. PowerApps Training – [PowerApps 911]
  12. PowerApps Training Course – [Mind Majix]


12 Best Classes You Could Take For PowerApp Mastery

1. PowerApps – Complete Guide to Microsoft PowerApps – [Udemy]

PowerApps - Complete Guide to Microsoft PowerApps

Rating 4.5
Enrolled 26,592 students
Duration 8.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Henry Habib
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The instructor should include interactive ways to make the course more engaging.


It is a bestselling PowerApps training online that contains over seven hours of relevant video content, with several additional resources for your reference.


Further, the course is instructional. It implies that as you learn newer concepts, you also know how to integrate them into the application. So, you understand concepts and their application. Hence, regardless of whether you are a pro or a beginner, there is something for you in this course.


In this course, you study to learn, especially in the later parts where you encounter situations and new errors or features and work through ways to overcome them. The instructor is responsive and usually replies in less than eight hours.


Learning Outcomes

It is the best PowerApps course online. In these PowerApps classes, you will learn:

  • Dataverse and integration of Model-Driven Applications
  • How to navigate the Microsoft PowerApps environment
  • Building powerful apps sans any coding
  • Developing functional apps for business usable on phones, tablets, and PCs
  • Becoming a pro at Microsoft PowerApps
  • Using Microsoft universe and exploring app development
  • Prep material for attaining the certification
  • Creating structured Model-Driven and Canvas apps which are responsive
  • Solving documentation errors for future application builds
  • Familiarity with Developer tools
  • Starting up your Common Data Service with sample data
  • Connecting to different data sources – OneDrive, Google Drive, SQL, etc



It is an excellent course to learn PowerApps online. For this PowerApps training online, you need:

  • No prior experience as the class starts from a beginner level and progresses further
  • Hunger and desire to learn
  • Familiarity with Microsoft applications (Ms Word, Excel)
  • Knowledge of tabular data (columns and rows)


Who should take this course?

This is the best PowerApps course online that will benefit:

  • Analysts / Managers who wish to replace the excel or paper business process with an application-driven process
  • Students aspiring to impress employers with a highly demanding ad a top growing Microsoft skill
  • Database administrators seeking an easy to manage a way to edit, store, and add data
  • Seasoned PowerApps developers or users hoping to amplify their skills
  • Anyone interested in building their phone or web-based apps with little coding
  • Analysts / Managers wishing to design an app for a business quickly


Review Reinerio A.

Informative and straightforward course content, very helpful for a beginner like me on Power Apps.



2. Microsoft PowerApps Essential Training 2024 – [Udemy]

Microsoft PowerApps Essential Training 2021

Rating 4.3
Enrolled 8,014 students
Duration 2 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Shaher Yar Hamid and Business World
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The instructor can include more details in this course to learn PowerApps online.


These are the best PowerApps classes to leverage your PowerApps skills and take them to a newer level.

Learning Outcomes

It is the best PowerApps training online and helps you learn:

  • Working With CDS
  • Signing Up For PowerApps Trial
  • Getting Started with PowerApps
  • Working with Versions
  • Signing Up For SharePoint
  • Identifying different plans For PowerApps
  • Sharing and saving apps with stakeholders
  • Creating an app from a SharePoint list
  • Working with connection in PowerApps
  • Establishing data connection between Excel and PowerApps
  • Creating An App From Common Data Service(CDS)
  • Creating applications based on requirements



For these PowerApps classes, you must possess fundamental knowledge of Excel.


Who should take this course?

It is the best PowerApps course online for anyone who aspires to begin a career as a PowerApps developer.


Review Sri Divya K.

Yes, its the best one for beginners to start with PowerApps. Thankyou for this course.



3. Microsoft PowerApps: Learn PowerApps Online & Be Pro At PowerApps – [Udemy]

Microsoft PowerApps: Learn PowerApps Online & Be Pro At PowerApps

Rating 4.4
Enrolled 7,077 students
Duration 14 hours on-demand video
Instructor Saurabh Singh
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons There is a lot of repetition in the course.


PowerApps can revolutionize your working experience. It helps you create business apps sans any code. So, you need zero programming skills for PowerApps. Do you wish to create an app yourself but are not sure how and where to start? If yes, this is the best PowerApps training online for you.


In this course, you learn the drill to create your business apps in no time, sans any coding knowledge. Once you complete the course, you can create your personalized apps in only a few minutes.


Learning Outcomes

It is an excellent best PowerApps course online to learn the following:

  • Fundamentals of PowerApps
  • Advanced Microsoft PowerApps concepts
  • Employing resources & PowerApps formula reference to help you expand
  • Making a Microsoft 365 E3 Account
  • Using PowerApps to turn an Excel workbook into a simple business app
  • Familiarity with concepts such as layout, galleries, forms, functions, formulas, variables, multiple data sources, phone calls
  • Creating apps functional on browsers and mobile devices
  • Business app development on the Web, Tablets, and Phones
  • Building and running your applications through a data loader
  • Create Canvas Apps
  • Editing layouts
  • Applying themes
  • Sharing an app and working with releases of apps
  • Solving probable errors for future apps
  • Expanding your knowledge with developer tools
  • Designing an app from the built-in template provided by Microsoft PowerApps
  • Integrating PowerApps into Microsoft Power BI
  • Getting the necessary skills for certification is enough to land you a job in the field.
  • Connecting PowerApps to different sources of data (SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, SQL, Google Sheets,Spread Sheets, etc.)
  • Empowering yourself with PowerApps documentation



It is an excellent course to learn PowerApps online. For this PowerApps training online you need:

  • No coding knowledge
  • No prior PowerApps knowledge
  • Zero Flow experience
  • Willingness to learn
  • Time and patience
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel Formulas


Who should take this PowerApps course online?

These are the best PowerApps classes for:

  • Those involved in app development and content management
  • Existing Power users
  • Anyone interested in gaining proficiency in most cutting-edge tools and practices in developing business apps
  • Seasoned PowerApps users who aspire to amplify their skills
  • Beginners in the field
  • People interested in designing their business apps without coding
  • Those wishing to create mobile apps with zero programming
  • People desiring to grasp Microsoft PowerApps fundamentals
  • Employees who want to impress their potential employers
  • Analysts or managers who hope to replace a paper or excel business process with an application-driven process


Review Rami D.

Great instructor, very clear explanations and real-life use cases. I really enjoyed the course and learned a ton of valuable information.



4. Microsoft PowerApps crash course – from UI to Integration – [Udemy]

Microsoft PowerApps crash course - from UI to Integration

Rating 4.7
Enrolled 6,429 students
Duration 13.5 hours on-demand video
Instructor Alireza Aliabadi
Certification Yes
Paid Yes, these are paid PowerApps classes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons It is one of the best PowerApps training online. But, it feels slow in some instances.


Do you wish to learn PowerApps online, but do not know what it is. Have you checked several online resources but could not find a detailed course to know everything to be a proficient PowerApps Developer? It is time to check out this Udemy’s one of the best PowerApps course online.


These are detailed PowerApp classes and take you from a beginner to a fully functional level. In this course, you do not use ready-made wizards. Instead, you will use the Canvas app to create all samples from scratch by following the best practices and standards that help you understand and create customizable apps created with templates.


The whole class is vast, and you will avail of its offerings in four sections. Overall, it is a comprehensive and the best PowerApps training online that follows a moderate pace. It is slow enough for new learners and has diverse content to engage intermediate and advanced learners.


Learning Outcomes

These are the best PowerApps classes to teach you:

  • PowerApps fundamentals and its use case
  • Learning to write code/expressions
  • Including additional functionalities to SharePoint forms
  • Developing apps that work in synergy with external data sources (Excel, SharePoint, and Power Automate)
  • Understanding PowerApps UI and design elements
  • App deployment
  • Adding functionality to the UI
  • Deploying associated dependencies to another environment
  • Knowledge of design possibilities in PowerApps
  • Bringing your user interface to life
  • Security of PowerApps
  • Personalizing SharePoint forms with PowerApps



This PowerApps course online requires:

  • Familiarity with OneDrive
  • A basic understanding of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • Familiarity with SharePoint Online lists
  • Understanding of libraries


Who should take this course to learn PowerApps online?

It is the best PowerApps training online for:

  • Developers who aspire to use PowerApps in their next project
  • SharePoint consultants wishing to personalize the SharePoint look and feel
  • Anyone in need of a quick and easy way to build cross-platform apps on the Microsoft platform


Review Udemy User.

It was really wonderful session!! to learn about power apps more concepts with real time scenario and also many tricks.. Thanks for the wonderful session



5. Microsoft 365 PowerApps – [Udemy]

Microsoft 365 PowerApps

Rating 4.6
Enrolled 2,203 students
Duration 4.5 hours on-demand video
Instructor Intellezy Trainers
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The course needs more contextual examples.


It is the last Udemy class. The course is built on the lines of CAP Body of Knowledge. It qualifies for 0.25 recertification marks under the Technology and Information Distribution content area. You can email your completion proof to [email protected] and bag your certificate.


This is one of the best PowerApps course online with 10,000 training videos available. They cover technical concepts, desktop applications, and skills that often spread over 100s of courses. The videos included with this PowerApps training online are engaging, and you get hands-on practice for assessment.


One of the best reasons to take this course is that the training content is regularly updated to keep up-to-date with recent software changes. Hence, you will have access to the newest information.

Learning Outcomes

It is an excellent course to learn PowerApps online. A few things that these best PowerApps classes will teach you are:

  • Microsoft PowerApps fundamentals
  • Sharing, embedding and exporting an app
  • Reviewing advanced InfoPath features like working with data sources
  • Modifying SharePoint list forms
  • Working with formulas
  • Distributing the distribute your PowerApps



The PowerApps training online requires intermediate-level Microsoft Excel or equivalent experience.


Who should take this course?

These are the best PowerApp classes for students who wish to learn programming techniques. Anyone who yearns to understand Excel’s object structure.


Review Udemy User.

The Course gives perfect examples and detailed understanding of the subject. Intellezy Trainers create one of the best field relevant content on Udemy. Thank you!



6. Microsoft Power Platform: Learning Resources – [Microsoft PowerApps]

Microsoft Power Platform
Microsoft is the mind behind PowerApps. So, if you wish to learn PowerApps online, could there be a better way than directly learning via Microsoft? It is why we present to you this PowerApps course online.


On Microsoft, you can find various resources. There are offerings for people from all backgrounds, skill-level, and experiences. Hence, you can explore the available links and pick what suits your requirements.


In addition to the course suggestions, Microsoft also offers additional resources to help you on your journey with PowerApps.



7. PowerApps – [LinkedIn Learning]

LinkedIn Learning is the hub for top-notch PowerApps training online. They have multiple PowerApps classes that suit people of all skill levels and experiences. Top and recognized experts and industry professionals offer these courses.


Hence, there is no doubt about the authenticity and credibility of these courses. There are both free and paid PowerApps course online. All of them are self-paced classes. So, you can start at your pace and complete as per convenience.


You also get a shareable certification when you take this class to learn PowerApps online. When you share this certificate on your social media or include it in your CV, you automatically amplify your chances of landing a job.


A few of the top PowerApps courses online that caught our eye include:




8. Microsoft Power Platform – In Collaboration With Microsoft – [Udacity]

Microsoft Power Platform – In Collaboration With Microsoft
Next, we have a free course crafted in partnership with the Microsoft Power Platform team. The Udacity beginner-level best PowerApps classes come packed with rich and engaging learning content. Top industry pros teach it. After every session, there are interactive quizzes. These help you assess your learning and understanding throughout the course.


Learning Outcomes

In this best PowerApps training online, you will learn the following:

  • Understanding PowerApps and using it
  • Knowing the use cases for AI Builder
  • Building robust and effective solutions with ease using the Microsoft Power Platform
  • Using a prebuilt AI Builder model in a PowerApps
  • Efficient low-code solutions for artificial intelligence, data analytics, and app development
  • Implementing Azure AI Builder for Object Recognition inside an App
  • Deploying your first PowerApp
  • Building a fully-functional iOS and Android app with PowerApps
  • Creating an app with a compelling user interface
  • Employing a datastore to implement app functionality
  • Using data connectors
  • Understanding Flows and Power Automate
  • Designing a workflow with Power Automate
  • Generating an app with a template gallery
  • Identifying the business problem and creating an industry tracking app for it
  • Creating the functional page one of a Canvas App
  • Utilizing triggers to commence a flow process



It is the best PowerApps course online. For this PowerApps training online, you need:

  • No familiarity with Microsoft Power Platform
  • No experience or knowledge of other Microsoft products


Who should take this course?

These classes are for anyone who aspires to create apps with zero programming experience.



9. Best PowerApps Classes – [Skillshare]

Best PowerApps Classes
Next, we have another platform to learn PowerApps online. Skillshare has several courses that you can take to develop your PowerApps knowledge. Recognized industry professionals offer these classes.


Each class covers comprehensive aspects associated with PowerApps. So, you will learn some excellent techniques related to the subject. You can scroll through the available lectures and pick one that fits your needs.


There are lessons for every experience and skill level. Do browse through the offerings to find the most suitable pick for you.


Here is a quick run-down of the best PowerApps training online.



It is not an exhaustive list. So, do check other best PowerApps courses online to find your selection.



10. Building and Administering PowerApps – [Pluralsight]

Building and Administering PowerApps
Pluralsight has four PowerApps classes spanning over eight hours.


A. Beginner level

In the beginner section, you will:


  1. Understand PowerApps development fundamentals
  2. Start creating PowerApps for your company


The suitable course for you is Line of Business (LOB) Apps with Canvas PowerApps and Flow. It is a two-hour course offered by Vishwas Lele.


B. Intermediate Level

In the best PowerApps training online for intermediate-level, you will:


  • Build full-fledged PowerApps
  • Skills to extend PowerApps to leverage CDS effectively
  • Basic CDS knowledge
  • Using CDS in low-code applications


The suitable course for you is Introduction to Microsoft Dataverse (previously Common Data Service). It is a two-hour course offered by Vishwas Lele.


C. Advanced level

Lastly, in the advanced section for this course to learn PowerApps online, you will:

  • Administer PowerApps effectively
  • AI Builder basics
  • Learn to set up effective governance
  • Power Automate fundamentals
  • Creating intelligent automation solutions


There are two suitable courses for you:


Vishwas Lele is the instructor for both.


Learning Outcomes

Overall, this best PowerApps training online course will teach you:

  • How to build low-code apps with the PowerApps platform
  • Managing data and securely storing data utilized by business applications in CDS
  • Setting up effective governance
  • Administering PowerApps



11. PowerApps Training – [PowerApps 911]

PowerApps Training
Do you need the best PowerApps course online? If yes, PowerApps 911 has top-notch training for you. They have videos for Power BI, Power Automate, and PowerApps.


In their training courses, you will find both self-paced and live options. Depending on your flexibility needs and availability, you can make your pick. Every session has hours of training, downloadable apps, code snippets, etc.


A few of the best PowerApps training online you can check are:

  • Power BI for Business Users
  • PowerApps and Power Automate
  • SharePoint and Power Platform
  • Free Intro to the Power Platform



12. PowerApps Training Course – [Mind Majix]

PowerApps Training Course
Now, we have arrived at the last class to learn PowerApps online. It is presented to you by Mind Majix and provides you with 18 hours of training and 15 hours of lab. You can opt for live or self-paced training to manage and build apps for B2-B businesses.


In their training, you will study the latest features that will help you with PL-900 exam of Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals and the PL-400 exam of Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Developer Associate certification.


Once you finish this one of the best PowerApps course online, you will identify yourself as a PowerApps Developer in the job circuit. Mind Majix also offers career assistance, including mock interviews and resume preparation to get you job-ready.


There is a diverse learning material full of lab exercises and assessments to help you check your understanding. There are three modules in these PowerApps classes:


Module 1: Overview of PowerApps

  • PowerApps Overview
  • Types of PowerApps
  • PowerApps building blocks


Module 2: PowerApps Canvas Overview

  • Canvas App Overview
  • Canvas App building blocks
  • Canvas App Studio Overview


Module 3: Beginning with PowerApps

  • Create an app from a template
  • Canvas App Layouts
  • Create a Blank Canvas App
  • Types of Screens in Canvas App
  • Canvas App Screen Properties
  • Renaming & Reorder Screen


In this PowerApps course online, you can request a free demo before enrolling. They have a responsive team offering 24/7 Lifetime Support. You enjoy a one-on-one doubt clearing session.


Learning Outcomes

In this best PowerApps training online, you will learn:

  • Model-driven app development
  • Canvas driven app development
  • Low-code app development
  • Exporting and importing PowerApps
  • Components and connectors
  • Power Automate fundamentals in the Power Automate environment


So, these are the top twelve best PowerApps classes recommended by our experts.



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