10 Best Courses & Top Certifications For Operations Management

Best Operations management courses

Operations management is quintessential for every organization. It can make or break any organization. Each firm has an operations function as they all produce goods, services, or both.


The organizations have to procure resources – materials or skilled workers, and these resources need modification to valuable output that reaches customers.


To learn about efficient business operations, you must train yourself with the best operations management courses only.


When you are acquainted with the knowledge of business operations, you can take charge of your career and unlock its true potential to excel.


So, which are the best operations management classes online? Our team researched and handpicked the below-listed courses.


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10 Best Courses With Operations Management Certificate Online

1. Introduction to Operations Management – Offered by University of Pennsylvania – [Coursera]

Introduction to Operations Management – Offered by University of Pennsylvania

Offered by University of Pennsylvania
Duration Approx. 10 hours to complete
Instructor Christian Terwiesch
Rating 4.4
Enrolled 111,547 already enrolled
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 14-days from the date of payment
Cons Unfortunately, the presentation in the course is pretty poor. All the material seems a little disorganized.

The first best operations management certification on our list is by Coursera. It is 100% online and flexible course. The class is a part of the Wharton Business Foundations Specialization and is the Course 5 of 6 in the Business Foundations Specialization.


Once you are through with this best operations management training course, you will have the necessary skills to apply to a real-world business challenge.


Learning Outcomes

It is one of the top certifications for operations management that teaches:

  • Analyzing and improving business processes in manufacturing or services
  • Increasing productivity
  • Delivering top-notch standards
  • Clarity on concepts, such as process analysis, bottlenecks, flow rates, inventory levels, and more


Reviews by AJ.

This is an awesome comprehensive operations management course. Although, the course in an introductory course, it covers pretty much everything you need to know about operations management.



2. Operations Management A-Z: Business Processes and Systems – [Udemy]

Operations Management A-Z: Business Processes and Systems

Rating 4.4
Enrolled 5,101 students
Duration 3.5 hours on-demand video
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Instructor Laurence Gartside MEng Cantab and Rowtons Training
Return or refund policy There are two options:

1.       7-days trial, followed by a monthly subscription.

2.       30-day moneyback guarantee on personal plan

Cons There is no problem per se with the course, but the instructor makes several jokes, which seem offensive to the learners.


The following best operations management certificate online is a course by Udemy. It is a bestselling MBA-style course that equips and prepares you to make a difference in the organization. The primary focus of the class is the internal operations of a business.


Learning Outcomes

It is one of the best operations management courses and has a lot for you to learn. A few things you can expect to learn with this course are:

  • Tools and principles of operations management that impact your business’s operations, production, industrial operations services, and manufacturing
  • Familiarity with the fundamental challenges of business operations
  • Understanding the essential approaches and core tools to design and improve
  • Being well-versed with all the knowledge to take up a leading role in the workplace
  • Improving business, systems, and processes
  • Boost profitability and delivery
  • Becoming the team authority
  • Know the right way to utilize the resources
  • Know the drill to run business operations efficiently, such as hospital department, restaurant, or factory



You need a desire to better your business operations for this best operations management training.

Who should take these operations management courses?

This best operations management certification is for hands-on planners. Further, these operations management classes online will benefit:

  • New managers
  • Absolute beginners
  • Anyone who wishes to make a greater impact a work
  • People who want to get noticed and improve things
  • Consultants
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Analysts
  • Planners
  • Engineers
  • People employed in manufacturing, production, business operations, and industrial operations
  • People wanting to get some authority in the workplace at BO management
  • Lean / Improvement Practitioners


Reviews by Angela S.

I really liked this course,I had all the information that I needed ,I highly recommend this course 🙂



3. The Operations Management Training Program – [Udemy]

The Operations Management Training Program

Rating 4.6
Enrolled 2,541 students
Duration 11.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Sorin Dumitrascu
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons It is a great course. But, several useless resources do not benefit the students. These resources hamper the course autoplay and hinder fluid learning.


Topics Covered

  • Operations Management and the Organization
  • Service and Product Management
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Forecasting and Capacity Planning
  • Operations Scheduling
  • Management of Quality
  • Facilities Planning and Management


Learning Outcomes

It is one of the best operations management courses to learn:

  • Functions, which design, plan, direct, and improve the activities that transform resources into goods or services in services and manufacturing companies
  • Forecasting and Capacity Planning
  • Management of Quality in Operations



It is the best operations management certificate online with zero prerequisites.


Who should take these operations management classes online?

It is a good course for:

  • Anyone who works in operations management
  • People employed in a functional area wishing to acquire an understanding of the operations functions in a manufacturing or service organization


Reviews by Delores G.

The Operations Management Training Program course developed by Sorin Dumitrascu on Udemy is a great way of learning online about a complex topic. The course is well designed, structured and delivered. Sorin knows what he’s talking about and presents the most relevant concepts with confidence. This online course is highly recommended for people who want to learn Operations Management any place, anytime!



4. Six Sigma Yellow Belt Specialization – Offered by University System of Georgia – [Coursera]

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Specialization – Offered by University System of Georgia

Offered by University System of Georgia
Duration Approximately five months to complete at the suggested pace of 2 hours/week
Rating 4.7
Enrolled 68,686 already enrolled
Instructor Bill Bailey, David Cook, Gregory Wiles, and Christina Scherrer
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 14-days from the date of payment
Cons There are multiple issues with the course’s structuring. It looks poorly organized.

Next, we have one of the top certifications for operations management. It is a specialization comprising four courses.

  • Course #1 – Six Sigma Fundamentals
  • Course #2 – Six Sigma Tools for Define and Measure
  • Course #3 – Six Sigma Tools for Analyze
  • Course #4 – Six Sigma Tools for Improve and Control


Once you are through with all four courses, you can undertake the capstone project. The completion of the project equals the full specialization completion. This specialization is for you if you need to refresh your knowledge of fundamental Six Sigma Components and Lean.


Employers globally seek employees, well-versed with Six Sigma skills. These skills improve business performance, processes, and quality assurance. In this best operations management training specialization, you will learn the yellow belt level of Six Sigma.


Learning Outcomes

It is one of the best operations management courses for you to learn tools and principles of Six Sigma and Lean.



It is a beginner-friendly best operations management certificate online. So, for this course, you need no prior knowledge or expertise.



5. Operations Management in small businesses: key techniques – [Udemy]

Operations Management in small businesses: key techniques

Rating 4.4
Enrolled 1,760 students
Duration 4.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Chris West
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The examples used could have been better.


In a small business, the operations are typically developed informally. Most times, small business owners use a trial and error method. As the company progresses and grows, there is a persistent need to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations.


Small businesses can employ the operation management techniques used in large organizations. Through this one of the top certifications for operations management, you will be well-versed with the methods utilized in small businesses.


As part of this course, you will work on four quizzes to confirm your understanding of the course section. There are also mini case studies of the technique’s application.


Further, in this operations management training you will partake in discussions where you share experiences with other students. The instructor will also provide suggestions on the technique’s application to your business or a business you may be familiar with.


Learning Outcomes

It is one of the best operations management courses. In this course, you will learn:

  • Optimizing flexibility and cost, maximizing yield, supply chain management, lean approaches, project planning and control
  • Applications of techniques in a small business setup
  • Designing layouts
  • Implementation and development of operations to deliver the business strategy
  • Evaluation and selection of the operations management technique to cater to the business’s needs
  • Risk management and quality improvement
  • Adjusting operations to strategy
  • Managing others for implementing an operations management technique



For this best operations management certification, you need:

  • No prior knowledge or experience
  • Students must be employed in a small business or must know in-depth about a small business
  • Passion for running a successful business, either now or in future
  • Overview of the way a particular small business works


Who should take this course?

It is one of the most suitable OR courses for:

  • Small business managers
  • Small business owners
  • Business studies students, regardless of the level keen on working or running a business


Reviews by Kordolaeder Ramos G.

Because the course is well structured, too many resources and the knowledge and language is clear. I do recommend this course.



6. Best Operations Management Courses – [edX]

Best Operations Management Courses

edX has several best operations management training programs. Some globally recognized universities offer these classes.


You can find some of the best operations management certificates online for all skill levels and expertise. Most of the courses are self-paced and 100% online. Some of them are also instructor-led.


A few of the courses that you can enroll in are:



7. Operations Management – [LinkedIn Learning]

Operations Management

LinkedIn Learning has several best operations management classes online. You can find classes for all skill-level and expertise. In addition, there is the best operations management certification. Lynda or LinkedIn Learning offers both free and paid courses. You study courses in association with top and reputed universities and colleges.


Some of the top courses offered by the platform include:



8. Operations Management – [eCornell]

Operations Management

eCornell has several certificate operations management courses. You must take the courses in order of appearance.


Learning Outcomes

In this operations management training, you will learn the following:

  • Tools to analyze and better the operational performance of the organization
  • Main concepts in four significant operations management areas – inventory management, quality management, service operations, and process analysis
  • Implementing process analysis tools for creating a flow diagram
  • Exploring performance measures to measure the effectiveness of the current processes within the organization
  • Employing statistical analysis for evaluating the service operation efficiency in several contexts – both virtual and in-person
  • Process control to improve and evaluate the quality control of processes and systems
  • Methods to track inventory
  • Implementing strategies to better business performance
  • Tools and skills to successfully manage and optimize operations in the industry.



9. Free Operations Management Classes Online – [Alison]

Free Operations Management Classes Online

On Alison, you can find several operations management courses designed for business professionals of all levels. You can find everything from quality management to risk management, supply chain management, etc.


Taking these free operations management certificate online will help you improve the organization’s productivity. Upon course completion, you can organize, plan, manage, control, and supervise the manufacturing and production processes of the organization.


Some of the best operations management training you can enroll in:



10. Advanced Operations Management & Analytics – [Indian Institutes of Technology Kozhikode]

Advanced Operations Management & Analytics

Now, we have arrived at the last course. It is a 10-month course. The course provides access to Emeritus Career Services to manage your career better. Some of the top career management industry experts offer them.


Learning Outcomes

In this course, you will learn:

  • Advanced concepts and practices in operations management and analytics
  • In-demand skills for managing a sound operations management strategy
  • Knowledge of inventory classification and other inventory management techniques
  • Understanding of risk management and innovation
  • Familiarity with change management and operational leadership
  • Project lifecycles and different project management and planning techniques. Also, don’t miss out on these project management prep courses.
  • Employing lean thinking and advanced analytics to aid in better efficiencies, higher customer satisfaction, more cost savings, and organizational excellence
  • Expertise in an economic order quantity
  • Thorough understanding of supply chain management
  • Robust perspective on Six Sigma
  • Learning lean operations management
  • Quality management principles


Who should take this operations management certificate online?

This best operations management certification is meant solely for:

  • Indian residents enrolled in specific Emeritus programs.
  • Early and mid-stage professionals who wish to advance their career in operations management.
  • Mid-stage operations professionals’ aspiring for a strategic mindset and learning advanced concepts.


So, these are the top 10 operations management courses for this year! Go, make a pick and have fun learning.



Best Operations management courses Reviewed by 10 Operation Management Experts 4.9