Top 3 Online Nursing Programs (Masters) of 2023

Best Online Master's in Nursing Programs
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Gone are the days when you had to leave your practice for higher studies. With these 3 programs, get your master’s in nursing online from credible institutions.


Nursing is undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling and rewarding professions in the healthcare industry. In the past, unfortunately, it was almost impossible for nurses to pursue an advanced degree due to their busy schedules.
However, the introduction of online Master of Science in nursing programs allows practicing nurses to advance their careers in their preferred specialty.
Unlike BSN programs, Master of Science in nursing programs prepares you for a particular specialty area. For instance, online MSN AGPCNP programs equip nurses with the knowledge and clinical skills they need to practice in adult-gerontology primary care.
However, the wide variety of options makes choosing an MSN program that best works for you difficult. Here are some of the best online master’s in nursing programs you should consider in 2023:

1. Clinical Nurse Leader (University of Pittsburgh)

University of Pittsburgh’s clinical nurse leader program is one of the best and most highly ranked online MSN programs in 2023. This MSN program helps nurses to understand the opportunities and challenges of the broader patient care and healthcare settings to improve the quality of patient care outcomes.
This MS nursing program emphasizes hands-on learning and clinical experiences, allowing nurses to apply their knowledge in various clinical settings, such as health plans, acute care facilities, non-profit organizations, quality improvement departments, and community settings.
The program’s coursework covers healthcare quality, organizational and management theory, leadership development, education and mentoring, and finance and economics in the clinical setting.
Upon graduating, nurses can conduct evidence-based practice and explore outcomes to improve healthcare delivery.

2. Family Nurse Practitioner (Saint Xavier University)

Saint Xavier University’s online FNP MSN program is focused on preparing nurses to be skilled and competent Family Nurse Practitioners. SXU’s master’s nursing programs are fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).
Earning your online MSN degree in Family Nurse Practitioner through a high-accredited program will give you greater confidence in the education you’ll receive while assuring employers of your qualification.
This online FNP program emphasizes disease prevention, management of health problems, health promotion, health education, and counseling. The program has small class sizes to ensure students get personal attention and maximum support. Students can complete the program in just three years, and it has 47 credit hours.
While the program’s coursework is fully online, students must complete 600 clinical hours, and SXU helps them secure practice sites. After graduating, students are required to take the ANCC or ANPP-administered FNP Certification Exam.

3. MS in Nursing Education (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is recognized by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), and its online MS in Nursing Education program is accredited by the CCNE.
This online MSN program prepares nurses to be advanced nursing educators by introducing them to advanced teaching methods and strategies.
It also prepares you to develop and implement educational programs in college and clinical settings. Upon graduation, you can also effectively review nursing curricula using the existing guidelines.
The online Nursing Education program covers 11 courses and has 32 credit hours. There are two in-person practicums required during the program. You’re also prepared to take the NLN Nursing Education certification exam.
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Unlike in the past, nurses can now earn a master’s in nursing degree online even while practicing. This offers pathways to a wide variety of rewarding careers in your chosen field. Choosing one of the MSN programs above can set you up for success and open the door to your dream nursing career.

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