10 Best Journalism Classes Online (Short & Long)

Best Journalism Classes Online
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A proficient journalist can present news in its various forms and ensure that it is factual and engaging. Whether it is print journalism or broadcast journalism, a lot goes into preparing the final piece that’ll be presented to the audience.


Before you start working on the final product, you need to focus on newsgathering, referring to multiple resources, fact-checking, interviewing, and planning the story.


If you are a journalism student or have just begun your career in the field, the best way to ensure that your career has a solid foundation is to learn from the experts!


Luckily for you, it is possible to achieve this right from the comfort of your home. Several paid and free online journalism training courses can help you acquire the required skills and knowledge to become a responsible and efficient journalist.


To help you out, we have selected a few best journalism classes online across various platforms that can help you get a head start in your career.


Most of these courses offer a certificate of completion and consist of helpful resources, informative video lessons, and frequent quizzes and assignments.


Here are the 10 best online journalism courses you can apply for to study journalism online.


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10 Best Online Journalism Courses with Certification

1. Dan Rather on Journalism & Finding the Truth in the News [Udemy]

Dan Rather on Journalism & Finding the Truth in the News

Join expert Dan Rather on a journey to learn journalism online and understand what it takes to be a journalist and the current state of journalism.


This program is suitable for those who are beginning their journalism career and people who are avid consumers of news.


This online journalism course covers the essentials of telling a good story, presenting it in front of the camera, and much more.


Along with informative sessions, these journalism classes online also consist of practical exercises to help you better grasp the subject.

Rating 4.7
Return or refund policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Duration 4 hours of on-demand video
Enrolled 7, 498 students
Instructor Dan Rather


Cons A few segments in this online journalism course lack substance.


Learning Outcomes

In this online journalism training, you will learn:

  1. How to analyze and investigate news and become informed.
  2. How to narrate a compelling story? Write in a manner that conveys your point of view while engaging the audience.
  3. To write concisely and sharply to produce pieces that not only deliver your message but also leave the reader wanting to read more.
  4. How to present in front of the audience or camera.
  5. Understand why freedom of the press is vital and its role in our lives.
  6. Understand the hindrances that occur in the changing landscape of journalism in today’s time.
  7. Receive efficient advice to help you become a successful journalist.
  8. Understand how to hunt down and tell great compelling stories with the help of these journalism classes online.



To enroll in this online journalism course:

  1. You do not require any prior experience or knowledge.
  2. You need an interest in the news, a pencil & paper, a computer/mobile device, and a stable internet connection.
  3. A device to record yourself as you speak.


Who should take this course?

This course is for:

  1. People who love the news and have a passion for truth.
  2. Those who want to build a career in journalism.
  3. Those willing to become informed consumers of news.

    Review Kevin G.:

    What a wonderful and insightful course. I am not hoping to be a journalist, but have a much needed insight now on how to be a better consumer of news and how it functions in a democracy



    2. How to be a Journalist – The Complete Guide to Journalism [Udemy]

    How to be a Journalist - The Complete Guide to Journalism
    If you want to build a career in journalism but have no idea where to begin, these are the best journalism classes online for you.


    It can help you start your career as a freelance journalist or employee at a top media organization. The program equips you with all the skills and knowledge you require to become a journalist and tells you how to get paid for your work.


    This online journalism course consists of video lessons, quizzes, and assignments, specially designed to keep the students motivated and interested while ensuring quick learning.

    Rating 4.5
    Return or refund policy 30-day money-back guarantee
    Certification Yes
    Paid Yes
    Duration 3 hours on-demand video
    Enrolled 2, 897 students
    Instructor Tony Bosworth
    Cons A few segments in this course lack substance.


    Learning Outcomes

    In this one of the best online journalism training, you will:

    1. Learn how to write news and feature articles and get your pieces published.
    2. Learn how to work as a freelancer.
    3. Learn how to apply for jobs with top media organizations.
    1. The basics of news and journalism.
    2. These journalism classes online cover everything about planning, setting up, and executing interviews.



    To study journalism online with this course, you need:

    1. A passion for news.
    2. A Mac or a PC.


    How to be a Journalist – The Complete Guide to Journalism [Udemy

    This online journalism course is for:

    1. Anybody who wants to become a journalist.
    2. Journalists who want to refresh their knowledge.


    Review Margaery L.:

    I loved this course. Tony was specific and equipped me with everything I needed to know about journalism and how to write news stories! He gave real life examples that were both very interesting and very informative.



    3. Introduction to Journalism [FutureLearn]

    These journalism classes online have been designed for those interested in journalism and curious about the subject.


    Renowned scholars and journalism practitioners from the University of Strathclyde will help you gain a behind-the-scenes perspective of what editors and reporters do.


    The best part is, you will be exploring all the topics concerning a case study (fictitious scenario) running throughout the entire course.


    During the journalism classes online, you will be engaging in exciting tasks and meaningful discussions reflecting on the real-life situations you may face as a journalist.


    Duration 6-weeks approx.
    Enrolled 30, 882 students
    Instructor Michael Higgins
    Offered by The University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.


    Learning outcomes

    In this online journalism course, you will be learning:

    1. Key principles and debates in journalism.
    2. What goes into making a good news story.
    3. More about writing news and features.
    4. More about opinion writing.
    5. More about politics and journalism and investigative journalism.
    6. Engage in a variety of learning activities every week.
    7. In this course, you’ll also get a chance to generate and edit small writing pieces and review your peers’ work.


    Who should take this course?

    All you need to study journalism online with this course is an inquisitive mind.


    4. Investigative Journalism [Udemy]

    Investigative Journalism
    A solid investigation separates good journalism from bad, and these are the best journalism classes online designed to ensure whatever you write is all facts and no fiction.


    An investigative journalist is expected to dig deeper and conduct proper research before creating their final piece of work.


    In this online journalism training, you will learn how to find good stories, phrase minimum & maximum hypotheses, conduct research, and finally, tell a story.


    Rating 4.3
    Return or refund policy 30-day money-back guarantee
    Certification Yes
    Paid Yes
    Duration 1-hour on-demand video
    Enrolled 1, 072 students
    Instructor Anderson School of Journalism
    Cons This online journalism course is too short and there have been no recent updates.


    Learning Outcomes

    In this course, you will:


    1. Study journalism online and learn how to develop innovative, impactable, and interesting story ideas.
    2. Learn how to turn a broad story idea into a verifiable research hypothesis.
    3. Learn how to identify and cultivate significant resources (people trail and paper trail).
    4. Learn how to keep track of your research by designing and using a project file, a timeline, a source map, and a logbook.
    5. Learn how to conduct inquiry from outside in.
    6. Learn how to create a publishable story from your research material.
    7. Learn how to tackle deontological and ethical matters concerning your story.



    To learn journalism online with this course, you need a journalistic curiosity and an interest in the news.


    Who should take this course?

    This course is for students who seek to take up journalism professionally.


    5. Journalism Courses by Coursera

    Journalism Courses by Coursera
    Coursera offers a plethora of the best online journalism courses that can help you better understand journalism.


    Be it about developing your journalistic skills, newsgathering, or improving your writing skills, this platform has got you covered.


    With the efficiently designed best online journalism training and specialization offered by Coursera, you will be thorough with all you need to know about journalism in just a matter of weeks.


    Here are a few of the courses you can join on Coursera.


    1. Become a Journalist: Report the News! Specialization
    2. Journalism, the future, and you!
    3. Gathering and Developing the News
    4. English for Journalism



    6. Reuters Online Training: Introduction to Digital Journalism [Reuters]

    In today’s time, unearthing and reporting news stories is not just limited to newsrooms. The ever-expanding digital technologies and the popularity of digital media platforms have empowered people worldwide to participate in the process actively.


    This digital transformation has also altered how people consume news. As a result, sound journalism is the need of the hour, and journalists need to learn how to be responsible and ethical while reporting.


    If digital journalism piques your interest, this short but comprehensive certification course has to be amongst the best online journalism courses for you.


    These journalism classes online have been divided into 4 modules:

    • Digital newsgathering
    • Verification and reporting
    • Publishing effectively on social media
    • Wellness and resilience


    This online journalism training will help you understand the best practices in digital journalism. On completing this two-hour training, you will receive a certificate of completion.



    7.  Courses in Journalism by Thomson Foundation

    Courses in Journalism by Thomson Foundation
    The online interactive courses offered by Thomson Foundation can help you hone your journalistic skills and give you an edge over your peers. These classes have been created by industry experts and can be taken through desktop or mobile devices.


    The website offers a variety of free courses covering various topics related to journalism. Here are the best online journalism courses you can opt for on this platform.


    1. The Ethical Journalist’s Toolkit
    2. Data Journalism: Take Your First Steps
    3. Environmental Journalism | Why Local Matters: Storytelling
    4. Journalism Across Multiple Platforms
    5. Environmental Reporting | Why Local Matters: Sources



    8. News Journalism [The London School of Journalism]

    News Journalism [The London School of Journalism]
    These are another set of best journalism classes online offered by The London School of Journalism that cover various skills that you need to master to become a successful staff journalist.


    This long-term online journalism course tackles almost every topic that you need to be thorough with for a successful career in journalism.


    Certification Yes
    Paid Yes
    Duration 12-18 months
    Offered by London School of Journalism
    Cons This course runs too long.


    Learning Outcomes

    Here are a few things you will be learning in this online journalism course:

    1. The responsibilities, myths, realities, and ethics of journalism.
    2. Evolution of British press and its legacy.
    3. The 5 main categories of the newspaper.
    4. Basics of magazines and trade and technical journals.
    5. Tips for developing a strong news sense.
    6. Learn what professional skills and personal qualities are needed in a news reporter.
    7. Making contacts and identifying and following up story leads.
    8. Essential newsgathering and copywriting skills.
    9. Understanding most fundamental journalistic skills.
    10. More about life on a busy evening paper.
    11. More about national newspapers
    12. Legal restrictions journalists should know about and how they can avoid costly legal suits.
    13. Writing feature articles and all you need to know about them
    14. More about specialist writing.
    15. Understand how trainee journalists can move up the ladder.
    16. Using subediting skills and proof marks.
    17. More about sub-editing and designing.
    18. More about broadcast journalism.
    19. The work of a senior editorial executive.


    Who should take these journalism classes online?

    This online journalism course is suitable for those who are willing to invest the time to gain an in-depth understanding of skills and concepts related to journalism.



    9. English for Journalists, Part 1 [edX]

    English for Journalists, Part 1
    If you want to work on your English proficiency and writing skills to become a better journalist, learn journalism online with this fantastic course offered by BerkeleyX.


    It has been designed for working journalists and students with a basic understanding of the subject. The online journalism training covers various important topics, including ethics in journalism, a journalist’s job, local vs. global journalism, inclusive journalism, and citizen journalism.


    You’ll also be exploring English vocabulary, idioms, and grammar issues.

    The Audit track (free version) offers limited access to course material. Study journalism online with unlimited access to resources, graded assignments, and certification by signing up for the Verified track (paid version).

    Certification Only in Verified Track (Paid version)
    Paid Yes (Optional upgrade available)
    Duration 5 weeks approx (3-4 hours per week)
    Enrolled 67, 852 students
    Instructor Maggie Sokolik
    Cons The paid version of this online journalism course is expensive.


    Learning Outcomes

    In this course you will:

    1. Work on your vocabulary and grammar to write better stories in these journalism classes online.
    2. Understand the issues faced by journalists in today’s time.
    3. Improve your communication skills during interviews and reports.
    4. Understand ethics, fairness, and equality as these apply to journalism.



    To learn journalism online with this course, all you need is an understanding of basic concepts in journalism.


    Who should take this course?

    This is the best online journalism training for:

    1. Intermediate-level learners.
    2. Students who are studying journalism.
    3. Working journalists who want to improve their English proficiency can also join these online journalism classes.



    10. 12-Week Evening Broadcast Journalism Workshop [New York Film Academy]

    12-Week Evening Broadcast Journalism Workshop
    This 12-week broadcast journalism workshop offered by the prestigious New York Film Academy is a hands-on program covering the techniques, basic principles, and the craft of contemporary journalism.


    The classes will be held three evenings a week where the students will be trained through a combination of demonstrations, lectures, in-class production, and the students’ work. In addition, the students will be shooting their independent projects over the weekends.


    This intensive program with the best journalism classes online will help the students build a strong foundation in the necessary digital and journalism skills.


    Every participant will produce, shoot, and edit their news projects for the workshop. The workshops are offered exclusively at NYFA’s New York Campus.


    The projects that the students will be working on are:

    • VO
    • News Package
    • Interview profile
    • The Resume Reel

    Visit the website to view the online brochure to know more about the workshop. You can apply to the course through the website.




    These are the 10 best online journalism courses offered by top universities and online learning platforms to equip you with all the skills you need to thrive in this field.


    Whether you want to become a freelance journalist or plan on joining a leading media house, these journalism classes online will help you level up your skills, giving you an edge over your competitors.


    So start your learning journey today by joining the classes that match your learning abilities and fit your budget! Happy learning!

    Best Journalism Courses is rated 4.9 and reviewed by 15 Journalism Experts & 40+ Journalism Classes Students

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