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Best Proofreading Courses Online
Proofreading is the process of examining a galley proof or an electronic copy of a book to identify and rectify text or art reproduction problems.


Before publishing, the final stage in the editing cycle is proofreading. In other words, proofreading is thoroughly studying your content to detect and repair typographical flaws and faults in language, style, and spelling.


Let us have a look at the best proofreading courses online offered by the learning platforms.


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Best Editing and Proofreading Courses Online

1. How to Find and Correct Writing Errors: The Proofreading Guide by Udemy

How to Find and Correct Writing Errors: The Proofreading Guide by Udemy

This proofreading certification online course is intended for authors and editors of all genres who want to improve their proofreading abilities and avoid embarrassing errors in written documents.


The proofreading step is your final chance to identify errors before coworkers, publishers, application committees, and the broader public view your work.


Effective proofreading entails refining your papers to wow readers with impeccable writing and design.


First, in this course, the lecturer discusses how to create the correct mentality to notice errors, and then he shows where most errors hide. Next, the teacher looks at the most prevalent grammatical, punctuation, and design problems.


Additionally, the teacher will teach you innovative ways to make your proofreading job easier and more productive.


Rating  4.5 based on 962 ratings
Duration 1 hour
Level  Introductory level proofreading classes online
Refund Policy  30-day return policy
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded lessons
Course Type  Paid course
Course Instructor Duncan Koerber
Scope for Improvement (Cons) The instructor portion of the video constantly freezes, while the slide deck portion keeps up with the voice over. This hampers the learning process.


Topics Covered

  • Good habits for proofreading
  • The importance of practical tips
  • 8 practical proofreading tips
  • The proofreading symbols professionals use
  • Issues with words and punctuations
  • Importance of Lists and Guides
  • Proofreading the Format, Design, and Graphics
  • Final tasks people usually forget to do
  • Getting help with proofreading
  • Importance of getting help
  • Bonus Lectures


Learning Outcomes

  • Examine and correct any embarrassing typos and spelling problems.
  • Identify design and graphical flaws.
  • Make use of checklists and instructions to maintain uniformity in proofreading.
  • Working with professional proofreading symbols is a breeze.



You should have a strong knowledge of the English language to undergo this proofreading training online.


Is it the right course for you?

These are the best proofreading courses online for-

  • Anyone who wishes to locate and correct writing faults in papers.
  • Professional freelance editors looking to improve their proofreading abilities can also take up this proofreading certification online course.


Reviews by Aline Lee Y.:

I enjoyed the course. It was an excellent introduction to proofreading. Thank you, Doctor.



2. Proofread Like A Pro by Udemy

Proofread Like A Pro by Udemy

‘Proofread Like a Pro’ is a thorough course that delves into the abilities required to be a professional proofreader. But it is the course’s practicality that genuinely distinguishes it. It is considered one of the best editing and proofreading courses online.


Proofreading is a talent that is best learned by doing. As a result, you won’t be inundated with proofreading knowledge in Proofread Like a Pro.


Instead, after practically every lesson, you’ll be given a proofreading assignment to evaluate your grasp of the content – and to develop your skill to spot common errors.


Rating 4.7 based on 959 ratings
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes
Level Introductory level
Refund Policy 30-day return policy
Certificate Provided Yes
Course Material Provided Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded proofreading classes online
Course Type  Paid proofreading training online
Course Instructor Clare Lynch
Scope for Improvement (Cons) This course’s proofreading is from a British perspective and a little different from US proofreading. This is not the best proofreading certification course for US residents.


Topics Covered

  • What do proofreaders do
  • Expectations from a proofreader
  • Proofreading in a hurry
  • Essential skills and tools for proofreading
  • Proofreading symbols, spelling, missing and repeated words, grammar and syntax, punctuation, capitalization, typographical issues, factual accuracy, consistency, etc.
  • Proofreading elements other than body text
  • Proofreading headings and subheadings
  • Proofreading charts, tables and other graphical devices
  • Proofreading academic citations
  • Proofreading video content
  • How to find work as a proofreader
  • Charges for your professional services


Learning Outcomes

These proofreading classes online will teach you:

  • How to proofread like a professional
  • How to make use of proofreading symbols
  • What should you check for during proofreading?
  • Methods for detecting additional mistakes
  • Where can you get proofreading jobs?



  • You must be fluent in English grammar, spelling, and syntax.
  • You should be able to use a printer.


Is it the right course for you?

This is a good proofreading certification online for:

  • Anyone interested in working as a proofreader – whether paid or freelance
  • Writers want to spot more problems in their work
  • Professionals who need to develop error-free documentation


Reviews by Abraham B.:

Amazing and very thorough course on proofreading. I learned so much. Now I feel confident in starting a career in proofreading.



3. Best Proofreading Course Online by Skillshare

Best Proofreading Course Online by Skillshare
Skillshare is the emerging platform for courses available for students in every corner of the world. Read more about the best editing and proofreading courses online offered by Skillshare.


Writing Editing Masterclass – Content Editing, Copyediting and Proofreading

Students will begin learning how to utilize these approaches when writing a blog post after studying the fundamentals in this course.


As a result, the proofreading courses online in the next part delve into each of these editing forms to demonstrate how to accomplish them realistically.


All changes are completed using a 12-step editing method that includes all critical processes for a simple follow-up.


Students will see a draft copy of a blog post edited to near perfection by making it properly structured, lean, and simple to read the content at the end of these 12 phases.


Kickstart your freelance Editor and Proofreader Career on Upwork 

In this proofreading training online; the teacher will leverage his own Upwork expertise to show you how to rapidly come up to speed as an editing & proofreading category freelancer.


This proofreading certification online covers how to write a successful bid cover letter, which bidding concepts work best, and how much to bid to win contracts.


The lecturer will also provide ideas from his writing textbook, Clear, Precise, Direct: Strategies for Writing (Oxford University Press, 2015), to assist you in satisfying customers and earning excellent ratings.


Earning good ratings creates a snowball effect of more and more effort. These insights also include his editing methodology, which keeps customers’ ideas and meanings while eliminating bothersome “weeds” from their work.


The proofreading classes online also include other methodologies, ideas, and tips for editing and proofreading.



4. Proofreading Boot Camp by Inklyo

Proofreading Boot Camp by Inklyo
These are the best proofreading courses online taught by professionals at Scribendi.com, the world’s premier proofreading firm.


This course offers world-class proofreading training to teach you how to proofread any document confidently. This proofreading certification online course takes about 40 hours to complete.


Topics Covered

  • What is proofreading?
  • Definition of proofreading
  • Types and methods of proofreading
  • Mechanics errors
  • Spelling errors
  • Grammar errors
  • Punctuation errors
  • Proofreading numbers, capitalization, and abbreviations
  • What is style to a Proofreader
  • Defining style
  • The major style guides
  • Typographical considerations
  • Format and layout considerations
  • Common error hiding places
  • Margin and list alignment and alphabetized copy
  • Headlines, headings, subheadings, and captions
  • Vocabulary, Revised copy, and short and long lines.
  • Proofreading with words
  • Using word’s resources
  • Proofreading in MS Excel and Powerpoint
  • Proofreading in PDFs and LaTex files
  • Proofreading for the web
  • Computer safety
  • The Publishing Industry
  • Business skills



5. Copyediting and Proofreading – Part one by Coursera

Copyediting and Proofreading - Part one by Coursera
During this proofreading certification online course, you will identify important stories, explore cultural significance and boundaries, and shape your identity as a writer.


You will also become familiar with standard elements of narrative (character, setting, plot, theme, language, dialogue, point of view); reflect on your work, and practice essential self-editing skills.


Learners will see how words and art interact and the possibilities of longer narrative forms and leave with practical insights. By the conclusion of these best editing and proofreading courses online, you should have ten to twelve writing excerpts that you may turn into a portfolio.


Rating  4.7 based on 1152 ratings
Duration Approximately 13 hours
Level  Introductory level
Refund Policy  14-day return policy
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded lessons
Course Type  Paid course
Course Instructor David Hill, Maria Gill and Alex Alexandrou
Scope for Improvement (Cons) No feedback is provided for the assignments submitted by the learners.


Topics Covered

  • Your writing identity
  • You, your culture, and story
  • Cultural myths and legends
  • Genre, form, and audience
  • Genre types
  • Structure
  • Character
  • Setting
  • Plot and theme
  • Language and dialogue
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Structural editing
  • Copyediting checklist
  • Publishing
  • Forms of print publishing
  • Forms of digital publishing
  • Publishing opportunities
  • Approaching publishers





Is it the right course for you?

This is the right course for:

  • Curious pupils and aspiring authors with a love of writing for children



6. Proofreading Power Basics by Udemy

Proofreading Power Basics by Udemy
These one-of-a-kind proofreading classes online teach you the essentials of proofreading via hands-on activities and quizzes.


This is the best proofreading certification course for the introductory level students with strong grammar and writing abilities who wish to expand their services, notably instructors, freelance writers, and editors.


Rating  4.2 based on 839 ratings
Duration Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes proofreading training online
Level  Intermediate level
Refund Policy  30-day return policy
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded lessons
Course Type  Paid proofreading certification online
Course Instructor Ashan R. Hampton
Scope for Improvement (Cons) The instructor sounded like she was reading a script and was very mechanical. The contents of these proofreading courses online are a little scattered and hard to follow.


Topics Covered

  • Proofreader expectations
  • Grammar assessment
  • Proofreading tips
  • Proofreading Strategies
  • Proofreading marks
  • Proofreading for capitalization
  • Proofreading for numbers
  • Proofreading error hotspots
  • Proofreading tests
  • Conclusion


Learning Outcomes

With this proofreading certification online course, you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of proofreading.
  • Correct typical proofreading mistakes.
  • Use activities to hone your proofreading abilities.
  • Increase your proofreading self-confidence.
  • Getting Started as a Freelance Proofreader



Before enrolling in these proofreading courses online:

  • Take the “Grammar Fundamentals” course.
  • Intermediate command of American grammar
  • Intermediate writing abilities


Is it the right course for you?

This is the best proofreading training online for:

  • Professionals in the workplace
  • Editors and authors working as freelancers
  • Bloggers and other content creators
  • Teachers at the K-12 and college levels


Reviews by Erika Gravino G.:

This is a great beginner course for someone who wants to begin in the proofreading profession. I highly recommend for anyone who wishes to see if proofreading is a viable career choice.



7. Editing and Proofreading made simple by LinkedIn Learning

Editing and Proofreading made simple by LinkedIn Learning

This best proofreading certification course offers the five keys to efficient editing, from content and spelling checks to basic layout.


With these proofreading courses online, you will learn how to apply these standards to your own or someone else’s emails, presentations, and blog entries and construct style guides and templates to be more productive.


Erin Rickard, a writer, educator, and long-time editor, identifies the most common errors authors make and offers advice on locating and repairing them.


Duration 39 minutes 31 seconds proofreading classes online
Level Introductory level proofreading training online
Refund Policy 30-day return policy
Certificate Provided Yes
Course Material Provided Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons Recorded lessons
Course Type Paid course
Course Instructor Erin Rickard


Topics Covered

  • The 5 keys to editing and proofreading
  • Check the content of a message
  • Check mechanics: Spelling and grammar
  • Check style and tone
  • Check formatting
  • Apply rules and shortcuts
  • Examples
  • Email and blogs
  • Editing your own work
  • Editing someone else’ work
  • Frequents Mistakes
  • Frequently misspelled words
  • Usage mistakes
  • Errors of tone, style, and formatting
  • Addressing sent or published mistakes



8. Proofreading Your Own Work by CreativeLive Classes

Proofreading Your Own Work by CreativeLive Classes
This proofreading certification online course will teach you the skills and strategies you’ll need to approach proofreading with new eyes.


Heather Saunders, an accomplished writer, editor, and proofreader, will give hands-on tips on how to approach the proofreading process and typical errors to avoid.


Rating 100% course takers recommend this class
Duration 1 hour 6 minutes
Level Introductory level best proofreading courses online
Refund Policy 30-day return policy
Certificate Provided No
Course Material Provided Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons Recorded lessons with proofreading certification online
Course Type Paid course
Course Instructor Heather Saunders


Topics Covered

  • Proofreading quick tips
  • Tighten up sentences
  • Common errors
  • Identify your personal “Misses”
  • Fact-checking everything again
  • Read it as the intended audience
  • Evaluation


Learning Outcomes

  • Remove distractions, read the content aloud, change the look of the page, and take breaks as required to approach the text in fresh ways.
  • Read your work through the eyes of your intended audience.
  • Check your writing for accuracy.
  • Determine whether the article serves its goal.
  • Recognize habitual mistakes, such as weak wording, excessive use of adjectives and adverbs, and punctuation problems.



9.  Becoming a Proofreader: Proofreading Academy

Becoming a Proofreader: Proofreading Academy
These best proofreading courses online will transform you from a total beginner to a confident, qualified expert who is ready to begin work. The academy also provides a freelancing employment guarantee to give you a good start in the market.


Rating 4.8
Duration 50 hours course
Level Best proofreading certification course to take you from beginner to advanced level
Refund Policy 30-day return policy
Certificate Provided No
Course Material Provided Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons Recorded lessons
Course Type Paid proofreading classes online
Course Provider Proofreading academy


Topics Covered

  • Proofreading and editing
  • The Basics of Microsoft Word
  • Common spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes
  • Other common errors
  • Proofreading in practice: Style
  • Advanced formatting in MS Word
  • Academic proofreading: Referencing and citations
  • Creative writing and the publishing industry
  • Proofreading business writing


Learning Outcomes

  • Proofread any corporate, artistic, or academic paper to a professional standard.
  • Learn to proofread & edit copies for tone, flow, readability, and style.
  • Make proper use of main literary referencing styles.
  • Check papers written in American, British, and Australian English for errors.
  • Utilize Microsoft Word to its full potential.
  • Begin your new flexible freelance job as a proofreader.


Are these proofreading courses online for you?

This is the best proofreading certification online for:

  • Someone looking to quit a 9-to-5 office job in exchange for the flexibility of working from home?A student who wants to sustain themself while pursuing a degree
  • A digital nomad who travels the world
  • People who want to work from home to spend more time with their children.
  • Looking to enhance your retirement income



10. Online Course: Proofreading and Copyediting 101 by Universal Class

Online Course: Proofreading and Copyediting 101 by Universal Class
If you’re searching for a new profession or want to enhance your writing abilities, learning how to proofread and copy edit with this simple, in-depth proofreading training online might be exactly what you need.


Learning the skills taught in this course can help you enhance your general writing ability and lead to a profitable and in-demand professional path.


Proofreaders and copyeditors are in high demand nowadays, not just in the corporate sector and Internet-related initiatives but also by start-up firms, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.


Freelance proofreading employment abounds, and many organizations provide work-from-home options as a bonus. You can take up these proofreading courses online and build your career manifolds.


Duration Approximately 6 months needed to finish this proofreading certification online
Level Introductory level
Certificate Provided No
Course Material Provided Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons Recorded proofreading classes online
Course Type Paid course
Course Provider Universal Class


Topics Covered

After introducing you to proofreading and copyediting, these proofreading courses online will help you in:

  • Finding the appropriate style guides and using it
  • How to create and use a style sheet
  • Proofreaders’ marks and how they are used to copyedit and proofread
  • Job as a proofreader
  • How to proofread
  • Job of a copyeditor
  • How to copy edit
  • Copy editing practice
  • Copy editing or proofreading your own work


Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize how to utilize style sheets and style guidelines in proofreading and copyediting.
  • Demonstrate the ability to match the proper style guidelines for diverse project types. Show how to make and use a style sheet.
  • Describe the marks used by proofreaders and how they are used to copyedit and proofread.
  • Demonstrate fundamental proofreading abilities.
  • Explain the role of a copyeditor and proofreader.
  • Demonstrate fundamental copy-editing abilities.
  • Describe how you copyedit and proofread your work.
  • The career prospects in copyediting or proofreading are summarized.





Is it the right course for you?

This proofreading certification online course is intended for students of all levels of education, experience, and background.



11.  Proofreading Courses Online by Proofread Anywhere

Proofreading Courses Online by Proofread Anywhere

Proofread Anywhere covers everything from the fundamentals of proofreading to marketing. If you have any questions, their helpful support team and student communities are here to help!


Proofread Anywhere has simplified becoming a proofreader by providing step-by-step instructions. Each lesson builds on the previous one, allowing you to observe tangible improvement.


Your proofreading talents may touch others and do a lot of good if you use a tried-and-true procedure to become a proofreader while doing what you love.


As you progress through the lessons of this best proofreading certification, you will develop and hone the abilities required to become a proofreader. Then, you’ll practice and even be “put to the test” with quizzes and hand-graded exams, so you can be confident in your ability to act and succeed.


Proofread anywhere offers the best proofreading courses online for learners around the globe.


Learning Outcomes

After this course, you will have an idea about:

  • What an average freelance proofreader may earn.
  • How to determine whether proofreading is right for you
  • How to begin marketing your skills
  • Three major mistakes that new freelancers make – and how to prevent them




TangoLearn has made it quite easy for learners to fetch the proofreading training online.


We have curated this list of best editing and proofreading courses online by the most renowned instructors with ample experience and knowledge. Visit their annexed websites to know more about the listed proofreading certification online.


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