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Best Online Herbalist Classes
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All across history, plants have found use in the field of medicine. Following the information by the World Health Organization, over 80 percent of people utilize herbs as the key form of medication.


Today, you can be a successful herbalist by taking up a certified online herbalist course. Be it your passion for people or plants; a herbalist can bridge the gap between the two.


The best thing about herbal medicines is that they are inexpensive and effortless to use and make. If utilized as per the instruction, they prove to be incredibly effective.


For instance:

  • Black pepper helps with arthritis, memory, digestion, flu, and cold.
  • Ginger helps with PMS, colds, joint health, and nausea
  • Mint is helpful in nausea, nutrition, digestion, and relaxation
  • Basil helps with insomnia, stress, headaches, topical antioxidant, and antibacterial properties.


Today, using spices and herbs as medicine is not challenging. You can make a recipe around it or steep a cup of tea to achieve maximum benefits. However, to get maximum benefits, these must be incorporated regularly into your routine.


However, to understand this incredible form of healing and include it in your life to promote optimum health, you must have the requisite knowledge.


For this, you must enroll in one of the best online herbal medicine courses. The internet has a range of online herbalist classes, but which of them is the best? This guide will discuss the best of them all. So let us get started and address them one by one.


In This Article:

  1. Herbalism: Introduction Medicine Making Certificate – [Udemy]
  2. Herbalism: Identify & Harvest Medicinal Plants Certificate– [Udemy]
  3. Professional Herbalist Certificate– [Udemy]
  4. Herbalism: Medicinal Kitchen Herbs & Spices Certificate – [Udemy]
  5. Herbal Medicine – Offered by University of Minnesota– [Coursera]
  6. Herbalism For Everyone – Professional Herbalism Course – [Udemy]
  1. Comprehensive Online Clinical Herbalist Certification – [Electrics School of Herbal Medicine]
  2. Master Herbalist Diploma Course – [Centre of Excellence]
  3. Online Herbalism Courses – [The Herbal Academy]
  4. Herbalism Video Courses & Herbalist Training Programs – [Common Wealth Holistic Herbalism]


10 Best Online Herbal Medicine Courses

1. Herbalism :: Introduction & Medicine Making Certificate– [Udemy]
Herbalism :: Introduction & Medicine Making Certificate


Rating 4.7
Enrolled 49,443 students
Duration 3.5 hours on-demand video
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Instructor Elizabeth Heck
Cons It is a descriptive overview of herbalism with multiple “how-to” questions addressed.


First on our list is the Udemy best online herbalist classes. Broadly, the instructor claims that this is the best herbalist training online and it possibly has everything that you need to know compiled and assembled in one place.


Moreover, a good variety of unique and exquisite information, which you may not find elsewhere, is also present in this certification course. Across the course, you will find step-by-step information, which will leave you feeling confident when working with herbal medicine.


This online herbalist certification course is presented to you by a renowned and exceptionally qualified herbal instructor. She is very responsive and replies to your queries immediately.


Once you are thorough with this online herbalist course, you will feel extremely confident around the plant medicines. You will get the resource material access for life. So, even years down the lane, you can come back and refer to it.


Learning Outcomes

Some things you can expect to learn in this best herbalist certification course are:

  • Making your first herbal remedy right from day one
  • Learning some life-changing skills
  • Information about more than 20 vital plants utilized in the herbal medicine plus for making teas, oils, tinctures, salves, syrups, poultices, compresses, and syrups
  • Find the herbs around you – in your community, backyard, online, garden, or stores.
  • Knowledge of which plants to use and what is their application



This is an introductory-level herbalist training online. So, the ingredients or the supplies used in the course are very minimal.


Who can take this course?

The beginners will find this as one of the best online herbal medicine courses. It can prove to be incredibly life-changing. However, if you are someone with experience, this can be an excellent course to fill in the gaps.


Further, anyone interested in preventive care or those interested in self-healing or natural healing of their loved ones will appreciate these online herbalist classes.


Additionally, anyone who would like to amplify their health and well-being will also enjoy this course. Lastly, anyone who believes in herbal medicine and herbalism will find this one of the best courses to learn herbalism online.



2. Herbalism :: Identify & Harvest Medicinal Plants Certificate– [Udemy]

Herbalism :: Identify & Harvest Medicinal Plants Certificate

Rating 4.6
Enrolled 12,808 students
Duration 2.5 hours on-demand video
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Instructor Elizabeth Heck
Cons It would have been a lot better if it had more visuals included.


Next, we have another online herbalist certification course taught by Udemy’s top qualified herbal instructor.


Many of you may not even know, but there is herbal medicine growing around you, regardless of where you live. Surprisingly, even what you think of as weed commonly is indeed a valuable medicine.


These are the plants brought with people when they migrated to the new parts of the world. Over time, the plants took hold, and fortunately, you now have access to them as nature’s healing gifts.


But, broadly, if you aspire to know about herbal medicine, you must learn how to find the plants, and this is precisely what this online herbalist course intends to teach you.

Learning Outcomes

A few things that this best herbalist certification course will teach you are:

  • Knowing the drill to identify the medicinal plants, which is one of the most vital aspects of herbalism
  • Finding medicinal plants around you
  • Understanding the importance of the self-harvested herbal medicine
  • Acquiring the confidence necessary to identify the medicinal plants correctly, including the look-alike plants
  • Knowing when to harvest the plants to achieve phenomenal benefits



As such, there are no prerequisites to take this herbalist training online.


Who should take these online herbalist classes?

This online herbalist certification course is ideal for anyone interested in nature, health, or aspires to work with wild plants.


3. Herbalism :: Professional Herbalist Certificate – [Udemy]

Herbalism :: Professional Herbalist Certificate

Rating 4.6
Enrolled 6,469 students
Duration 4.5 hours on-demand video
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Instructor Elizabeth Heck
Cons Several parts of the course appear dull for some learners.


Next, we have another one of Udemy’s top-rated courses to learn herbalism online. This course has all the information that a professional herbalist must know. So, how and where to commence marketing yourself finally? The course will cover it all.


Across this online herbalist course, you will also find some career insight and advice on finding the opportunities around you.


Learning Outcomes

Some things you can expect to learn with this best herbalist certification course are:

  • Becoming a herbal practitioner who sees their clients for consultations
  • Creating safe herbal products
  • Marketing your herbal products
  • Learning how to bring products to the market
  • Understanding all that you ought to know to be a herbal teacher
  • Making a living by working as a herbalist



This is one of the beginner-friendly online herbal medicine courses. So, as such, there are no prerequisites to take this course. However, if desired, you can take this course in conjunction with the instructor’s other courses.

Who should take these online herbalist classes?

Anyone who aspires to make a career in herbalism will find this course helpful.



4. Herbalism :: Medicinal Kitchen Herbs & Spices Certificate – [Udemy]

Herbalism :: Medicinal Kitchen Herbs & Spices Certificate

Rating 4.8
Enrolled 6,530 students
Duration 1 hour on-demand video
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Instructor Elizabeth Heck
Cons Quite a lot of information in the course is elementary-level.


The kitchen is more like the storage hub for spices and herbs, which can do wonders for your health and well-being. Does your kitchen have thyme, cinnamon, oregano, basil, or garlic? If yes, you already have the most incredible herbs in your kitchen.


However, if you do not have these handy, fret not. These are accessible and can be bought easily from the local store near you. To tell you more, the names are not the only things you will learn with these online herbalist classes.


You will also know some conditions wherein you can use these herbs, the ideal ways of using them, and the health conditions wherein they are the most effective, and how these herbs aid in improving your health.


Learning Outcomes

A few things you can learn with these classes are:

  • Tips to gain better health for yourself and your family via consuming delicious food in the form of medicines.
  • Discovering how different health disorders can be prevented or alleviated by different spices or herbs
  • Knowing the best plausible uses of various herbs and spices for flavor, ease, and effectiveness
  • Finding some recipes, which taste so good that no one will ever know it is a medicine
  • Reducing your medical bills and visits by treating the acute issues with herbal medication



For this online herbalist course, all you need is:

  • Eagerness to deal with different ailments at home
  • Time
  • Open mind
  • Willingness to learn
  • Faith in your instructor


Who should take these online herbalist classes?

This online herbalist certification course is ideal for:

  • Anyone who wishes to learn primary home healthcare to use what they have with them in the kitchen
  • One who aspires to better their overall health and well-being via food
  • Anyone who desires to cure severe conditions



5. Herbal Medicine – Offered by University of Minnesota – [Coursera]

Herbal Medicine – Offered by University of Minnesota

Offered by University of Minnesota
Rating 4.9
Enrolled 22,331 students
Duration Approx. 18 hours to complete
Return or refund policy 14 days from the date of payment
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Instructor Amy Taylor
Cons The examples used in the course are quite elementary. The instructor should have experimented a little with it.


Today, many people are seeking the best herbalist certification to use herbal methods as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. The rising popularity of herbalism for curing several illnesses is because of the concerns of efficacy, safety, and a belief in more natural things.


However, even when there is the surging popularity of herbal things, conventional care providers are still not very well-acquainted with this knowledge.


More so, the consistent compounding information on the internet and the media only makes things worse. But, this is not how it should be. So, to overcome this concern, you have this online herbalist course.


These are the best online herbalist classes designed to cater to the Minnesota Board of Nursing continuing education requirements.


Once you are through with these online herbal medicine courses, you may be eligible for CE credit from other professional boards and 16 contact hours, which allow self-documenting of continuing education activities.


However, you must check with your regulatory board to ensure that the course is in keeping with the local requirements.


Learning Outcomes

It is the best online herbalist course to learn:


  • The strong background to include herbal medicines into practice.
  • Understanding the therapeutic properties, safety concerns, efficacy (or lack thereof), potential adverse effects, and quality control around the herbal medicines
  • Role of herbal medicines in overall healthcare
  • Discussing overall botanical methods and actions to create botanical properties
  • Assessing the patients, including the potential for herb-drug interactions and other potential roles
  • Learning about the contraindications and considerations for special populations



This is an intermediate-level online herbalist course. So, you must have prior knowledge of different herbs to take the course.


This is Course 3 in the 5-part specialization. So, to develop some base knowledge, you can take the earlier two courses to learn herbalism online from the Integrative Health and Medicine Specialization.


Who can take the course?

This is one of the best online herbal medicine courses for healthcare students and practicing healthcare professionals. However, typically, anyone can benefit from the course.



6. Herbalism For Everyone – Professional Herbalism Course – [Udemy]

Herbalism For Everyone - Professional Herbalism Course

Rating 4.6
Enrolled 4,970 students
Duration 2 hours on-demand video
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Instructor Tania Magdalene
Cons The information included in the course is good, but it is not enough. This is not one of the comprehensive courses.


Next, we have the short and best herbalist certification course by Udemy. This online herbalist course will take you back to the time and age when we widely used herbs to promote wellness in our daily life.


Plants and herbs are provided to us by nature to assist us in some of the most incredible ways. As part of these online herbalist classes, you will be made thoroughly taught how you can work with herbs in your everyday life.


Learning Outcomes

A few things to learn in this online herbalist course are:

  • Understanding of the fantastic plant world
  • Knowledge of some herbs and their uses in routine life
  • Working with the plants
  • How to extract benefits from plants in everyday life
  • Making herbal preparations with four different herbal solvents, alcohol, water, oil, and glycerin
  • Knowing how to make decoctions, infusions, elixirs, salves, syrups, tinctures, infused honey, and a lot more
  • Knowledge of the different herbs and their possible uses
  • Working with organic products and how they aid in a healthy lifestyle



For these online herbalist classes, all you need is to have some love for the plants.


Who should take this course?

This is the best online herbalist course for anyone who wishes to include herbal preparations in their life.



Bonus Online Herbal Medicine Courses

1. Comprehensive Online Clinical Herbalist Certification – [Electrics School of Herbal Medicine]

Comprehensive Online Clinical Herbalist Certification
Introducing the next online herbalist course from the Electrics School of Herbal Medicine, designed to empower you as a confident herbal clinician. The comprehensive 1000-hour Integrative Herbal Online Program offers three distinct tiers to cater to your individual preferences.

  1. Clinical Herbal Practitioner: This advanced certification program equips you with the necessary knowledge and experience to excel as a competent clinical practitioner, building upon the foundations established in the other two programs.
  2. Clinical-Community Herbalist: Building on the knowledge gained in the Clinical Family Herbalist course, this program delves into the study of vital body systems such as the nervous and digestive systems.
  3. Clinical Family Herbalist: Geared towards beginners, this foundational online herbalist training covers fundamental healing modalities, clinical nutrition, medicine-making skills, and acute care situations.


Regardless of the program chosen, the curriculum is structured into modules, each containing some of the best online herbalist classes. These classes encompass specific assignments and handouts to facilitate effective learning. Upon purchasing the bundle program, you gain lifelong access to all materials. However, certification is granted only upon successful completion of tests and assignments within each module. Graded tests ensure that certification is awarded only to students achieving a passing grade.


For those who prefer independent learning without seeking certification, the school also offers standalone classes for online herbalist training, allowing access to the informative modules without the commitment to certification.


Some online herbalist courses you can check out are:




2. Master Herbalist Diploma Course – [Centre of Excellence]

Master Herbalist Diploma Course
Next, we have the Centre of Excellence’s best herbalist certification course. The course comprises 13 modules, and each comes with lifetime access. In addition, there are six video online herbalist classes in the course.


Learning Outcomes

A few things you will learn in this best online herbalist course are:

  • The ancient art of herbal medicine
  • A framework that will change your understanding of herbs forever
  • Knowledge of the constituents in the herbs
  • Therapeutic actions and potential uses of different herbs
  • Safely using the herbs
  • Roots of incredible healing with herbs
  • Using plants to treat the ailments of the body’s six systems
  • Know how herbalists conduct their consultations



3. Online Herbalism Courses – The Herbal Academy

Online Herbalism Courses – The Herbal Academy
This online herbalist course on our list is presented to you by The Herbal Academy. This herbalist training online is designed to help you build your foundation in herbalism.


All the online herbal medicine courses on their platform are imparted by world-class herbalists, authors, and teachers who have many years of experience behind them.


Across the course, you will find an array of illustrated recipes, tutorials, charts, graphs, videos, and more. These can make the learning process interactive and engaging. Once you are through the course, you will feel well-acquainted about creating and using your teas, tinctures, and body care products.


Who should take this course?

Do you wish to fill your home with delectable herbal creations? Do you aspire to expand your knowledge of how plants can soothe, nourish, and support your everyday life? If yes, this is the best herbalist certification course for you.


Overall, this is one of the best platforms to learn herbalism online for beginners with zero prior knowledge.



As the courses are beginner-friendly, you need no prior experience or knowledge. In addition, the courses are straightforward, affordable, self-paced, and convenient.


A few of the best online herbalist classes you can take are:



4.Herbalism Video Courses & Herbalist Training Programs– [Common Wealth Holistic Herbalism]

Herbalism Video Courses & Herbalist Training Programs
Common Wealth Holistic Herbalism also has multiple courses, and each of them is full of audio files, video presentations, PDFs, quick guides quizzes, and a myriad of other supported resources.


So, the course you pick with them will facilitate easy, streamlined, intuitive, and on-the-go learning. You can also participate in their Q&A sessions, where you can clear your doubts and get feedback directly from Ryn & Katja.


This is also the best online herbalist course because you will have access to it for life. Hence, anytime a new material or information is added, it will be accessible to you too at zero extra price.


You can check out their – Family Herbalist, Community Herbalist, Clinical Herbalist, and Emergent Responder programs.


In addition, they have several individual online herbalist classes, which can be your ultimate guide to be proficient at the subject.


Some courses you can check out are:

  1. 4 Keys to Holistic Herbalism
  2. Herbal Community Care Toolkit
  3. All About Nettles!


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So, that’s all from our end on the top 10 best online herbalist courses. This guide has covered every minute detail around these online herbal medicine courses. To learn herbalism online, pick the right herbalist training online program that matches your experience level and interest.

Best Herbalist Courses is rated 4.1 and reviewed by 12 Herbalist Experts & 30+ Herbalist Classes Students

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