12 Best Embroidery Courses Online To Learn The Art

Best Embroidery courses
Embroidery is a sewing technique dating back centuries. However, today this art form has created a significant space for itself. Many textiles, embroidery and new media artists have reinvented this art form and have turned it into a sought-after hobby.
If you are someone who loves to work with needles, embroidery is the ideal craft for you. While it may look easy to learn embroidery online, it requires technique, precision, and practice. Embroidery classes are a great way to get started.
Taking embroidery courses online can help you to keep up your stitching game from the comfort of your home.
Right from several stitches to modern techniques, there is much to keep you interested. Online classes will introduce you to the basics of embroidery and also allow you to do creative projects. All these courses are taught by expert artists involved in this craft.
If you are someone who is learning the ropes in embroidery and want to master the essential techniques, online embroidery classes for beginners would be the best. For advanced learners, several courses can teach you new techniques.
With a plethora of options over the internet, it can be hard to choose the right one. However, if you know where exactly to look, you will find a rich selection of courses that are affordable, convenient and also easy to access.
Hence, after going through several courses and holding discussions with expert artists, we have selected a few of the best for you. Our list of courses includes 12 online classes offered on some of the best online education platforms.

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Top Embroidery Courses Online That Are Evergreen

1.  Hand Embroidery: Easy Guide on Embroidering Beautiful Cards (Udemy)

Hand Embroidery: Easy Guide on Embroidering Beautiful Cards

Rating 5.0
Enrolled 349
Instructor Vesna Vidmar
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or Refund policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Duration  41 minutes
  • Easy-to-follow video lessons
  • Useful tips
Who is this course for? 
  • People with no experience in embroidery
  • Individuals who know this craft and want to apply it on paper
  • Students who are looking to learn new skills and techniques and want to use them in making handmade cards


Udemy’s online embroidery classes are high-rated with 5-star ratings. This class by Vesna Vidmar has been placed at the top of our list as it will teach you how to embroider on paper.
She has provided several necessary patterns in the resource section. You will be taught four types of stitches that can be used to create beautiful handmade cards.  Although this course is 41 minutes long, it covers a lot that would be helpful for people with no experience in embroidery.
Learn embroidery online with the help of many useful tips on materials and tools shared in this class.  Everything about straight stitch, running stitch, stem stitch and vowen wheel stitch will be taught to you.
The biggest perk of this class is the free patterns, step-by-step tutorials for beginners and several upscaling ideas shared on the instructor’s blog.

What materials do you need?

  • Scissors
  • Threads
  • A needle
  • Masking tape
  • Paper (220 grams or higher)


The course consists of 41 minutes long on-demand video lessons. These online embroidery lessons also include 3 downloadable resources. Once you finish the course, you will earn a certificate of completion.

Learning Outcomes

  • Selecting materials for embroidery on paper
  • Transferring pattern on paper
  • Embroider 4 different stitches on paper
  • Useful tips on correcting mistakes while making cards


Reviews by Julio S.

I loved this class–it’s so well organized. Creating anything with hand embroidery is not easy, but this class makes it fun!



2. Introduction to Tambour Embroidery (Udemy)

Introduction to Tambour Embroidery

Rating 4.9
Enrolled 210
Instructor Dordea Alexandrina
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or Refund policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Duration  31 minutes
  • Easy-to-follow video lessons
  • Useful tips
Who are these online embroidery classes for? 
  • Everyone interested in textile and handmade
  • Those who want to learn a new skill



This is the next best course on Udemy to learn embroidery online. This course is all about Tambour embroidery – a centuries-old beading technique.
Tambour embroidery is an ancient technique of beading on furniture, clothing, accessories and furnishings. You will learn about pattern transfer, beginning materials, working on sequins and beads, as well as finishing your embroidery and attaching it to the garment in these online embroidery lessons.
This craft is used for more than decorating. You can create unique art with it and express yourself through texture, design and colors and this is exactly what the course will teach you.
Apart from easy-to-follow video lessons, the online embroidery classes also include 3 articles and 5 downloadable resources. The biggest perk of this course is lifetime access to video lessons and other resources. There are also several assignments for you to practice.
This is one of the best embroidery courses online that will also provide you with a certificate of completion when you complete the course.

What will you learn?

Things this course will teach you:

  • Introduction to tambour embroidery
  • Basic stitch
  • Design transfer techniques
  • Processing sequins and beads
  • Attaching the finished embroidery to a garment
  • Assembling the hook
  • Framing the fabric



Few things are needed during these online embroidery classes:

  • Tambour hook
  • Fabric
  • Beads and sequins
  • Embroidery hook or frame
  • Cotton thread


Reviews by Taryn F.

Instructions are clear. Videos are good quality and close up. Very easy to see technique being used.



3.  Learn Wilcom Embroidery Digitizing (Udemy)

Learn Wilcom Embroidery Digitizing

Rating 4.3
Enrolled 120
Instructor of these online embroidery lessons


Ghulam Rasool
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or Refund policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Duration  4 hours
  • Certificate of completion
  • Detailed course content
Who should take these embroidery courses online?  
  • Beginners interested in learning how to digitize embroidery
  • Textile and fashion designers interested in learning embroidery digitizing and designing
  • Existing users of Wilcom interested in knowing all about Wilcom Embroidery Digitizing
  • Freelancers wanting to work as an embroidery designer


This is yet another great embroidery course on Wilcom. Learn embroidery online with this bestseller course from Udemy. We have included this course in our list as it covers all the aspects of Wilcom embroidery in detail.
If you do not know what Wilcom embroidery is then you are in for a treat. Every tool of Wilcom will be explained to you in a step-by-step manner.
These online embroidery lessons are apt for both beginners and professional embroiders. With 4 hours of easy-to-follow on-demand video lessons, it also features 34 downloadable resources. Plus, there are ample amount of assignments for practice.
The only requirement of these online embroidery classes is students should have installed Wilcom embroidery studio on their computers.

Topics Covered

  • Basic tools of Wilcom and its usage
  • Editing
  • Basic and advanced digitizing
  • Lettering and options
  • Color sequence
  • Sequin
  • Travelling and parameters
  • Finalizing designs for production


Reviews by Florentina B.

I learn alot. I complete my first practice traditional Indonesian dayak dress embroidery. I still need to work on the stitches design, but it look great. Good class.



4. How to Make Hand Embroidery (Udemy)

How to Make Hand Embroidery

Rating 5.0
Enrolled 498
Instructor Vesna Vidmar
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or Refund policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Duration  35 minutes
  • Great beginner’s course
  • Easy-to-follow video lessons
  • Helpful templates
  • Useful tips
Who are these online embroidery classes for? 
  • People with no experience in embroidery
  • Individuals who know this craft and want to apply it on paper
  • Students who are looking to learn new skills and techniques and want to use them in making handmade cards


Taught by Vesna Vidmar, an embroidery artist, this beginner’s class will teach you how to embroider on paper and make interesting Christmas and New Year cards.
During the 35 minutes course, you will learn what kind of stitches can be done on paper. This is one of the best embroidery courses online.
Your teacher will also teach you how to design your pattern and create embroidery paper cards.  She will also share with you useful tips on the materials and tools for embroidery on paper.

Supplies needed for the class:

  • Threads
  • Needles with a big eye
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Paper (200 grams)


Online embroidery classes here are divided into five segments that cover:

  • Introduction
  • Materials and tools
  • Making Christmas Ball embroidery card
  • Making Christmas tree embroidery card
  • Designing and embroidering Christmas tree pattern
  • Additional tips


Learning outcomes of these online embroidery lessons:

  • Selecting materials for embroidery
  • Using different stitches on various fabrics on paper
  • Tips on correcting small mistakes
  • Transferring patterns on paper
  • Embroidery template on the paper base card


Reviews by Rahul K.

This is a great embroidery course on paper for beginners. Everything is explained step-by-step and many more ideas for future cards are given. I highly recommend this couse!



5.  An Ultimate Course of Auto Digitizing with Wilcom Embroidery (Udemy)

An Ultimate Course of Auto Digitizing with Wilcom Embroidery

Rating 3.6
Enrolled 276
Instructor Ghulam Rasool
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or Refund policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Duration  2.5 hours
  • Great beginner’s course
  • Useful explanation of different tools
Cons Less information on embroidery machines and final output in fabric
Who are these online embroidery classes


  • Anyone wanting to develop a career in the embroidery designing industry
  • Absolute beginners
  • Self-taught users and professionals who wish to take their skills to next level
  • Existing and more experienced users of Wilcom Embroidery Digitizing
  • People wanting to get into freelancing in digitizing


Next up, is the auto digitizing course.
During these embroidery courses online, expert digitizer Ghulam Rasool will show you how to digitize your work.
You will be working at Wilcom embroidery studio for learning professional digitizing.
This course will help you to learn embroidery online smoothly and efficiently from the comfort of your home.
Since it also teaches you about lettering and monogramming, this training will help you professionally in the embroidery market.
Apart from the 2.5 hours of on-demand video lessons, the course also provides 15 downloadable resources and ample projects and assignments. If you are looking for professional certification, this is the perfect course.
Professional digitizers or embroidery designers can also take this course if they want to work as freelancers. These online embroidery classes for beginners are simple and easy to follow.

Learning Outcomes

  • Embroidery Digitizing
  • Overview of Wilcom Embroidery Studio
  • High-quality Auto digitizing
  • Machine format and machine area
  • Importing a design work to Wilcom
  • Vector and vector file formats
  • Using vector graphics files for auto digitizing
  • Raster and raster file formats
  • Auto digitizing an image or raster file to the embroidery
  • Reshaping auto-digitized motif
  • Editing auto-digitized motif
  • Understanding stitch angles
  • Working with entry or exit points of an embroidered motif
  • Exporting an embroidery file to machine format
  • These online embroidery lessons teach finalizing a digitized embroidery task
  • Design library and options


Wilcom embroidery software on your computer is a must for these embroidery courses online. Wilcom E4.2 with Coreldraw 2018 will be preferred.

Reviews by Haifa A.

Very fantastic course to the point ,a lot of great information.



6. Hand Embroidery for Beginners (Udemy)

Hand Embroidery for Beginners

Rating 3.4
Enrolled 192
Instructor Floor Giebels
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or Refund policy 30-day money-back guarantee
Duration  1 hour
Pros  The pace of the course is smooth
  • Less information on how to use the tools
  • Professional certification
  • Additional resources
Who is this course for? Anyone who wants to learn embroidery online


Taught by Floor Giebels, this introductory class dives into the essentials of hand embroidery. Step-by-step every detail is covered simply and smoothly. It covers the basic techniques of needle painting.
You will be practicing along with your teacher during the video tutorial. She will teach you the 6 stranded thread technique to stitch a tropical flower design. Bold and contrasting colors are used or variety.

What will you learn in these online embroidery lessons?

  • Introduction to hand embroidery
  • Tools and tips
  • Long and short stitches
  • Blending the colors
  • Mixing the colors
  • Outlining the flower
  • Shading the flower

This Udemy course is one of the most comprehensive hands embroidery courses online.

Reviews by Tony P.

nice course awesome.



7. Online Embroidery Classes (SkillShare)

Online Embroidery Classes
SkillShare is a popular online education platform offering several courses on embroidery.
They have a wide range of courses on hand embroidery, machine embroidery, embroidery on photographs etc.
There is the option of subscribing to Skillshare Premium under which you get access to all embroidery classes on Skillshare. If you do not wish to subscribe and instead want to try out their free trial, you can check out their courses.
We have listed a few of their best courses to learn embroidery online:

A. Painting with Thread: Modern Embroidery for Beginners


Enrolled 12943
Instructor Danielle Clough
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or Refund policy 7-day money-back guarantee
Duration  1 hour 29 minutes
  • Great foundational class
  • Helpful tips and hints
Who is this course for? Individuals interested in learning embroidery


Master the basics of stitching techniques with Danielle Clough, an embroidery artist. If you are searching for learning modern embroidery, this class is your best bet.
In these online embroidery lessons, you will learn to go beyond the traditional themes and methods and experiment with needlecraft.
These online embroidery classes will teach you to rethink embroidery and play with bold colors, and funky forms. You will learn to use modern textures and gradients in your work to create a finished piece.

B. Hand Embroidery 101: Foundational Stitches and Techniques


Enrolled 1388
Instructor Heidi Sternberg
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or Refund policy 7-day money-back guarantee
Duration  4 hours 11 minutes
  • Great class on a lot of new stitches
  • Clear and easy-to-follow class
Who is this course for? Those who want to learn embroidery online


This Skillshare class is perfect for aspiring embroiderers or for those who want to brush up their skills in hand embroidery.
In this embroidery courses online, you will learn to master flower embroidery. Your instructor will jump straight into every detail of floral embroidery step-by-step. All the fundamentals of hand embroidery will be taught to you in clear and easy-to-follow video lessons.
It is a very engaging course as you will work together with your teacher in creating a floral embroidery piece of your own.


8. Free online embroidery classes (Alison)

Free online embroidery classes
Alison is a world-renowned education platform to learn embroidery online for free. All their courses will teach you to decorate their fabrics with thread or yarn.
You can start with their introductory class for a diploma in textile finishing. This class will teach you the basics of different textile finishes including stiff and soft finishes, wrinkle-resistant, waterproof and water repellent, flame retardant and soil release.


9. Realistic Embroidery Techniques (Domestika)

Realistic Embroidery Techniques

Rating 100%
Enrolled 23432
Instructor Emillie Ferris
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Duration  1 hour
  • Excellent tutor
  • Study the course at your own pace
Cons There are no free online embroidery classes here
Who is this course for?
  • Aspiring embroiders
  • People interested in embroidery


Learn embroidery online with embroidery artist Emillie Ferris. This class will show you how to transform your embroidery into beautiful realistic pieces of art.
Her classes can be taken by both experienced embroiders and beginners. You will learn to sew using organic colors and will show you how to apply shading techniques to make your work look more realistic. You will be playing with different hues and shapes to make your embroidery pieces look like paintings.
During the course, you will also do a project on making a real butterfly. These online embroidery lessons are one of the best on Domestika.
This course targets a specific type of embroidery. So, it is better if you get your basics in embroidery brushed up and then take this class for an in-depth understanding.


10. Embroidery Sampler (Creativebug)

Embroidery Sampler


Instructor Rebecca Ringquist
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Duration  1 hour  26 minutes
  • Well-experienced tutor
  • Study the course at your own pace
Cons The feather stitch is not done on the sampler making it difficult to understand
Who is this course for?
  • Aspiring embroiders
  • People interested in embroidery


Another one of the best online embroidery classes from Creativebug. This workshop starts with the basics of embroidery and takes you on a journey of the most common stitches.
Your instructor will teach you the straight stitch first before getting into knotted and decorative stitches including the French knot. She also offers tips for smooth embroidery.

Learning Outcomes

  • Choosing your thread and working with it
  • Threading your needle
  • Setting up the hoop
  • Using various stitches like running stitch, back stitch, chain stitch, coral stitch, double filled running stitch and filled running stitch, satin stitch, feather stitch, blanket stitch, French knot, bullion knot and spider web knot.
  • Tying off your threads and finishing

These online embroidery classes for beginners are ideal for those starting off their journey in the world of embroidery.
All the classes are delivered in 17 easy-to-follow video lessons that can be accessed from the comfort of your home.
You also get an itemized supply list.


11. Hand Embroidery Course (School of Stitched Textiles)

Hand Embroidery Course
Want to master the art of hand embroidery? School of Stitched Textiles is a great place to start.
Whether it is the basics of hand embroidery or its in-depth knowledge, this course is good to learn embroidery online.
You will learn all the basic stitches including line stitches, textured stitches and isolated stitches. More advanced techniques can also be mastered including cross-stitch, drawn thread, blackwork, hardanger samples, canvas work etc.
SST’s online embroidery classes are accredited by the City and Guilds accredited program and are nationally recognized for their high standards of teaching, learning, and assessment.
It consists of 12 modules designed to teach you a new skill and a better understanding of the subject. It is recommended to commit at least 6-8 weeks to finish the course.
The best part about these embroidery courses online is you can take them at your own pace. One can take up to 12 years to completion of the course.
Another biggest perk is each student’s coursework will be reviewed by a teacher, an internal quality accessor will review every student’s work periodically.
You will also get the opportunity to create your folio with all your designs, inspiration and research.


12. Self-paced Video Online Courses (Royal School of Needlework)

Self-paced Video Online Courses
Royal School of Needlework’s online embroidery lessons will let you study at your own pace.
The school offers 10 courses that will teach you from the basics of hand embroidery to a host of other designs.
All the courses consist of self-paced video lessons, and supplementary downloadable resources. You can interact with fellow students via a Facebook group where questions can be answered and talk about your pictures and individual progress.
You will also be provided with an exclusive kit of professional-grade materials to stitch along with your instructor.
Here are a few of their courses that we liked:


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How To Know Which Is The Right Course for You?

Note that our list includes both paid and free online embroidery classes. Based on the criteria given below, you can select a course the fits the bill for you.
While choosing the best embroidery courses online free or paid for yourself, keep in mind the following aspects:

  • Course reviews, best deals, language options and conditions
  • What is your learning level? Are you a beginner who is starting from scratch or someone with experience in this craft?
  • Are you looking at just pursuing a hobby or are you looking for upgrading your existing skills for better job prospects?
  • Do you want to learn machine embroidery or handheld embroidery?
  • Do you need a certificate?



Pursue our extensive guide on online embroidery lessons and begin exploring the crafts. If you are a beginner who is completely new to the concept of embroidery, before opting for an advanced course, you should try out an introductory course (general course) on embroidery to understand the craft better.
Udemy and Skillshare both could be a savior for you here.
Our list includes a wide range of courses for learners of all skill levels and across platforms like Creativebug, Udemy, Skillshare, etc. Before zeroing in on any course, you should consider all the factors like skill level, fee structure, certification, duration, and so on. We have also included both paid and embroidery courses online free.


Best Embroidery Courses Online Reviewed by 10 Embroidery Designers 4.7