7 Best Online Chess Courses and Training For a Perfect Win

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In the words of Richard Teichmann, “Chess is 99 percent tactics.”


Are you a beginner or a hobbyist chess player? Do you wish to learn about the little to the most advanced intricacies of the chess world? If yes, then the first step you must take is to look for the best chess training online and get yourself enrolled in it.


Since there are many online chess courses, the problem is to decide which of the available courses is the best one for you. Well, fret no more. We did the research and scoured through the internet looking for the best chess training online. Then based on our research, we shortlisted the 15 best online chess courses.


These courses were evaluated on four disciplines:

  1. The offerings of the course
  2. The ratings and reviews received from the students who took this course in the past
  3. The knowledge and experience of the instructor
  4. The fee that you pay for it.


Then we presented these courses to the recognized chess experts from around the world. They used their knowledge and experience to further narrow down the choice for you and picked the below-listed seven online chess courses. So now, let us get started and address these courses one by one.


7 Best Online Chess Classes

  1. Chess: From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed – [Udemy]
  2. Chess For Everyone! – [Udemy]
  3. Learn to Play Chess – [Chess.com]
  4. Chess Courses – [LearningChess.net]
  5. Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess – [Masterclass]
  6. Chess Tactics Essentials – [Udemy]
  7. Learn to Play Chess: from a Novice to a Fierce Competitor – [Udemy]


Learn How To Play Chess With Online Training Classes

1. Chess: From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed – [Udemy]

Chess: From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed

Course overview

At first, on our list is a Udemy course. It is the best online chess training course with a rating of 3.9.


The instructor utilizes some easy to comprehend diagrams in this course to explain the chess moves and positions. Further, he will help you see through the opponent’s thinking and will teach you everything that is to know to take you from a mediocre player to an advanced well-equipped, and strong player.


What will you learn?

There is an array of things that you will learn with this best online chess training. A few of them have been listed below:


  1. Working on tactical skills
  2. Knowing about the openings and improving
  3. Making a strategic plan
  4. Finding the tricks seeing the positions on the board
  5. Setting the pieces to give a winning performance



To utilize this online chess course, you should possess a thinking cap. In addition, you must have a chessboard and pieces to play with.


Is this course right for you?


This is the best online chess course for aspiring chess players who have a basic idea of how every piece in the chess moves and some chess tactics, such as skewers and forks. So, even though you may not have had formal training, you can still find this course helpful. Overall, anyone who enjoys the game of chess but has had no formal training will find this the best chess course online.


Why is this the best online chess training?

This is the best online chess course because the instructor has condensed information in this course, which he has learned over all these years. The course comprises sixteen powerful chess lessons, which have everything that you ought to know about chess and the different movements. Typically, anyone who aspires to get better at the game will find this the best chess course online.


Refund Policy

What’s more? This is also the best online chess training because it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you do not like what you learn, you can reach out to Udemy and seek your refund.


Study material

This 100% online chess course comprises 3.5 hours of on-demand video and eight downloadable resources. All the resources included in this best chess course online come with lifetime access.


It is accessible on mobile and TV. Lastly, after you view these best online chess lessons, you will be awarded a shareable certificate of completion.


Review Efi Roktal:

Great course for beginners, going all the basics and gives alot of added value and tips throughout all lessons.

2. Chess For Everyone! – [Udemy]

Chess For Everyone

Course overview

At number two on our list for the best online chess lessons is again a Udemy course. It is a top-rated online chess course and has a rating of 4.7. Once you are through these best online chess lessons, you will have developed an adequate understanding of the overlying strategies you must implement in the game.


What will you learn?

Here is a quick rundown of some of the things you will learn through these best online chess lessons.


  1. Basics of chess
  2. Everything that you should know to live your dream of being a chess master
  3. Tactics to force checkmate and win the game
  4. Having an in-depth understanding of the chess tactics
  5. Accentuating your strategic thinking



There are some prerequisites you must have before you take these best online chess lessons. Firstly, you must be interested in learning and playing chess.


Secondly, you must possess the determination to learn the game, and lastly, you must have a chess app for a chess set where you play and practice the game.


Is this the right course for you?

These best online chess lessons are meant for beginners and advanced-level chess players who aspire to learn more skills to get better at the game. However, anyone aspiring to get fluent in the game of chess will find these best online chess lessons helpful.



These best online chess lessons have been sub-divided into four sections. These comprise:


  1. Chapter 1: The Basics
  2. Chapter 2: What to do in the Opening
  3. Chapter 3: Tactics in the Middle Game
  4. Chapter 4: Checkmate in the End Game


Study material

These best online chess lessons comprise 2.5 hours of on-demand video. The video lessons included in the course come with lifetime access. So, if any future tips and videos are added to the course, you will have access to them too.


Also, if you ever want to go back and revise the lessons, that too is possible. You can access your course on TV and mobile. Lastly, once you are through with this online chess course, you will earn a certificate of completion.


Why is this the best chess course online?

Apart from the course structure & learning outcomes, this is the best online chess course because it is a 100% risk-free course with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.


Review Rob Fenske:

The course was well done and easy to follow. Great instructor! The course helped my Chess.

3. Learn to Play Chess – [Chess.com]

Learn to Play Chess

Course overview

Chess.com is a 100% free platform to learn chess. Further, the platform also aims to equip you to play chess online in a user-friendly and safe environment. This makes it one of the best online chess lessons.


Beyond the video lessons, every level in this chess training online will have multiple challenges. These challenges are perfect for giving you adequate practice.


Unfortunately, you do not win any certificate for completing this online chess course, but it is flexible and 100% online. So, you can take this chess training online on your schedule.


Is chess.com the best platform for online chess classes?

A distinguishing and likable feature of this platform is that you can save your progress and encounter some chess enthusiasts from around the world.


Moreover, the platform also helps you learn from each other and share some ideas and stories as you like. As a matter of fact, it is indeed one of the most prevalent online chess websites, which hosts over a million games daily.


More so, the online chess classes on the platform are enriching and will undoubtedly help you tackle any chess player against you. These online chess classes have content from over fifty renowned and distinguished chess professionals, coaches, and players worldwide.


Is this the right course for you?

These online chess classes have something for everyone. So, regardless of whether you are a beginner with little to no experience, an intermediate-level chess player, or an advanced-level player, you can certainly find these best online chess lessons helpful.


What will you learn?

This chess training online has been sub-divided into five levels. So, if you wish to build on your skills from beginner to advanced, you can start with level 1 and progress gradually. Here is a quick rundown of all the topics that are included in these online chess classes.


Level 1 – Basics of Playing Chess

  1. Knowledge of the different chess pieces
  2. Setting up the chessboard
  3. Basic rules of chess
  4. Playing a full game of chess


Level 2 – Progressing from the Beginner to a Master

  1. Getting the advantage over the opponent in the initial few moves
  2. Counting captures and hanging pieces
  3. Knowledge of different chess tactics, such as skewers, forks, and pins
  4. Prevalent chess openings


Level 3 – Thinking like a professional

  1. Getting familiar with the endgame
  2. Knowledge of some of the winning moves
  3. Learning the discovered check and discovered attack, decoy, deflection, double-check, zwischenzug, and desperado.
  4. Distinguishing pawn chains, pawn structures, advanced chess notation, and closed and open games.


Level 4 – Advanced Concepts from the game

  1. Some popular and off-beat openings, such as French and Caro Kann, Sicilian Defense, gambits and opening traps, French and Caro Kann, and Dutch Defenses
  2. Chess combinations, such as underpromotion, interference, overloading, clearance sacrifices, and exchange sacrifices
  3. Winning rock and pawn endgame with the Philidor and Lucena positions
  4. Advanced combat techniques of triangulation and distant opposition in king and pawn endgames


Level 5 – Mastery

  1. Mastering attack and defense
  2. Understanding of the vital attacking plans
  3. Knowing different checkmate patterns
  4. Learning from the renowned openings, such as Nakamura’s King’s Indian Defense, Evans Gambit, the London System, Catalan, etc
  5. Getting valuable tips from expert players globally
  6. Improving strategic understanding
  7. Bettering positional play
  8. Miscellaneous chess lessons to better your techniques

4. Chess Courses – [LearningChess.net]

Chess Courses

Course overview

If you seek online chess classes, this is another platform that you can consider. On learningchess.net, you can find some of the exquisite online chess classes at absolutely zero cost. These online chess classes have a rating of 4.5.


On the platform, you can find thirty-six self-paced 100% online videos for every level. To get free access to these classes, you will have to sign up on the website. If you wish to get year-long access to all the classes and take up more challenges, you will have to pay a small fee.


You will have access to over 1000 challenges in the paid version, which are absent in the free version. Unfortunately, as these online chess classes are primarily free, you do not bag any certificate of completion.


Are these the best online chess classes?

The good thing about the online chess classes on this platform is that there are classes for – beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. There are also classes for all age groups – children and adults.


The objective of this chess training online is to take you beyond just chess learning. The course aspires to help you boost your strategic thinking. At the end of every class, there are tests to assess achievement and understanding. In addition to the original online chess classes, you can also sign up for free grandmaster lessons.


The online chess classes have been drafted by the International Master Gabor Pirisi and Grandmaster Jozsef Pinter. They are prolific chess players and familiarize you with everything that you must know in chess.


What will you learn?

These online chess classes are divided into three levels, and each of the three levels has very specific learnings. We will enlist them below:


Level 1 – Beginner

  1. Knowledge of the different pieces in the chess and chessboard
  2. Learning about the one move mate, life of chess king, mate by two bishops, rook mate, mate configurations
  3. Understanding chess openings, mid-game, and endgame
  4. Learning about ways to keep the king safe
  5. Knowledge of the typical combinations, sacrifice, basic combinations, skewers, pins, deflection, pawn structures, and tale development
  6. Understanding the open, semi-open, and closed positions


Level 2 – Intermediate

  1. Endgame tactics
  2. Advanced used of queen, rook, and pawn in the end game
  3. Open, closed, fixed, and mobile centers
  4. Using the passed pawn, bishops, queen, rooks, and knights in the middle game
  5. Principle of attacking
  6. Space and development advantage
  7. Weak squares


Level 3 – Advanced

  1. Understanding pawn endgames
  2. Sacrifices – destructive, intuitive, and exchange
  3. Delivering discovered attack
  4. Zugzwang attack
  5. X-ray attack
  6. Incorrect combinations, variation calculation, hanging pawns, and active defense counterplay

5. Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess – [Masterclass]

Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess

Course overview

At number fifth on our list for the online chess classes are Garry Kimovich Kasparov’s masterclass. It is a seven-hour and fourteen-minute long course. These online chess classes have a rating of 4.7 and certainly deserve a spot on our list. Unfortunately, you do not bag a certificate after taking this course.


What will you learn?

Some of the topics that you will cover in these online chess classes are:


  1. Basics of a game of a chess
  2. Garry’s exquisite philosophy associated with chess
  3. Defending yourself in the game
  4. Knowing about the double attacks
  5. Pin positions and skewers to make the most of every move
  6. Discovered attacks, attraction, and deflection
  7. Overload and interference
  8. Analyzing the benefits of computers in the training
  9. Simul class with three players to show the three possible moves for every situation
  10. Endgame lessons, including zugzwang, shouldering, the king’s role, queen endgames, rook, and pawn
  11. Some winning trades


Why are these the best online chess classes?

Your instructor for these online chess classes is a former World Chess Champion and a Grandmaster. Every class in the training program comes with twenty-nine detailed lessons, which will familiarize you with everything that you must know about the game of chess.


This chess training online will go beyond merely teaching you the chess tips and tactics. It will help you build the philosophy and instincts needed for you to be a good chess player. In these lessons, you will find some of Garry’s prolific openings and tactics that helped him become the player he is.


By purchasing Masterclass.com’s monthly subscription, you can access this course. However, buying a subscription also provides you with access to eighty-five other classes from distinct categories.

6. Chess Tactics Essentials – [Udemy]

Chess Tactics Essentials

Course overview

The next chess training online on our list is presented to you by Udemy. It is a popular course and has a rating of 4. Some of the most powerful chess tactics are simplified and broken down for your easier understanding in this course.


Every video lecture in this class comes with a PDF document as supplementary material. To make the most of the online chess course, you must watch them both simultaneously.


What will you learn?

A few things that you will learn from this online chess course are:


  1. Recognizing and employing the commonly occurring chess tactics
  2. Getting ready to play chess tournaments
  3. Ready for more advanced learning and building a stronger chess opponent



To take this online chess course, you will require prior knowledge of the chess fundamentals. In addition, you must be aware of the movement of the different pieces in the game.


Who should take this course?

This chess training online is perfect for hobbyist and beginner-level chess players. Further, tournament players below 1600 ELO will also find this course helpful. Overall, anyone who aspires to better their chess in any way will love this online chess course.


Why is this the best online chess course?

The course is presented to you by an instructor who has over ten-year-long experience in the game and takes his students seriously.


Refund policy

This is the best chess training online because it comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. So, if you do not like what you get, you can reach out to Udemy and seek your refund.


Study material

The course comprises 2.5 hours of on-demand video and twenty-eight downloadable resources with lifetime access. It is a 100% online course. So, you can watch it on TV and mobile. Once you are through with the course, you will earn a certificate of completion.


Review Daniel Banks:

Nice and clear explanations. Teacher does a good job involving the audience by encouraging calling out.

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7. Learn to Play Chess: from a Novice to a Fierce Competitor – [Udemy]

Learn to Play Chess

Course overview

The last online chess course on our list is again an Udemy course. The course has a rating of 4.5. The course strengthens your foundation of the game, so you know how to tackle each scenario confidently. It is an excellent course wherein you will start playing chess in less than an hour, and then in the remaining part of the course, you will only build on the skill.


What will you learn?

A few things that you will learn with this online chess course are listed below:


  1. Playing a game of chess with absolute confidence
  2. Fighting and winning from your opponents
  3. Checkmate scenarios
  4. Fighting to win an advantage in the first few minutes
  5. Practicing with the Chess Mates Companion software that comes along
  6. Detailed insight into the last game between VasilyBorgov and Beth Harmon from “Queen’s Gambit” at Netflix
  7. Playing to keep the king safe
  8. Avoiding common pitfalls and tricks
  9. Getting the upper hand at the beginning of the game
  10. Different ways for checkmate
  11. Knowing to harmoniously and quickly develop the forces
  12. Repelling the quick checkmate attempts by your opponents



To take this chess training online, you do not need any past training or knowledge. The course will take you from the base to the level up. However, you should have a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer to run the exercises on the Chess Mates Companion.


 Is this the right course for you?

This chess training online is perfect for beginners who aspire to learn to play chess with confidence. Seasoned players will not benefit from this course.


Why is this the best course?

This is the best chess training online course because it is a no-risk course. In addition, the course comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. So, if you do not like what’s been taught, you can reach out to Udemy and seek your refund.


Study material

The course has 3.5 hours of on-demand video and a downloadable resource with lifetime access on TV and mobile. After you are through with the course, you will earn a certificate of completion.


In this course, you will learn with Dr. Alex. He amalgamates his experience as a coach and an International Chess Master in adaptive systems and programming teaching to offer you the best training videos and exercises to make you proficient at the game.

Review Federica Talarico:

The teacher and his students explain everything very clearly. They guide you from the beginning teaching how to play. The only thing i was a bit disappointed it is the software that you can download. I was thinking i would be able to play normally but you can only repeat and practice what they teached you…that is useful anyway. It is a great course, before i didn’t know anything about chess and now i am able to play… Thank you very much!

So, these are the seven best courses to train you in the game of chess from beginner to advanced level. We have tried to include all the information associated with the courses above. However, if you wish to know more about the course, click on the annexed link. So, go ahead, and make your pick, and learn to play chess in only a few hours.

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