7 Best Nail Tech Books Popular Among Professional Nail Technicians & Enthusiasts

Best Nail Tech Books
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Today is the day we can finally say that nail art and related nail care practices are getting the popularity they deserve. For women, having well-manicured nails symbolize their beauty and personal style.
If you are reading this, you could somebody who is intrigued by nail art and loves showing off their pretty, artsy nails or a nail tech professional looking to upskill. Well, luckily we have something in store for both of you.
When it comes to mastering any skill, there is no better tool than books. There are a lot of helpful nail tech books out there that can help you both in improving your skills and creativity.
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Women love being creative with their nails and trying out new designs with nail art. Not to forget, there are people who are skilled to play with nails and paint them like little canvases. Popular as nail technicians, these people are life-savers for anyone who likes to have beautiful-looking nails.
To save you time, we’ve come up with the most resourceful books on nail technology. So, without further ado, take a look at our recommendations.


Top Nail Tech Books to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

1. Milady Standard Nail Technology 7th Edition


Milady Standard Nail Technology 7th Edition


Author Milady
Rating 4.8/5
Ideal for Beginners
eBook Available


Key takeaway

This is a remarkable nail tech book for beginners that highlights the best ways for maintaining beautiful nails. It is filled up with updated information about many tools that can help any nail technician who desires to make a lucrative career.
It covers all the salient topics like pedicuring, manicuring, UV gels, infection control, salon business, and the required level of chemistry.
This amazing nail technician book also gives improved and stepwise instructions for the latest procedural photography.
At the beginning of every chapter, you’ll also see a ‘Why Study’ section which gives an overview of the important concepts covered. Likewise, at the end of every chapter, you can find review questions to assess your understanding of the chapter’s objectives.
These incredible features give an opportunity to all ambitious nail technicians to launch their businesses successfully.

What we didn’t like?

It’s a helpful book that is worth having for all nail lovers. But we feel that learners should first go through the previous editions of these nail tech books. That way it will be easier to get a better understanding of the topics discussed in this Edition.


2. Milady’s Standard Nail Technology 6th Edition


Milady's Standard Nail Technology 6th Edition


Author Milady
Rating 4.3/5
Ideal for Beginners
eBook Available


Key takeaway

This is another great addition to the list of best books on nail technology. Being an updated edition of Milady’s Standard Nail Technology it includes all the new subjects related to nail tech.
It covers the following: product chemistry, infection control, manicuring, pedicuring, monomer liquid, UV gels, polymer powder nail enhancements, and electric filing.
Throughout the impressive nail tech books like this, you can find above 400 art pieces covering procedural art as well.
There is nothing wrong with assuming that this is the best beginner friendly book. There is also a new chapter “The Creative Touch, which is packed with advanced mediums and techniques about nail art.
This helpful knowledge will upgrade the skills and experience of learners. In order to kick start your career in nail technology, choose the editorial content from Milady’s Standard Nail Technology that is aligned with Milady’s Standard Cosmetology.
It also includes fresh, attractive photographs and art showing professional technicians exhibiting their skills and satisfying their customers.

What we didn’t like?

Being highly rated, it is one of the amazing Nail tech books for beginners. But according to our research, the only downside about the book is that it can be a little costly for some readers.


3. The Complete Nail Technician


The Complete Nail Technician


Author Marian Newman
Rating 4.8/5
Ideal for Beginners
eBook Unavailable


Key takeaway

It is a go-to book for every nail technician who is looking to build a good business. These nail technology books are completely updated according to advanced industry standards.
It particularly appeals to beginners who are seeking level 2 or level 3 qualifications to seek professional careers in nail technology. This book will help them in developing excellent skills in their field.
Written by professional nail expert Newman, this book showcases his expertise in the form of tips and facts busting several myths. The best thing about this book is that it is the only book on nail technology that is endorsed by well-recognized organizations like VTCT.
This makes it a prominent reference manual for most manicurists and nail technicians.

What we didn’t like?

There is no doubt that it is an amazing and informative book. But the only thing which we didn’t like is that the quality of some photos given in the book can be improved.
If this isn’t your pick keep scrolling for more Nail tech books.



4. The Complete Nail Technician (Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority Series) 3rd Edition


The Complete Nail Technician (Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority Series)


Author Marian Newman
Rating 4.7/5
Ideal for Beginners and Professionals
eBook Unavailable


Key takeaway

If you are interested to know anything and everything about nail technology, then this is a must-have book for you. It is a perfect nail technician book that explains nail art designs with influencing four-color pictures.
Whether you are a beginner or a professional in this field, this book will serve you as a simple and easy step-by-step guide. It includes all the important information about the art and science of having artificial nails. It will tell you everything about basic and advanced nail art as well.
Plus, you can have this book, if you are looking for advice on nail safety and health. That is the reason it is considered to be one of the best nail tech books for beginners.

What we didn’t like?

The book could have covered some more information and techniques about nail art.


5. How To Become A Nail Technician (How2Become)


How To Become A Nail Technician


Author Philippa Oakley
Rating 3.6/5
Ideal for Beginners
eBook Available


Key takeaway

If you want a complete guide for thorough knowledge about becoming a Nail Technician, then this is the right Nail technology book for you. It will help you to know about various professional opportunities in this field.
You can clearly understand how you can study different professional options and the main skills and qualifications you’ll need to succeed in this business.
This book will also guide you on how you can set up your business, advertise your skills, decide on competitive prices for your services and deal with the competition to retain your customers.
You will get tips and advice from a skilled author on how to promote your skills as a nail technician. So, there is no doubt why it is known as one of the best nail tech books for beginners.

What we didn’t like?

It is a really helpful book for anyone looking to establish a nail tech business. But we feel that the book could have included some more information about nail art and related techniques.
If you are keen to know the latest techniques and trends in the nail salon business, you should definitely consider pursuing a nail tech course too.
Or you can check out this complete guide on how to become a nail tech. This will tell you how to start with it and utilize paid and free nail technician books and other resources to get trained.


6. The Nail Technicians Business Guide – How To Outperform And Outlast Your Competition


The Nail Technicians Business Guide - How To Outperform And Outlast Your Competition


Author Trish Rock
Rating 4/5
Ideal for Professionals
eBook Available


Key takeaway

Do you want to set up a nail salon that outperforms the competitors in your market? You must be looking for some effective strategies to take your nail business to the next level.
In that situation, this Nail technician book will be your best pick. It will not only help you in building a successful business but also retain skilled staff. It contains effective tips through which you can maintain the quality of your work and gather the trust of a large number of people.
You’ll learn the following from this outstanding Nail technology book:

  • How to outsmart your competitors.
  • How to lay a foundation of a reliable nail salon business.
  • How to convince your customers with your amazing skills in nail art.
  • How to keep your customers coming back for your services.
  • How to promote your nail salon business and skills.
  • How to plan well for the development of your nail salon business.
  • How to manage funds for your business.
  • What are the ingredients for running a successful business for a long time?

If you choose this book and take action, you can certainly fulfill your goal of running your nail salon business.

What we didn’t like?

It is one of the most helpful nail tech books for beginners. But what we feel is that the print quality of the book could have been enhanced.


7. Nail Glam 101: Beginners Nail Technology Training Manual- A Book of How-to’s


Nail Glam 101: Beginners Nail Technology Training Manual- A Book of How-to's


Author La Toya Nicole Jones
Rating 4.4/5
Ideal for Beginners
eBook Available


Key takeaway

Whether you want to become a successful nail technician or just want to know about the nail industry, this is the must-have read for you. It will help you achieve great excellence as a manicurist as well as a nail technician.
Being written by a highly skilled author, this is indeed one of the best nail tech books which deliver content that is straight to the point. That said, it gives helpful tips and suggestions for people who are planning to begin their career in the field of the nail industry.
With its help, you can also learn how to follow basic techniques for nail art while being comfortable in your home. The good news is that you don’t need to have any necessary skills or expertise in the field.
Just get this amazing nail technician book and be prepared to achieve the practical knowledge and skills necessary for a nail expert.
That way you can not only learn new skills in a glamorous way but also create your own career luck.

To Sum Up..
In conclusion, all of the nail technology books mentioned above can be a useful asset for you whether you are planning to start a nail salon business or want to get a job in this industry. But we would suggest you go for The Complete Nail Technician (Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority Series) 3rd Edition.
It can help you in taking necessary action to achieve your goals, whether you are a beginner or a professional in the nail business industry. Feel free to check out other free nail technician books available online but those eBooks are a bit strenuous to the eyes to complete.


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