11 Best MongoDB Courses Online (Tutorials & Classes)

Best MongoDB Courses Online
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MongoDB is an incredibly robust No SQL database, which is hugely popular these days. Considered the hottest data of the tech world, MongoDB training online can power anything from your enterprise infrastructure to your growing personal project.


Consequently, there is a burgeoning demand for MongoDB developers. Whether you are a data scientist or building mobile applications, web applications, or any other application, you will have to work with data.


At multiple points, you will have to store data, query it right, and minimize the complexities without compromising the performance of the crucial tasks. Broadly, working with MongoDB is not challenging as it is built on the philosophy, which prioritizes efficiency and performance.


However, you must know the right drill to do things right. For this, you must look at the best MongoDB tutorials. In addition, the internet has a range of full-length courses to learn MongoDB online.


So, how do you find one that fits your needs? Well, fret no more! We did our research and have shortlisted some of the best MongoDB courses in consultation with our experts.


Let us get started and address these courses one by one.


Best MongoDB Training Online Programs

  1. MongoDB – The Complete Developer’s Guide 2022 – [Udemy]
  2. The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB – [Udemy]
  3. Learn MongoDB: Leading NoSQL Database from scratch – [Udemy]
  4. Complete MongoDB Administration Guide – [Udemy]
  5. Introduction to MongoDB – Offered by MongoDB – [Coursera]
  6. MongoDB Aggregation Framework – Offered by MongoDB – [Coursera]

Bonus Courses

  1. MongoDB Courses – [MongoDB]
  2. MongoDB Certification Training Course – [Simplilearn]
  3. Introduction to MongoDB – [Pluralsight]
  4. MongoDB Tutorial – [Great Learning]
  5. MongoDB Training – [IntelliPaat]


Train Yourself In MongoDB With These Top Courses

1. MongoDB – The Complete Developer’s Guide 2022 – [Udemy]

MongoDB - The Complete Developer's Guide 2022


Rating 4.7
Enrolled 104,197 students
Duration 17.5 hours of on-demand video
Instructor Maximilian Schwarzmüller and Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The last two modules need an update


This course gives excellent MongoDB training online. In this course, you will learn to work with MongoDB from scratch.


In this hands-on course, you will learn by actually writing commands or code. Across the MongoDB DBA training, you will be working on an array of use cases and examples, and once the course is completed, you will have the necessary knowledge that will come in handy in your next project.


You can take this course, regardless of the programming language you decide to use. With this course, you will learn a very uniform manner of interacting with MongoDB, which you can later use on any programming language.


Learning Outcomes

A few things you will learn in this program are:

  • Filtration of data efficiently
  • Installing and using MongoDB locally and in the cloud
  • Using MongoDB to its complete potential in your future projects
  • Writing well-performing and efficient queries to extract data in the requisite format
  • Using the features provided by MongoDB to work with data efficiently
  • Performing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on MongoDB databases
  • Amplifying performance with indexes
  • Working with Mongo Shell and drivers
  • What replica sets and sharing are
  • Familiarity with MongoDB Atlas
  • Using the fantastic “Aggregation Framework.”
  • Using a serverless platform (Stitch)


Prerequisites for this MongoDB DBA training

If you decide to learn MongoDB online with this course, you need no prior knowledge of a database. However, the below-listed prerequisites will help in MongoDB training online:

  • Experience with mobile development or web development
  • Familiarity with any operating system – Linux, Windows, or macOS


Who should take this course?

This is the best MongoDB course for you, if:

  • You are new to MongoDB and are starting your learning of databases
  • You have prior experience with primary databases
  • If you have been working with SQL databases till now but want to explore any popular NoSQL alternative
  • You have some basic knowledge or experience with MongoDB
  • You are a mobile app or a web developer who plans to use MongoDB
  • Data scientists who wish to work with MongoDB
  • Advanced users who want to explore some core features


However, this is not the most suitable MongoDB course online for you if you need a guide for administrating MongoDB servers, as it is not an administration course.



2. The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB – [Udemy]

The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB


Rating 4.6
Enrolled 45,295 students
Duration 13.5 hours on-demand video
Instructor Stephen Grider
Paid Paid MongoDB training online
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons Some contents in the course are outdated.


Learning Outcomes

This is the best MongoDB tutorial for you if you wish to learn:

  • Mongo fundamentals, such as collections, validations, and common record manipulation techniques
  • How MongoDB stores data
  • To be a pro at the MongoDB interface, Mongoose JS
  • To design an effective NoSQL schema with both data nesting and lookups
  • Aspire to write queries to read data
  • Want to learn the purpose of each Mongoose function
  • Understand the difference between record associations and resource embedding
  • Employ advanced Mongoose features to save your development time
  • Develop apps that are fast and responsive
  • Be thorough with the integration of Mongo, Node, and Mocha in a modern development environment



All you need to take this MongoDB DBA training is a PC or MAC.


This MongoDB training online is designed to quickly get you up and running with MongoDB. The course will cover all the necessary knowledge that you possibly need to understand and design the apps from Mongo.


A good thing about the course is that a source course is provided for every lecture. Hence, it is easier for you to stay updated with the course pacing. Furthermore, special attention has been paid to creating reusable code in the class, which can be used in your projects.


Who should take this course?

Anyone new to MongoDB or working with it for a while, but still lacking the confidence to work around it, will find this as an excellent course to learn MongoDB online. Broadly, anyone who wishes to learn MongoDB in the Node JS environment will find this MongoDB course online helpful.



3. Learn MongoDB: Leading NoSQL Database from scratch – [Udemy]

Learn MongoDB: Leading NoSQL Database from scratch


Rating 4.2
Enrolled 8,161 students
Duration 16.5 hours on-demand video
Instructor Sunil Kumar Gupta
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The content in the course feels quite repetitive.


This is a bestseller MongoDB DBA training by Udemy. This course gives you the best MongoDB tutorials, wherein you will master one of the most prevalent NoSQL databases, MongoDB.


An excellent thing about this MongoDB training online is that the lectures are bite-sized and very easy to understand. The course will provide you with the requisite hands-on skills and knowledge to train you to be a MongoDB expert.


There are two comprehensive and hands-on projects included in the course. These include:


  • Working with MongoDB and node.js
  • User Management System using MongoDB and Java/JEE

It commences with the MongoDB fundamentals, and then as the course advances, you will learn more advanced concepts.


Moreover, there are several exercises in the course, which will help you solidify your understanding of the concepts.


Each section also has short quizzes, which you can use to revise the chapters. Once you are through with the course, you will be a pro at MongoDB-based application development.


Learning Outcomes

In this MongoDB training online, a few things you will learn are:

  • MongoDB fundamentals
  • MongoDB installation process
  • Familiarity with the MongoDB-based application development
  • Creating databases
  • Installation process on different OS
  • Knowing when and where to use MongoDB for app development
  • Designing a MongoDB database from start to finish
  • Understanding the difference between NoSQL and RDBMS database
  • Spotting the features and advantages of the NoSQL database MongoDB over RDBMS data
  • CRUD operations and indexing



To learn MongoDB online with this course, you will need:

  • Basic understanding of the Windows
  • Knowledge of DBMS


Beyond that, there is no other requirement for this MongoDB course online as the instructor will teach MongoDB from start to finish.


Who should take this course?

This is the best MongoDB course for:

  • Anyone who aspires to learn about MongoDB from start to finish
  • Developers who wish to learn and develop MongoDB-based applications
  • DBAs who want to know about NoSQL Database design



4. Complete MongoDB Administration Guide – [Udemy]

Complete MongoDB Administration Guide


Rating 4.6
Enrolled 11,592 students
Duration 10.5 hours on-demand video
Instructor Bogdan Stashchuk
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons It is an elementary course even for beginners.


This is an incredible MongoDB course online, where you learn how MongoDB works behind the scenes.


Learning Outcomes

This is the best MongoDB tutorial, where there are a couple of things for you to learn. These include:

  • An in-depth understanding of how MongoDB works – iterator, batch size, and cursor
  • Launching the production database on the Atlas MongoDB, involving the managed cloud-based MongoDB database
  • Installation and configuration of production MongoDB on the virtual private server or dedicated server
  • Performing different types of update operations using operators $set, $rename, $addToSet, $push, $inc etc
  • Understanding and using the different MongoDB BSON types – NumberInt, ISODate, ObjectId, and others
  • This MongoDB training online will tell you how to easily combine different aggregation stages, such as $match, $group, $unwind
  • Using the restore and backup tools – mango export, mongo import, mongo dump, and mongo restore
  • Learning the purpose of indexes and creating indexes
  • Employing different types of query operators and queries, such as $in, $eq, $regex, $elemMatch, etc.
  • Learning to use MongoDB Shell, Robo 3T (Robomongo), MongoDB Compass for database management
  • Learning the primary MongoDB data types – Strings, Numbers, Arrays, Objects, Dates, etc.
  • Performing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) Operations



A few prerequisites for this best MongoDB course are:

  • Fundamental understanding of computer
  • Availability of a PC or Mac
  • Free software – Robo 3T(Robomongo), MongoDB, or Mongo Compass


No external libraries or drivers are needed.


Who should take this course?

This is the best MongoDB tutorial for:



5. Introduction to MongoDB – Offered by MongoDB – [Coursera]

Introduction to MongoDB – Offered by MongoDB


Offered by MongoDB
Rating 4.3
Enrolled 49,429 students
Duration Approx. 17 hours to complete
Instructor Norberto Leite, Kirby Kohlmorgen, and Shannon Bradshaw
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 14 days from the date of payment
Cons Slightly outdated and unclear.


This is the top MongoDB course, which teaches you to get up and running with MongoDB. This MongoDB training online has flexible deadlines. So you can view their best MongoDB tutorials on your timeline.


MongoDB offers this course directly. Hence it is indeed the most rewarding MongoDB course online.


Learning Outcomes

When you take this course to learn MongoDB online, you will:

  • Know how to leverage MongoDB for data analysis
  • Be thorough with MongoDB fundamentals, such as working with CRUD API, importing data into a cluster, MongoDB’s document data model, and Aggregation Framework.
  • Working with the different MongoDB tools and services
  • Getting acquainted with different command-line utilities
  • Using Atlas, MongoDB’s database as a service.
  • Familiarizing yourself with MongoDB Compass, a schema visualization tool


All the topics in the MongoDB DBA training will be taught via a demo application, which will give you an understanding of how straightforward and practical it could be to build apps with MongoDB.



This is an intermediate-level MongoDB course online. So, some prior knowledge and experience with MongoDB will help while you take this MongoDB training online.



6. MongoDB Aggregation Framework – Offered by MongoDB – [Coursera]

MongoDB Aggregation Framework – Offered by MongoDB


Offered by MongoDB
Rating 4.6
Enrolled 8,445 students
Duration Approx. 19 hours to complete
Instructor Norberto Leite and Kirby Kohlmorgen
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 14 days from the date of payment
Cons As the course progresses, the instructor takes a very fast pace, which is difficult to follow.


This is Coursera’s 100% flexible course to learn MongoDB online. Once you complete this MongoDB course online, you will bag yourself a certificate of completion. As the course is offered by MongoDB directly, it is indeed the best MongoDB tutorial.


Learning Outcomes

In this course, you will learn:

  • To perform data analysis with MongoDB’s powerful Aggregation Framework.
  • Build a foundation of the vital aggregation knowledge
  • Features of Aggregation Framework
  • To ask complex data questions
  • Schema design, relational data migrations
  • Machine learning with MongoDB
  • Knowledge of using MongoDB and its Aggregation Framework in your data science workflow.



This is an intermediate-level MongoDB training online. So, before you enroll for this best MongoDB tutorial, you need some prior knowledge or experience.



Bonus Courses

1. MongoDB Courses – [MongoDB]

MongoDB Courses
On MongoDB, there is an array of free MongoDB courses. In addition, on the platform, you can find several excellent programs. Each of their courses to learn MongoDB online has a different learning focus. So, go ahead, check several best MongoDB courses on their platform, and make an informed pick.


The good thing is that they have MongoDB courses online for intermediate, beginner, and advanced levels. So, finding the best MongoDB tutorial should not be a concern.


Some of their top-rated MongoDB training online programs are:



2. Introduction to MongoDB – [Pluralsight]

Introduction to MongoDB
MongoDB is a hugely popular NoSQL database. It is highly scalable and fast. This MongoDB course online will familiarize you with this exceptional database and provide you with all the vital skills to use Mongo and power your software application. It is a brief course where you learn MongoDB online in just 2 hours and 27 minutes.


Learning Outcomes

A few things you will learn in this program are:

  • Getting Mongo running
  • Manipulating and querying data
  • Indexing for speed
  • Arming you with all the vital skills necessary to commence using Mongo



This is an intermediate-level course. So, you must have prior knowledge or experience before you enroll in this course.



3. MongoDB Certification Training Course – [Simplilearn]

MongoDB Certification Training Course
Next, we have a certification course designed to make you job-ready. It is an excellent course as it comes with a 100% moneyback guarantee.


Learning Outcomes

In this course, you will master an array of concepts. Once you finish this MongoDB training online, you will get a MongoDB certification from Simplilearn with lifelong validity.

Some concepts learned in the course are:

  • Ingestion
  • Data modeling
  • Query
  • Data replication
  • Sharding
  • CRUD Operations in MongoDB
  • Indexing and Aggregation
  • Monitoring and operational strategies
  • MongoDB installation, updating, and maintenance
  • MongoDB configuration and backup methods
  • Writing Java and NodeJs apps
  • MongoDB tools



Some exceptional features of this MongoDB training online program are:

  • 60 demos explaining key concepts
  • 8X higher live interaction in live online classes
  • Studying from the pros in the industry
  • 6 hands-on lab exercises


Who should take this course?

This  course is ideal for professionals who aspire to make a career in MongoDB and NoSQL databases and MongoDB.


Some professionals who will find this the best MongoDB course online are:

  • Database Administrators
  • Database Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Software Architects
  • Database Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • It Developers
  • Testers
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Research Professionals
  • System Administrators



A few prerequisites associated with this MongoDB training online program are:

  • Fundamental knowledge of any database or programming language
  • Working knowledge of Linux based systems
  • Familiarity with SQL
  • Understanding of query language for databases



4. MongoDB Tutorial – [Great Learning]

MongoDB Tutorial

This MongoDB course online is a certification course, where you will earn a Certificate from Great Learning.


Learning Outcomes

In this MongoDB training online, you will acquire:

  • Fundamental understanding of MongoDB and its concepts
  • Learning what NoSQL is
  • Difference between SQL and NoSQL, and the details around them
  • Learning how to create Databases, Collections, and Documents using MongoDB
  • Familiarity with concepts, such as queries and other criteria provided by the platform


Some courses to learn MongoDB online are:



5. MongoDB Training – [IntelliPaat]

MongoDB Training

Now, we have arrived at the last MongoDB DBA training program. Across the course, you will work on several real-world projects to solidify your understanding of all that you have learned.


Learning Outcomes

This best MongoDB tutorial will help you master the NoSQL database, MongoDB. Some concepts covered are:

  • MongoDB Installation
  • Data Modelling
  • Schema Design
  • Data Indexing
  • Monitoring
  • Aggregation




So, these are the 11 best MongoDB training online programs. We have tried to include every detail around the courses through this guide. However, if you need additional details about these courses, you can click on the annexed link.


In addition, some vital information, such as course fee, enrolment date, instructor review, course rating, prior knowledge, and educator experience, can be found on the attached link. When you decide to learn MongoDB online, these details will play an important role when selecting the best MongoDB course online.


Best MongoDB Courses is rated 4.0 and reviewed by 11 MongoDB Experts & 35+ MongoDB Classes Students

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