6 Best Microsoft Certification Training Online

Best Microsoft Certification Courses
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Microsoft is the largest vendor in the computer software world and has multiple offerings. On the internet, you can find several Microsoft certification training courses. If you wish to form a career in the field, you need to enroll yourself in some good Microsoft certification classes.


You may be a seasoned professional or new to the field, but the role-based and technical training and certification from Microsoft can give you a competitive edge and validation for your skills and knowledge.


In the career you currently are or aspire to go to, multiple Microsoft certification courses are available. But, to help you form a wise decision, we did some research and handpicked the six best options. Let us get started and address them one by one.


Top Six Best Microsoft Certifications

  1. Microsoft Build – [Microsoft]
  2. Microsoft Certifications – [Udemy]
  3. Microsoft Certificate – [Learning Tree]
  4. Microsoft Certification – [Coursera]
  5. Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist – Offered by Microsoft – [edX]
  6. Microsoft Certification – [Skillsoft Global Knowledge]


Is It Worth Getting Microsoft Certified?

Studies suggest the role, importance, and value of Microsoft certification. We will further validate it with the pointers below:

  • When you take Microsoft certification classes, the money-making ability spikes. Also, the data suggest that certified Microsoft employees make about fifteen percent more than those sans certifications.
  • Those with Microsoft certification training are eligible for higher job promotion opportunities and regular pay hikes, regardless of their present field of work.
  • About twenty-one percent of students with IT Certification have a higher chance of job enhancement and promotion.
  • When you take Microsoft certification, you earn a certificate. It validates your skills and knowledge and gives you a competitive edge. In addition, you can always add more supplementary skills to attract, retain, and achieve more business value from Microsoft solutions.
  • A survey suggests a reported ROI per certified employee of more than $10,000.
  • Lastly, Microsoft certification skills heighten team efficiency by seventy-two percent. It adds more value compared to the cost of acquiring the certification/skills.


6 Best Microsoft Certification Courses

1. Microsoft Build – [Microsoft]

Microsoft Build

About the course

If you wish to avail of Microsoft certification training, what could be better than studying directly from Microsoft? Microsoft has several Microsoft courses. Top industry professionals and experts offer these courses, and multiple students have availed and appreciated these courses.


You can click the link above to explore their vast list of courses. Depending on the topic, concept, or skill you hope to learn, you can make your selection.


We found a few of the top Microsoft certification classes. Here are four of them.


Do not curtail your search to the four listed courses. You can check out the other courses by Microsoft to find one that meets your needs well.



2. Microsoft Certification Courses – [Udemy]

Microsoft Certification Courses

About the course

Udemy is one of the top hubs for the Microsoft certifications. It is one of the most authentic and reliable platforms for a streamlined learning experience. An excellent aspect of the Udemy courses is that they put your interests above them.


They come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. So, if you do not like what you receive, you can reach out to the support team and seek a refund.


As for their best Microsoft certification training, the successful course completion will earn you a certificate. It will be a shareable certificate. You can download, print, and include it in your CV or share it on your social media. Having this certification can amplify your chances of landing a job.


You can find several Microsoft certification classes on the platform. Some of our top picks include:



3. Microsoft Certification – [Learning Tree]

Microsoft Certification

About the course

Learning Tree allows you to earn credibility in the digital transformation era. With their best Microsoft certification courses, you can validate your understanding of Microsoft solutions.


Top features of their certification programs:

  • Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT)
  • Microsoft Official Content (MOC)
  • Content Aligned to the Microsoft Roadmap
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Role-based Certification Training from Azure to Security


Broadly, they have the two best Microsoft certification training paths.


  • Student Path
  • Enterprise Path


Depending on your requirements, you can make your selection.


A few of the top courses available include:




4. Microsoft Certification – [Coursera]

Microsoft Certification

About the course

Like Udemy, even Coursera is one of the top platforms for some of the best Microsoft certification courses. They have classes for all experiences, skill sets, and backgrounds.


Coursera has a vast team of professionals associated with them. Most of their Microsoft certification classes are by top organizations and institutes. Hence, there can never be an error in terms of quality.


The courses come with a 14-day moneyback guarantee. During these two weeks, if you do not like what you receive, you can request a refund.


You can find both free and paid Microsoft certification training on Coursera. Naturally, the paid ones offer a certification. So, once you complete the course, you bag yourself a certificate of completion.


Many a time, there are quizzes and assessments included in the lecture. So, when you finish the video lessons and take the quizzes, you earn a certification.


As for Microsoft learning, they have courses covering every aspect of the platform. A few of the top sessions are:



5. Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist – Offered by Microsoft – [edX]

Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist

About the course


Next, we have introductory Microsoft certification classes. edX presents the Microsoft certification courses, course, and Microsoft offers it. Your instructor for the course is Brandon Neeb and Karuana Gatimu.


You can enroll in the session for free. But, in the free version, you do not get a certification and graded assignments. So, if that’s what you seek, you will have to bear a small price.


Who should take this course?

It is the best Microsoft certification training. It will profit companies of all sizes who regularly use Microsoft Teams and Office 365 as the primary service to build real-world scenarios. Further, the course will also benefit the adoption of communications staff and IT professionals that manage the Office 365 deployment.


What will you learn?

It is one of the best Microsoft certification courses to learn:

  • Six critical elements of driving adoption of your Microsoft cloud services to offer value to the company
  • Configuring scalable feedback & community management tools
  • Employing outcomes matrix to quantify and select success measures
  • How to create service strategy & success measures
  • Structure of a service adoption team and champion programs
  • Technical readiness elements
  • Communication methods for training & service awareness
  • Devising a collaboration service strategy
  • Collaborating with the technical team to ensure quality and service readiness


What do you need?

There are no prerequisites per se for this best Microsoft certification training.


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6. Microsoft Certification – [Skillsoft Global Knowledge]

Microsoft Certification

About the course

We have arrived at the last listing in this best Microsoft certification courses list. Skillsoft Global Knowledge is a Gold Microsoft Partner. They have Microsoft certification classes in all fields.


You can find Specialty, Security, Business Applications, Dynamics 365, Modern Workplace, Data, and AI, and Azure courses, and each of these sub-categories has multiple classes under them. You can browse through the listings to find an excellent pick for you.


From our screening, here is a list of the best Microsoft certification training programs:


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So, these are the top six best courses for Microsoft certification. This guide has included all details about these Microsoft certification courses. But, if you wish to know further or want to explore more classes from the platform, you can click on the link and read more about them.


Regardless, these are some of the best Microsoft certification training courses. So, whatever choice you make, it will be worth your money.


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