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Best MERN Stack Courses
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MERN implies MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. The combination of these four technologies assists you in building incredible web apps.


Today, developing Full Stack Apps, meaning frontend and backend using MERN is excessively popular. The national average salary for a full-stack developer in the United States is USD 108,676.


But, to get a thorough understanding, you must be an expert. But, how do you become proficient? We suggest that you start by enrolling yourself in a course for MERN Stack. Some of the best MERN Stack courses online not only provide you with the needed knowledge but also give you projects to implement those learnings.


But, the internet is full of MERN courses. So, how do you pick one MERN Stack online training that is ideal for you? You need to consider a lot of factors before picking one of them. We did some research, and along with 15+ developers, shortlisted the eight courses for you.


How Did We Select These MERN Stack Courses?

Firstly, we scoured through the internet looking for the top MERN courses. Then we came across 20 such courses, which ranked high on our list of the below-listed four disciplines:


  1. Ratings and reviews of the course
  2. Instructor bio and experience
  3. Price to be paid
  4. Resources you receive – study material, lifetime access to resources, certification, etc.


Next, we presented these twenty MERN Stack courses to full-stack developers around the world, and they deeply screened these courses, which gave us the list of the below-listed eight of the best MERN courses.


Six Best MERN Stack Courses

  1. MERN Stack Front To Back: Full Stack React, Redux & Node.js – [Udemy]
  2. React, NodeJS, Express & MongoDB – The MERN Fullstack Guide – [Udemy]
  3. MERN Stack Bootcamp – Zero to Hero in One Course – [Udemy]
  4. The MERN Stack Master Course – Building your own Instagram – [Udemy]
  5. Building a Full Stack App with React and Express – [Pluralsight]
  6. MERN Stack Web Development with Ultimate Authentication – [Udemy]

Two Bonus Courses for MERN Stack Training

  1. MERN Essential Training – [LinkedIn Learning]
  2. Professional Certificate in Coding: Full Stack Development with MERN – In Collaboration With Emeritus – [MIT]


What’s The Best MERN Stack Course Available? Let’s Have A Look!

Best is a subjective term; however, here we have the top contenders for MERN Stack courses online that you can pick from.


1. MERN Stack Front To Back: Full Stack React, Redux & Node.js – [Udemy]

MERN Stack Front To Back: Full Stack React, Redux

Udemy provides highly informative courses on the MERN Stack, and this particular bestseller caters to individuals with basic knowledge of Node or React.


Engage in a practical, hands-on MERN Stack certification course where you’ll actively build an application. The course includes numerous exercises, ensuring comprehensive practice to reinforce your learning.


Rating 4.6
Enrolled 53,327 students
Duration 12 hours of on-demand video
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Return or refund 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Instructor Brad Traversy
Cons Some complex topics should have been broken down further.


Learning Outcomes

It is the best course to learn MERN Stack and will teach you the following:

  • Using Stateless JWT authentication practices
  • Extensive API testing with Postman
  • Testing with the Redux Chrome extension
  • Building a full-stack social network app
  • Familiarity with MongoDB, Node, React, Express, and Redux
  • Designing an extensive backend API with Express
  • Protecting routes/endpoints with JWT
  • Deploying to Heroku with a post-build script
  • Employing Redux for state management
  • Understanding of the Async/Await, React Hooks, & modern practices
  • Integrating React with an Express backend in an elegant way
  • Creating reducers and actions for our resources



Some prerequisites associated with this MERN Stack development course are:

  • Understanding of Node basics
  • Knowledge of React basics
  • Thorough knowledge of ES6 Fundamentals
  • Knowledge of JavaScript basics


Who should take this course?

This MERN Stack course is meant for people who wish to learn to build and deploy a MERN app.



2. React, NodeJS, Express & MongoDB – The MERN Fullstack Guide – [Udemy]

React, NodeJS, Express & MongoDB - The MERN Fullstack Guide
This course will teach you to build MERN apps from scratch via a complete real-life project. Thus, the MERN Stack certification course will give you an understanding of different technologies, step by step.


In addition, there is an array of extra resources and quizzes to help you solidify your grip on the subject.


Rating 4.6
Instructor Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Manuel Lorenz, and Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Paid Yes
Certification Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Enrolled 27,336 students
Duration 18.5 hours on-demand video
Cons The description says you will be building the MERN apps from scratch, but in several parts, you end up downloading the pre-made components to the project file, and there’s barely any explanation on what to do.


Learning Outcomes

It is the best course to learn MERN Stack. So a few things included in the MERN Stack certification course are:

  • Adding file upload to Node/ Express Applications
  • Learning the implementation of Authentication (signup + login) & Authorization (controlling access to specific resources)
  • Adding file upload to ReactJS
  • Knowing how to connect ReactJS with MongoDB, Express, and NodeJS
  • Building MERN projects from scratch
  • Refreshing the basics about MongoDB, Express, NodeJS, and ReactJS
  • Detailed theory about the MERN Stack
  • Working knowledge of theoretical concepts



A few prerequisites for this MERN Stack training include:

  • Basic knowledge of ReactJS
  • Knowledge of ReactJS Hooks
  • Basic Node knowledge
  • Fundamentals clarity on MongoDB and Express


However, as such, no prior MERN knowledge is needed for this MERN Stack certification course.


Who should take this course?

This course is meant for:

  • Advanced React developers aspiring to connect Node/ Express apps to React
  • Developers with basic React knowledge who wish to design a full-stack application
  • Node/ Express developers who want to know how to add a modern frontend to their backend



3. MERN Stack Bootcamp – Zero to Hero in One Course – [Udemy]

MERN Stack Bootcamp - Zero to Hero in One Course

The following course on our list of top MERN Stack courses online is a recently introduced addition to Udemy’s offerings. This boot camp is designed to impart comprehensive knowledge, equipping you with everything you need to become a proficient web developer using the MERN Stack.


Completing this MERN Stack certification course has the potential to revolutionize your skill set and elevate your career to new heights.


Rating 4.6
Instructor Ryan Dhungel
Duration 24.5 hours on-demand video
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Enrolled 260 students
Cons A little more effort per topic would have been appreciated.


Learning Outcomes

In this best MERN course, there are some things to learn. These include:

  • Knowledge of Mongo DB
  • Understanding of JavaScript in the Node JS Environment, MERN, JavaScript in the Browser Environment, and Frontend Web Development with React
  • Learning all the skills to work as a MERN Stack Web Developer
  • Familiarity with Core JavaScript React
  • Building knowledge to work as a Professional Full Stack developer
  • Learn Socket io to add real-time features
  • Getting equipped with Node basics
  • Learning Node JS API Development, Modern JavaScript from scratch
  • Understanding of admin role and access
  • Learning to use NPM Modules, Modules, Core Node JS Modules
  • Implementing Social Login
  • Knowledge of how Node JS Event Loop works
  • Implementing Authentication using JWT
  • Learning to implement CRUD on posts or users
  • Password Forgot Workflow
  • Learning about Synchronous vs. Asynchronous programming



To take this MERN Stack certification course, you must hold a basic understanding of JavaScript or any other programming language.


Who should take this MERN Stack development course?

This MERN Stack online training course is meant for MERN Stack or Full Stack developers with an elementary knowledge of one or more programming languages.



4. MERN Stack Master Course – Building your own Instagram – [Udemy]

MERN Stack Master Course - Building your own Instagram
This MERN Stack course online has all the features in the actual Instagram web application. So, in this course, you will be building a full-fledged Instagram website.


Therefore, it is not an introductory MERN Stack online training. Instead, it is a complete hands-on project for building full-stack websites using MERN Stack.


Rating 4.3
Enrolled 101,844 students
Instructor Mukesh Phulwani
Duration 10.5 hours on-demand video
Certification Yes
Paid Yes
Return/Refund Policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons The content in the course is quite good, but the translation or presentation should have been better.


Learning Outcomes

Some things you will learn with this MERN Stack certification course are:

  • Building websites with MERN Stack
  • Image uploading
  • Deploying to Heroku
  • Forgetting and resetting the password
  • Creating APIs in Node JS
  • Texting endpoints with the postman
  • JWT based authentication
  • Context API for state management
  • Sending Email using Node mailer & Sendgrid



This MERN Stack course will require you to possess the basics of React & Node JS.


Topics covered


In this MERN Stack online training course, the below-listed topics will be covered:

  • Building a backend API with Node.js & Express
  • Testing API using Postman
  • JWT based authentication
  • Image upload
  • Context API for state management
  • React Hooks and React Router hooks
  • Protecting routes or endpoints
  • Sending Emails
  • Forget & Reset Password


Project Topics

In this MERN Stack course online, you will be building an Instagram clone project, wherein you will be dealing with the following aspects:

  • Posting pictures and sharing
  • Searching for other users
  • Viewing the posts of other users
  • Users can comment on the post
  • Delete their posts
  • Users can view their profile and other users’ profile
  • Liking and unliking a post
  • Unfollowing other users
  • See the posts of users whom their followers follow

Who should take this course?

This is the best MERN course for anyone who aspires to be a full-stack MERN Developer.



5. Building a Full Stack App with React and Express – [Pluralsight]

Building a Full Stack App with React and Express
Next, we have an advanced-level MERN Stack course by Pluralsight. It is a brief MERN Stack certification course, which will help you refresh your prior knowledge and build on your existing knowledge.


In web development, making responsive and scalable websites with a secure server component is one of the most daunting tasks. With this MERN Stack development course, you will be enrolled to equip you with just that.


Rating 4
Level Advanced
Instructor Daniel Stern
Duration 3h 13m
Paid Yes
Return or refund There are no refunds, but you can cancel your subscription anytime.
Certification Yes
Self-paced Yes
Cons There should have been more details included in the course.


Learning Outcomes

Some things that you will learn with this best MERN Stack course are:

  • Develop high-performance React components
  • Creating a robust, secure server using Express and MongoDB
  • How to develop a Full Stack Application with React and Express
  • Linking the apps to the server with the state-of-the-art database using Redux-Saga and Axios
  • Creating a front-end application using React, Redux, and Webpack
  • Learn about JavaScript, React, and Express development
  • Developing full-stack applications from scratch
  • Integrating the apps seamlessly into most Node.js-based software teams



To take this MERN Stack course, you require tools, such as GIT, Node.JS, IDE.



6. MERN Stack Web Development with Ultimate Authentication – [Udemy]

MERN Stack Web Development with Ultimate Authentication

Students who need to go FullStack with MongoDB, Express, React, and Node will find this MERN Stack training helpful. The instructor of this course regularly updates it to ensure you access the latest information.


In addition, all the resources in the system come with lifetime access. So, you can view them anytime at your convenience.


Rating 4.5
Enrolled 1,388 students
Duration 9.5 hours on-demand video
Instructor Ryan Dhungel
Paid Yes
Certificate Yes
Return or refund policy 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Cons In parts of the course, things do not seem in sync.


Learning Outcomes

This is a vast MERN Stack course online. Some things that you will learn with this course are:

  • Knowing how to grant ACL – Access Control
  • Redirect all www to non-www
  • Force HTTP to HTTPS
  • Pushing projects to GitHub
  • Adding a domain name
  • Working with LocalStorage
  • Cloudflare CDN and Free SSL
  • Building Ultimate MERN Stack Boilerplate Project
  • Adding a domain name
  • Digital Ocean Server Configuration
  • Page Layout with React
  • Deploying both backend/frontend to a single Digital Ocean Droplet
  • Learn FullStack Deployment
  • Login with Facebook and Google
  • Understanding Role-based redirects, Admin Routing, Static Site / SEO, Profile Update, Auth Middleware, Private Routing, Error handling, Forgot Password, Reset Password, Admin Routing, Handling JWT expiry, Working with Cookies, and Toast Notifications,
  • Redirecting Digital Ocean IP to the actual domain name
  • Account Activation before saving the user to the database
  • Protecting Routes
  • Working with JWT
  • Creating your own base project for all your future React Node FullStack Projects
  • Implementing a Social Login System with Google and Facebook

Building Login Register System using Email Password



Some things that you need for this MERN Stack course are:


Is it the best MERN course for you?

This is one of the best courses to learn MERN Stack meant for:

  1. Web developers who wish to build their MERN Boilerplate project
  2. Developers willing to learn the deployment of production-ready apps on the Digital Ocean Cloud Servers
  3. Web developers who want to include production-ready Authentication systems in their projects
  4. Developers who want to learn to set up FullStack projects with React and Node
  5. Web developers willing to learn the implementation of Layout and Routing system
  6. JavaScript React Node Js Developers who wish to start their production-ready FullStack MERN Stack Apps
  7. Web developers interested in building great projects but unable to go live because of inadequate Authentication System
  8. Web developers who wish to learn to implement ACL for Subscribers and Admin
  9. JavaScript enthusiasts who want to work with FullStack with React Node and MongoDB
  10. Lastly, anyone interested in FullStack React Node MongoDB Web Development can take this course



Some Bonus MERN Stack Courses and Classes


1. MERN Essential Training – [LinkedIn Learning]

MERN Essential Training
The next one on our list for the MERN Stack development course is this course by LinkedIn Learning. Some skills that are addressed in this MERN Stack training program include:


  1. MERN StackFull-Stack Development
  2. Express.js
  3. React.js
  4. Node.js
  5. MongoDB


Wish to learn the collaborative working of Express, MongoDB, MERN, Node.js, and React? Want to develop a full-stack application with the MERN Stack? Well, this is the best MERN Stack course online for you.


In this MERN Stack development course, your instructor Emmanuel Henri will cover many practical examples, which will help you solidify your grip on all the concepts. As he progresses through the course, he will lay a particular focus on every step to ensure that you understand everything through and through.


It is a paid MERN Stack training course that has already benefited over 7,289 learners.


Learning Outcomes

A few things you will learn with this MERN Stack online training include:

  • Setting up your initial Node.js and Express server
  • Defining the needed endpoints
  • Setting up your Mongo database
  • Creating a React front-end
  • Adding a form to present data to the users



This is an intermediate-level MERN Stack online training. Hence, prior experience with programming language is recommended.



2. Professional Certificate in Coding: Full Stack Development with MERN – In Collaboration With Emeritus – [MIT]

Professional Certificate in Coding: Full Stack Development with MERN – In Collaboration With Emeritus
The last MERN Stack training is presented to you by MIT. It is a long 32-week course, wherein you require an effort of 12-20 hours every week. Completing this course will fetch you an MIT xPRO certificate, which will represent your skills.


With this course, you can gather insights along with the coding demos from MIT faculty. In addition, you will be working on real-world projects, which will help you create your GitHub portfolio. You can share this portfolio with potential employers and improve your chances of getting a job.


Who should take this course?

This MERN Stack training program is meant for:


  • Career launchers or professionals who are starting a career in this field and need exposure to start.
  • Professionals who aspire to build on their existing coding skills
  • Students who desire certification in MERN
  • Professionals who want to make a career switch and start as a MERN developer


Prerequisites for the MERN Stack course online

As such, there are no prerequisites to take this course. However, familiarity with programming language technical concepts will be helpful.


Learning Outcomes

A few things that you will learn with this MERN Stack training course are:

  • Building, testing, and deployment of the web application using the MERN Stack
  • Installation, testing, and deployment of the APIs
  • Setting up Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines to deploy a React application
  • Installation, testing, and deployment of the front-end web apps with React
  • Presenting a GitHub portfolio of your work



The course is divided into three modules:

  1. Web Development
  2. Front-End Development and React
  3. Back-End Development




So, these are eight of the best MERN Stack courses on the internet. We have attempted to include all the information on these courses in this guide. However, certain aspects of the course, such as the fee you have to bear, reviews on the course, enrollment date, and alike, have not been addressed here but are vital.


So, to find this information, you can click on the links attached, read through the information, and then make your decision.


Here is our selection of top MEAN stack courses and a comparison of differences between MEAN and MERN stack.


Keep upskilling and building!


Best MERN Stack Training is rated 4.9 and reviewed by 15 Best MERN Stack Experts & 30+ MEAN Stack Classes Students

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