Learn To Design Logo: 10 Best Design Classes and Courses

Best Logo Design Courses Online

A logo can be defined as a combination of image and text that helps the customers recognize a brand. They can, however, be so much more! A strong logo is the foundation of your brand that helps the user to distinguish your brand from others at the very glance.


It assists customers in comprehending what you do, who you are, and what you value. That’s a lot of responsibility for such a small image. An excellent logo communicates what a firm does and what the brand values.


Seeing the weightage a brand logo carries, companies spend a lot of time and resources to get the best designers to make a creative and catchy logo for them. If you’re a designer who wants to learn to design logos or enhance your design skills, keep reading.


10 Best Logo Design Courses Online

  1. Logo Design Mastery In Adobe Illustrator – (Udemy)
  2. Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator – for Beginners and Beyond – (Udemy)
  3. Logo Design Masterclass: Learn Logo Design and Illustrator – (Udemy)
  4. Logo Design with Grids: Timeless Style from Simple Shapes – (Skillshare)
  5. Circular Logo Design with Draplin: Combine Type & Icons in a Classic Shape – (Skillshare)
  6. Learn Logo Design – (LogoCore)
  7. Online Logo Design Courses – (Domestika)
  8. Logo Design – (LinkedIn Learning)
  9. Logo Design 01 – (The Futur)
  10. Logo Design Classes – (CreativeLive)


List of Best Logo Design Courses Online

 1. Logo Design Mastery In Adobe Illustrator – Udemy

Logo Design Mastery In Adobe Illustrator
This comprehensive logo design training teaches about all the elements of logo design process, including logo design theory, execution, working with typography, picking color palettes, preparing and exporting files, and how to work with Adobe Illustrator to produce great logos.


Not only that, but this program teaches you how to work with customers by taking you through entire logo design projects from start to end. The course discusses what kind of questions to ask customers before beginning the logo design process.


You will learn to design logos and apply those logos to mockups so that you may produce professional presentations for your portfolio or for client’s approval.


Rating  4.8 based on 2281+ ratings
Duration  6 hours
Level  Beginners
Refund Policy  30-day return policy
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Logo design classes with recorded lessons
Course Type  Paid logo design course
Instructor  Lindsay Marsh
Scope for Improvement (Cons) Could be made more lucid by incorporating the use of a precursor that can show the making of a logo.


Topics Covered

  • The Course Guide and Resources
  • Logo Design Theory
  • Adobe Illustrator Tools Overview
  • The Logo Design Process – Client Project – The Coffee Guild
  • EXTRA – The Client Presentation Template
  • The Golden Ratio Project and Logo Design – Pacific Calm
  • Working With Mock-ups and Creating Polished Presentations
  • Exporting Files
  • The Finding Clients Guide


Learning Outcomes

  • The theorem of logo design
  • The influence of color and use of psychology in logo design
  • Logo design categories and styles
  • Understand the golden ratio theory and its application
  • How to show your logos in a professional polished manner for your clients or portfolio
  • Discover out how to find new logo design clients in a variety of methods.
  • Questions to ask before beginning the logo design process
  • Understand the entire creative and brainstorming process in logo creation
  • How to export and deliver as many files as you require after a customer has approved your logo.
  • How to deal with color and choose a color palette
  • Understand font pairing and how to work with typography.
  • How to utilize photoshop mockups to deliver professional presentations
  • Become familiar with all parts of the logo design process.



Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud is highly recommended (any version that is CC) for this logo design course. Users using CS6 can still get a lot out of this class, while those using CS5 or lower may be losing out on several tools that are going to be used during the course.


Is it the right logo design course online for you?

It is indeed a good course for graphic designers looking to improve their logo design abilities.


It is also a good pick for beginners with no client experience, who want to understand the logo design process and theory from start to end.


Fret not if you are an intermediate designer seeking a new perspective on logo design theory or wishing to learn more about Adobe Illustrator’s capabilities for logo creation.


Review Joshua Dylan Naidoo:

Amazing teachings, I’ve learnt so much and also new tools that can help me with my logo designing that I didn’t know were so useful and make life so easier.



2. Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator – for Beginners and Beyond – Udemy

Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator - for Beginners and Beyond
It is one of the best logo design courses online. In this course, you get to learn the professional logo design process from start to end, including drawing, typefaces, character arrangement, symbol development, color application, and much more.


You’ll also learn to design logos and insider tips and methods, as well as a comprehensive overview of logo design varieties in unique displays.


With this course, you also get all the resources the instructor uses to operate his day-to-day logo design company operations. These include logo design client surveys to email templates. You will also study how to create distinctive mosaic/Pixel style logos!


Furthermore, there are exercises for each of these logo styles so that you may try your hand at them and gain important, professional criticism from the instructor in the Q&A!


Rating  4.5 based on 3730+ ratings
Duration  17 hours
Level  Beginners
Refund Policy  30-day return policy
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Logo design course with recorded lessons
Course Type  Paid
Instructor  Daniel Evans
Scope for Improvement (Cons) The course audio could improve. Subtitles would also help.


Topics Covered

  • Introduction to logo design class
  • Tools of the Trade & Vector Principle
  • Types of Logo Design
  • Color Psychology
  • Logo Design Brief
  • Gathering Reference Material & Mind mapping
  • A Quick Interjection
  • Sketching
  • Illustrator Elaborated
  • Exploring Illustrator CC
  • Iconic Logo Designs
  • Vintage Logo Designs


Learning Outcomes

  • Create a Professional Iconic Logo Designs
  • Create a Professional Typographic Logo Design
  • Create Professional Vintage Logo Designs
  • Study and adhere to a customer brief to develop a logo that meets all of the specifications.
  • Learn how to use color psychology to impact your audience.
  • Create a fantastic mood board to help you create and enhance your logo ideas.
  • Discover how to create logo design drawings like a pro.
  • Discover the finest materials to utilize during the drawing stage.
  • Discover how to create a logo with deep and complex meanings.
  • Make drawings in Illustrator that are ready for tracing.
  • Discover the best color modes for on-screen and print.
  • Improve your knowledge of Illustrator and its features so that you can illustrate practically anything.
  • Master the powerful Pen Tool to create beautiful symbol designs.



  • To trace picture drawings, Adobe Illustrator (or Trial Version) or any other Vector Software Scanner or digital camera / iPad / tablet camera is preferable to photo sketches.
  • Pencil, paper, and eraser
  • A positive attitude and an eagerness to understand is also required.


Is it the right logo design course for you?

  • Ideal for both novices who have never used Adobe Illustrator and those interested in learning about logo design and its industry.
  • Intermediate logo/graphic designers would certainly benefit from this course in terms of gaining insight into the professional logo design process.


Review Vesela Dushkova:

“I am very satisfied with the course so far. Mr. Evans teaches and explains things very well, it is amazing to gain experience from such a specialist! Thank you!



3. Logo Design Masterclass: Learn Logo Design and Illustrator – Udemy

Logo Design Masterclass: Learn Logo Design and Illustrator
In this comprehensive course, you will learn to professionally design logos. You will also learn about logo design concepts and then apply those principles to your own logo design work.


This course will walk you through the process of brainstorming, drawing, and developing logos after meeting with a client. You will also learn to design logo as per the creative briefs and contracts, as well as the significance of building a logo design portfolio.


Students will learn a variety of Illustrator techniques for creating high-quality, visually appealing logos. After registering, you may publish your work for feedback on the discussion board as you create your logo design portfolio.


Rating  4.5 based on 1717+ ratings
Duration  7.5 hours of recorded logo design class
Level  Intermediate
Refund Policy  30-day return policy
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded lessons
Course Type  Paid
Instructor  Chad Neuman, Ph.D.
Scope for Improvement (Cons) If you’ve already worked on illustrator, the introductory lessons won’t be of much help.


Topics Covered Under This Logo Design Course

  • Discussing and contracting a logo with a client and conducting research
  • Brainstorming and formulating logo ideas
  • Getting started in illustrator; drawing, editing shapes, and working with text in illustrator
  • Using the tools in illustrator and mastering illustrator workflows and functions
  • Printing, saving and exporting in illustrator
  • Creating and finalizing a logo for a client in illustrator
  • How to find clients and build your portfolio
  • Ways to create impactful logos in illustrator
  • Presenting logos to clients in adobe dimension
  • >


Learning Outcomes

  • In Adobe Illustrator, use the attributes of an excellent logo design.
  • Use freewriting, mind mapping, and word association to generate logo designs.
  • Using a pen/pencil and paper, create logo designs.
  • Learn to design logos and apply logo design concepts.
  • Create high-quality logo designs with creative briefs
  • Implement what a logo design customer desires in a logo design.
  • Make a portfolio to find employment in logo design.
  • Use effective color in logo design.
  • Use Adobe Illustrator to design, develop, and export high-quality logos in a variety of formats.
  • Use Adobe Dimension to create logo concepts for products and 3D sceneries.



Students will require a pen/pencil and paper for the sketching portion of the logo design class, as well as a copy of Adobe Illustrator for the production portion of the logo design course. The Creative Cloud version is preferable, but older versions should work for most classes.


Is it the best logo design course online for you?

  • This course is recommended for those interested in logo design using Adobe Illustrator.
  • This course is recommended for students who wish to create high-quality logos using effective design concepts and best practices.
  • This logo design training is intended for those who wish to create logos for a living.
  • This course is designed for those who wish to learn to design logos or improve their abilities in logo designing.
  • This course is NOT intended for experienced logo designers who already know how to use Illustrator and design logos.


Review Md. Abdur Rahaman:

It’s a good experience but as per Course title it needs to add more work according to the Logo design Masterclass. It’s good for new learners because there are lots of basic studies. Thanks!



4. Logo Design with Grids: Timeless Style from Simple Shapes -skillshare

Logo Design with Grids: Timeless Style from Simple Shapes
Learn to design logos with George Bokhua, with this course. The instructor will walk us through his method of combining grids and geometric forms into logos so that you may get that impression of timelessness in your own markings.


Among the most important lessons are:


  • Why gridding is necessary and some examples to get you started.
  • How to Draw Your Logo on Grid Paper?
  • Creating your mark in Adobe Illustrator and adjusting your grids to finish the mark.


This logo design training is ideal for graphic designers and illustrators interested in learning a scientific approach to design logos and stand out.


Rating For 38% students – class exceeded expectations

For 53% students – class met expectations

Enrollments  46,845+
Duration  32 minutes
Level  Intermediate
Certification  Yes, it is a logo design course with certificate
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded lessons
Course Type  Paid logo design class
Instructor  George Bokhua
Scope for Improvement (Cons) Learners should be made familiar with tools like shape builders and pen.


Topics and learning outcomes of this logo design training

  • Why Gridding
  • Gridded Examples from my Work
  • Sketching Logo Ideas
  • Gridding Your Logo on Paper
  • Executing Your Logo in Illustrator
  • Finishing Touches
  • You’ll be taught about a grid that fits your taste, from 30-degree grids to dot grids and more.
  • Elevate your concepts into Adobe Illustrator and bring them to the next level.



  • Familiarity with Adobe Illustrator (or Affinity Designer or equivalent).
  • You must be familiar with basic tools such as pens and shape-building tools.


Is it the right course for you?

This is the right course for anyone who wants to learn to design logos with grids.



5. Circular Logo Design with Draplin: Combine Type & Icons in a Classic Shape – Skillshare

Circular Logo Design with Draplin: Combine Type & Icons in a Classic Shape

The teacher will show you the strategies and problems of merging type and icons into a circle, a basic shape of graphic design, in this logo design course online.

You will discover the significance of:


  • Hierarchy, line weight, and visual balance are all important considerations.
  • Mastery of key commands
  • Putting your document together and closing it up

Whether you’re new to Illustrator or a seasoned graphic designer, you’re likely to pick up some new tips and tricks as you build your own circular designs.


Rating  For 53% students – this class exceeded expectations

For 40% – this class met expectations

Duration  1 hour 02 minutes logo design training
Level  Intermediate
Refund Policy  30-day return policy
Certificate Provided  Yes, this logo design class comes with a certificate
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded lessons
Course Type  Paid
Instructor  Aaron Draplin
Scope for Improvement (Cons) This course is dedicated to building a circular logo in illustration. It lacks generic learning of logo designing.


Topics Covered

  • Workflow Essentials
  • Research
  • Sketching
  • Staring the Document
  • Type Based Stamp
  • Type and Icon Graphic
  • Advanced Icon Graphic
  • Wrapping up the Document


Learning Outcome

  • You will learn how to develop your own personal or corporate logo with this logo design training.
  • You’ll discover how to employ symmetry, typography, and line consistency to visually arrange information and express meaning inside an attractive, harmonious shape.
  • Learners will be encouraged to apply Aaron’s tips and techniques to design a circular travel decal. They will also learn a range of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Adobe Illustrator secrets to boost their creative output.



Must have the basic knowledge on how to create logos to participate in this logo design class.


Is it the right course for you?

Anyone who wants to level up their design skills can take up this logo design course.



6. Learn Logo Design – Logo Core

Learn Logo Design - Logo Core
Logo Core is another platform to learn to design logos. It has curated a comprehensive course that teaches you to be a successful brand designer without burning a hole in your pocket.


Each section of this course will teach you a specific design theory, give you interactive practice tasks, and then challenge you with realistic client projects to help you develop your visual problem-solving abilities.


Rating 4.57 based on 845 ratings
Duration  Approx. 31 hours 36 minutes
Level  Beginners logo design class
Certificate Provided  Yes (with additional fee)
Course Material Provided  Yes (with additional fee)
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded lessons
Course Type  Paid logo design training
Course Provider  Logo Core
Scope for Improvement (Cons) Very lengthy course which requires ample time and patience to complete.


Topics Covered

  • Module 1 – Introduction
  • Module 2 – Illustrator Workflows
  • Module 3 – Logo Design Theory
  • Module 4 – Realistic Project
  • Module 5 – Brand Style Guides
  • Module 6 – Design Presentations
  • Module 7 – Freelancing
  • Module 8 – Logo Animation (Bonus Training)


Learning Outcomes

  • Illustrator strategies for creating mathematically correct designs.
  • An overview of color theory to help you grasp RGB, CMYK, and Pantone color schemes.
  • Vectoring complex drawings using the pen tool: advanced methods
  • Extensive tutorials on Adobe Illustrator’s capabilities and effective workflows.



No prior knowledge is required to undergo this logo design course online.


Is it the right course for you?

This is an ideal course for anyone who is

  • An absolute beginner
  • Intermediate designer
  • Self-taught designer



7. Online Logo Design Courses – Domestika

Online Logo Design Courses - Domestika
Domestika is a creative people’s community. Learn to design logo from industry experts and become a member of the world’s largest online creative community. If you are eager to learn logo designs, then this platform will offer you ample courses on logo designs. Few of the courses are listed below –

1. Logo Design from Concept to Presentation

This course will assist you in dispelling certain design myths and will assist you in elevating your work and portfolio. Working on a logo and the brand identity for a client will enable you to discover your own unique style as a designer.


By the conclusion of this logo design class, you will not only be a better designer, but also a more focused one, with all the skills necessary to create an iconic logo and sell it to a customer.


2. Graphic Design For Beginners

Learn the four pillars of graphic design in this logo design course online: form, typography, color, and composition. Discover how to shape your ideas around these essential principles and construct a visual cosmos based on your imagination, creativity, and graphic resources for your final product.


3. Creation of an Original Logo from Scratch

In this course, the instructor will walk students through the process of creating a unique, recognized, and current logo so that your company makes a good first impression.



8. Logo Design – LinkedIn Learning

Logo Design
LinkedIn Learning is an excellent platform offering some of the best courses for logo design curation. The students have an array of courses to choose from, ranging from beginners’ to experts’ level courses.


A few of the courses offered by LinkedIn Learning are listed below-

Design a Logo

This course guarantees that the logos you produce are both high on design standards and meet the trained eye.


Designers may increase the value of their logos to customers by learning to focus on what matters and conveying that in their work. Prepare to learn to design logos and the essential skills required to create excellent designs.


Logo Design: Techniques
This logo design course online blends theory with hands-on approach that prioritizes simplicity and readability: the principles that underpin the finest logo designs in the world. For more details visit the annexed link.


Design Your First Logo

This logo design training course is designed to teach you how to develop a strong, expressive logo from start, whether for yourself, your small business, your corporation, or an event. Also learn how to develop ideas, choose the correct typography, shapes, colors, and select the file formats for your destination, whether it’s a business card, website, or social network profile.



9.  Logo Design 01 – The Futur

Logo Design 01 - The Futur
This logo design training will teach you the many qualities and major categories of logos. You will also learn to choose the appropriate type of design for your project and separate yourself from the amateurs by designing logos that are fundamentally accurate and on point.


Duration  6+ hours
Level  Beginners
Refund Policy  30-day return policy
Certificate Provided  Yes
Course Material Provided  Yes
Live Classes/Recorded Lessons  Recorded lessons
Course Type  Paid
Instructor  Chris Do


Topics Covered

  • Fundamentals & principles
  • 6 logo types
  • Adobe illustrator shortcuts
  • Presentation and mock-ups


Learning Outcomes

  • Principles of Logo Design and logo variety
  • How to present a logo through applied mockup
  • Extra lessons include logo criticism and Illustrator shortcuts.


Prerequisites for taking this logo design course online

No requirements are mandatory to pursue this course.


Is it the right logo design class for you?

This course is ideal for:

  • Designers
  • Creative Director
  • Freelancers
  • Educators



10. Logo Design Classes – CreativeLive Classes

Logo Design Classes - CreativeLive Classes
The CreativeLive platform enables you to learn to design logo and pursue the skills. They offer exclusive classes to upgrade your skills. Various courses offered by them are –

1. Logo Design 101

In this course, you’ll learn about the four main logo types and the advantages of each. You’ll also learn how to utilize Adobe Illustrator to create a logo that can be used both in print and online.


2.Intro to Adobe Illustrator

Jason Hoppe walks you through the Illustrator essentials to complete a project from start to finish in this short course. Learn useful shortcuts and how to utilize the most powerful tools to create and customize the visuals you require.


3. Logo Design in Photoshop the Right Way

Jason will guide you through the steps of making a logo in Photoshop the proper way in this logo design class. The instructor will go through:

  • How to choose and use typefaces.
  • Developing Icons and Symbols
  • Photoshop best techniques for developing a logo

This introductory level training will have you designing your logo in no time! This lesson will get you started, whether it’s for personal or professional usage.


If you are a design professional, you definitely should check out these procreate classes and blender courses.


So, to conclude, TangoLearn has curated the list of 10 best logo design courses online for those who want to sharpen their skills and gain expertise on logo designs. Learn to design logos from the experts and outshine others. These courses are available online and anyone can access them from the comfort of their place.

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