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Best IELTS Online Courses
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Do you aspire for Band 8+ in IELTS? Have you been repeatedly trying to make progress in the exam but failing? If you seek a proper fool-proof guide to achieve Band 8 success, then IELTS online classes can be a perfect pick for you.


The best IELTS preparation online course will prepare you for all the parts included in the IELTS exam by giving you mock tests and prep material. So, there will be speaking, writing, reading, and listening modules.


Hence, with a well-prepared course, you will be working on all four vital skills necessary to ace your IELTS exam. The question is, from the many available courses that provide you with IELTS training online, how do you select the correct course?


Well, you don’t have to do that much work. We scanned and screened some of the top-recommended courses and then came up with this list of the top five best IELTS online courses. So, let us get started and address these courses that will help you learn IELTS online.


5 Best IELTS Online Courses

  1. IELTS Band 7+ Complete Prep Course – [Udemy]
  2. One Step Closer – [IELTS Magoosh]
  3. Understanding IELTS – FutureLearn
  4. The IELTS Academic Test Preparation – By The University of Queensland – [edX]
  5. IELTS® Online Preparation Courses – By Cambridge University – [Kaplan]


Best Online IELTS Preparation Courses, Classes, And Training Sessions


1. IELTS Band 7+ Complete Prep Course – [Udemy]

IELTS Band 7+ Complete Prep Course


At the top of our list, we have Udemy’s IELTS preparation course online. It is one of the highest-rated and bestselling courses on the internet. This course prepares you to achieve Band 7 plus in all sections.


The students have immensely loved and appreciated the course, and this is possibly one of the biggest reasons for over 9000 5-star reviews. A good thing about this course is all four sections have been recently updated to keep up with the latest pattern.


It is one of the best courses to learn IELTS online because it is more than just a theoretical stuffing of concepts for the students. The instructor assigns you more than 20 assignments to test all that you have learned through the course.


Another thing about this course is that the instructor, Keino Campbell. He was awarded as the top performer in the exam preparation field (2018) by Udemy.


Rating 4.5 based on 27500+ reviews
Duration 82 hours
Instructor Keino Campbell, Esq.
Certification Yes
Live/Recorded Recorded and Live

(Monthly group classes conducted live)

Return/Refund Policy There are two plans

Subscribe to the plan – a 7-day trial, followed by a monthly subscription. Cancel anytime, but the course will be available for the remaining length of the subscription period, and you won’t get any refund.


Alternatively, you can pay for the course as a personal plan and get a 30-day money-back guarantee on it.

Paid/Free Paid
Cons The course is too long for university students who barely have free time. Also, at times, there is a drag on even the simpler topics.


Learning Outcomes

A few things that you will learn with this IELTS preparation online course are:

  • Computer-Based Exam Strategies and Tactics
  • Academic Exam Strategies and Tactics
  • General Exam Strategies and Tactics
  • Improve your accuracy of reading the answer to score Band 8+ in under 20 minutes.
  • Be thorough with the Listening Traps in IELTS
  • Understand where and when the answers are given in the listening section.
  • Familiarity with the examiner’s expectations in the writing and speaking sections.
  • Time management tactics to help you improve your score
  • Scan for keyword sentences in the reading passage.


Prerequisites, if any:

To take this best IELTS preparation online course, you need to have at least intermediate-level English. The instructor teaches from Cambridge books, but they do not come with the course. You will have to buy them separately.


Lastly, to learn IELTS online, you must be persistently and consistently willing to participate and learn.


Do you have any study material?

Yes! We do. This is also the best online IELTS preparation course because of the many resources that you get with it:


  1. 160+ Lectures (30+ Hours of Content)
  2. Contest Entry Into the Monthly 5-Hour Private Training Giveaway
  3. Access To Skills Exercises and Quizzes
  4. Speaking Test Examples to Learn From
  5. Strategies and Tactics for Each Section
  6. Teacher-Led Explanations of Each Answer
  7. Monthly Live Class covering a different topic
  8. Exam Advice From Past Examiners/Graders
  9. Free Participation in Monthly Live Group Class
  10. Instructor-Led Examples of Mastering Each Section
  11. Speaking advice and recommendations
  12. Writing advice and recommendations


Is it the right course for you??

This IELTS online course is meant for:


  1. Students who aspire to take USA, UK, AU, or Canadian University admission.
  2. People who require clearing the IELTS English certification for their job.
  3. Students who need IELTS English for immigration purposes.
  4. One who wants to better their General English skills.
  5. Students who need help with the IELTS reading, speaking, writing, or listening sections.

This IELTS training online is not meant for students with beginner-level English or anyone who is not serious about cracking the exam.

Review Precious Ndukauba:

Wow, what an amazing course. At first, I thought I knew the English language well enough to excel in the exam but to be honest, it turned out that I didn’t know much other than the basics now, I’ve learned a lot of new information and how to be coherent and improve my vocabulary. I have to work on my essay writing tho, will have to go back to the writing class and study more on it. In general, it was amazing thank you.



2. One Step Closer – [IELTS Magoosh]

One Step Closer
If you need a detailed, in-depth course for IELTS, then this one from Magoosh can be a good pick. Being the best IELTS preparation online, this course is available for both Academic and General Training IELTS.


In addition, you can access the course on any device – laptop, mobile, and tablet, across all platforms, such as Android, iOS, and Windows.


There are over 125 lessons in this course, which can equip the learners with adequate concepts to help them learn IELTS online. In addition to the concept covered in this IELTS preparation online, you will also be working on over 650 practice questions, which will give you substantial practice to prepare you for the exam.


An excellent thing about these IELTS online classes is that you get continuous email support. You can use that to clear any doubts or questions that you may have. They also have a blog that you can use to get great tips and hacks helpful for IELTS preparation.


One of the best things about this IELTS training online is that they provide you with a score guarantee. So, if you do not achieve that score, you can get your money back.


Rating N/A
Duration Variable
Instructor Eliot Friesen-Meyers and David Recine
Certification No
Live/Recorded Both
Return/Refund Policy 7-day moneyback guarantee
Paid/Free Paid
Cons The organization of the lessons could have been better.


Learning Outcomes

Some things that you will learn with this best IELTS preparation online course are:

  1. Familiarity with all the concepts included in the IELTS preparation course.
  2. Adequate time management skills to complete your exam in the allotted time.
  3. Substantial practice to make you thorough with completing the reading, writing, listening, and speaking sections.


Prerequisites, if any:

The contents of this IELTS online course are available in English. Thus, you need to have some experience of English-language before you apply for this Magoosh IELTS training online. However, primary and intermediate level English will suffice.


You do not have to be an expert to take this IELTS preparation course online. They have experts to train you, even if your English is not good enough. There are captions and transcripts to help simplify things for you. simplify things for you.


Is it the right course for you?

These IELTS online classes are ideal for anyone preparing for their IELTS exam for any reason whatsoever.

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3. Understanding IELTS – FutureLearn

Understanding IELTS
Do you want to study or work in any other country? If yes, there is a good chance that you may have to prove your English language skills via an IELTS test. For that, you can enroll in the best IELTS preparation online. And what’s better than IELTS online classes by the British Council itself?


It is a compilation of the four best IELTS online courses in this ExpertTrack. They have been designed to offer you all the necessary practice and information that you possibly require to ace the four parts of the IELTS exam with confidence and achieve the target IELTS score as needed.


Rating 4.9
Duration 12 weeks
Instructor Multiple
Certification Yes
Live/Recorded Recorded
Return/Refund Policy 7-day free trial, followed by a monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime. Canceling the subscription will not get you your money back
Paid/Free Paid
Cons They do not have a refund policy.


In this course you will find:


  1. A description of every part of the test
  2. Understanding the kind of preparation you need to achieve a good band score.
  3. Assessment criteria that help you know and understand what the examiner expects from you.
  4. Vital strategies and tips that you need for successful test preparation and to improve your English.
  5. Multiple practice tests to familiarize you with the pattern


Prerequisites, if any:

This IELTS online course is an ExpertTrack course. It is suitable for anyone preparing and appearing for the IELTS exam or struggling with any individual parts – speaking, writing, reading, or listening.


Further, these IELTS online classes are also suitable for students preparing for other English language proficiency tests.


Expert Track Course Overview

The Expert Track IELTS online course will be helpful for anyone who’s preparing for their IELTS exam. As stated, it is a compilation of the four best IELTS online courses, which cover the four sections of the IELTS exam.


As you progress through the IELTS training online, take every task and assignment, you will be lauded with a digital certificate, which can be a good value addition to your CV. There will be four certificates, one for each course.


Now, we will briefly list what you can expect from each of these four courses.

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a). Course 1 – Understanding IELTS: Reading

Understanding IELTS: Reading


Firstly, we have this IELTS online course dedicated to the reading section of the IELTS exam. It is a three-week course, which requires a weekly effort of three weeks from your end. The course is 100%. So, you can undertake this IELTS preparation course online at your pace and in your schedule.


In this IELTS training online, you will explore the reading format of the text that you need to read and handle the different task types, from true and false to MCQs.


Learning Outcomes

Some things that you will learn in the IELTS preparation online course are:

  • Coping with time pressure and managing time well.
  • Understanding of the reading section format
  • Improving your vocab and dealing with new and unknown words.
  • Familiarity with all the task types that you will find in the course.
  • Reading about some unfamiliar topics
  • Building on your comprehension skills.
  • Understanding of techniques, such as skimming and scanning to better your reading speed.


Review Claudia A:

I found this course very helpful. It is well organized and paced. There is a myriad of resources for practicing which I’m sure will help me to train myself for the IELTS test. Thank you, Future Learn!


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b). Course 2 – Understanding IELTS: Writing

Understanding IELTS: Writing
The second IELTS online course is dedicated to the Writing section. It is also a three-week course, requires a study input of 3 hours weekly, and is 100% online. So, you can take this IELTS preparation course online at your pace and start and finish as per your timeline.


The IELTS training online course starts with a brief insight into the IELTS Academic Writing test format. Then, your educator will give you the necessary tips that can help you ace your exam. There will also be an introduction to the data and charts to learn to write and compare numerical data.


Further, there will be a study to help you describe dynamic tables and graphs. Additionally, you will be working on the main task – essay writing, which is the most crucial task of your writing exam.


Moving forward, your instructor will also help you generate, develop, and organize the ideas and formulate a clear plan from them.


The last part will take you through the process of creating an organized and effective essay with a solid conclusion and introduction, followed by writing a more formal style essay with accuracy and sans any grammatical errors.


Learning Outcomes

Some things that you will learn in this IELTS preparation online course are:

  • Format of the exam
  • Knowledge of the correct grammar and vocabulary
  • Planning an essay
  • Writing about the trends
  • Understanding and describing the data and charts
  • Academic writing task types
  • Graphs and charts
  • Assessment criteria for writing section


Review Pedro G

I liked it. It gives a lot of good tips to improve your level.


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c). Course 3 – Understanding IELTS: Listening

Understanding IELTS: Listening


The third course here is dedicated to the listening section. It is also a three-hour, self-paced IELTS training online. In this IELTS preparation course online, the instructor will help you be thorough with the test format and develop the strategies that can assist you in tackling the various tasks you will encounter in the exam.


In addition, you will be working on some general English listening strategies that will aid you in sailing through the challenging topics you will encounter in the exam.


Learning Outcomes

Some things that you will learn in this Listening section IELTS preparation online are:

  • Awareness of the listening pattern of the IELTS exam.
  • Listening to English conversations
  • Familiarity with different listening task types
  • Different strategies and skills employed to ace your listening exam.
  • Listening test techniques
  • Broadening your listening range
  • Being completely focussed while you listen


Review Jose G

The level is medium, I think that this course it can be more strongh, both in the sense that this need more examples and more practice



d). Course 4 – Understanding IELTS: Speaking

Understanding IELTS: Speaking


This is the final IELTS online course from the British Council offered by FutureLearn. It is again a three-hour course and requires a weekly study of three hours from you. This IELTS online course can be taken at your own pace. There is absolute flexibility on how and when you start and finish the course.


Learning Outcomes

Some things that you will learn in this Speaking course for IELTS preparation online are:

  • Familiarity with the speaking test format.
  • Assessment criteria of the speaking section.
  • Ability to give fluent and comprehensive answers to the questions asked by the examiner.
  • Planning a brief talk in English
  • Improving your English-speaking confidence
  • Finding words to express yourself
  • Bettering your pronunciation
  • Working on the grammar necessary for clearing the test.


Review Juliano A:

Really the course has helped a lot to increase my knowledge about Speaking skills.


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4. IELTS Academic Test Preparation – by The University of Queensland – [edX]

IELTS Academic Test Preparation – by The University of Queensland


This is a hugely popular and innovative IELTS online course drafted by some of the most noted and esteemed English teaching professionals from The University of Queensland.


All the writers of this course have thorough experience in enabling students to reach their academic IELTS goal to get admitted to a university where the native or primary language is English.


An excellent thing about this IELTS training online is that each of the sections has multiple multi-media presentations, wherein the different strategies, test-taking skills, and techniques are covered. In addition, there is an array of IELTS-style exercises and interactive activities, which will give you a thorough practice of all that you have learned in the course.


Rating N/A
Duration 8 weeks
Instructor Iain Mathieson, Martin Dutton, Megan Yucel, Stephen Walker, and Philippa Coleman
Certification Optional
Live/Recorded Recorded
Return/Refund Policy 7-day trial, followed by 14-day return policy
Paid/Free Optional
Cons The free version comes with limited access to resources. Also, in the free version, there are no certificates or graded assignments.


Learning Outcomes

Some things that you will learn in this IELTS online course are:


  1. Knowledge of the correct grammar and vocabulary
  2. Building on the English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills
  3. Vital test-taking strategies and skills for the IELTS Academic tests


Prerequisites, if any:

This is beginner-level IELTS training online. So, as such, there are no prerequisites to take this course. However, the course is in the English language. So, you must at least know the fundamental English language vocabulary to take this course.


Is it the right course for you??

Anyone preparing to take the Academic IELTS test will find these IELTS online classes helpful.

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5. IELTS® Online Preparation Courses – By Cambridge University – [Kaplan]

IELTS® Online Preparation Courses – By Cambridge University


Now, we have arrived at the last IELTS online course, which is presented to you by one of the recognized IELTS experts from Kaplan. You can get your sessions both live and recorded. Broadly, you have two options:


  1. IELTS Online Preparation Course
  2. The IELTS Live Online Preparation Course


In the first IELTS online course, you can study with the recorded videos at your time and pace. These resources will be accessible for you for six months.


The second option has live sessions with experts from Kaplan. In this case, too, the resources are accessible to you for six months. In both options, you get 18 hours of instructor-led video sessions, which have engaging content.


A good thing about this preparation course is that there will be realistic practice tests offered by Cambridge Assessment English – the test writers – and Cambridge University Press.


Further, this is one of the best IELTS online courses that will give you continuous access to the personalized score reports to check your performance closely.


Rating N/A
Duration 18 hours
Instructor Multiple
Certification No
Live/Recorded Both
Return/Refund Policy Available, subject to terms and conditions
Paid/Free Paid
Cons There are no certifications. A tad expensive training program.


What all do you get with the course?

The course comprises 18-hours of lessons divided into 12, 1hour, and 30-minute sessions. These are all instructor led-sessions. In addition, you get over 140 video lessons, IELTS flashcards, personalized progress reports, four authentic full-length practice papers, homework assignments, and email support.


Is it the right course for you??

This IELTS online course is ideal for students preparing for the IELTS Academic exam, possessing an English level of IELTS band 4.0. Also, regardless of whether you are taking this exam for the first time or retaking it, this IELTS training online will be highly beneficial for you.


If you’re an English language admirer looking for some skill enhancement apart from IELTS preparation online, you might want to check out our recommendations for the best poetry classes and content writing courses here.

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So, these are the top five IELTS online courses from around the web for you. We have tried to include all the information about these IELTS online classes in this article. If you need more details before enrolling in the IELTS training online you can visit the link attached.


Therein you can find additional information, such as the enrolment date, details on the experience and qualifications of the instructor, ratings, and reviews received by the course, and the fee that you have to pay.


These are vital information that must be taken into consideration when shopping for the IELTS preparation course online. This is all from us on these courses. Keep upskilling!

IELTS Training is rated 4.5 and reviewed by 10 JavaScript Experts & 20+ IELTS Classes Students

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