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Best Gmat Prep Courses
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GMAC, or the Graduate Management Admission Council, conducts the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). It is a test to assess the candidate’s ability to take on graduate-level academic tasks. Most business schools call it the standardized metric for admission into their business schools or MBA programs.


The marks you achieve in this GMAT exam are the primary metric employed by most top-grade universities and business schools. Of course, this is in addition to your work experience and prior academic merits. Hence, you must enroll in one of the top GMAT preparation online programs to help you score a top grade in the examination.


This examination helps test your problem-solving abilities and critical thinking. Broadly, it will test your knowledge in domains like grammar, geometry, data analysis, algebra, communication, and basic arithmetic.


Best Courses to Crack GMAT

  1. Study Materials for GMAT Exams – [Analyst Prep]
  2. GMAT® Prep – [Kaplan]
  3. GMAT® Prep Programs – [The Princeton Review]
  4. GMAT preparation class online – [Magoosh]
  5. Best GMAT prep classes – [GMAT Economist]
  6. GMAT Exam Prep – []
  7. GMAT Online Courses [Manhattan Review]
  8. Game-Changing GMAT® Prep – [Target Test Prep]
  9. Online GMAT Prep – [Prep Scholar]


Let’s See How These Best GMAT Courses Fair Out?

Feature Analyst Prep Kaplan The Princeton Review Magoosh
Price Three packages of this class are:

  1. GMAT Practice package – $35
  2. GMAT Learn and Practice Package – $79
  3. GMAT Learn Package – $35
Three packages of this course are:

  1. Complete course in person – $1899
  2. Complete course live online – $1599
  3. Private tutoring packages 10 hours – $2450
Four packages of this course are:

  1. Self-paced online – $699
  2. Fundamentals Available online and in person – $1299
  3. GMAT 700+ Available online and in person – $1699
  4. Private tutoring – $167 per hour
Three packages of this one of the top GMAT prep courses are:

  1. Self-paced Math + IR – $219
  2. Self-paced Premium Access to Math, Verbal, IR, and AWA – $249
  3. Guided study – Live + Premium – $599
Live or recorded Recorded – 48 self-contained videos Both options available Both options available Both options available
Duration 40 Hours of Video Lessons for the first two packages. Depends on the chosen package Depends on the chosen package Depends on the chosen package
Progress tracker Yes Yes Yes No
Access 12-Month Access to the GMAT prep course online (No recurring billing) Till 6 months after your class has ended 1 year of access
Student support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Practice exams Yes Yes Yes Yes


Feature GMAT Economist Manhattan Review Target Test Prep PrepScholar
Price Three packages of these GMAT preparation online classes are:


1. Essential – $336.75

2. Premium – $524.25

3. Genius – $741.75

This platform has more than a few pricing packages. Some of them include:


1. GMAT™ Official Starter Kit + Practice Exams 1 & 2 (Free)

2. GMAT™ Official Practice Exams 3 & 4 – $49.99

3. GMAT™ Official Practice Exams 5 & 6 – $49.99

4. GMAT™ Official Practice Exams 3 to 6 – $89.98

5. GMAT™ Official Practice Questions 1 – $29.99


It is one of the top classes and has a multitude of pricing packages. Three of them are:


1. GMAT Online Classic Course (28 Hours, 8 Sessions) – $890

2. GMAT Online Private Course (12 hours) – $1590

3. GMAT Online Tutoring – Hours package


Some of the pricing options in this class are:


1. Flexible preparation at $149 per month

2. Dedicated study at $449 for four months

3. Maximum study at $499 for six months

Some of the pricing options in this one of the best GMAT preparation courses are:


1. Resource Pool Online GMAT Prep – $99

2. Self-Guided Online GMAT Prep – $249

3. Completely Customized Online GMAT Prep – $399

Live or recorded Both options available Test-only format, personalized training Live Both Recorded
Duration Depends on the chosen package Depends on the chosen package Variable Variable Variable
Progress tracker Yes Only in some options N/A Yes Yes
Access For the duration of the package While most of these best GMAT preparation online courses are accessible for two uses only, some like GMAT™ Official Practice Questions 2 offer one-year of access. Unlimited Variable Variable
Student support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Practice exams Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Still Unable To Decide Best GMAT Online Course? Here’s a Detailed Review of All Prep Courses

1. Study Materials for GMAT Exams – [Analyst Prep]

Study Materials for GMAT Exams
AnalystPrep is the number 1 best GMAT prep course online and is trusted by 1000s of candidates every year preparing for their GMAT examination. Across the class, you will find professional educators depicting their overviews and in-depth explorations on all the topics included in the source materials.


Your instructor for this prep course Stefan Maisnier.


Key highlights

The primary reason why this is one of the best GMAT courses:

  1. Conceptual videos to guide you across the curriculum, providing you with the tools necessary to succeed
  2. It is one of the classes with 1000s of practice GMAT exam-like questions.
  3. Experienced instructors who know what it takes to pass the exam
  4. The question bank contains specific topics—the same topics as for the video lessons to help you practice as you go.



Some pros associated with it are:

  1. Their top-notch GMAT question bank has top-quality questions that beautifully replicate the questions you will find in the examination. So, why shouldn’t it be in our list of top GMAT prep courses.
  2. Performance tracking tools that provide you with an insight into your performance.
  3. Content is updated regularly
  4. Content developed by certified professors with decades of experience teaching the GMAT® content
  5. Instructors reachable around the clock



It is our top-ranked class, but as discussed below, there is sadly a con to it:

  1. So, even though it is one of the best GMAT courses, it does not have any live videos.



2. GMAT® Prep – [Kaplan]

GMAT® Prep

Now, we have the second course on this list. In this session, you will study with the Manhattan Prep teachers who know the GMAT exam well enough to impart authentic information. They have a group of instructors who did not score less than 99 percentile in their GMAT exams.


Key highlights

Some top highlights of this class are:

  1. You will receive a test simulation booklet in this course
  2. GMAT Navigator™ practice tracker with complete solutions for the Official Guide
  3. Access to on-demand, interactive video lessons
  4. Option to select your tutor



A few pros associated with this GMAT prep course online are:

  1. Recording in case you miss a class
  2. This class hascomprehensive resources.
  3. Intelligent, responsive, and interactive instructors
  4. Small, personalized classes
  5. Flexible tutoring packages come along with this



It is a great class by Kaplan, but we found a con with it. It is as follows:

  1. Even though it is a great course, it is costly.



3. GMAT® Prep Programs – [The Princeton Review]

GMAT® Prep Programs
This best GMAT preparation online helps you score a top grade to get into the top 25 business school that requires a high GMAT score. With their GMAT 700+ Guarantee Course, your entry into reputed colleges globally is assured. They have several resources, practice tests, live instructions, and interactive video lessons.


Key highlights:

Some attributes of this class  include:

  1. Exclusive Resources
  2. Adaptive Drills to prepare you for the exam
  3. All associated GMAT teachers and tutors have scored in the top percentile on the GMAT
  4. Students eligible for The Princeton Review Guarantee either get a higher test score or get money back
  5. Guarantee a competitive GMAT score that will make you a stronger candidate



Some top pros of this GMAT preparation online class are:

  1. Interactive video lessons
  2. A proprietary algorithm that simulates GMAT questions, making for the precise prep to maximize your score efficiently
  3. Concept slides that trigger your memory with key
  4. Summarized to enable effective studying
  5. It has a series of questions that target your zone of proximal development to help you pick up the most points.
  6. Several practice questions
  7. Ten full-length practice GMAT tests
  8. Engaging Teachers
  9. Proven test-taking strategies and personalized online tools will help you get a better score



It is undoubtedly the best GMAT prep course online, and it is hard to find a flaw with it.



4. GMAT preparation class online – [Magoosh]

GMAT preparation class online
Magoosh is one renowned platform to avail of one of the best prep session online. They offer their 50 points or get your money back guarantee, provided:

  1. you have taken the exam before studying with Magoosh
  2. your score is less than five years old


Key highlights

A few highlights of this best GMAT online course by Magoosh are:

  1. 300+ video lessons
  2. Lets you have a custom study schedule
  3. 1300+ Practice Questions
  4. Accurate Score Predictor



Some pros of this GMAT prep course online are:

  1. Score on average 90 points higher
  2. Affordable – ¼ the price of competitors
  3. Increase your GMAT score by 50 points or get your money back. (Applicable for premium users)
  4. High-quality material for each section of the test created by GMAT experts
  5. Several full-length practice test
  6. Learn from your mistakes with a video explanation to every question



A few cons associated with this GMAT class are:

  1. Score predictor only available with some plans
  2. There is no progress tracker
  3. People who have not taken the exam before do not have a score guarantee.



5. Best GMAT prep classes – [GMAT Economist]

Best GMAT prep classes
Next on our list is this class by GMAT Economist. In this class, the instructor employs innovative technology to put into practice machine-learning algorithms and crowd wisdom to get an idea of your learning patterns and habits.


Key highlights

Top highlights include:

  1. Adaptive Learning Platform
  2. An option to customize your program by redeeming credits for the services you want and need most
  3. 70+ Score-improvement Guarantee on Premium and Genius plans or your money back
  4. Opportunity for extensive practice



Some pros of this best GMAT preparation online are:

  1. Plans are customizable to your learning style
  2. Engaging and interactive video teaching approach
  3. Professional support available 24/7
  4. Only score guarantee that uses an official GMAT test score to measure progress



It has a small low associated with it:

  1. There is an upper limit on the number of questions you can ask the expert. It depends on your chosen package.



6.  GMAT Exam Prep – []

GMAT Exam Prep
It is the next contender in our list. has crafted its test papers to give you an insight into exam experience.


It is one of the top GMAT prep courses. A few highlights associated with this class are:

  1. It offers time management reports
  2. Let’s you create custom tests
  3. Mobile app available for iOS and Android users
  4. It helps establish an exam score baseline



Some pros of this course are:

  1. The same scoring algorithm as the real GMAT™ exam
  2. Questions adapt in difficulty as you improve
  3. It helps you track performance and manage time to assess your progress and better your study efforts.
  4. Flashcards available



Some cons you will find in this GMAT prep course online are:

  1. Students will have to buy classes separately from a different platform.
  2. There are no refunds for digital products.
  3. Only one reset is allowed – if a student wants to attempt the test for the third time, they should repurchase the product.



7. GMAT Online Courses [Manhattan Review]

GMAT Online Courses
Moving on to the seventh best GMAT preparation online platform, we have the course by The Manhattan Review. One of the standout things about this platform is that it offers the same practice tests, homework, instruction, and resources, as you will find in their in-person, classroom-based GMAT classes.


So, you can choose to study at one of their 90 classroom locations (provided you live close by) or take their online session at a remote location.


Key highlights

Primary highlights of this course are:

  1. Taught in real-time
  2. It has an instant messaging feature to allow students to interact with the instructor and classmates.
  3. Ten practice tests
  4. Instructors are available two hours a day, seven days a week for online office hours
  5. Super quality recordings if you miss a class



Some pros associated with this best GMAT online course are:

  1. Online polling tool to submit answers for the instructor to track in real time
  2. Highly interactive learning experience
  3. Same course for online classes as they do for classroom-based ones
  4. Lectures are also available online afterward on demand
  5. Student Discount for GMAT Tutoring & MBA Admissions Help



It is one of our top-recommended and one of the best GMAT courses, but the sole con associated with it is the:

  1. The progress tracker is missing.



8. Game-Changing GMAT® Prep – [Target Test Prep]

Game-Changing GMAT® Prep
Target Test Prep is lauded as the number one by GMAT Club. Hence, it had to be included on our list of the best classes on the internet. With Target Test Prep, you can master every concept, strategy, tool, and technique to earn a top GMAT score.


Key highlights

A few highlights associated with this class are:

  1. 1200 instructor-led, wisdom-packed teaching videos
  2. You will learn with knowledgeable industry experts in this GMAT preparation online
  3. A personalized plan of study
  4. Instructor-led HD Videos
  5. Extensive topic-by-topic practice.
  6. Assured consistent gains day after day, week after week
  7. Expert live support
  8. Responsive TTP™ Team
  9. Five-day free trial is available at $1



Some pros associated with this one of the top-loved GMAT preparation online are:

  1. 4000+ Practice Questions
  2. Analytics that helps you work on your weak areas and turns weaknesses into strengths
  3. It helps develop the confidence you need for test day.
  4. Comprehensive, easy-to-understand verbal lessons
  5. Well-written and explained chapters
  6. You will receive the instructor’s pro tips, tricks, knowledge, and wisdom across the class.
  7. Analytics to help you see how you compare with your peers



One significant con associated with this GMAT prep course online is:

  1. The access window is small



9. Online GMAT Prep – [Prep Schoolar]

Online GMAT Prep
Now, we have arrived at the last listing on this best GMAT courses guide. It is an online platform that builds a tailored study plan for you, adapts to your problem and progress areas, and helps better your score.


Key highlights

Some highlights associated with this class are:

  1. Customizes the learning to suit your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Personalized Study Plan & Progress Trackers
  3. 3 Adaptive Skill Levels (Core, Advanced, Mastery)
  4. 4 Computer Adaptive Practice Tests
  5. 50+ Interactive GMAT Lessons
  6. 1,000+ Practice GMAT Questions
  7. Video Explanations



A few pros of this one of the best GMAT preparation online class are:

  1. Taught by GMAT experts with 99% scores on the GMAT
  2. Moneyback guarantee if you do not receive 60 point improvement
  3. Smart diagnostic to assess aptitude level for all GMAT skills, across both verbal and quant sections of the test
  4. Risk-free five-day trial makes it a preferred choice
  5. Weekly reports, progress trackers, and customized feedback
  6. Free diagnostic assessment today



One significant low of this course is:

  1. Instructors offer only a 60+ point guarantee, where rivals offer more. Hence, it could be increased.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. How to pick the best GMAT prep course online?

Ans. To pick the best prep course, you must carefully review the offered course materials, number of questions, practice tests, score guarantee, instructor support, duration, and cost as the primary factors.


Further, the instructor’s background and the course material’s quality also play a role in deciding the suitable course.


Ques 2. Can I clear the GMAT in 1 month?

Ans. GMAT has a vast course content. Hence, it is not really possible to complete the whole syllabus in a month. It is advisable to dedicate at least three months to GMAT preparation online class and practice. Always remember the more questions you practice, the higher your chances to succeed in the exams, and practice demands time.

So, these are the top nine courses for GMAT preparation. We have tried to keep this guide as inclusive as possible, but if you wish to read more on any of our listed classes, click on the annexed link, and you can find more details.


In our view, these are best GMAT preparation courses, which is why they are on our list. But, our personal favorite are Analyst Prep and Game-Changing GMAT® Prep – [Target Test Prep]. They have everything you probably need in the GMAT prep class. Moreover, they have high reviews by the course takers themselves.


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